Gloucester Artist Interview With Paul Ciaramitaro From Dave Sullivan

Dave’s site Is

Dave writes-

Paul Ciaramitaro has been a roofer, a mover, a fisherman, and – at the same time – an artist.

Dave is producing videos for Good Morning Gloucester and Cape Ann TV

His work can be seen in the Cape Ann Historical Museum, the Seacoast Nursing Home, the Rockport Art Association, and the North Shore Arts Association… and you  can see Paul and some of his art in this interview we did for Cape Ann TV

Thanks for watching

Greasin’ the Bearing

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see that rubber disk mat that Matt Ring is fixing back into place on the deck of The Stanley Thomas?

That rubber disk mat covers the hatch which Mark just climbed down into to grease the shaft bearing.  The shaft is what connects the transmission to the propeller.  The easier the shaft turns the smoother the boat runs.  Simple right?  The sucky part is climbing down into the bilge with only about 3 feet of clearance to get to said bearing where the grease fitting resides.  You can see Mark with the paper towel wiping off the sludge from down in the bilge- Good Times.

Video coming tomorrow.


Terry Weber Represents!



You can read Terry’s work as a columnist at The Cape Ann Beacon. 

Here’s an article she did about the albino lobster that Mike Tupper landed at our dock last week-

Kat Valentine Wants You To Celebrate the Flavors of Massachusetts with Tinky Weisblat

Kat asked me to forward this along-

Celebrating the Flavors of Massachusetts with Tinky Weisblat

Our good friend Tinky Weisblat from In Our Grandmother’s Kitchens is planning a celebration of locally grown produce to raise funds for Mass Farmers Markets. See below:

To my fellow bloggers (and would-be bloggers):

You are cordially invited to a pot-luck feast! Please participate in an upcoming farm-fresh blogathon.

Loving Local: Celebrating the Flavors of Massachusettswill take place from Sunday, August 22, through Saturday, August 28—in other words, during Massachusetts Farmers Market Week.

The blogathon will be hosted by In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens, with a little help from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and Mass Farmers Markets.

We hope non-bloggers will participate as well, of course! If you are interested in food (well, who isn’t?), please consider liking our Facebook page. We’ll keep you abreast of upcoming posts in the blogathon so you can read and comment.

And when it begins you’ll have lots of yummy posts to savor!

Funds raised during the blogathon (bloggers who participate will be encouraged to place a donation link in their posts) will go to Mass Farmers Markets, a non-profit charitable organization that helps farmers markets throughout the Commonwealth.

Please think about writing a post that week if you live or work in Massachusetts. Or if you used to live or work in Massachusetts. Or if you once spent a weekend on Cape Cod. Or if you have a particular fondness for New England clam chowder, Hadley asparagus, or Boston baked beans.

Posts should focus to some extent on locally grown food in Massachusetts. You don’t have to be a food writer to participate, however.

Gardeners can write about herb or vegetable growing. Architects can write about the design of barns or farm stands. Watchers of the statehouse or even the federal Capitol can discuss the politics of agriculture and/or local food. And so forth.

Posts can be recipes, critiques, short stories, reminiscences … whatever you feel like writing. Let the flavors of the Bay State inspire you.

Here’s how you can get involved: Sometime during the week of August 22-28, put your post on the internet.

Please make sure your post mentions the blogathon, includes a link to In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens, and encourages readers to donate to Mass Farmers Markets. The organization’s donation link is

(If you have another local-food cause you’d like to encourage folks to support, that’s fine by us!)

Of course, we’d love to have bloggers show off our gorgeous logo, designed by the talented Leon Peters. You may also display a PDF poster in 8-1/2-by-11-inch format.

Green Meadows Farm Series: Summer Harvest Festival

We had a blast at the Summer Harvest Festival on Sunday and took so many great photos that I decided to so a series. I plan on featuring many great local farms more formally in my posting slot (once I get the time to go and visit them with camera in hand)! For now, enjoy the Summer Harvest Festival at Green Meadows Farm

Raffle quilt and kids art made throughout the day

Quilts and Art

Farmer Andrews Dad driving the hayride tractor

Tractor Hayride

Hayrides and Pony rides!

Tractor Hayride

Ipswich Clambake, Appleton Farms burgers, great music, and people!


Sneaking up into the tree, which is exactly what I would have done as a girl

Tree Girl

The Dixie Cookbook Band was splendid and I loved the costumes!


Jenny Dee will rock Fenway Park on August 14th supporting The J. Geils Band and Aerosmith!

Click the photo for News about Jenny Dee and The Deelinquents!/event.php?eid=132792763423820&ref=ts

If you do not have tickets to this show don’t worry because, you  see, Jenny Dee and The Deelinquents will also be appearing at The Harbor Loop Concert series on the 12 of August. Imagine that, not having to go over the bridge, even.

Gloucester Featured On Bert The Conqueror On the Travel Channel Wednesday Night at 10PM

Don’t forget to set your DVRs or tune in Wednesday night on the Travel Channel when Bert The Conqueror takes on the Greasy Pole


Here is the video I took of Bert walking when it happened live-

You should be alerted to this soon other places

You saw it here first on Good Morning Gloucester.

But of course you knew that

ART for Sale! from Deb Clarke

My Friend and “Mentor” Deb Clarke is making some room and Raising Funds to fix the “White Wind” Her Dodge Truck. She will be having some ArtWork Available for Purchase. Here is an example and one that is for Sale. It’s a great deal for such a Beautiful and Large Painting.

From Deb,

This painting was a demonstration for a painting class I held at the Magnolia landing a few summers ago. It is oil on canvas, 32×40″.  I turned the canvas over last night and scrawled on the back is my copyright and next to that $850.  I like numbers that add up to 13 and reduce to 4.   
I will be posting work that is available for purchase. what would you like to see?  oils? landscapes? figures? mixed media?  reverse glass?  
For More Information on Available Paintings you can contact me at the Links below;

Gill Net Fisheries Event August 14th

We had the privilege to offload the Phyllis a at our dock in East Gloucester.  The Arnold brothers are among the classiest men the fishing industry has ever seen.

On Saturday, August 14th from 10AM to 2PM at the Gloucester Marine Railways, Rocky Neck, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of a group of fishermen from Charleviox, Michigan bringing gill net fishing to Gloucester and the whole East Coast.

They were called "the Michigan Bears" and the man who built the fishing vessel Phyllis A. was their leader.

The Phyllis A. is the oldest fishing boat in Gloucester Harbor (1 year older then Adventure) and she fished for the Arnold Family, out of Gloucester, for 75 years before becoming a museum ship over seen by the Phyllis A. Marine Association, a non-profit organization.

click the picture to view full sized


Barrence Whitfield Jamming With Willie Loco Alexander at GMHC August 7th

This is sure to be a fantastic event.

What I would like to point out and this banner is a classic example of graphic designers who design banners for poster flyers to go full page in coffee shops but not for the web.  Just a few days ago I had this intraweb conversation about the frustration of posting flyers with tiny font with Jo Castano from and Kat Valentine from who also will forward along community event fliers on their respective websites.

Maybe some graphc designers will read this and probably it should go into another post which I’ll get around to at some time. But for any people that design banners that will be viewed on the web please understand that the banner that you make to print out and go on walls of coffee shops with tiny font- that doesn’t translate too well to most blogs and web pages that are working with 500 pixels wide. Once your full sized poster gets shrunk down to 500 pixels wide it’s pretty much illegible.   If your intent is to get your message across to other mediums- you might want to think about using a little larger font size-just sayin.



For more info about how to attend-

Clay Kallman Talks About His Adventure And What Brought Him To Gloucester

Click the Link below to View Clay’s Second Entry From Gloucester In His Travel Blog

Two Drink Max Is A Guidline In Gloucester

The plan was to go kayaking today, but it was Sunday in Gloucester and either I had to pay $25.00 to park at a beach or fight the crowds to launch it.  I decided to run, bike and work out at the park again instead.  I love this town.  …

Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States kaleyoday click the link above to read his entire entry including a video with Frankie at the dock

Good Luck Clay