Coffee, Cones and Carwash

Amy and Crew - to see more click photo

Johnny Carwash that is!   What a great Saturday Evening over on RockyNeck, Sat with a cocoanut Ice Cream & a Camera waiting to capture the fun taking place over at Amy’s.  I found myself listening to the music and not taking a photo. Ice Cream never tasted so good as the music played and folks listened and enjoyed a great evening.    Thanks to Amy’s Coffee & Cones and Johnny Carwash for making  Ice Cream even more enjoyable!

GMG Adopt A Pet Of The Week

Good Morning Gloucester!!
My name is Chance and I am an 11-week-old male
pup with a handsome reddish brown coat.  I am at the Cape Ann
Animal Aid (CAAA) in Gloucester with my siblings.   I have been
told that I am part Retriever, Hound, Whippet and Terror… I mean
Our Dog Parade will be Aug. 7th at 10 a.m. during Sidewalk Days!
$10. per dog.   To pre-register, please call 978-283-6055 
or e-mail us at
This year’s theme is ALL THINGS GREEN!   Dress in the color green,
dress as green creatures, dress in an earth-friendly theme costume.
Costumes should be safe and keep the heat of summer in mind!
Parade begins at our booth on Main Street (near Mystery
Train Music Store).  If you are considering adopting a pup,
please bring me, I look great in green!!


Big Band at Stage Fort Park

A beautiful, cool Sunday evening at Stage Fort Park was the setting for the Compaq Big Band and vocalist Amanda Carr.

For more information about the Summer Concert Series at Stage Fort Park visit


Raggae Bashment On The High Seas Pics and Slide Show From Ed Collard

Click Here For The Slide Show





Lara Writes-

Thank you Ed for taking so many great photos and having so much fun!! It was great to have you on board .. And thanks to good morning gloucester for helping us promote and make this such a great event!! You guys rock!

Surfing at Good Harbor

I’ve been taking a break from posting recently because I was on my Gloucester vacation and totally took advantage of it by disconnecting myself from the world. It was wonderful!

Here are some surf pics. I still need a lot of practice but getting the hang of it. Look how beautiful that water is!

Art Rocks! Looks Like it found a Great Home!


First of all; I usually don’t think things through too much. I just do it and deal with the fallout later. Such as some of my Posts here on GMG. 🙂

Sometimes I’ll Complain to Joey that I have nothing left to offer that’s interesting to the GMG Readers. Joey will say a few inspiring words. Words that I can’t repeat here at the moment. Maybe another Time. But, he does motivate me.

I came up with the idea of these “Art Rocks” When I  heard the song by the band The Police, “Message in a Bottle” When I was down at Pebble Beach Sketching. So I sketched a few rocks with my Sharpie and left them for someone to find. I didn’t think of it until I received emails saying they found my “Art Rock” and loved the idea. So I did a few more and left them at Cressy Beach. When I was back there a few days later the Rocks were gone but I never received any emails. I wrote Joey an email saying the “Art Rocks” are Bust! He didn’t think so, he said just keep trying. So I figured I try one at the State Fish Pier. The response really moved me. When I think “Why do I keep doing this GMG thing it takes up a lot of my time and Brain Power. Ok, no wise ass remarks on that last one please. Now I Know why. GMG has a lot of Positive effect on people and myself. I’m just glad I could contribute a little with this “Art Rocks” thing.  THANKS! GMG, JOEY and of course DEBBIE CLARKE for all of her Encouragement and Inspiration.


“Art, Rocks!”

I left an “Art Rock” at the State Fish Pier (my favorite hang out) Saturday Morning.

here’s the link to that Post: Paint Factory “Art Rock” click here

I Love viewing the Paint Factory and the going ons there during the rising and setting sun. The Area Glows with Light at those times. I decided to draw the Paint Factory on a Rock and leave it there for someone to find. You never know who will find it. I left my email address on it so the person who found it could contact me.

I’d like to share the emails with you that I received from the person who found it.

First Email From Debbie;

Was in Gloucester today. Found your rock at State Pier around 12:30 not sure what your game is please tell me if I was supposed too turn it in somewhere.
South Windsor, CT
My reply back To Debbie;
Hi, Debbie,
Thanks for contacting me.
it’s no game. Sorry you didn’t win anything other than a rock. 🙂  Keep it if you like it. I paint and draw a lot. When the mood hits I’ll draw a scene of where i am and leave the rock for someone to find. A FREE SOUVENIR.
Hope you like it. I also write for a popular website here in Gloucester, Ma. called Good Morning Gloucester. It’s a site about what’s happening here and beautiful photos of the area. If you’d like you could send me a picture of you and whoever else was with you and how came across the rock and  I’d post it up on that site. It’s up to you, But I hope you liked my Rock. Here’s a link to the post I put up after I left my rock art there.

Take Care,
Paul Frontiero

The Last Email From Debbie;

I think this is the best game, hide and seek! With an awesome prize. It is the best souvenir I have gotten.
I went up there with my friends Greg and Anita Dziedzic and Jim Gularte. Anita lost her son in Iraq on 8/1/05, Sgt. David Coullard, he was a Marine Sniper and my friend. Jim is a sniper instructor at Camp Pendleton who has reached out to Anita. We all went to see Gloucester a favorite get-a-way of Anita’s to try to help her through this emotional weekend. It really brightened her day when I found the rock. Thank you for sharing your art with us.
Debbie, South Windsor, CT
I really don’t know what to write after that email.
Other Than, Thank you Debbie, you made my Summer.

The People that were with Debbie; Greg and Anita Dziedzic and Jim Gularte

The rock that Debbie found. Medium; Sharpie on Sea Rock

Sharpies Rule!

Paulina Drummond From Mexico City Paints In Gloucester Video

Paulina Drummond talks about painting in Gloucester with her husband Peter J Lyons

Coming next video with her husband esteemed luminist Peter J Lyons

Paulina also does Spanish voiceover work

From her Website-

Paulina Drummond enjoys a busy career as a working professional voice over artist in broadcast, industrial, educational, radio and television commercials.

She is an accomplished voice over actress, her voices over skills are internationally recognized: American Airlines, Expedia and Radio Shack are some of her many projects. Paulina has 10+ years experience in voicing radio and television commercials, narrations for various types of media, and is featured on many Fortune 500 voice routing systems.

You can see Paulina’s website here-

It was great to meet Paulina and Peter yesterday at our dock. Good people- artists usually are.

Chickity Check It! Clay Kallman Is Living His Dream-Writes About Gloucester

Dear Good Morning Gloucester,

Yesterday morning I arrived into downtown Gloucester’s waterfront at about 6:30 am.  While enjoying the beauty of your city I got to talking to Jeremy, one of the chefs at Passports.  He recommended I contact your show and Captain Joe. 

I am a recently retired firefighter/lieutenant/paramedic from Orlando, Fl.  After raising my daughter, taking care of my family, being in charge of a firehouse, trying to be a good boyfriend, I finally unraveled all these responsibilities and took off.  I am now pursuing my passions; travel, writing, photography fitness, adventure and nutrition.

I purchased an I Phone 4, learned the modern technology, created a travel blog, pulled the backseats out of my Aztek and replaced it with a bed, loaded my kayak on my roof, mountain bike on the rear, brought my fishing pole, hiking shoes, and took off on a mission.

My theme is FAN.  Fitness, Adventure, and Nutrition, everyday. I photograph, video and write about my daily experiences.  Today is day 11.  I am sitting at the Lone Gull coffee shop on Main Street, using their wifi and catching up, ready to post my day 10 story about Gloucester. 

I would love to discuss my travels and talk about my impressions of your wonderful city.


Clay Kallman

Facebook/Clay Kallman


Click The Link Below For His Post from Gloucester-

Hula Hooping With The Seagulls


Flag of United States Gloucester, Massachusetts
Sunday, August 1, 2010

Doors slamming, people talking, bumping into my car, I awakened; 5:50 am.
I was in some parking lot in Essex, MA.  It was pitch dark when I arrived last night.  Turns out it is the meeting place for a runner’s club.  And they all were parking around my Aztek.  They had no idea that there was a dude sleeping in the car next to them.
I waited for them to leave, then began my drive to Gloucester.  I followed my GPS locater on my I Phone 4 and took the road to the water. 
I parked next to a house right on Pavilion Beach.  I got out, the cool, crisp air woke my senses.  Piercing blue sky, multi-colored round rocks framed the blue green horseshoe shaped beach My First Site Of Gloucester

My First Site Of Gloucester

.  Sailboats passed by, a women walking her dog; and the seagulls.  The seagulls were talking to me, I swear it.  Not like the lazy, bread begging gulls from Florida.  These gulls were huge, strong and had a real vocabulary.