Cape Ann SUP – SUPahBowl 2017

Yesterday’s Cape Ann SUP event at the Beauport Hotel Pavilion Beach

Motif No. 1 Day 5K and Festival THIS Saturday!

Rockport’s going to be a happening place on Saturday, with the Rockport Elementary School Motif No.1 Day 5k & Fun Run kicking off at 9am, immediately followed by the Motif No. 1 Day Festival!

Tons of live music, great food, interactive art-making, a Seaside Circus, and a Rockport Art Colony pop-up art exhibit are all taking place right downtown from 11 to 7pm. Just outside the downtown area the YMCA’s Ben Beyea Youth & Teen Center celebrates its 10th anniversary with a party from 10:30 to 1pm with activities and food so good stuff is taking place throughout Rockport! Eastern Point Lit House is hosting an Open Mic for writers, and there will be plenty of opportunity to make art, whether as part of the Sidewalk Chalk art event or contributing to the community mural.

The Schedule of Events:


The 2017 Commemorative Poster from Rockport artist David Arsenault:

Motif No.1 Day is organized by the community nonprofit Rockport Exchange. For more on the festival itself or how you can get involved, go to See you in Rockport on Saturday!

ELSIE and BLUENOSE, Start of the First Race

from verso:  "Start of the first race of the Internatonal Race, showing 'Elsie' in the lead with Bluenose in rear."  1921, Halifax Nova Scotia

From the collections of the CAPE ANN MUSEUM, Gloucester, Massachusetts

“Start of the first race of the International Race showing ‘Elsie’ in the lead with Bluenose in the rear” 1921 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thanks to  Fred Buck for locating this photograph and sharing it with the Gloucester Schooner Festival committee.

From A Race for Real Sailors  The first ELSIE – BLUENOSE RACE.

_________ The two fairly flew across the water, all sails filled in the stiff quartering breeze and hulls rolling heavily in the deep chop.  “The end of Bluenose’s 80-ft. boom was now in the water, now halfway up to the masthead as she gained on her rival.  The Elsie rolled still harder and three times brought her main boom across the Bluenose’s deck, between the fore and main rigging.”  It was a constant battle for the weather berth, with members of both crews either handling lines or working aloft or hugging the windward rails.  Anyone daring to raise his head above the weather rail on Bluenose caught the caught the edge of Walter’s caustic tongue.  __________

A Race for Real Sailors is in stock at the Cape Ann Museum. 

The stirring and poignant tale is illustrated with 51 historical photographs and five maps, and rounded out by a glossary of sailing terms and an appendix of the ever-changing race rules. This is a story that will keep even confirmed landlubbers pegged to their seats, a tale of iron men and wooden ships whose time will never come again.

Al Bezanson

Habitat For Humanity 5K 1st, Second,Third and Fourth Place-Plus Race Video

Race Video 2 times Fast-






Third Bobby Gillis!




More Here-

Joey Has a Few Questions About the Motif No. 1 Day 5K

Joey asks Phil Whitley, the Motif No. 1 Day 5K Race co-Director, a few questions about the upcoming race & fun run. To find out more or register for the race, be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post!

1)    Tell us a little bit about you.

My name is Philip Whitley, I am the Health and Science teacher at the Rockport Elementary School and I am the race director for the Motif #1 Day 5k. I am only one part of an amazing team of teachers who have formed a Health and Wellness Committee at the school this past year. The other teachers on the Committee are our Physical Education teacher Erin Caniff, Art Teacher Simon Paddock, and Multi-age teacher Darlene Trumbour.
2) When was this race founded?

The race was started in May 2011, this is the second year of the event. Last year it was called “To the Bear and Back”, And the event was such a success last year we were asked to host the event on Motif #1 Day.
3) What was the motivation behind this event?

The motivation behind the event is to promote health and wellness in the Rockport Public Schools and community. We hope that the event gets people exercising and enjoying the benefits of exercise. The money raised from the event goes to health and wellness initiatives at the school. Last year we were able to use the money to build an amazing garden behind the school and to purchase an indoor plant growing light system. Our committee has also been able to start single stream recycling in our schools.

4) Is there someone or something that inspired you to start this?

In the spring of 2011 I was working on my Masters thesis and I was researching how exercise improves brain function. Erin Canniff, our physical education teacher, worked with my class each morning having them exercise for the first 20 minutes of the day. Erin then started a running club for grades  k-5. The club met before school and had over 200 students participating. One thing led to another and Erin and I decided to put together a 5k and 1 mile fun run for the school.
5) Are you also a participant?

Unfortunately being the race director brings a lot of responsibilities on race day so my day is pretty busy which leaves no time for running it. My wife and my sons will be running and I love being around races and runners so it is a great day even though I can’t run.

6) Where do you see this event in say 5 years from now?

Our desire is to make this an annual event. There is already talk about having another race during the Harvest Fest in October as well. It would be great to have two races a year: one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

7) Any last bits of wisdom you would like to share?

I would encourage everyone to read the book SPARK by John Ratey. This is the book that really started the whole running revolution at the school.

Motif No. 1 Day 5K Race Schedule

Friday May 18th race packet pick up at the Fish Shack in Rockport  from 4-8pm. If you have dinner, 10% of your meal goes to the Friends of Rockport Athletics.

Saturday May 19thRace Day

Pre registration starts at 7:30

5k Starts at 9am

1 mile fun run will start as soon as the 5k is completed

Race Raffle will start at 10:30ish

Check us out on Facebook at

And our website for all our race information

Race Your Face Off for Rockport Elementary School!

Or “Run for Fun” or “Dash to Make Cash” – however you say it, it means a good time at the Motif No. 1 Day 5K Run to raise funds for health, wellness and sustainability programs at Rockport Elementary Schools. You can register online and there are all sorts of good things associated with this race. Come downtown to run and then stay for the fun on Motif No. 1 Day! Check out the race website HERE. And Get Motif-vated!!!!

Twin Lights Half Marathon needs Volunteers on Saturday, May 12

Volunteer for helping out at the Marathon and get a nice T-Shirt and a lot of fun watching sweaty skinny people run by. Just click this link to get all the info on volunteering for the Race on Saturday, May 12. In the comments section make sure you say you heard about it on Good Morning Gloucester and if ten volunteers do that then Cait Cedarstrom, co-director of the race will give Rubber Duck a blue ribbon!

Meet some of the Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon Racers – Video

Meet some of the 2nd Annual Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon Racers at sign in, and be sure to support all the races on Sunday.

Enjoy the Video


Thole or Tholepin
one of a pair of wooden pins set upright in the gunwale on either side of a rowing boat to serve as a fulcrum in rowing [Old English tholl]


Tholepin rhythm up the sound,
Leathern fingers grip eight foot oars,
Keen eyes watch along the shores
For bobbing bottles and wooden buoys
Carved with a name and a number that
Holds a tarred warp to a bedroom trap.
Drop and swish, then up the sound,
By noon to row the string around
Tholepin rhythm up the sound.
-Richard O. Bickford of Winter Harbor, Maine