Rhumb Line Monday Night Jam 18th Anniversary Celebration feat. Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski of Trey Anastasio Band

Every once in a while you just have to step back, take a breath and marvel at the fact that you can go out on a Monday night and see some of the world’s best musicians jam in an intimate venue right down the street from where you live.  And it’ FREE!  Check out this note from Dan King about tonight’s very special Rhumb Line Jam:

Tonight is the 18th Anniversary of The Rhumb Line Monday Night Jam Celebration. The Jam has seen many ups and downs, countless players and attendants and many hosts holding down the fort over the years. Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski, two obvious jam masters being in the Trey Anastasio Band, are joining in to help us celebrate. It’s a closed Jam with a schedule of former and current musicians who’ve kept it alive, making for an amazing night of mayhem. Early Start at 8:30pm by Bandit Kings to get it rolling since they’re the current caretakers. Thanks for making my little idea such a big piece of Cape Ann Music.

Here’s an example of the kind of jam that gets going when all these folks get together.

Another reason to be glad you live in Gloucester!

Special Treat Tonight

7:00 pm – 9 pm Listen to The Wilkins Noise THE WILKINS NOISE
Filling in for John Rockwel
Alchemy Cafe and Bistro
3 Duncan Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978.281.3997

9:00 pm Listen to The Bandit Kings THE BANDIT KINGS
on the Monagle Sessions supporting our newest recording, “III”, THE BANDIT KINGS!!
Minglewood Tavern
25 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-281-0223


See the complete listing of live shows

Local bands at Topsfield Fair this week

You may not cross the bridge often, but local musicians have to if they want to make a living.  We love seeing locals in venues outside of Gloucester.  It’s kind of like going to an  away game.  You get to root for the home team, except musicians never lose.

This week is the perfect chance to show your Gloucester Love for musicians at the Topsfield fair starting tomorrow 10/4 with Full Circle 7-9pm on the Kiddie Land Stage.  Then on Saturday 10/6, it’s the distinctively Gloucester sound of  The Bandit Kings on the Trianon Stage at 6pm and 7pm and the GHS Docksiders on the Trianon Stage at 8:30 and 9pm.  You could wear your GMG T-Shirt so everybody knows you’re from G-Town.

Just to get you in the mood, here’s a fun video of the Docksiders Spring Break Fundraiser at GHS featuring a drum-off with special guest Dennis Monagle of the Bandit Kings

You know how we’re committed to starting the weekend on Thursday.  Well, have you noticed that Wednesday is now the new Thursday?  Nine live music choices tonight!  Check out all the live music in Gloucester & Cape Ann here.

Ready for Rocktober in Gloucester?

The fall entertainment season is in full swing this week with performances by your favorites and as well as some people you can’t see that often.  See this week’s schedule of live music in Gloucester & Cape Ann here.

And it all starts with the Bandit Kings Open Jamm at Rhumb Line tonight.  Remember, you still have time to help them make a record.  Click here to help.

You may know we’ve been adding more videos to gimmesound.com every week.  We’ve got a nice little collection of Bandit King videos here.  Here’s one of my favorites from their album Precious Stones (just love these harmonies).

Marina said Rock and she delivered

In her interview a couple of weeks ago (see here) Marina Evans said that Dogtown the title track of her new EP was a rocker — and when she released it today, she delivered.  Listen below:

You can catch Marina on Thursday and Friday this week (see her schedule here).

Tonight there’s a special Open Jamm with the Bandit Kings at Rhumb Line.  Don’t forget you still have time to help them make their record  (click here for more info).  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about and watch the video below:

Taking some of Gloucester’s best music to Iowa on a cloud ~ and a prediction for 2020

We may be somewhat old-fashioned, but we still listen to CDs for 3 major reasons:

  1. We prefer the superior sound quality
  2. We have a lot of them that we bought before MP3s were available
  3. The only iPod in our house belongs to John (I can’t stand putting anything in my ear!)

But when Vickie had to jump on a plane to Iowa suddenly last Saturday to deal with a family emergency, she felt the need to bring a taste of Gloucester with her.  So she ripped our copy of Chelsea Berry‘s CD Live in the Moment (one of Vickie’s favorites) and put it in our cloud (the Amazon cloud, that is) so she could listen to it on the plane and while in Iowa — along with lots of other music from Gloucester (see list below) and elsewhere that is already stored there.

Although we’re fans of the Joey Approved Product series, those of you who read our posts regularly know that we’ve never even mentioned a product or service that we use — until now.  This is different.  Why?  Because the cloud is changing the way we buy, store and listen to our music more than any other technology since Edison invented the phonograph.

Here’s why we like the Amazon Cloud Service:

  1. We can access our music using devices we already own, including our desktop PCs, laptop, droid phones and John’s Kindle Fire.
  2. It’s free.  Amazon has a free cloud player for the phone and a free interface for the PC.  There is a a limit to the amount of music you can store for free, but we haven’t hit that limit (remember, we still listen to CDs a lot) and music we buy from Amazon (mostly for John) doesn’t count toward that limit.
  3. All music we buy from Amazon automatically shows up in the cloud and is IMMEDIATELY accessible on all of our devices.  Here’s an example.  John and I are big Bruce Springsteen fans — and Vickie knows that.  On the day Wrecking Ball came out, she was sitting on the couch with John’s Kindle fire and said, “I just got it.” (Wrecking Ball, that is) at which point, I plugged my phone into the stereo (because I don’t put anything in my ear) and began playing it!
  4. All of us in the family can play all of the music at any time without restriction.  For example, while Vickie’s in Iowa, she can play Chelsea’s I Wonder on her phone or her mother’s computer while John plays the same song on his Kindle Fire and I play that same song on my phone hooked up to the stereo (because I don’t put anything in my ear) — all at the same time.
  5. It’s easy to rip our CDs and add them to the cloud (it took Vickie only a couple of minutes to add Chelsea’s CD to our cloud before we took her to the airport).

Some of you may know that I’ve made a number of predictions that have come to pass relative to the Internet, music, etc.  (for example, in 1998 I predicted that by 2003 every business will either have a website or wish they did).  Here’s another one: By 2020, the most common way to listen to recorded music will be to access it from a cloud server.

And here’s a partial list of local artists, whose music Vickie is playing for her family in Iowa from our cloud (in alpha order by artist last name or band name):

Fly AmeroBandit Kings, Inge Berge, Chelsea Berry, Dennis BrennanCape Ann Big BandAllen Estes, Marina Evans, Elle GalloOrville GiddingsTom HauckWill HuntKBMG, Satch KeransPete Lindberg, Michael O’LearyT MaxDennis Monagle, Ned and the Big Babies, Gary ShaneHenri Smith

Cross the bridge INTO GLOUCESTER and catch over 50 live shows this weekend

Oh, you live here?  Aren’t you lucky — all the live music you could ever want is right at your doorstep.  So, how do you decide what do to?  We’ll help you.

Start by checking the full weekend live music lineup here.

And don’t forget The Cowsills at Cape Ann Community Cinema TONIGHT.  You aren’t likely to catch this 1960s phenomenon again any time soon.

Here are links to videos of some of this weekend’s performers:

See you around town!

Where will you be next Thursday (8/9) at 1pm?

St. Peter’s Square would be the right answer … so you can join Mayor Kirk, the Lt. Governor for the Harbor Walk Ribbon Cutting and a special walk led by the Mayor.

This isn’t your usual boring ribbon cutting event, folks.  It’s the kick off to an extraordinary weekend, culminating in Gloucester’s first Blues Festival and highlighting everything Gloucester has to offer from our proud fishing heritage and continuous working waterfront to art, music, food, literature, heroism and the spectacular natural beauty that inspires every one of us.

Much of this is embodied in the Story Moments on granite posts along the harbor walk, supported by an excellent website and phone apps built by Mike Ciolino (see notice of the website launch here).

And that website features a WALKING CINEMA starring one of Gloucester’s best singers: Ann Marie of the Bandit Kings, Safety (and who backed up Chelsea Berry at North Shore Music Theatre on June 28).

See Ann Marie in the Walking Cinema intro below:

I can’t even begin to list all the music THIS WEEKEND — it’s going on RIGHT NOW at the Sitewalk Bazaar.  Just check out the full live music schedule here.

Decompression Unplugged ~ hot sound, tight harmony

A good way to judge the quality of an electric band is to hear them unplugged.  This video proves that The Bandit Kings are one of Gloucester’s best.  Here they are unplugged on a tiny TV set delivering all the power and energy of their fully electric shows.  Plus Renee and Ann Marie’s harmonies are perfect!

The video above features one of three of their songs from their excellent show (Decompression off their excellent Precious Stones CD — get it here).

You can see the entire show this week on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 beginning Wednesday at 6:3opm.  It also features one of Allen Estes‘ very popular (relatively new) songs, Peace and Harmony, which is not available anywhere for download or on CD.  This is part of our summer reprise of the most requested shows from Local Music Seen with Allen Estes.

If you don’t have cable or you don’t live in Gloucester you can watch the entire show on-line here.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait until Wednesday to see the Bandit Kings.  Go to the Rhumb Line tonight where they host the open jam to get your fix of one of Gloucester’s most distinctive sounds.  And check out the enterprising way they are raising money to make a new record — a very good cause, indeed.  I just donated and can’t wait to hear the new album.

Boston Latin Reggae comes to Gloucester tonight

Gloucester’s newest music venue Mile Marker One features one of Boston’s best Latin/Reggae bands Los Sugar Kings tonight at 7pm.  With just a little thinking ahead, you can schedule a perfect musical night starting at 5pm with Michael O’Leary and Friends aboard the Schooner Lannon, then on to Mile Marker One, then over to the Dog Bar at 9 to catch the Bandit Kings with Joe Wilkins.

If none of those artists tickles your fancy there are half a dozen others to choose from.  See the complete live music lineup here.

Want to work in the Concert Business?

We need help.  You probably know that we’re producing a new concert series at North Shore Music Theatre this summer featuring top local talent on stage with national recording stars (more info here).

As you can see from this video (taken from the Celebrate Gloucester DVD) concerts are a lot of work — and we do EVERYTHING, from dreaming up the idea to organizing talent, lights, sound, staging porta-potties … to convincing someone to purchase a VIP ticket when he wasn’t planning on it (you can see that in the video) to designing, printing and hanging posters to … well you get the idea.

So, if this looks like fun to you and you’re willing to work as hard as we do, we’ve got a job for you.  And it pays.  20 hours a week to start.  Full time later this year.  You need lots of energy, just the right amount of ambition, a love of live music, brilliant communication skills (texting doesn’t count) and fairly thick skin.

If this sounds like you, we’ll have a lot of fun together!  Call Vickie or Peter at 978-525-9093 or click here to contact us.

It’s Monday.  That means Bandit Kings host an open jam @ Rhumbline.  Always a good time.  Big music week here on Cape Ann.  You can’t get to everything so check out the full week’s music lineup and start thinking about where you want to go.

OK, Once in a while you just have to cross the bridge

Our friends The Bandit Kings are embroiled in a BATTLE RADiCAL  at the Grog in Newburyport tonight and they need your help.  Why?  Cause they want to WIN!  So muster your courage, cross the bridge and show you’re support.  More info here.

Just in case you don’t own a car or simply can’t leave the island, there really is plenty of music in town.  You might want to catch the finale of Brad Byrd‘s month-long residency at Giuseppe’s.  You can tell him how much you like his new video.  Haven’t seen it?  Click here (lots of behind the scenes footage at that link too).

And for you jazz fans, there’s Mark Early with Henry Allen at the Elks.

See the full music lineup here.

Local Music Seen Get’s Their Stuff Online. First Up, The Bandit Kings!

Peter Van Ness Writes-

Dear Joey,
You’ve been telling me since December that we JUST HAD to get the Local MusicSeen shows on the Web.  Well, we finally got our first archive video published thanks to the help of our very talented and resourceful Web editor Jon Cooney.
See it here  http://localmusicseen.com/BanditKings.cfm

In order to make it work best on the Web, Jon cut it into 3 parts.  I’ve published all 3 on a single page so you can watch the entire show at once if you like.

We picked The Bandit Kings show for our archive debut for several reasons — some technical — but mostly because it’s a SUPERB SHOW!  Performances are stellar; the energy reaches through the screen and grabs you; songwriting is inspired — and they look so good on camera!

Hope you enjoy it — and remember, Joey, when you speak we listen!

Local Music Seen with Allen Estes Returns Tonight at 6:30pm Featuring The Bandit Kings Unplugged

Dear Joey,

Cape Ann TV has fixed the problems they had and Local Music Seen with Allen Estes returns tonight at 6:30pm featuring The Bandit Kings – unplugged.  Music is excellent, harmonies superb, camaraderie shines through and everybody looks great too!

More info and air times here: http://localmusicseen.com/

Allen Estes with The Bandit Kings
(L-R) host Allen Estes with Bandit Kings: Ann Marie, Renee Dupuis, Dan King, Dennis Monagle, Joe Cardoza

New Photo Blog-“Listening with My Eyes”

I have started a photography blog dedicated to local musicians. The subtleties of music and the passion felt by the players are captured through the lens of my Nikon. As Yogi Berra said “You can observe a lot by just watching.” Click on the photo below to check out “Listening with My Eyes” .

AnnMarie Shimanoski