DSC_1372The Teen Artist Guild (TAG) fall gallery opening at Cape Ann Art Haven isn’t going to be your typical wine and cheese gallery opening. Instead, on October 1 at 6pm, you can join these local young artists to see them revealing new series’ and creating new works on the spot.
“We’re not just going to be selling artwork,” says 18-year-old artist Jason Burroughs. “We’re doing some cool new stuff and we want everyone to come be a part of the process.”
The TAG program was started by Cape Ann Art Haven in 2010 as a summer program. In its initial installment, a group of local student artists began learning how to market their artwork and sold work at the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market. Each student sold their original creations throughout the summer and donated 10% of their proceeds to a local non-profit of their choice.
Throughout the past two months, the program has expanded to include a small gallery at Art Haven’s 180B Main Street studio space and visits to Amy’s Coffee and Cones on Rocky Neck. The TAG students spent four Thursday nights with their work on display at the ice cream shop as a part of Nights on the Neck, a summer celebration of the historic art colony.
As fall approaches, some of these students are starting classes at local art schools while others go back to middle and high school. They’re all continuing to exercise their creative minds and get some real world experience of what it’s like to be a working artist in today’s world.
For more information about the Teen Artist Guild or Cape Ann Art Haven, you can visit www.arthaven.org or call (978) 283-3888.


Henry Allen and Dawn Gadow Talk About Their Collaborative Cape Ann Summer Playcamp Video

Henry Allen TheatreWorks and Cape Ann Art Haven have teamed up to offer a unique and exciting summer theatre and art camp, with workshops for ages 6-18!

The sky’s the limit on what magic can be spun out of the imaginations of young people! In our unique Summer Playcamp, students of will engage in the collaborative art of crafting then performing a short play, including the design and creation of their own sets, costumes and props! Each session will culminate in a staged performance for family and friends. These original short plays will be inspired by the folklore of Cape Ann. Playwriting and practice will take place in the TheatreWorks lab at The Cape Ann (or ‘The Annie’ to her friends), and the art classes will take place at Cape Ann Art Haven. Regstration is OPEN. Call Cape Ann Art Haven to register today! 978.283.3888

GMG Tech Talk- Last Night’s Social Media Presentation At The Cape Ann

Henry Allen has taken the space that used to house The Blackburn Tavern and turned it into a cultural activity center in which he has so much stuff going on it would make your head spin.  Henry’s deal is a whole ‘nother post- or ten posts.

Anyway in his space the Gloucester Destination Marketing organization led by Linn Parisi invited Art Haven director and good egg Dawn Gadow and I to come and give a presentation on Social media for tourism related business.

There was a good amount of people that showed up of all levels of sophistication as far as the web goes and how to use it but most of the folks that attended would probably admit that they are in the dark about how to use such things as twitter and Facebook to promote their business or organization.  After all that was why most showed up.

The key observation from the meeting to me was that the biggest obstacle for people getting started is some type of fear that they are going to somehow screw up and it is somehow too complicated.

Now I don’t know that I’m any kind of “Guru” on this stuff as Linn tabbed me in the promotional material but if anyone considers me somewhat competent at blogging or tweeting they should know that I only started three years ago.  Granted I am intensely committed to GMG and learning the ways to make it better and push the boundaries further but I didn’t know about any of this stuff three years ago.

You want to know how I got started?  I didn’t take a class or go to college in it.  I’m a dumb ass lobster dealer for Christ’s sake.  I just signed up for a free blog account on WordPress and filled in the blanks where they asked questions like username and password.  If there was something I got stuck on I didn’t call a help desk, I clicked on the support button that allows you to type in a question or keyword and they give you the answers.  Trial and error and tweaking and reading feedback and looking at statistics to see what worked and what didn’t.  It didn’t cost a dime initially.

So I started out the presentation talking about Trip Advisor and a story about how when we went to St Lucia we used Trip Advisor to determine what activities we were going to do on our vacation.  The number one thing listed in the area of St Lucia where we were staying was this Segway tour.  The Segway tour was lots of fun and at the end of it the tour guides reminded us a couple times very subtly that if we enjoyed ourselves to please leave a good review on Trip Advisor.  It was brilliant.  It cost the tour operators nothing, and it boosted their tour to the number one spot on an international widely used travel site-Trip Advisor.  You can’t pay for that type of positive exposure in the tourism industry.

The point was that all kinds of people are using social media to get their message out there and if you aren’t then your competition has a huge leg up on you.

I spoke about twitter but really Facebook is the monster right now.  It is taking over the way people communicate world wide.  The numbers are astounding.  Ideally if you own a business, you have a Facebook page where you upload photos or post specials or interesting stories about what is going on in your industry.  Then you link your Facebook page to your twitter account so every time you post to Facebook, the title and link back to your Facebook page gets listed on your twitter timeline.  Also when you post you should include keywords or hashtags so that search engines will pick up those areas of interest and like minded people or potential customers can find your information.

You don’t want to be perceived as spammy and just continually beat people over the head with products you are trying to sell.  Being somewhat funny helps and when you create a Facebook update or Tweet, try to think of the end user and make it worth their while to read what you are writing.  People love visuals.  Pictures can be taken with any new smartphone and uploaded directly to twitter or Facebook in mere seconds.

Here are examples I would use in each industry off the top of my head

Whale Watch-

every day the naturalist or captain takes a 20 second to 2 minute clip of whales breaching and uploads it to Facebook.  Your customers, people that love whales would have a reason to come back to your page every single day.  you will be present in their consciousness and when they are sitting around with their thumbs up their ass trying to figure out what to do in August because they’ve already been to the beach 30 times it might just click with them, hey, lets go on a whale watch.  I saw this cool video and every single day you get to see these real like monsters of the ocean just yards away from you.  Boom!  Sales!

Video gets uploaded to Facebook and linked to twitter account


Daily specials, pictures of any new dishes and new seasonal menus posted to to Facebook with a direct automatic link to Twitter. See The Farm Bar and Grille, or Minglewood Tavern for very successful Social media campaigns.  The farm Bar and Grille has over 2200 Facebook followers.  That means every day when they talk about 35 cent wing night on Thursdays every one of those 2200 followers gets reminded.  Not to mention their twitter followers.  Now even if they only converted 10% of those people into customers isn’t that an incredible bang???

Deep Sea Fishing-

Every Trip a mate or Captain takes a photo of the largest fish caught that day with the person that caught it holding it up and post it to their Facebook page.  Believe me when I tell you that everyone loves to see their picture taken with a huge fish.  You hand a sheet of paper to each passenger as they leave the ship with your Facebook page web address and tell them to look for pictures from that day.  I am fucking telling you, you will have an incredible amount of people checking out your page from the customers and family members that they want to brag to all their friends about the huge fish they caught and forward the pictures to them.  Link the Facebook page to the twitter account for automatic updating.  If any unusual fish are caught highlight those.  If you have some regular funny customers do little video clips with them that are like testimonials as to what keeps bringing them back to your deep sea fishing operation.  also fishing reports as to what kinds of fish is being caught.


Any new works, several updates as to the work in various stages of completion.  Any art shows that the artist will be showing at or local events.  Links to twitter account automatically.

It was great to get to talk to these folks. I hope we made an impact as if you’ve been reading these pages you know I’m committed to getting people involved in promoting all the cool stuff going on in our city.  I told these fine folks that once they get themselves set up with accounts that I would highlight them here on these pages as an incentive to get off their ass and make that first step. So expect to see more promoting of local twitteratti soon.

You gotta start somewhere.  Take the leap into the Cape Ann Social media pond, the water’s just fine.

I know most people don’t give a crap about yarn but please listen to Robert talk about his success at local yarn shop Coveted Yarn which has a global reach and how social media has helped him gain instant sales for no money at all-

Please watch the video and if nothing else from the five minute mark when he talks about how big Facebook is for his business and how it has led to his recent expansion.

GMG Questions and Answers- Dawn Gadow

Dawn is the Director at Art Haven among many other things and is now part of the Block Party Committee!

How long have you lived in Gloucester?  Well, I’ve lived here for about a year. But I also lived here for the summer of 2008 and I think that’s when I knew I belonged. And I’ve worked here for almost two years.

What is your favorite season In Gloucester?
You can’t beat the summers downtown – the long days, people outside enjoying the beautiful landscapes and company.

Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?
  I spend a lot of time on the rocks in Magnolia since they’re a couple blocks from my house. There are so many days when there isn’t anything I would rather do than sit on the rocks by the ocean and relax.

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?

I LOVE calzones from Mike’s Place. Although I probably go to Supreme’s and grab a slice most often – it’s so affordable and right down the street from Art Haven.

What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?

Virgilio’s, without a doubt. Foot long tuna sub with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles could never fail to make my day better.

What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?
I haven’t done the romantic dinner thing in Gloucester too much, but I would say Latitude 43 or Alchemy. I love the atmosphere in both places and the food is always different and delicious.

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester?

I’m a quiet bar kind of person, so I actually really enjoy JD & Myers in Magnolia. I also went to Stone’s Pub for the first time the other night though and I’m a huge fan.

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester?
  Sugar Mags! When I was going to Gordon College we would make regular trips and being close to it was one of the things I was most excited about when I first knew I’d be working on Main Street.

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?  Well, gotta be buoy painting day at Art Haven! Oh wait, I guess I’m a little biased on that one. In all seriousness, I think block parties are one of the coolest things ever. Such a great idea and awesome community event. I’ve even invited my family from a couple hours away to come up for block party weekends to be a part of it.
In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?  I prefer the beach for the most part. I love being on the sand.

Who is your favorite local artist? I would pick one of our students, but I can’t play favorites there and I guess some could argue that as a biased choice…haha. I think I’d have to go with Tom Torrey – If you haven’t seen his stuff, he’s a part of The Hive (thehivecapeann.com) and he makes the coolest creations out of recycled materials.

Which is your favorite local beach?  I can’t resist a trip to Good Harbor! I had some friends that lived in a house of Good Harbor my senior year at college, so it was the first beach in Gloucester I spent a lot of time at and I have some great memories there. I also still think its one of the greatest things that you can walk to the island from the beach!

Who has the best chowder in town? I don’t think I can answer this one – I’ve never been a huge chowder fan (sorry!!) so I haven’t tried very many…

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog? Love The Hive Cape Ann’s blog – gets some different and fun information and local art out there. 

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder?  I would have to pick clam chowder, but see two questions above…

What is your favorite Gloucester neighborhood? I love living in Magnolia, but I really love downtown. I love the energy and community of downtown Gloucester.

What is your favorite local band? Haven’t gotten into the local music scene as much as I’ve wanted to yet, but I did hear Pete Lindbergh on the blog the other day and I really liked it!

As A Reward For Filling Out The Form For Use On GMG Feel free To Provide a Link Here to Any Business, Band or Website You Would Like Promoted

www.arthaven.org ! (but I’m sure you already knew that) You could also tell everyone to friend us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=586647204#!/profile.php?id=100000058223575)

Double Bonus! Two Of Paulie Walnuts’Art Rocks! To Be Used As Free Tickets To The Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction

Dawn Gadow- Director at Art Haven Writes-

So, we’ve taken the two of Paul’s Art Rocks! he was wonderful enough to give us and we’ve hidden them, within walking distance of Art Haven.

Find one of these rocks, bring it to Art Haven next week, and you get a free ticket to the upcoming Buoy Auction fundraiser on January 28th! And, in case you didn’t see it a couple days ago – that ticket will give you a chance to win an "Art Rocks" buoy at the event. And remember, in all of this, you get to help support our after-school art programs!
The first rock is in a very artist-ey place, up on a hill with one of the best views of the harbor, and one of the coolest old houses I’ve seen on Cape Ann.
The second is in a very central downtown location, in front of a building near and dear to Maggie Rosa’s heart (as well as all of the rest of ours).
Thanks Joey and I’ll see you soon! Thanks for all you do as always!





More Buoys To Paint During The Winter Carnival Block Party! Saturday Dec 18th

Art Haven Director Dawn Gadow Writes-

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to paint buoys at Art Haven last weekend! We had a record number of buoys painted and wanted to make sure to say a huge thanks to Ben’s Paint, Rose’s Marine, Winchester Fishing, Ace Hardware, Building Center, and everyone who came out to help build the lobster trap tree this year! If you haven’t gotten to see it all lit up yet, you better check it out!
Also, since we ran out of buoys last weekend, we’ve got another buoy painting opportunity this Saturday during the Winter Carnival Block Party! We picked up a few more buoys and those who didn’t get a chance last weekend are welcome to come Saturday between 5 and 7 to paint their own unique ornament for this year’s tree. We do still have a limited number, though, so let us know if you’re definitely coming down to paint one and we’ll be sure to have one for you. You can email us at arthaveninfo@gmail.com or call 978.283.3888.
Thanks again to everyone who was a part of this year’s tree (and is going to be this weekend)! Gloucester’s lobster trap tree is clearly the best around – when else is this much of the community involved in one masterpiece?!?
Happy Holidays from Art Haven!


Art Haven Unveils New Logo –during 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration

NEW LOGO for ART HAVEN  – be sure to come down and get a Tee Shirt with the New Logo.

Mayor Kirk joins the celebration at Art Haven with David Brooks and Dawn Gadow.


Dawn talks about all the exciting things happening at Art Haven.

Downtown Walk Info From Dawn Gadow

Hello downtown friends,

I’m writing to let you all know about what we’re plotting to help bring downtown into the Middle Street Walk festivities on December 12th. As the Middle Street Walk will essentially be ending by about 4:00 and we at Art Haven will have ice sculptures and buoy painting going on all day during these festivities, we thought that a lobster trap tree lighting ceremony would be the perfect culmination of the days events. However, we’d like to make this lighting ceremony into a much bigger event than it’s ever been, and we’d appreciate your help in that in any way possible. So, here’s a list of the things we hope to have going on between 4:00 and 6:00 on the 12th followed by a list of immediate action that needs to be taken. Please don’t hesitate to voice your opinion if you have suggestions or ideas for us to improve what we have already started planning!

What will be happening: 4:00-6:00pm, December 12th

  • Lobster trap tree lighting (around 5:00)
  • Performance by local bands/choirs
  • Revealing of the Art Haven ice sculpture
  • Hot cocoa and refreshments available
  • Santa Claus in the Brown’s Mall
    • Gift wrapping at the same time in the basement
    • Action Inc.’s Project Uplift will be there
  • A Christmas movie at Cape Ann Community Cinema

What needs to happen now:

  • Collection of lobster traps and buoys: contact Art Haven at (978) 283.3888 or contact Jeff Worthley at (978) with contacts
  • November 28/29: Need volunteers to help set up the tree (contact information from above)
  • Restaurant and shop owners: Interested in offering a Christmas Special/Dinner with Santa? Let us know.
  • We’re looking for a group interested in doing gift wrapping in the Brown’s Mall.
  • Looking for groups that are interested in volunteering their time and musical talents
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email, we appreciate any help you can offer at this point as we start to really get things together for this event. And again, don’t hesitate to throw out any ideas that you think could make this event even more fantastic! Great things are happening downtown and we want to keep them going!

Dawn Gadow and David Brooks
Art Haven
(978) 283-3888

Gadow, Dawn

Art Haven Classes Being Offered This Fall

Free and Discounted Classes at Art Haven this Fall

GLOUCESTER, MA— Many families will inevitably be tightening their budget this fall and extra-curricular activities, such as art, will more than likely be cut from family spending to make room for other necessities. To prevent the arts from falling by the wayside, Cape Ann Art Haven is offering free and discounted classes for low to moderate income families living in Gloucester thanks to receiving Community Development Block Grant funding from the Federal Housing and Urban Development Department.

“This grant is giving us the opportunity to do what we really want to do, teach art to anyone who wants to learn,” says Art Haven Director Dawn Gadow.  “We want every kid, or adult for that matter, to be able to come in and enjoy being creative.”

This summer, a total of around $2000 was awarded in scholarships to 13 Art Haven students in a variety of classes, including mural painting, darkroom photography, youth clayworks, painting, drawing, and open studio time.

Art Haven hopes to get more people drawing, painting, sculpting and taking pictures this fall with the funding from the Community Development Block Grant. As fall classes gear up, they are offering a full gamut of creative possibilities, including darkroom photography, painting and drawing, clayworks, pottery, collage, and whatever else students of any age can think of to create on their own.

For more information on scholarships or Art Haven itself, call (978) 283-3888 or stop by 180B Main Street in Gloucester.  You can also visit the Art Haven website at www.arthaven.org.

Things To Do- Art Haven Celebration


Art Haven Celebrates One Year Anniversary and Official Tax-Exempt Status

GLOUCESTER, MA—Anniversaries come once a year, to celebrate the beginning of a good thing. The beginning of art classes for kids. Or the beginning of a new darkroom for a community. In the minds of Cape Ann Art Haven, the one-year anniversary this July 31st is an important one.

“It’s amazing to look back and see what a difference a year makes,” says founder David Brooks. “I love looking around and seeing the darkroom, the pottery wheels, and everything else that’s going to help us be an even bigger part of the community in the next year.”

To celebrate the benchmark, Art Haven is hosting an Anniversary Party and Fundraiser on Friday, July 31st from 5:30 to 8pm to celebrate being open for a full year and recently receiving their official 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. At the Studio on Main Street in Gloucester, a live auction and art raffle will kick off the evening of free food and darkroom tours. Student and staff artwork will also be on display.

Following this the Art Haven staff will share a presentation of what Art Haven has done and where they hope to go in the next year with the help of the community that has gotten them this far. Also, a tour will be leaving from the studio at 5:15 to unveil two murals painted by summer program participants on Supreme Roast Beef and Cape Ann Business Incubators.

“We’re excited to be able to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to get us this far,” says Art Haven Director Dawn Gadow. “We’d love it if you’d all come out and celebrate with us.”

After starting with just children’s classes a year ago, Cape Ann Art Haven has now expanded to be a community place for adults and youth alike. What started as one room has turned into a multi-dimensional space for all kinds of art to be created and displayed. Painting and drawing, which dominated the studio in its early months, are now just a small portion of the creative activities going on in the studio.

If interested in Cape Ann Art Haven’s classes, darkroom, or simply for more information, contact arthaveninfo@gmail.com, visit www.arthaven.org or call (978) 283-3888.

Art Haven Block Party Plans

just in from Art Haven Director Dawn Gadow-

Hi all,

Although I know it’s probably too late to get in any real advertising or anything, I just wanted to let you all know that Art Haven will be having a beach day for the block party this weekend. We’ve got some beautiful big shells that kids can paint and do crafts with and make their own beach scene! There is also a possibility of making the shells into candles. So, if you could spread the word at all that would be awesome. I hope the week is going well for you all and I’m praying for sunshine on Saturday!

Dawn Gadow
(978) 283-3888