Rhumb Line Striper Tourney Pics and Results From Fred

3rd place Sal Parisi   33 lbs 8oz

striperparty2010 002
Women’s Winner  Donna Settler

striperparty2010 004
Overall winner  Rich Delong   42 lbs    $700

striperparty2010 005
2nd place   Al Williams   33lbs 9oz

striperparty2010 006
Junior winner Kevin Redmond

striperparty2010 013 Weigh-In Pics

striperparty2010 023

striperparty2010 029

One Fish, Two Fish, Fake Fish, Real Fish

The small one is obviously not a keeper and so has to be the Fred Bodin ceramic striper and will be going back up on the wall. The bigger one will be going into the oven.

I was fishing for blues for the smoker but this one showed up to dinner.

Here’s the Triple Pincher Clawed Lobster Slide Show

Click The Picture The Slide Show Of Pictures of The Triple Pincher Clawed Lobster That Was Landed At Our Dock- Captain Joe and Sons Last Week


Sunday 8/01/2010

Photos from Sunday Morning August 1, 2010

The Stanley Thomas Heads off to Work
Lobster Boat Passing Ten Pound Island
The Dog Star
Fishing for little fish to catch bigger fish
The Melissa K
Ten Pound Light
Good Harbor Beach Right before Sunrise


Yellow Lobsters, Yeah We’ve Had those Too, Along With Half White Ones, Half Blue Ones

All Been Documented In the Past Here At Good Morning Gloucester Our Dock In Gloucester Captain Joe and Sons

Apparently a yellow one was caught and they are saying it is more rare than the albino one, well, we got one of those too, LOL

Here’s the Yellow Lobster We Got-




A Half White Lobster we Nicknamed The Phantom Of The Lobster




A Half Blue One




Quadruple Clawed Crab Landed At Our Dock



Click the picture below to see a video of the double clawed crab we got-


double clawed lobster


There’s So Many More

Art On the Pier Sign Ups

Hi Everyone,

There is still time to register for ART on the PIER Sculpture and Molds session Ages 8-15

Tues and Wed. Mornings 9:30-11  Aug. 3,4,10,11,  Snacks and Materials included.  $90. There is a 10% discount for a sibling  

Artist Bob Viau : owner of StudioVO: Commercial and Fine Art Studio of Gloucester.

Classes held at 121R East Main Street at the East Gloucester Marina. 

Students experience the great atmosphere of creating on the harbor in a real "working" artist studio.

Contact immediately for registration.


Best, Deej Viau


A Challenge and a Poll

With so much stuff going on all around us this beautiful time of year  I got to thinking about my youth and even though my mom made sure I was very active that I had a feeling like there was nothing to do all the time.  As I’ve gotten older I realize that that is just plain nonsense and figure that the feeling that there’s nothing to do is just a frame of mind that we can sink into by being closed minded and not taking initiative for our own happiness.

If you read these pages you can’t help but be completely impressed by the sheer number of cool things happening all around us on Cape Ann- things are happening that in many cases don’t cost anything or cost very little to participate in.

So where do you personally fall?   Do you try to participate in all the stuff you can?  Do you not have the time to participate?  Do you feel like there’s nothing to do around here?

There are sailing programs, there are fairs, there are Block parties, there is Dory Rowing, there are museums that you may or may not have visited in forever, there are always of course the beaches, there is volunteering, there are free concerts (harbor loop Thursday nights) , on Rocky Neck there is Night’s on The Neck,there is the Farmer’s market, ect, ect, ect…..

So the challenge is this-

When you read these pages or the community calender in the local newspapers don’t just casually skim over all the cool free event listings that people take the time to organize and promote.  Pick a few events out, get off your ass and go participate.

I promise you won’t regret it.  Maybe all you need is a little shaking up and a palm whack to the forehead to let it sink in.  So Let Me Reiterate!