Artist on Art: Clarke on Fitz Henry Lane and William A. Ellwell

From Deb Clarke;

I repaired the box.  The glass is plexi, it is pitted, scratched with mildew stains.  the box lining is warped.  the posters continue to shrink.  the bottom was coming apart, i screwed it back together.  wiped off a crust of pollen and grime.  gave it a wash of slow set gilder’s oil.  gave it a speed dry with the hot sun.  laid down aluminum leaf.  burnished the leaf to an almost hard tack (t?); rubbed in non oxidizing gold dust, light sipe with a milky tacky brush.  laid down more aluminum leaf.  inscribed sharpie drawing.  i saw the silhouette of gloucester in the leaf, then signed it.  one more burnish. done.  the only audience?  a man taking a deep lumbering nap on the rise behind me.

best,  deb.                                     

update From Deb Clarke;

Hi there! when i got to work yesterday Ed Collard was talking with Fred Bodin.  I reminded Ed the ‘fix it’ man about the bottom falling out of that information box at the Gordon Thomas Park.  He had me remind him of what it was.  Anyway, when I walked home from work yesterday I noticed that it was fixed!  Awesome.
Oh, and the art work is of use to someone, as I saw a man stop at it (i was so excited, he’s going to look…or is he going to paint?  he had some bags with him, i was about to take a picture) nope…he was just using the pedestal as a place to balance the trash bag so that he could put a knot in the bag.  then he dumped his trash in Public waste bin.  oh, well.  Vincent Ferrini once wrote a letter to Gloucester “use your artists.”  i guess gloucester finally does. hahahah


Show me Yours and I’ll Show you Mine! a call to Artists

Show me Yours and I’ll Show you Mine!

A call to Artists!

Deb Clarke shares her paint box with us. If there are any painters out there that would like to share their Paint box photos with us please email with a Photo and info like Deb has done. Also include anything you’d like to share. Such as; Your website, facebook page, exhibits etc. Email me at

From Deb Clarke;


“This was my father’s french easel, now it is mine. it was pristine when i got it a few years ago, now it is broken in.

my colors:
cad yellow light
cad yellow medium
lemon yellow
yellow ochre
burnt sienna
grumbacher red (napthol red)
alizarin crimson
pthalo green
winsor blue (pthalo blue)
cadmium blue
ultramarine blue
grumbacher pre-test white original (titanium)

a few big brushes, mostly flats, a few rounds, maybe a filbert or two”.

Deb Clarke

Deb’s Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=1582751786


From deb Clarke;


found it in a tank at the Seapocket Lab of the Gloucester Maritime Center A simple google search identified the image as a grunt, my Audubon field guide identifies it as a Porgy.

I’m gathering this information for a new body of work based on fish that I have not painted before. Some of the new paintings will be of favorite aquarium fish that I have lived with. Others will be new encounters through tidepools, my visit to the Maritime Center, the Boston Aquarium (a visit is next on my list). The artwork will exhibit up in Maine in the New Year. to see my progress subscribe to my blog:



What Do You Consider Art? Deb Clarke Asks the Question


 Deb Clarke Asks the Question:

What Do You Consider Art?

Audience Participation Required!

Don’t be Schlub! Share your view.

definition of “Schlub”:

Check out Deb Clarke’s art by clicking the link below

Equinox Egg Balance! from deb Clarke


from deb Clarke;

Equinox Egg Balance!

The rumor is you can only balance an egg on the equinox.  not quite the equinox, almost. this egg balanced until  the dishwasher changed cycles to rock’n roll.

can you balance an egg?  no salt.  this is not a bar trick.

Model In The Studio, From Deb Clarke

From Deb Clarke;

from the archives: Model in the Studio copyright 1997

I think this is Brenda Tredwell. She was my model and studio assistant for several years. This drawing is turpentine wash on acid free paper. Use blotter paper or absorbant cardboard as a palette, this will reduce the linseed oil. The reverse of this drawing has one small bleedthrough, with no sign of decomp. This drawing pleases me.
Brenda grew up on Monhegan. Her hair flames. She calls herself a rock rat. She modeled for Jamie Wyeth. I recognized her knees and hair that matched the color of Jamie’s ‘burn barrel’.

The Big Fish from deb clarke

This is The Big Fish (a blue faced cichlid we named ‘fat boy’) that hangs in our long narrow hallway.  The painting is oil with mixed media on linen, painted in 1995.  We had a 35 gallon fish tank.  This Big Boy ate every other fish in the tank, including several crayfish, then grew to an amazing size.  sometimes i think to sell this, several people have ‘tried it out’ on their wall, for a few years it was displayed at The Bookstore on Main Street in Gloucester.  Now, I say hello to Fat Boy everytime i hang a coat, store a painting, or head to the downstairs laundry.  
Contact Deb Clarke for available Paintings at:
or at:

It’s AHHT! by deb clarke


light art!

 every once in a while my work catches me off guard with an inner certainty that i am on the right path. the sun hit this painting yesterday. that ‘light patch’ is flattened out in this image. the reality of the reflected light is that it existed in space, sort of like a hologram. damn, if i could paint like that, But, I don’t know how to. Yet.


Work in Progress – Trapper John and Dog and I Verre Eglomise

From deb Clarke

current status of my verre eglomise of The Dog and I and The Trapper John at Joey’s dock. a panel started last summer. preparing the glass to receive a new color field.

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“Sarto Shoes” by Clarke

from Deb Clarke;

Shoes by Wyeth:  “Trodden Weed” 1951
Shoes by Van Gogh:  “Shoes 1888”
Shoes by Clarke:  “Sarto Shoes”  2010
the wyeth and van gogh paintings are 2 paintings that i subliminally reference every time i draw some shoes.  wyeth’s work is egg tempera, van gogh’s is oil, clarke’s is mixed media:  drawing materials/oil paint/aluminum leaf.
c’est finis!

Van Gogh "Shoes" 1888

"Sarto shoes, a drawing" by Deb Clarke c'est finis.


"Sarto Shoes" by Deb Clarke 2010

SHARPIE Drawings From Deb and Me. Or is it Deb and I?

Here a couple of Sharpie Drawings from me and Deb Clarke.

I got addicted to the Sharpies From Debs videos and Drawings.

The thickness of the Sharpie point keeps your Drawings loose.

I’m Addicted!

Paper covers rock, Deb Wins!

Here’s one of Debs and One of Mine;

A Sharpie Video from Debbie Clarke;

Here’s a link to a few more of Debbie Clarkes SHARPIE Drawings;

Deb Clarkes “BIZAAR DAZE”

From Debbie Clarke;

Kerry and Mom with their Found "Art Rock"

Here’s Kerry McNally and her Mom in front of my work at the Bazaar. We were so busy I was lucky to get any pics at all. I thought the folk on goodmorning gloucester would enjoy seeing pics from a ‘sales person’s point of view’. There were so many peeps and every now and then, I got to see some of my friends (Loretta and Adara, my friends from Gloucester’s Unitarian Universalist Church).

I would like to thank the readers of gmg that came down to the bazaar to see my artwork, and search for Paul’s ‘rock art’. I know of one other family ‘team’ that printed out directions to locate your rocks. Many folk thought they were supposed to find the rock, have a picture taken to document the event, then move onto the next clue. This might be a future development of your ‘rock art’ project Paul.

Deb Clarke's Art on display

also: I sold three paintings at the Bazaar! (thank you to Richard and Sabine for allowing me to use some of their bazaar ‘real estate’). This was the most financially succesful bazaar for me, as I have been putting my work on Bananas’ sidewalk for several years. Thanks to word of mouth and the shout out by goodmorninggloucester, lots of folk came to see bananas and my work! I generated sales inquiries, networked like crazy, sold a lot of vintage, and had a lot of fun! Thank you to the folk that volunteered on behalf of the Chamber to organize the event.


We Will, We Will “ROCK” You!


Yes. Sorry to bother you.  Another one.

This Time I enlisted Help from Friends.

Our Contribution to the Sidewalk BIZARRE!

Here are the Hints;

It is Located at a very Popular and Long Established Store. It has My Favorite artist as an Employee.

Paul Morrison Buys his Martini Accessories there.

It always has a Beautiful and Dynamic Window Display.

Na, Na, Na,  NA NA NA NA,   Na, Na, Na,    Na,Na,Na,Na,                                  

(Theme Song from my Favorite TV Show when I was a Kid.)



Now the requirements;  You may have to Ask for the “ART ROCK” or you May Have to Find it. It’s up to them and they’re unpredictable. You must take a picture of you and them with the Rock. So have a camera ready. Or they may even have one.


GOODLUCK! GOODNIGHT! and Good Riddance.

ART for Sale! from Deb Clarke

My Friend and “Mentor” Deb Clarke is making some room and Raising Funds to fix the “White Wind” Her Dodge Truck. She will be having some ArtWork Available for Purchase. Here is an example and one that is for Sale. It’s a great deal for such a Beautiful and Large Painting.

From Deb,

This painting was a demonstration for a painting class I held at the Magnolia landing a few summers ago. It is oil on canvas, 32×40″.  I turned the canvas over last night and scrawled on the back is my copyright and next to that $850.  I like numbers that add up to 13 and reduce to 4.   
I will be posting work that is available for purchase. what would you like to see?  oils? landscapes? figures? mixed media?  reverse glass?  
For More Information on Available Paintings you can contact me at the Links below;

BUMMER, Man! a GMG Contest with a prize


I lost my favorite Hat! It was a gray Lone Gull Coffee House Hat. I loved that hat.

I won a Gift Certificate to the Lone Gull in one of Sharon’s Contests. That’s how I got the Hat in the first place. So, it did mean a lot to me.

So, I’m looking for a New One. Anyone have any suggestions? If not I’ll buy another Lone Gull Hat.

The Winning suggestion gets a priceless plug on GMG! or a

 limited edition Priceless GMG T-Shirt as seen in the Horribles Parade.

The Hat has to be Cape Ann related. 

Sorry, but Joey won’t allow me to take any freebies, So no Bribes! wink, wink.

Contest ends when I say it does. Also GMG Employees are not eligible (did I spell that right?) Goodluck All!

Thanks!, Paul


Lone Gull Hat. My hat was gray. I miss that hat.
deb Clarkes depiction of me and my Lone Gull Hat. In reverse glass mixed medium

“Art not Art” from deb Clarke

Art not Art

from; deb Clarke

A few years ago I found a dozen of these handblown glass panels at the building center.  i incorporated them into wax/gild wire creations.  the heat of this summer has melted the wax and most of the gold leaf is now buried in the wax.  i like playing around with the idea of what is art, is it the making of something intentional?  my intent here was to show off the beauty of the materials.  

it’s summertime, so here’s a pic of my garden, which is coming in later than other gardens around here.  must be the shade from the oak.



Went down to Cressy’s Beach to cool off Sunday. While I was there The mood hit me to sketch and leave a couple of “Art Rocks” If someone finds them they can keep’em, toss’em or pass them on. As Debbie Clarke’s  saying  Goes, “Art or not Art” That is the question. Or just Graffiti? Debbie is my Inspiration for these Rocks.

If I get Feedback from the Finders I’ll post them  here on GMG.

#1 "Ten Pound Island" Art Rocks
"Art Rocks" Contact Info
#1 "Art Rocks" "Ten Pound Island" Location
#2 "Art Rocks" "Gloucester Harbor"
#2 "Art Rocks" Location Left at Cressy's Beach "Gloucester Harbor"