The Camera I’ve Been Using This Past Year Just Got A Huge Discount On Amazon From $698 to $498. It’s What I Use To Take All Those Gloucester At Dawn Photos Like This One! Gloucester At Dawn Good Harbor Beach Life Guard Chair 6:34AM 9/15/12


My NEX-5N which you’ve witnessed this past year and what I attribute to a huge portion of the fun I’ve had taking photos.  it has a huge sensor in a compact form and I can’t recommend it enough. And for the price they slashed it down to it is an absolute NO BRAINER!

It was $698 and they cut $200 off on Amazon.  I’m telling you don’t even think, just buy it and you’ll be psyched you did.  I’m getting one for the Mrs. as soon as I finish typing this.  I haven’t seen this deal any where else so I don’t know how many are available at that price but if it’s still there grab one with the kit lens.  You’ll be happy you did.

Here are some of the sets I’ve taken with mine click for photos


Here’s the link to buy it


Video taken with The NEX-5N

To Show You I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is Here Is The Order I Just Placed With Amazon For The Mrs-


September 2012 Block Party From Fred Bodin


It was really crowded all night long on Main Street, as usual for a Block Party.


So many people came into my gallery that I lost count, perhaps between 100 to 150 folks. On the lower right is a display of free samples of hand-made Gloucester soaps. We sell them here, and there are a few left. All natural ingredients. The soaps have unique and interesting names, and my favorite is Dirty Clammer.


I got to escape from the gallery for a few minutes, and went to the POP Galley, my wonderful friends and neighbors. [real reason – we ran out of wine, so I had to beg for some, and POP obliged with a bottle of bubbly]. It was a thirsty, fun-loving, and interesting crowd. My bad news is that it’s almost midnight and I’ll be opening early tomorrow for the cruise ship Eurodam,  arriving in the morning, and to clean up the party debris. But I do love it!  Sadly, the next planned event for Downtown is for Ladies’ Night in early December (two and a half months away), and after December, nothing from January 1st until Fiesta, in late June (that’s almost six months!). Give me a break! We should have something like a Block Party every month of the year. The West End shops will make that happen.

Fred Bodin

Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

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The Pleasure Boat


The Pleasure Boat

Richard Henry Dana


            Come hoist the sail, the fast let go!

      They’re seated all aboard.

      Wave chases wave in easy flow:

      The bay is fair and broad. 


      The ripples lightly tap the boat.

      Loose!-Give her to the wind!

      She flies ahead:-They’re all afloat:

      The strand is far behind. 


      No danger reach so fair a crew!

      Thou goddess of the foam,

      I’ll pay thee ever worship due,

                                                    If thou wilt bring them home.  

Breaking News: John McElhenny Ditches The Skinny Jeans In Favor of Carhartt’s Today

That’s Right Johnnycakes- You’re A Superstar.


If you didn’t know already, fashion forward John McElhenny is The VP of Matter Communications- a High Powered PR Agency Which Perennially Wins Numerous Awards In Their Field.

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Poets About Town

Dorothy Ganick, Gloucester’s Poet Laureate, Rufus Collinson and David Demaine stopped in at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery to get a copy of Tales of Bong Tree Island and represent. 

Rufus mentioned that on Wednesday, October 17th at 7:30, the Gloucester Writer’s Center, 126 East Main Street will be hosting an event “Poets About Town” featuring readings by poets of different ages from Gloucester.  Rufus will be reading and introducing readers.  The event is open to the public.

E.J. Lefavour

Who Felt The Earthquake Last Night at 10:31PM?

Carol Ann writes-

Hi Joey, I thought you might be interested in this.


> Region:                                  New England
> Geographical Coordinates:                42.693N, 69.804W
> Magnitude:                               2.5 Mn
> Depth:                                   11  km
> Universal Time (UTC):                    09/16/2012 02:31:37
> ==  Local Time (EDT):                    09/15/2012 22:31:37 

> Location with respect to nearby cities:
>  67 km ( 41 miles)   E of Rockport,MA
>  71 km ( 44 miles)   E of Gloucester,MA
>  77 km ( 47 miles) NNE of Provincetown,MA
>  80 km ( 49 miles)   E of Essex,MA
>  85 km ( 52 miles)   E of Ipswich,MA

> This event has been reviewed by a seismologist

Love your blog!

Carol Ann

Parish picnic fun and games 1

From the Holy Family Parish Picnic last weekend.

Game organizer “Uncle Tony” asks: can you keep a hula hoop going while patting your head and rubbing your tummy?


The answer: yes!

The littlest hula hooper wanna-be:

– Father Matthew Green