State Pier Art Rock Found

The “Art Rock” I left at the State Fish Pier last week has been found. Thanks for the Email Wilmarie.

Good morning!

I found an ArtRock!! So excited to have one of your beautiful rocks, Im from Havervill, but Ive been wanting one of those since I started to be a big fan of GMG. I went to the State Fish Pier and happens that Gloucester not only let me enjoy the beautiful view, but gave me a beautiful reminder of a great day! Now is part of my Glosta collection.

Feel so lucky!


art rock state pier september 2013

Harbor Walk ART ROCK Found!

From Leslie Heffron;

“Hi Paul – 

It’s our lucky day- finally my golden retriever and I found your rock!! I love the rock!!! I’m so excited to have a little piece of Gloucester over here in Pigeon Cove. Mango’s still talking about it!”

"Mango" Sniffed out the rock in record time!
“Mango” Sniffed out the rock in record time!
Art Rock Location
Art Rock Location

Missing. One Rock

Missing. One Rock

I stopped at GHB Saturday at about 7:30am and decided to create and leave an “Art, Rock” before the storm rolled in. I stopped by Joey’s Dock after and he posted the photos. I also ran into Ed Collard later in the day. Ed is known for scooping up the rocks. He denied taking it but said he knew who did.

Click here for Joey’s Saturday Post



Another one found 6/24/2012

Another “Art Rock” found 6/24/2012

The Email from JP;

“Hey, I found your rock today. I really love it man, its my favorite rock.

Thanks, JP

Most “Art Rocks” are not posted on GMG. You have to stumble upon them most times. Not all that are left and found are reported back into headquarters. 🙂

“State Fish Pier View”

Art Rock Found!

There’s No Flies On Carol Mondello!  She saw the post on her GMG Facebook Feed and shot up, brushed her teeth and headed straight for Good Harbor Beach.  Right to the spot where Paulie Walnuts left his Art Rock!

Her was the post yesterday morning at 7:25AM-

It’s Out There.  Go get It!  Oh and If You Bring It To the Dock (95 East Main St) This Morning Before 9AM I’ll Give You A Brand new 2011  Run Gloucester T Shirt

and in she walked, passing by Paul as he left the dock and into my office to claim her new t-shirt


Congratulations Carol!

Carol could you write in the course of events and fill in the timeline from when you saw the post in your Facebook feed to the timeline of when you actually found the Art Rock and if anyone else was there when you claimed it? Cape Ann Arts Map is a great Artists and Collectors resource.

 Check out the Cape Ann Arts Map.

Here are just a few of the listings from Rocky Neck.

Multiple Listings


Khan Studio and Good Morning Gloucester Gallery
Gallery of regional photography and paintings

77 Rocky Neck Ave.
Gallery 3
Gloucester, MA 01930
United States857-891-9054

more details


Paul Frontiero

77 rocky neck ave.
g3 gallery 3
gloucester, MA 01930
United States

more details


White Bird Gallery
Seasonal Fine Art Photography Gallery

75 Rocky Neck Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
United States978.621.1166

more details


Joseph Flack Weiler
Photographer: black & white gelatin silver prints

77 Rocky Neck Ave
Gloucester, MA 01930
United States978-281-6443

more details

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Did You Know? “Art, Rocks!” Rocky Neck Tonight 7pm!

Did You Know? “Art, Rocks!” Rocky Neck Tonight 7pm!

The Rock is now ready to be found. Do you know where it is? Can you find it?

The Rock! 

The Location! Easy Enough?

May 1st “Art, Rocks!”


My elbow is getting better and I can actually Draw again.


For those interested I will be dropping off an  “Art, Rock!”


It will be an Easy to get to Location.

I will post a photo of it’s location at 6pm right here on GoodMorningGloucester


Found: “Art, Rock’s!” 03/27/2011


Meet Will Toppan,  The Owner of the last “Art, Rock’s!” Rock.

Will and his Dad found that Rock in record time. I received an email within an hour after it was posted on GMG.

Here’s the email I received from Will and bill;

Mr. Frontiero,

thank you, my son has been on a mission to find one. You have made his day. Words can’t describe his expression upon finding it. You have a special following, please continue, I’m sure more smiles will follow.

Bill and Will Toppan

Will Toppan’s “Mission Accomplished!”

“Art, Rocks!” 03.27.2011

Thanks to my Son Chris for dropping off the “Art, Rock” this morning. At this moment he’s watching the time on His Ipod. At exactly 10am He will release the Rock where he was instructed to do so. Here are a few Photos. Sorry about the out of focus Rock photo. It’s hard doing things with only your left hand when your right handed.!/capeannpainter