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I may just refer every newspaper reporter to him from now on because he can say all the things that should be said but most are afraid to for fear of retribution.  

As a matter of fact here is a suggestion to all newspaper folk-  You wanna know the straight dope on what’s really going on in the commercial groundfish industry- email Doug.

Melissa Smith Abbott Interview Part I

You can visit her website here-

The Legacy of Three Melissas: Authentic & Original Cape Ann Recipes
is now available in Rockport at Toad Hall Bookstore, in Gloucester at The Bookstore on Main Street,
The Cape Ann Museum Bookstore, Harbor Loop Gifts at The Building Center

Tons of rich local history here

Here is part I of our two part interview-

Part II comes tomorrow at 6PM

Gloucester Crazy 8’s Make Championship Game In Stan Brown Memorial Jamboree


Paul Scola writes-

Gloucester entered an 8 year old team in the first annual Stan Brown Memorial Jamboree which ran from July 30th to August 15th.  This was the first time that an 8 year old team was assembled to compete at tournament level play.  The Gloucester "Crazy 8’s" made it all the way to the championship game losing to Byfield/Newbury in a very close 4-3 game.

Attached is a team picture as well.

The names of the players are: 

Front Row from left to right are: Batboy Emerson Marshall, Joe Wilson, Sean Reardon, Jacob Mortillaro, Evan Smith, Harrison Marshall, Batboy Richie Wilson

Middle Row: Daylon Lark, Nate Frontiero, Marcus Montagnino, Brandon Bruce, Ben Scola, Joey Martin, Joey Ciarametaro

Back Row: Coaches Jamie Marshall, Sal Frontiero, Paul Scola and Manager Rick Wilson

It would be great if you could recognize this team and it’s accomplishment in your blog.

Thank you,

Paul Scola

“The Pipers Are Coming to Rockport!

The Rockport Legion Band is pleased to announce that it will be joining forces once again with the North Shore’s own Creagan More Pipes and Drums on Sunday, August 22 for its next program. If you’re a pipe fan, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Last year’s program was fantastic, and this year the show should be even better.

This free, family-friendly concert will be held on the bandstand at Rockport’s Back Beach and begins at 7:00 P.M. Newcomers should know that they will need to bring their own seating (chairs or groundcloths), and that parking is free along Beach Street after 6:00. Refreshments will be available, as will copies of the band’s last CD.

If you haven’t heard the band recently, August 22 is a good time to drop by and renew your acquaintance..

Complete program listings are posted on the RLB Web Page. ”

Thanks for helping us out with our publicity — I also hope that you’re getting some traffic from your link on our page.

Steve Thomas, Music Director
Rockport (MA) Legion Band

Samantha and Tony Goddess Represent! Before Rocking Fenway- SWEEEET!

Hey Joey,
As requested, Tony and I made the rounds of Fenway before the Jenny Dee set with GMG in full effect.  We got some great ones from before the show and before sound check, and a couple from on the floor during the Geils set (look at him preening in the JumboTron in the background!).  The show really went off without a hitch, and we had a hell of a time!
Chickity Check It!
Thanks for everything!  More pictures from the actual set/performance to come (when we get ’em)!
Samantha & Tony
Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents






Don’t forget us little people now that you guys have gone big time!

Chickity Check It!- Monkeyfist Has A New Blog-Adventures of The Blackgang


I have no freaking clue how it got it’s title but here is how she describes it-

music, photos, art, tattoos, history, maritime wackiness

International Dory Race Elimination – Seniors What a Race!

This was a very close race, to the marker Eric and Glenn were in the lead, however Joe and Mark caught them and they all came out of the turn almost dead even, shortly there after, Eric and Glenn, had a near snag with Ed and John, this cost them precious seconds and they ended up chasing Joe and Mark to the finish line.  

Click on the photo below and  watch the slide_show and see the still photos. 

Boats from Left to Right: 

Lane 4 (10:23) Ed Pamell and John Morris
Lane 3 (10:22) Eric Dombrowski / Glenn Harrington
Lane 2 (10:16) Joe Sanfillippo and Mark Duval
Precious Seconds

Ginormous Tank Hoisted off Gorton’s Roof Video

Captured this the other day.  The tank looked to be as big as a trailer truck.

that was one big ass crane

here’s some pics-

Not sure that old link belt crane could have handled this job( especially considering it is about 1/5 the size of this one).

Good morning Gloucester Pet Of The week- Chelsea



Good morning Gloucester!  My name is Chelsea and I am
doing what I do best – napping!  I am also looking for a
stress management program for cats.
You see, every time the door opens here at the
Cape Ann Animal Aid and someone is looking for a cat –
the kittens get most of the attention.  I am a sweet and
affectionate girl cat who is two, I keep trying to tell these
humans that kittens grown up to be cats – they don’t seem to get it!
I like making new friends, I have a very easy going personality and
a super lady.  Why don’t you stop down to the Cape Ann Animal
Aid and visit me?  We are a non-profit shelter located at 260 Main Street in
Gloucester. I am going back to napping, but if you should visit me, I
will be on all four paws in an instance to greet you!

Thanks to Tina Ketchopolos for sending in teh GMG Pet of The Week.

Rich & Hollis Laprade Represent!



Hi Joey,

Greetings from the two residents of Worcester who consider Gloucester our home away from home. Wista and Glosta share some defining, essential characteristics. Both are hard working communities, populated with real people who are proud of their heritages and willing to struggle for their futures.

It was very nice meeting you yesterday. The three lobsters were delicious and the GMG sticker was a fitting dessert.

As promised, here are some names to go with the pic you snapped of us yesterday while we were literally “holding the bag”: Rich & Hollis Laprade

For what it’s worth, attached are some pictures we took at Good Harbor this morning at sunrise. The light was changing by the second, so the atmosphere was unbelievably dynamic. Couple that with an astronomically low tide and the place was magic this morning.