Art, Rocks! At Bass rocks

DROPPED OFF AT 10:55AM Sunday 10/24/2010



Hotel Guests Only!! Yeah Right!

close up
from where i stood


Da Rock!



The Hurricanes Here! Already?

I’m Bumming!    That jerk, EARL is going to F up the weekend! But it’s “almost” hard to complain because of the great Summer we’ve had.

Here are some night shots I took at my favorite Hangout last night before the real Hurricane hits.

I can’t wait till Saturday Morning to get some shots of Joeys PORTA POTTY Heading to Nova Scotia.

The Hurricane Arrives 09/02/2010 8:45pm
The Grace Marie with the Schooner Alabama in the background
The Schooner Alabama docked at the Cruise Port 09/02/2010 8:45pm


Sharpie Drawings

I showed Joey my Sketch Book Sunday and he thought I should post some.

So Blame him!

"Passing Ten Pound" The Schooner Fest is Coming! Hopefully the Hurricane won't "F" It up!
"Motif" I wonder how many times this has been; Painted, drawn and Photographed? Must be in the Millions!

Will draw for drink! if it’s made with Ryan and Wood Spirits!




Sundays “Art, Rock!” Found

A few hours after Sketching, Dropping and Posting My latest “Art Rock” Sunday, I received this email from the Serrin Family.

“As soon as we saw the post we rushed right over there.  So excited to finally find one!  We are big fans of GMG.  Little Jack Serrin loves his new toy.”  🙂    The Serrin Family

The Serrin Family Photo of where I left the Rock

Here’s Little Jack Serrin with his new Toy

I accept no responsibility for the damage "Little Jack" may do with that Rock

Thanks to the Serrins for the Kind Words.

BANANAS, ROCK!!!!! Breaking News Update!

Drats! I’ve Been Out smarted again.

The clues I gave must’ve been too easy.

I think it was the Banana Splits TV Show Theme Song that Gave it away.

Here’s The  photo of Kerry, and Her Mom, Karen McNally After Winning the “Bazaar Art Rock Contest”.

They are the Winners of a ROCK! An “ART, ROCKS!” Rock.

They Figured out all the clues and Found their way to the Vintage Clothing Store “Bananas” to claim their Prize.

Here’s the Emails I received from Kerry and Her Mom Karen;

Hi Mr. Frontiero,

I would like to let you know that I found your awesome rock at Bananas!
My mom and I are very excited!!!!

I love painting, and I have been collecting art work from different states. I would love to add your rock to my art collection.
We walked around main street, this afternoon, telling your story of the painted rocks.

My mom had fun solving the riddle, and I couldn’t believe that I actually found one of your amazing rocks!

Thank you!

-Kerry McNally

From Karen; (Kerry’s Mom)

Your artwork, and how it was discovered, has been Kerry’s main topic of discussion with friends and family since Saturday.
The excitement of it’s find has not diminished, and I don’t think that it ever will!

Kerry says “Thank you for the great adventure”.


I’m Humbled. Well Honored is probably a better word. 🙂

For my Rock to Be included in Kerrys Art Collection.

Thanks so much Kerry for the Inspiration!

 Big Thanks go to my Friends at BANANAS for hosting the contest.

Thank you Richard and Debbie!

 Can anyone name all 4 members of the Banana Splits?


We Will, We Will “ROCK” You!


Yes. Sorry to bother you.  Another one.

This Time I enlisted Help from Friends.

Our Contribution to the Sidewalk BIZARRE!

Here are the Hints;

It is Located at a very Popular and Long Established Store. It has My Favorite artist as an Employee.

Paul Morrison Buys his Martini Accessories there.

It always has a Beautiful and Dynamic Window Display.

Na, Na, Na,  NA NA NA NA,   Na, Na, Na,    Na,Na,Na,Na,                                  

(Theme Song from my Favorite TV Show when I was a Kid.)



Now the requirements;  You may have to Ask for the “ART ROCK” or you May Have to Find it. It’s up to them and they’re unpredictable. You must take a picture of you and them with the Rock. So have a camera ready. Or they may even have one.


GOODLUCK! GOODNIGHT! and Good Riddance.

I went to Gloucester and all I got was a Rock

I hope those Homies don't give up the location

I4C2 more “Art, Rocks!”

I Talked to Joey today. I had this great idea. Instead of leaving an “Art, Rock” someplace. I could use the GMG Petty cash to Hire a helicopter, fly over the Farmers Market and drop them on the shoppers below. He was’nt to thrilled with the idea. The guy’s a fart! It would’ve been AWESOME!

But Anyways,

Here’s the Hint; After 4am  Look for a natural Shady place, not a tent, or a building. Easy Enough. If you find it and if you’d like. Take a picture of yourself with the Rock and we’ll feature you on GMG.  Goodluck! Sorry all finds are Final no returns.

Rockport, Good Harbor, Rockport and Downtown will be this weekends Target.

Only GMG Readers get the Hints.

Free Artwork Rocks!

Ok! I’m sure you people are sick of seeing my “ART ROCKS” But tough sh….Crap! When the mood hits I just do it. here’s one I left at the State Fish Pier about 8:30am this morning. If a GMG Reader finds it and contacts me I’ll also throw in a Cheap GMG T-Shirt (as seen in the Horribles Parade). Here are a few photos to give you a hint where it is. It probably won’t be found quickly. GOOD LUCK! I think.

Think you can find it? Did I make it easy enough?
My favorite spot to view the Paint Mfg
contact details
More details. I'll sue your ass off if you use my copyrighted "ART ROCKS" I know a good Lawyer. Right, Kenny!


Welcome MaHty and Barbara, BUT…..

Welcome to your new Home Barbara and MaHty!

Watch out for the Potholes, Pick up the accent, Drop the Yankees, the NY License Plate and you’ll be OK.


Now if you paint your car like this, you’ll be really welcomed.

Cape Ann Brewery VW Front
Cape Ann Brewery VW side
Cape Ann Brewery VW rear




I’m looking for any GMG Photogs or followers that can share some Tips on Photographing Paintings.

Are there any Artists that would like to share some Tips?

I’m sure there are others out there that would benefit from your help.

So far taking photos outside in indirect sunlight worked best, but the photo tends to be on the Blue side.

I never seem to get the colors right. or I get too much glare. I’m not Photoshop literate so all help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Paul

Miss Sonya outside photo trial