You’re All Invited

To the 2nd Big Bong Tree Island  party:

When:   Saturday, September 15th from 5:00pm until whenever all the food and drink is gone and I can’t stay awake any longer.

Where:  Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., G3 Madfish Wharf

Hedgepiggywigs Joey, Paul and Ed say: “Be there or be a pile of wiggypicklepoo!”  Those of you who came to the party last Sunday, please feel free to come back and help finish off another batch of rum punch, wine and goodies.  Those who didn’t make it on Sunday, this is your chance for probably the last party of the season on Rocky Neck.  Everyone is welcome. 

Then Sunday Morning you’re all invited back for Mug Up at 9:00, and again at 5:00 for the Opening Reception of Sinikka Nogelo’s exhibit “Water Abstracts”.  Maybe you should just plan to bring your jammies and stay over.

E.J. Lefavour

Painted Lady or American Lady?

In response to Marty’s question ~

American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis) ~ Note the two large eyespots on the underside of the hindwing, close to the outer margin.

Marty your photo is that of the Painted Lady. Typically in our region we would most often see the American Lady however, this is an irruptive year for the Painted Lady. There has been a population explosion of Painted Ladies reported throughout New England and beyond, which is especially unusual and interesting because this past spring (2012) was also an irruptive year for the closely related Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta).

The easiest way to tell the difference: Painted Ladies have four large spots on the underside of their hindwings, close to the outer margins, which you can easily see in your lovely photo. American Ladies have two “eyespots” on each hindwing, and the spots are considerably larger.

Painted Lady  (Vanessa cardui) ~ Note the four large spots on the hindwing.

I am calling the summer of 2012 the “summer of ten thousand butterflies.” Just incredible! I would have answered this is in the comment section, but I don’t know if it is possible to add a photo and will post more in a future post about the two species but am in the middle of making dinner. Did you take this shot with your new camera?

Block Party Stuff From Pop Gallery

POP Logo: Please turn on your images


Pop Gallery proudly supports the 2012 Gloucester Block Party’s!
All of Main Street will be hopping with outdoor dining, shopping ’til eleven, five stages of music, kids’ entertainment and street performers too. We are extending our hours and offering snacks and libations for our Pop fans, old and new!

Saturday, Sept. 15th

We join our fantastic neighbors; Bodin’s Historic Photo, Premier Imprints, Cape Ann Olive Oil, and The Cave in our final block-party of the Summah!

Pop will be serving beer, wine and plenty of ‘bait’ for humans…

Three’s a charm with Gloucester’s third and final Block Party of the Season. Pop will have a new Fall line-up of fashions and homewares as we transition seasons from Summer to the beautiful New England Fall that we all treasure.


The last of the fabulous 2012 Downtown Gloucester Block Parties is this Saturday, September 15th

Come on out for the last of the fabulous 2012 Downtown Gloucester Block Parties

Entertainment – music, street acts and a children’s KidZone

Wine and Dine – enjoy special menus at our special restaurants,

Shop till you drop at many Main Street stores –

                        open late for the Block Party

And, if you can spare 30-45 minutes, please consider helping us out for just a bit of time.

You’ll meet a few new people and be glad you did.  See below for more details


Block Party Entertainment Update ~ Correction for tonight ~ Will Hunt’s Excellent Tech Question for the Cowsills

This just in from Block Party Guru Val Markley:
LEE – Touching and uplifting Originals and Sing-along will be at the Mystery Train Stage at 9:30pm.

See complete Block Party Entertainment Schedule by STAGE here.  See complete Block Party Entertainment Schedule by TIME here.

CORRECTION: gimmesound had Inge Berge listed at the Castle Manor Inn tonight.  Inge told us he’s on guitar backing up Toni Ann Enes (check her out – very entertaining), but it’s not HIS gig.  Thanks, Inge for clearing that up.  See tonight’s complete music lineup here.

Last night at Cape Ann Community Cinema, our boy Will Hunt was in the audience as The Cowsills sang their hits, followed by a screening of their new film, followed by Q&A, during which Will asked how they recorded so many voices (6 or 7 parts on many songs) with a 4 track in 1967.  The answer was that they mixed down all the band tracks first, then stood around a single mic, adjusting each singer’s volume by the distance from the mic.  You singers know how hard it can be to keep your part when you’re RIGHT NEXT to someone singing another part.  It takes some serious ear training to listen for the right resonance and maintain it throughout a song in ONE TAKE.  You couldn’t just fix one part.  EVERY BODY had to sing it again if anybody screwed up.

Then Susan Cowsill told us that they would often break out laughing and not be able to stop — kind of like laughing in church, she said.  All in all it was a great night at Cape Ann Community Cinema.  Tonight it’s the screening of Neil Young Journeys followed by a live acoustic set by Forever Young, the Neil Young Tribute Band (get tickets here).

And tomorrow, it’s Rita Chiarelli with a live set followed by her film Music From the Big House.  See video below of her performing These Four Walls from the movie soundtrack

Bring on the Breakfast on Rocky Neck

I’m not big on going out for breakfast like Joey is, but one morning last week after two back to back paddleboarding sessions, I was famished and hightailed it to Sailor Stan’s for breakfast.  Also unlike Joey, I don’t go for the appealing before shots, but instead dive right in and then go for the decimated after shot.  This was a really beautiful and delicious Greek Omelette created by Karen and Wayne.

E.J. Lefavour

The Gloucester Farmer’s Market continues to be amazing

It’s been a few weeks since I went down to the Farmer’s Market, so I couldn’t resist going yesterday to pick up some treats.

Of course, I had to get some of Ma’s Brand Tomato Marmalade, which now comes in three varieties (soon to be four!) – Original, Organic, and “Jeesum Crow” hot (with Thai peppers).  The “fourth-coming” variety is going to be “hoity-toity”, with Gran Marnier! I can’t wait!

Plus, I got some Italian pecorino and parmigiano cheese from Luca Mignogna (of Wolf Meadow Farm).  Those cheeses should be interesting with the marmalade (and with just about anything else)!   They have the delightful combination of a solid consistency (but not too hard) with fairly salty, mellow, and slightly pungent flavors.

Finally, I also bought an apple tart from A.J. King Artisan Bakery, which was well worth the (already reasonable) price – a nice flaky crust, with well-cooked sweetened fresh apples and a crispy topping of brown sugar, cinnamon, etc…  I bought some granola from them the first day of the farmer’s market, and it was really good, so I didn’t hesitate to buy from them again.  Among the many treats they offer, are lavender butter cookies. I tried a sample, and I have to admit that I didn’t taste much lavender, but the cookie was  delicious!

There are lots of other good things available at the market, including fresh veggies, hand-blown glass, all-natural locally ground nut butters, local honey and beeswax products, real maple syrup cotton candy, and lots more – including hot food ready to eat.  Almost all the food sellers have free samples, so you can try before you buy.   If I didn’t have to worry about my weight or my wallet, I’d buy some of everything…

-Fr. Matthew Green


Cape Ann Real Estate MarketWATCH 9/13/12 With My Boy Kenny MacCarthy

Cape Ann MarketWATCH 9/13/12 Kenny MacCarthy’s weekly review of new homes and condos on the market in Gloucester and Rockport MA. 7 properties this week plus a look at the first 9 months of unit sales and median prices.

If you want to move to Gloucester give Kenny a call- 978-758-0983

Holland America Cruise Ship Eurodam Coming to Cruiseport Sunday, September 16

Peter Webber writes-

Good day. I am writing today to remind everyone that the next major cruise ship of the season will be arriving in Gloucester Harbor on this coming Sunday, September 16: Holland America’s cruise ship the ms Eurodam, with a capacity of 2104 passengers. Once again the Chamber will be working together with the city of Gloucester’s volunteer welcoming committee and CATA to welcome and guide Eurodam’s passengers as they disembark and arrive at the Cruiseport terminal. The first tenders carrying passengers from the ship are expected to arrive at Cruiseport at approximately 9:00 am Sunday.  Many will board motor coaches for planned excursions to various locations, while many others will be guided to CATA trolleys and buses for transportation to downtown Gloucester and Rockport. 

Please note the attached “Welcome Eurodam Passengers” flyer, which we encourage you to print and post at your place of business to help give the Eurodam passengers a hearty Cape Ann welcome.  I have also attached a flyer featuring several upcoming Chamber and community events scheduled for September and October, including next Tuesday’s (September 18) sales seminar with author Marc Wayshak at the Elks at Bass Rocks, beginning with check-in at 7:30 am.  Please contact the Chamber today to reserve your place.  Best regards. Peter




Shine Presentation ( serving health insurance needs to Elders)

Good evening I sent out probably some have received duplication but was wondering if you received a copy for the GMG readers this is very important there will be a Medicare D RX open enrollment presentation from SHINE ( serving health insurance needs to Elders) at the Rose Baker Senior Center October 18 , 2012 10 am please spread the word yeast we had over 300 and it was hard to get everyone in, if I have enough people letting us know maybe I’ll book the city hall instead, please call 978-281-9765  if they are going to come thank you. Sefatia 


Community Stuff 9/14/12

Free Concert – Sunday Sept 16th – Noon to 5 pm – Harvey Park, downtown Rockport


Sunday September 16th

Free Concert!!!

Music, Games, Art, Food, Fun & Games

Downtown Rockport, Harvey Park

Noon to 5:00 pm


*If bad weather it will be held at the UUSR, 4 Cleaves St., Rockport

6th Annual Peace Fest (Peace and Music Festival) in Harvey Park, Downtown Rockport. Corner of Broadway and Mt. Pleasant Street (the Park in front of the First Baptist Church)

When: September 16, 2012 Noon to 5pm

Hosted by: The Unitarian Universalist Association of Rockport (UUSR)

All Day Free Concert: By musicians, bands, and singers of diverse music styles who provide positive messages geared around peace, tolerance, goodwill, community, family, and love.

Audience: This is a free family and community event for all ages.


O’Maley field hockey Fundraiser Saturday St Peter’s Square

Marcy Plante submits-

Buy your fall flower
Saturday September 15, 2012
St Peters Square
Support Gloucester field hockey

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