Sista Felicia Does St. Joseph’s Day Pasta For The Gloucester Times Taste of The Times

From The Gloucester Daily Times-

When Felicia was growing up this special recipe was prepared by her Aunt “FeFe“, Vincie and Uncle Mike (Militello). Now she makes it herself and passes along the family’s recipe secrets. The main ingredients are cauliflower, fava beans, and the ferns on top of the anise bulbs. In fact, since the grocers and supermarkets typically throw away this part of the plant before even putting it on the shelf, Felicia goes around each year to remind them to avoid that for this special week of St. Joseph’s Day so that she and others can properly make the dish.

Her aunt and uncle FeFe and Vincie used to create an alter every St. Joseph’s Day and that became very big, so big that many people came each year to pay their respects and eat some of the special pasta dish. The pasta sauce was served over home made St. Joseph fettuccini pasta. What made this St. Joseph Pasta is that all the flower used to prepare the feast was blessed by a priest the day before St. Joseph day. It was done, in fact, at a very special mass in Aunt FeFe and Uncle Vincie’s home in front of her alter. You cannot get much more authentic than that.


You can read my buddy Heather Atwood’s article about Felicia and St Joseph’s Traditions here-

Feast of St. Joseph fare celebrates workers

Sista Felicia Shows Heather Atwood How To Make The Traditional Sicilian Style Octopus Salad In This Gloucester Daily Times Video


Traditional Octopus Salad Recipe Here

Heather Atwood and The Open Door Food Pantry’s Jennifer Perry Pair up to Help Gloucester eat Better! From Adam Bolonsky

Adam writes-

Heather Atwood and The Open Door Food Pantry’s Jennifer Perry teamed up last week at Heather’s house to tape a segment on making baked snack chips even kids would eat. 

Jennifer’s the Food Pantry’s nutrition development coordinator – her job, to teach Gloucester how to cook and prepare the fresh produce available at the Pantry’s numerous distribution sites throughout the city.

Hey kids, tell mom and dad, grammy and grampy, uncle and auntie: free lunch for Gloucester kids this summer at five Pantry locations:

As part of Project Bread’s Better Summer Meals initiative, menus include locally grown produce, whole wheat breads, and low-fat milk.


Jennifer Perry, The Open Door Food Pantry’s nutrition development coordinator.


Low in fat, high in nutrition, easy to make and tasty: sweet potato, white potato, zucchini, beet chips.


Joe Langhan and cameraman/DP Luis Goncalves, from Gallo Productions, set up for the two-camera shoot.


Heather and Jennifer gear up for the first segment: frozen pea bruschetta and radish topping.


Heather gets the wireless mic treatment from Luis: mic on the blouse, transmitter on the back of the apron.


Start with these ingredients. Slice. Add salt and pepper. Bake for anywhere between ten minutes and an hour. Zucchini needs a lower temp and more time.

Atwood and Scones In The GDT Food For Thought Column

Let me first state that the first couple of times I’d eaten a scone they left me wholly unimpressed.  Dry, hard and crumbly and far inferior to your everyday muffin.

But then one day it happened.  I popped into Alexandra’s Bread Co for my usual 4 cobbles. Two for me and one each for Snoop Maddie Mad and The Bean.  They were all out of cobbles but John suggested I try a scone.  I explained my disdain for scones and he told me a story that I’ll never forget and have relayed to my children.

When you try something new that you wouldn’t ordinarily try and then you discover you like it, it’s like you’ve made a new friend for life.  I’m all about making new friends, it’s what I live for.  I know some people are happy having only one or two good friends but in my life I feel like if 1 is good 100 is way better.

So I try the scones at Alexandra’s bread Co and let me tell you, I was blown away.  These goddamn scones were moister than ones I had eaten in the past, they were scrumptious.

So try out Atwood’s recipe which you can find by clicking this link at The Gloucester Daily Times website-

Food For Thought: Exalting of scones is no food fiction

Food For ThoughtHeather Atwood

But if you’re a no-cooking fool like me and won’t get around to trying Atwood’s recipe head on down to Alexandra’s bread Company for the tastiest damn scones I’ve ever eaten, they’re one of my friends for life I’ve discovered thanks to John.

For Tons Of GMG Pictures and Videos from Alexandra’s Bread Company Click Here

Chickity Check It! Heather Atwood’s Food For Thought

It’s been forever since I’ve visited the energetic sprite that is Heather Atwood’s site but I did so yesterday.  What did I find you ask?

Well she’s done a complete redesign and it looks great.  Give H’s site a looksee, I think you’ll agree.



Chickity Check It! Atwood Does The Mackerel Thing In Her GDT Column

July 12, 2011

Mackerel: Local, sustainable and good for us

Food for ThoughtHeather Atwood

In staying true to New England waters, Steve Johnson of Rendezvous Restaurant in Central Square, Cambridge, courageously puts fish on his menu that — oh no! — has bones.

Mackerel. Grilled to a charry crispness, dripping with olive oil, delicate filets lifting off of 8 inches of spiny vertebrae, mackerel.

In Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, just about anywhere but here, a serving of fish means a pile of bones on the plate. Residents of these countries make beloved meals with sardines, anchovies, pike, mackerel and herring.

After the jump you get the rest of the story and a recipe as reward

and when you’re done with that, check out Heather’s Fantastic Blog-

Food For Thought

Heather Atwood’s Visit With Chef Jose Duarte in Boston’s North End Video

Check Out The Video At The Gloucester Times Website By Clicking The Picture-image

Heather Atwood shot a video recently with Chef Jose Duarte of Taranta in Boston’s North End 

Jose Duarte is becoming very well known for two reasons, his unique combination of Peruvian and Italian dishes and his absolute dedication to operating a sustainable restaurant. In this video Jose shows Heather how to make  a scallop ceviche Peruvian style, called "Tiradito, a ceviche-like treatment of fish cut like sashimi, evidence of the wave of Japanese farm workers who arrived in Peru in the late 19th century." The food is too spectacular not to be recognized.  Zagat named it one of the best new restaurants of the Decade.  Boston Magazine named it one of the top 50 Restaurants in Boston.  The Massachusetts Restaurant Association has just named Jose Duarte “Chef of the Year.”

Heather Atwood Cooks Italian Chestnut Stew

Heather invited Giovanna Tognetti of the ancient Lombardian city of Brescia to her house for a winter time cooking session. There she learned from her Aunt Bruna this unique beef stew, thickened with melding chestnuts and sweetened with red wine. It is just as delicious made with the jarred variety of chestnuts.

click the picture to view the video and recipe at the Taste of The Times


Heather Atwood and Joanne Avallon Prepare Winter Sausage Giambotta Video at The Taste of the Times


Heather Atwood of Food For Thought invited an old friend to her kitchen to cook one of the old favorites from her Italian family’s recipes. It is quick, easy and proves again that there seems to be no limit to the various ways that Italian peasant food can be made to taste delicious. A giambotta is an Italian stew, particularly hearty and good for the winter months. It can be vegetarian or with meat, but Joanne Avalaon prepares one of her family recipes the way they made it growing up in an Italian household, made with sweet Italian sausage seasoned with fennel.

Click the video below to view the video at The Taste of the Timesimage

Joey’s Cape Ann Media Moguls Meeting at Pleasant Street Tea Co. – Video

Meet the Media Exchanging ideas to serve the community.

Last week I had an idea to try to get a bunch of my media buddies together for an impromptu coffee meet up at Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Company. Those of you who have been following the blog closely may have noticed many posts coming from the space at Pleasant Street. This is not a slight to Gloucester’s other coffee shops like Lone Gull and Cape Ann Coffee which I love and feel play a huge role in the fabric of a community. Pleasant Street happens to have that nice back room which is conducive to meetings and taping interviews so that’s where I’ve been because the dock is just too crazy this time of year to try to tape any segments.

Anyway what I thought would end up as a meeting between four or five of us turned into something much bigger as 90% of my media rolodex showed up.
The idea behind the meet-up was to introduce many people that may have only contacted each other through emails or telephone for a meeting where everyone could share ideas and explore opportunities to help each other and themselves. With the planning and help of Johhny McElhenny and Heather Fraelick we held what I believe to be the first of it’s kind cross media meeting between such a diverse group of Cape Media moguls.

We had the newspaper Editors from The Gloucester Times and Cape Ann Beacon Ray Lamont and Jane Enos. We had Cape Ann TV’s new executive director Donna Gacek. We had international TV producing media giants Gianni and Terry Gallo along with Joe Langhan. Peter Van Ness- Producer and local web genius. Andrea Holbrook- Night editor at The Times. Terry Weber- freelance writer who will soon be releasing her adventure blog to the world. Local PR gurus Heather Fraelick, John McElhenny and Kate Moran. Hybrid Advertising executive Jon Cahill from Bait and Tackle. Local bloggers and writers Heather Atwood, Billy O’Connor and Laura Ciampa, Manny Simoes and your boy Joey of course.

I know I made several connections and came away with some exciting cross promotional opportunities that we will be pursuing to make GMG even better and I’m sure there were other connections that were made in that room.
We are planning to meet monthly but the next one will be at Cape Ann Brewing and in the evening so we can spend more time and have more space.

Here’s a video that Manny put together-

Heather Atwood Covers Rockport’s Harvest Fest


« North Shore Consortium Weekend Picks:

The HarvestFest to Remember

Written by Heather Atwood on October 20th, 2010


This post is a bow to all the brave people who pulled out their long underwear and parkas to make food, beer, music – and to just be there -  at Rockport’s HarvestFest last weekend.  It’s also for those of you right now saying, “wow, this is cool,” and promise to come next year.

Stroll through my thoughts and pictures, but make sure you get to the bottom where you’ll see a cold but happy bunch of bloggers from the North Shore Blogger Consortium, all of whom came out to discuss what blogging’s about – or not – to a packed audience.

Ok, that’s a lie.  We mostly talked to each other, but we were a receptive audience, and learned a lot.  Next year, the house will be packed.

click here for the rest of her post (with pics)

Come Mock Me

This afternoon (as long as I get out of work in time) I’ll be moderating a Food Bloggers  Summit at the Rockport Harvest Fest.

The Food Bloggers Summit was put together by Heather Atwood.

Food Bloggers Summit:  4:30 PM An open discussion among local food bloggers, featuring Abby Cahill O’Brien of 5thjoy, Heather Atwood of Food for Thought, Jane Ward of Food and Fiction, Kristen Nyberg and Jill Rose of North Shore Dish.  Moderated by your boy Joey of Good Morning Gloucester.

I’m not really sure who would want to listen to any of us talk about food or blogging but if you wanna come with a case ‘o tomatas and start hurling them in my direction it might make for a more interesting event.  🙂

It’s going to take place on T-Wharf.  Just look for the big huge tent.

Anyway if you are coming to Rockport Harvest Fest today (which you should) stop by the tent around 4:30 and don’t forget your tomatoes.

Alexandra’s Bread Company Preparing To Shoot Dr Orr 10-10-10 Video

Heather Atwood and John Harvey


Who pops in but Ed Collard to buy the Dutch Oven


Dr Orr Pamphlet Available At Alexandra’s Bread Co

(click for larger version)


To learn more about the cause check out the link here

Learning About Dr Brian Orr’s 10-10-10 With Heather Atwood and John Harvey At Alexandra’s Bread

Brian Orr’s 10-10-10

Here’s the video explaining it with

More to come from Dr Orr.

Friends of the Orphans provides financial and volunteer support to Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”), which has orphan homes and outreach programs in nine countries.

Brian Orr, a long-time donor and Friend, is celebrating his birthday on October 10, 2010. He generously wants to share this celebration with all of the children we support and came up with plans for Triple Ten day. More than anything for his birthday, he wants donations to go to Friends of the Orphans to help the children of NPH. His goal is to have 10 x 10 x 10 people (1,000 total!) to contribute $10 each by 10-10-10. Meeting that goal would mean $10,000!

We are so grateful to Brian for his ongoing support and for his efforts on this wonderful fundraiser, which will help thousands of children!

Click here for more info

Friends of the Orphans is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, Federal Tax ID# 65-1229309, that meets all 20 BBB Charity Standards. Donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. All donated funds are diligently appropriated and an audited financial statement is available upon request.


Chickity Check It! the H-Bomb Goes Lobstering With Geno Mondello

The art of Lobstering
Heading out to sea with Gloucester lobsterman Geno Mondello

Food for Thought Heather Atwood

Click the link above for the full story with pictures


Eight-legged, with 21 body segments and a brain the size of a grasshopper, a lobster inhales through its legs and exhales through its head, extracting oxygen on the way through its gills.

Lobsters can smell. While officially they don’t "hear," it is said that traps are usually empty on July 5, leaving many to believe lobsters hear enough to hide from the fireworks the night before.

Lobstering is the oldest continuous business in Massachusetts.

Click the Picture Below For The Video’s Featuring Geno Building Dories At His Dory Shop and out On His Lobster Boat


Heather Atwood On Fenway, Ron and Nookie and The Lobster Roll Battle Royal

The H Bomb went to Fenway where the boys issued a challenge to GMG- Read about how it all went down in her blog here (click the pic to be magically transported to Heather’s blog)-

Fenway Park, the boys, the All-Star lobster rolls, the challenge, a transformation


Chickity Check It! Heather Atwood Puts The Spotlight On Sicilian Food Traditions With Sister Felicia

Click For The Video

click for octopus cooking video with Heather and Felicia

From The Gloucester Daily Times-

Keeping tradition as others fall out of flavor

Food for Thought Heather Atwood

No one can deny how fast the world has changed in this century, or the velocity with which we’ve discarded cultural traditions. Many ethnic foods are seen in the rear-view mirror as the bus pulls out of town, leaving behind raw sea urchins eaten at a picnic table, scooped with a hunk of crusty Italian bread, and speeds toward a horizon at which everyone eats basically the same 12 dishes.

Communities forever defined themselves by the foods they made, but now most children in this country choose macaroni and cheese over just about anything. Women choose Caesar salads, and men Buffalo wings. This is not about “local” or “sustainable” foods; it’s about the fact that some dishes — recipes that absolutely described who a person was and what community they lived in — for whatever reason are not so slowly fading into the past. Fortunately, in some cases, they are simply evolving into something different.

For The Rest Of The Article and Pictures Click Here

Photo- Gloucester Daily Times Courtesy MPN