Gloucester HarborWalk Summer Cinema welcomes three more sponsors- 2 days till The Greatest Showman

Five free movie nights begin Wednesday July 11th, 2018- The Summer of Song!

City of Gloucester and Rob Newton, Cape Ann Cinema and Stage, announce the 2018 Gloucester HarborWalk Summer Cinema free outdoor movies line up:

July 11 ::: The Greatest Showman
July 18 ::: Coco
July 25 ::: The Wizard of Oz
August 1 ::: The Beatles Yellow Submarine
August 8 ::: Footloose
July 11, 18, 25 and August 1 and 8. Rain dates  August 15 & 22

HarborWalk Summer Cinema Sponsors and Presenters include:

Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library, Sudbay Automotive, and 1623 Studios (Cape Ann TV) join North Shore 104.9, the Building Center; ToodeLoos! ; Doyon’s Appliance ; and Cape Ann Savings Bank  as HarborWalk Summer Cinema important sponsors. 


The Summer 2018 movie nights are presented by: Woodman’s of Essex;  DIVA; Cape Ann Lanes, The Cave Gloucester Mass: Cheese, Wine & Chocolate Shop, and Gloucester Auto Body.


Gloucester HarborWalk Summer Cinema 2018: the dates and titles for the free outdoor movies are…

City of Gloucester and Rob Newton, Cape Ann Cinema and Stage, announce the 2018 Gloucester HarborWalk Summer Cinema free outdoor movies line up:

Fifth annual year- Save the dates! Five free movie nights begin Wednesday July 11th, 2018- The Summer of Song!

July 11 ::: The Greatest Showman
July 18 ::: Coco
July 25 ::: The Wizard of Oz
August 1 ::: The Beatles Yellow Submarine
August 8 ::: Footloose
July 11, 18, 25 and August 1 and 8. Rain dates  August 15 & 22

The 2018 series poster and movie flyers were designed by Ariana Puopolo for Jill Cahill, Community Development Director, and based on original designs by Chris Muskopf and C7A.

2018 poster by Ariana Puopolo with City of Gloucester MA community development and based on Chris Muskopf C7A original design.jpg

First up

gloucester HarborWalk SUMMER CINEMA.png


Over 5000 Cape Ann residents attended Gloucester’s HarborWalk Summer Cinema series in 2017. Awesome North Shore 104.9 amps the pre-show festivities! The HarborWalk Summer Cinema series is presented by the City and Cape Ann Cinema & Stage with the support of  local businesses:

North Shore 104.9

The Building Center

ToodeLoos! (has participated every year!)

Doyon’s Appliance

and Cape Ann Savings Bank.

The Summer 2018 movie nights are presented by

Woodman’s of Essex;  DIVA; Cape Ann Lanes, The Cave Gloucester Mass: Cheese, Wine & Chocolate Shop, and Gloucester Auto Body.

Contact Rob at Cape Ann Cinema & Stage for partnership options


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Another perfect night for a FREE Movie at I4-C2 – Finding Nemo Tonight – Bring Food Donations for The Open Door

Last week over 700 people (including plenty of “Pink Ladies”) flocked to I4-C2 to enjoy “Grease” under the stars. Tonight will be just as beautiful, if a tad cooler. Perfect viewing weather for “Finding Nemo.” Bring non-perishable food to donate to The Open Door Food Pantry and do some good while having fun with the family!

GloucesterCast 127 With Mike Costello, Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro #GloucesterMA

GloucesterCast 127 With Guests Mike Costello, Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Shoutout To Earl and Arch for Our Intro Music, Lil Earls, Mike Costello, Kim Smith, Toby Pett, Gilligan, The Atlantics, Mike Costello’s Historic Retirement Party Speech When He Went Ballistic, Bruce Tobey, Waterfront Owners Harbor Planning Group, I4C2, Ramada Inn Project, Jeffrey Cohen, Fuller School, Cape Ann Symphony, Sam Park, Windover, Schooner Festival, Clam Festival, Waterfront Fest, Sidewalk Bazaar, Blackburn Industrial Park, Gortons, Regionalizing the Chamber of Commerce, Mike’s Perspective Of The Chamber Since His Retirement, Joey’s Perspective On the Importance Of The Chamber, Tax Classification, Snow Removal Downtown, Free Parking Tolls Downtown, Downtown Employees Taking Up Downtown Parking Spots, Would The YMCA Be A Great Spot For A Parking Garage?, New Downtown Group Doing Great Job Promoting Themselves, Toodeloos, TBT Post, Pop Gallery, Premier Imprints, Harbor Goods, Where Do You Stand On The Windmills?, Cell Phone Tower In West Gloucester, Solar Incentives, Caciattore’s To Open Doors Saturday at 4 PM Please Show Them Your Support!

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GloucesterCast With Peter and Vickie VanNess and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/16/14

gloucestercastsquare11 (1)
GloucesterCast With Peter and Vickie VanNess and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/16/14


Topics Include: Gloucester MA, April 16 Snow, Peter VanNess, Vickie VanNess, Peter Lovasco Doing a Great Job With Cape Ann Weather, Bitstrips, Kevin Edson, Rice Cooker Hoax, Boston Strong, ACLU, Dog Leash Controversy, Bad Dog Owners,Beach Trash Barrels vs Carry In/Carry Out,  Larcom Theater, UU Meetinghouse, Henri Smith, Jon Butcher Axis, Celebrate Gloucester, Red Tape For Community Events, Castleberry Fairs, Block Party, Jackie Hardy, Tourism, Fun Should Not Be Illegal, Gran Prix of Gloucester, Cyclocross, I4C2, Downtown Parking Is Not Bad if You are Willing To Walk One Block (Which Is Less Walking You’ll Do If You Park In A Mall Parking Lot and Walk Into The Mall), People That Will Drive In Circles 20 Times Unless They Get A Parking Spot On Main St vs Parking On Rogers or Middle St, Stitcher App, Cross Platform, BossJock App, Email Subscription Service Is Broken, Explaining Hyperlinks, Sister Felicia, Shalin Liu, Embedding A Video, Get Her A Muzzle.

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The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 3

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  • Joey Ciaramitaro – creator of Good Morning Gloucester and co-owner of Gloucester MA Captain Joe and Sons lobster company
  • Kenny MacCarthy – creator of The Cut Bridge and Gloucester MA real estate agent guru

Joey and Kenny discuss Gloucester / Cape Ann:

  • Gloucestercast statistics from episode 1 and 2
  • Joey’s Estrogen Filled Trip To NYC
  • Valentines Day and The Clampon
  • GMG/ Farm Bar and Grill DTF Burger Challenge February 24th
  • Dangerous Dick
  • Kenny’s Local Real Estate Segment
  • i4c2 and Birdseye
  • Kenny’s Vegetable powered Volvo
  • Upcoming Events

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Episode 3 link mentions:

Art Haven February Vacation Programs February 21-25
Sista Felicia and Roselle From Glazed Will Be Teaming Up For A Fun Springtime Basket Project
Boston Derby Dames Calendar Shot At Captain Joe and Sons- December Available At The First Bout of The Season February 26th

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Thanks from Joey and Kenny

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Chickity Check It!- New Heart of the Harbour Web Site

Peter Van Ness The Man Who Brought You Lats Summer’s Epic Ground Breaking Concert- “Celebrate Gloucester” On The Site Of I4C2 Tells How You Can Get Involved and Announces Gloucester Center for the Arts with 3000+ Lawn Seating.
Peter Writes-
Dear Joey,
We just launched a new Web site to make it easy for people to explore our ideas for Heart of the Harbour (I4-C2 development proposal).  See here:
People can sign up for alerts (e.g., the City now plans to allow each group who proposed an idea to make a presentation in January and we’ll let people know when that is as soon as we find out).
Also, we want everyone in our community to own a piece of Heart of the Harbour, so we are exploring ways to offer a stake in Heart of the Harbour to everyone who wants to get involved—even if it is for a very small amount of money.  More info on that here:
And of course we welcome comments.
Oh, just in case you’re making long-range plans, please keep a few dates open for the summer of 2013.  You MUST MC our big opening concert in the new Gloucester Center for the Arts with 3000+ lawn seating.  We won’t open without YOU!
Thanks for everything you do for our City …

The Grant For Proposals For I4 C2

From The City of Gloucester-

The City invites all those with interest and vision for harbor development to submit
A Schematic Design Proposal that explores feasible uses for I4-C2.
Schematic Design Proposal Requirements
Each Proposal must include the following elements:
• A visual representation of the idea (hard and soft copy).
• A summary of the proposed uses (which need to conform to current zoning)
• A cost estimate for bringing idea to implementation
• Identification of sources of financing
• Benefits of idea to community
Grant Support for Preparation of Proposals
Funded through the economic development grant the city received from the Seaport
Advisory Council, the City will offer up to a total of $50,000 in grants of up to $2500
each to reimburse applicants who hire architect/design, legal or financial services
expertise for the preparation of their response. Preference will be given to Gloucester
citizens and the goal is to stimulate the best design and implementation concepts for I4-
To be eligible for grant funding, applicants will submit a letter of interest to the
City. Funds will be distributed in a first round by November 3, 2010. If funds
remain available, late applicants will be considered.

Can I submit this?




Gloucester Landing Proposal

Of course this isn’t my design, it was the proposal that was slated for  I4C2 lot in between the Gloucester House and The Building Center over twenty years ago and was fought by the regular group of people who fight every development in town.

It had underground parking for downtown, it had public space, a beautiful courtyard for the public to enjoy, it had right of ways to insure the fishermen could get to their boats it had a glass atrium so that harbor views would still be seen. It was to be financed with private (read not grant money or taxpayer money) money and would have been paying us millions in taxes by now.

It all made too much sense I suppose.

So on to the the things you should include if you would like to get one of the  $2500 grants

If you would like your proposal to be accepted  and qualify for the grant money here is what you should include-

  • free dockage for fishermen- add one thousand bonus points for free dockage for fishermen
  • any non-profit idea that doesn’t pay taxes –add three bonus point if your plan is a non-profit
  • any non-profit idea that requires taxpayer grants (the higher dollar amount the better)- add two bonus points if your plan requires the public to subsidize it
  • parks -add three bonus points if your plan includes a park
  • under no circumstances should you include anything that might be construed as profitable and able to be financed privately (the idea of someone getting financing on their own and turning profits is highly frowned upon) deduct one thousand bonus points if your plan is to be financed with private dollars and is deemed to be for-profit
  • museums- some new type of of museum or aquarium supported by grant money because we don’t have enough museums that depend on the generosity of donors to keep operating like the Sargent House, The Cape Ann Museum, The Maritime Heritage Center or Ocean Alliance  – add 3 bonus points for another museum or ocean research center
  • green energy- toss a few windmills or solar panels on your plan and you get ten bonus points it doesn’t matter if the solar panels cost $5,000,000 and the return will be ten cents if you can get taxpayer subsidies for those you get an additional ten bonus points
  • schooner center- anything to do with Schooners gets you five bonus points- if you can figure out how to put schooners down there without displacing any fishing boats add ten bonus points

Of course I’m kidding about all this (not really) but if you are interested you should submit your proposal according to the real guidelines which can be found here-

What are you waiting for?  Get planning!