15 Years Of Gloucester Cyclocross


In early May, the chances of our event taking place in Gloucester were close to zero. All efforts ceased and we focused 100% on two other venues. 

What a turnaround in the past month. We have received the support of the Mayor, the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, the Open Space & Recreation Committee, racers, teams, and Gloucester citizens.  Despite a delayed start to the permit process, we submitted our applications and have received the approval of the Planning & Development Committee (P&D).  We now have one final obstacle.

On Tuesday, August 27th, we’ll attend a public hearing in front of the full City Council. While I’m extremely hopeful, this is where we could really use the help of the community. If you support the Gran Prix of Gloucester, please consider showing your support at this public hearing.

A few weeks ago, over 75 supporters came to Stage Fort Park for the P&D site visit in a non-participatory role. Next week, the public WILL have the opportunity to speak and we hope to hear from you.

We humbly ask, if you support GP Gloucester, please come to Gloucester City Hall on Tuesday the 27th and voice your support.


Gloucester City Council

7pm in Kyrouz Auditorium 

2nd floor at Gloucester City Hall

9 Dale Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930 

Fond Regards, Paul Boudreau

Race Director, Gran Prix of Gloucester 

2 thoughts on “15 Years Of Gloucester Cyclocross

  1. The crowd is super and they cheer for all contestants. This race draws some of the best bikers anywhere. Watch them and the newbies. My girl took home no ribbon, a huge grin and a big sense of accomplishment. This is one of the few courses where you can actually see most of the race.


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