I went to Gloucester and all I got was a Rock

I hope those Homies don't give up the location

I4C2 more “Art, Rocks!”

I Talked to Joey today. I had this great idea. Instead of leaving an “Art, Rock” someplace. I could use the GMG Petty cash to Hire a helicopter, fly over the Farmers Market and drop them on the shoppers below. He was’nt to thrilled with the idea. The guy’s a fart! It would’ve been AWESOME!

But Anyways,

Here’s the Hint; After 4am  Look for a natural Shady place, not a tent, or a building. Easy Enough. If you find it and if you’d like. Take a picture of yourself with the Rock and we’ll feature you on GMG.  Goodluck! Sorry all finds are Final no returns.

Rockport, Good Harbor, Rockport and Downtown will be this weekends Target.

Only GMG Readers get the Hints.

Guest Post- Jo-Ann Castano Lays It Out For Graphic Designers and Marketing Folk

Jo-Ann Castano

Jo-Ann Castano



Put your best image forward

online graphic postings and marketing

Joey had asked me to repost my response to his own GoodMorningGloucester post of August 3, 2019 regarding our intraweb conversation about frustration of receiving postings of flyers with tiny font when we the publishers need to resized for online use.  I went on a rant page scroll so for this repost, a bit of edited sense making.

We’re really talking about several issues here. They have to do with many constraints and skills; time management, finances, arts marketing, community networking, understanding technology, access to software, online and offline marketing, graphic design, understanding target markets, the culture of communities and some basics in the complex way the internet works with local and global target marketing.

There are TIME CONSTRAINTS for everyone. I often redesign artist’s and organization’s posters and submissions so that for whatever format they will be published in (blogs, ArtsGlouceter’s CACCN-News Flash, seARTS Newsblast, ArtThrob, individual emails, online news media) they all require different sizing of the image. I want the images to reflect the excellence that is in our community. 
Marketing: The image is important to communicate what the message is, especially for arts and cultural groups, since visuals, sounds and communications is what the arts do. I usually design for 600, 500 and 300 dpi. This way it is an added benefit for the artist or group who may not have the software, skills or time. They can reuse and send off these images on their own mailing lists with a more professional look.  
I suggest that the designers for organizations make poster size images and then redesign for smaller online ad size at the same time. It’s also a good idea to make a smaller template sized image for use in online calendars. The better the graphics, the more professional the graphics, the more chance of being noticed and reused or mentioned by professional communication channels such as art journals, tourism magazines, gallery dealers and patrons of the arts and culture.
Online, a good policy is to always type the important text of the image below the image so that the text in the image is clearly communicated. This also makes the text available to search engines and benefits the marketing of the client/customer as well.  Supply url web addresses as available and needed. I suggest that the client/customer have a web page on their web site with the poster information and include the link to that page for more information when submitting to online marketing. This is also beneficial for those of us who are marketing beyond our regular channels and on to social media which has a larger and broader audience beyond ones own list. This can draw more traffic and interest to the web site. Today one needs to be doing social networking along with the standard mailing list distribution of information. They now go hand in hand.
Check with online marketers about their requirements. Try not to just send online marketers pdf files (unless requested) of your flyer for submissions. Always include an appropriate jpg or gif file image properly sized. Include the text you want submitted in an email or online submission forms. Just as when sending a press release to newspapers, include an image if the publisher can use it. Photo credit and image caption can be helpful also or required.
For artists or cultural groups who don’t have a web site, open a Facebook account and keep it professional. Add images of your work in a photo album, keep people posted on what you are doing and invite people to re-post or “share” your postings. Sounds like it would be helpful to send 500 w/ dpi bold images to GoodMorningGloucester, content typed in an email so Joey can copy and paste easily and give the url to your web site, facebook site, blog or wherever you have an online presence. The more we all re-post, “share” other’s posts with our friends and colleagues, we can share our community collectively with pride.
Most of what I am concentrating on these days is facebook and social networking, marketing of the arts on the North Shore and keeping up with the local, state and national agendas for advocacy in the arts (time permitting, as it is an addiction and passion). If anyone would like to post their own art or event (only arts and culture please) or see what I’m looking at and promoting, visit:

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/joann.castano

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ArtsGloucester.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/joanncastano

Subscribe: ArtsGloucester’s Community Cultural/Civic Network (CACCN) newsflash mailing list:

email me at: CACCN(at)artsgloucester.com

When promoting the arts or anything else, put the best image forward because Gloucester and our cultural leaders and artists who work so hard, deserve no less. Joey’s and the other photographers’ and artists’ images on GoodMorningGlouceter are stunning and pull at the hearts and interests of our local and global community. Writers and contributors, you are the heart and soul of this place we call home. Thank you !

Joey, love you for what you do and know how much work it is. Besides that, I love how your brain is networked for doing all this, online and off line.  Man, do you know how to connect the dots.
blah, blah, blah,…Keep going!

Green Meadows Farm Series: Piggildy-Wigglies!

Green Meadows Farm – fat, sleepy, well-fed, happy piggildy-wigglies! We’ve watched these guys grow and someday we will call them food, but for now they are piggildy-wigglies!

Piggildy-Wiggly Snuggly

These guys have a natural social living arrangement, a large area to roam and root, and in addition to high quality grain, are fed the occasional organic veggie by farm visitors. They love broccoli! Who would have thought?


After a Short Stay the  Harvey F. Gamage Leaves Gloucester.

It was hard to get Photos of the  Harvey F. Gamage Schooner from Land during it’s stay in Gloucester last week due to the location where it was tied up. I caught it as it was leaving the Inner Harbor and Headed for Portland, ME. The Schooners White Hull and everything around it Glowed in the Setting Sun. Unfortunatley the Sun hid behind some clouds before the Schooner made it to the Paint Factory. That would’ve been a great Photo.

For more Info on Ocean Classroom and the Harvey F. Gamage Click the link below; 






Chickity Check It! the H-Bomb Goes Lobstering With Geno Mondello

The art of Lobstering
Heading out to sea with Gloucester lobsterman Geno Mondello

Food for Thought Heather Atwood

Click the link above for the full story with pictures


Eight-legged, with 21 body segments and a brain the size of a grasshopper, a lobster inhales through its legs and exhales through its head, extracting oxygen on the way through its gills.

Lobsters can smell. While officially they don’t "hear," it is said that traps are usually empty on July 5, leaving many to believe lobsters hear enough to hide from the fireworks the night before.

Lobstering is the oldest continuous business in Massachusetts.

Click the Picture Below For The Video’s Featuring Geno Building Dories At His Dory Shop and out On His Lobster Boat


Local Twitteratti You Should Follow- The City of Gloucester Gets It!

Congratulations to The City Of Gloucester For Joining The Twitter Universe and Providing and Easy Way To Get Your Message About Upcoming Meetings Out!

Gotta Love When You see Forward Progressive Thinking Out Of Your Government!

They’ve also updated the City of Gloucester Website and added Facebook integration.

click the picture to Go To the Gloucester_Ma Twitter Page


Here is the Link- http://twitter.com/Gloucester_MA

I’ll feature the latest five announcements from the City Of Gloucester In the right hand column of GMG’s sidebar just under the Flickr photos so you can keep up with their announcements in real time as they get posted to their site they will be posted here as well.  Because that’s what we do.  When there is an opportunity to bring you more information faster, we do it.  We don’t have to sit around board meetings and discuss how we are going to handle our communications and if we are going to ignore other media outlets because we perceive them as competition.

The decision process is very simple.  It goes like this.

Will this benefit our viewership?

If the answer is yes, boom we make it happen.  We don’t worry about sending people to other blogs, hell we encourage people to go to other local blogs and highlight the great work that they do.  Why is that?  Because ultimately we all win.

I’ve encouraged this type of cross promotion from day one on GMG.

I’d like to think that we are like Google.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened but when it did happen it was like lightening.  Before Google there were other search engines like Yahoo and Microsoft’s search engine in which Yahoo and Microsoft had a huge portion of the market share for searches.  They were not true to the end user though and returned results that more often than not were based upon ad revenue and not about giving the best search result.

Then came Google.  Google developed a search engine that just flat out gave you the best results right off the bat.  In a very short period of time Yahoo and Microsoft’s search engines were completely overpowered and overshadowed by Google.  Does anyone ever say to “Yahoo it”?  And despite the great strides Microsoft has made with it’s recently launched Bing search engine, they lost so much of people’s trust that even though it’s a great search engine I don’t hear anyone going around saying “Just Bing it”.  No, the term is so popular now that it’s become a verb- You Google it.

Google stayed true to delivering the best search results possible much like we try to do here at GMG- we try to bring you the very best content possible.

Whether it be by linking to a story that The Times did or the Beacon or a great piece by Jay Albert or Kat Valentine ,Steve Borichevsky or Heather Atwood.  We are not afraid to send you to other places and link and promote these other fine folks and organizations because ultimately that makes our readership winners and by them knowing that we are going to the very last mile to bring them the very best we can bring them we know we won’t be losing them but instead we will gain their trust knowing that we want the very best for them.

The Definitive Kelp Krunch Review With Ed Collard

The other day at Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Company on the counter there was a package with a whale popping out of the ocean saying Kelp Krunch.

I took a picture of the item, posted about it and now we have the definitive taste test with our boy Ed Collard who never met a food challenge he didn’t like.

Here is the video review-

There you go

Ed Boynton- Ex Fisherman- Double Handicapped- Paraplegic- Sailor

Ed Boynton Writes-

Can you imagine..an ex fisherman who is now a double handicapped person, (a paraplegic, T 8 9 and 10 plus an above the knee amputee) is now sailing his schooner Sugar Babe out in Gloucester harbor. Its been over 3.5 years since my fall resulting in my being a paraplegic person.  Many months were spent lying in hospital and rehab beds dreaming of this day.  A special thanks to all who have helped me regain enough of myself to do this.  You certainly deserve to sail with me and more. 

Sailing with LARS 022


Way To Go Ed!