Alexander’s Fish Market 1946 painting by R.P. Fraser

Sent in by Anthony Marks –IMG_1247

Photo below Boston Public Library


In 1946 there was a bowling alley next to Alexander’s Fish Market, a year where there was enormous groundfish landings of well over 90% more than that are landed today in Gloucester MA and before there was ever a DPA. 

But as you know if you listen to the local obstructionists a bowling alley and a Fish Market couldn’t co-exist, it must have been an aberration or a mirage. 

Just like The Gloucester House Restaurant and their outdoor dining would never ever work next to a place like Fisherman’s wharf because, you know, like the obstructionists always say- those two uses can’t coexist on the waterfront. 

Of course it could never exist at Captain Carlos Restaurant and the Seafood Display Auction on Harbor Loop, it’s all just been a dream silly, those uses are totally incompatible on the waterfront. 

Or at Cruiseport where they pump out pogie boats in front of their open air deck and they are grinding steel hulls next door at Roses Marine- NO WAY, NO HOW could those two uses ever co-exist! 

Or at our dock where we load stinky bait on lobster boats and are surrounded by houses and recreational marinas- we couldn’t possibly be operating a commercial dock since 1953 here next to places where they tie up pleasure boats- the two uses are completely incompatible.  If it were to be there surely would be lawsuits and riots on the streets.

Or just like the property in the top of this photo where it sits today next to Beacon Marine where they do boat work and have living space and web design.  Same as it was back then in 1946 before the DPA and same as it is now- MIXED use. 

That R.P. Fraser must have been on acid to have imagined a bowling alley on the waterfront in that 1946 painting- that’s just crazy talk.

This painting is in reference to the photo in the Boston Public Library Archives we posted yesterday-

Mass Views: Fishing schooner and fish market, Gloucester Harbor 1940 aprox Boston Public Library

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Joey C

You see the building that says Fish Market?  That is the building where the fire was last week that the Gloucester Fire department quickly snuffed out.  Look at Jay Albert’s pictures here from the scene  His pictures are from the back of the building which is now a wood furniture maker.

Look at the stern of the the big schooner in the middle of the photo.  off the stern is The Phyllis A.  The oldest gillnetter in Gloucester and undergoing a major restoration project.

Read about and look at pictures of the restoration here in these Phyllis A posts

Thank you to Adam Gaffin at for the link to the picture.

File name: 08_06_023528
Title: Mass Views: Fishing schooner and fish market, Gloucester Harbor
Creator/Contributor: Jones, Leslie, 1886-1967 (photographer)
Date created: 1940 (approximate)
Physical description: 1 negative : film, black & white ; 4 x 5 in.
Genre: Film negatives
Subject: Fishing industry; Fishing boats; Piers & wharves
Notes: Title and date from information provided by Leslie Jones or the Boston Public Library on the negative or negative sleeve.
Collection: Leslie Jones Collection
Location: Boston Public Library, Print Department
Rights: Copyright Leslie Jones.
Preferred credit: Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.

#BOOM! Gloucester wins big grant to fix up Burnham’s Field

John McElhenny writes-

Thanks to you and Good Morning Gloucester, GMG readers over the past couple years have followed the good things happening at Burnham’s Field including the clean-ups, the newly painted backboards and the new Burnham’s Field Community Garden.  Here is some of the great GMG coverage of Burnham’s Field

Burnhams Field garden sign team

With all of GMG’s support, it’s no surprise that so many people have rallied to make Burnham’s Field, the largest green space in central Gloucester, a more beautiful, family-friendly place. Here’s some breaking news: The City of Gloucester just won a big grant to continue that process and fix up Burnham’s Field even more. It’s great news for the countless kids and families who use Burnham’s Field every day. Open spaces and playgrounds matter!
Readers can read more about this great news here:
Thanks to you and the GMG community for all you do,
John McElhenny

Saturday Morning Adult Pick Up Soccer From Julie Ledwig

Hi Joey, attached are some pics of last week’s Saturday pickup.  We meet Sat. mornings at 9-10:30 at Kettle Cove Fields through Nov. 10th, and definitely looking for more players.  Contact for more info.

The Giambanco Family Plus Sista Felicia Cooking At Open Door

Joey can you let your readers know.

Good afternoon the Giambanco Family, Sefatia, Marianne, Rosaria, Grace, Anthony and many other helpers, thru AGH is pleased to announce that we are cooking this Sunday at Open Door and we added to our family adopted Sista Felicia will help cook all are welcomed to come and enjoy the day, not only will be cook and serve we enjoy the company of all and eat like a family.. All are welcomed and dinner will be served at 4.. Thank You Sefatia

Did You Know? (Prague meets Gloucester)


Goetemann Artists in Residency Program

That this is the 8th year of the Goetemann Residency Program?  The quality of the applications submitted continues to rise and there has been an increase in our geographical range.  Applicants come not only from the Boston area, state of MA and New England, but now there are many more national and international candidates.

Painter Viktor Valasek is a native of Czechoslovakia and has a Master’s Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He studied at Cooper Union in NYC in 2009 and his work from that time was included in an Exchange Students Exhibition. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions including at Trafo Gallery and AVU gallery both in Prague. He is currently a resident artist at Meetfactory, a center of contemporary art in Prague.

Do take the opportunity to visit the Goetemann Residency this month and meet the current resident artist, Victor Valasek from Prague, Czech Republic.  Victor is charming, worldly and inspired, and his work will definitely make you stop and think.  The series he is working on during his month-long stay on Rocky Neck is of paintings over other works, thereby recycling something no longer wanted.  A number of the canvases were donated by artists on Rocky Neck of paintings that we no longer wanted and were willing to “throw away”.  Instead they have become something new and wonderfully incorporated into a Victor Valasek painting.  Having had the opportunity to paddleboard one night with Victor and get to know him a little, and then to visit him at the residency, I can certainly say that he is one young man you do not want to miss the opportunity of meeting, and of seeing his work.  He is at the Residency located at Kismet Wharf, 51A Rocky Neck Ave. most afternoons.  His studio talk will be on Wednesday, October 3 at 7:00 pm.   You can see more of his work on his website at

E.J. Lefavour

Did You Know? (Doma)

that Doma means cutting board in Korean?  If you like sushi and always thought you’d like to learn to make your own, or want to have a fun sushi party with your friends, check out Sang’s Doma.  Sang is the renowned sushi chef that joined Jordan Rubin this summer at Madfish Sushi, and has worked at Oishii in Boston, Ruii in Lexington, Ginger Exchange in Cambridge and Dah Mee in Natick.  I just adore Sang’s sushi (Jordan’s too!).  These are some shots from Sang’s Doma group sushi lesson #3 which included a beautiful Capt. Joe & Sons lobster which they used for the spring roll.

Sang’s Doma at Madfish Sushi Bar
$60/person for a two hour sushi lesson/party.
Sang will prepare fresh local fish including lobster for the quality lesson.
Come over with an empty stomach and have some fun creating your own sushi! please call to sign up! 8 people max per party!
Call Sang 781-698-9907

Revel in this last September weekend and get ready for the Rocktober spirit

Well it’s not quite October, but beer festivals are already starting up.  Tonight Alchemy will host live music with Marina Evans and Dave Brown (normally they don’t have music on Thursdays) to help celebrate North Shore Beer Week featuring homemade brew’s from Cape Ann Brewery.  Check out her new EP and maybe you’ll want to request one of those songs.

Then you’ve got a choice of 21 artists Friday and Saturday (see schedule here)

Next Saturday (Oct 6) is the last 2012 Celtic Music Sail aboard the Lannon.  If you’ve never experienced truly acoustic music – no mics, no amps, no speakers – on a schooner in full sail, this should be on your bucket list.  (Now, I’m not suggesting that you’re not likely to make it until next summer, but why take the chance, right?)  You know you’re getting top musicianship when the wind is literally the only thing between you and the sound of voices and instruments.

(See more Michael O’Leary videos here)

Take advantage of our thriving music scene during these last few days of September, with over 30 artists performing this weekend (remember, the weekend starts tonight).  See the complete schedule of all live music in Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

Thank you Kate for the Black Swallowtail Chrysalis!

Last week while filming on Eastern Point I had the pleasure to meet Kate, who works at Wolf Hill. She was with a friend and they were looking for butterflies through binoculars. I had seen Kate often at the garden center, but never stopped to chat. We were talking about all things butterfly when she mentioned that she had a Black Swallowtail caterpillar on a parsley plant back at the nursery office. She offered the caterpillar to me and I gladly accepted. My Black Swallowtail film is nearing completion but there was one missing piece to the story.

Black Swallowtail Chrysalis ~ Green Form

The swallowtail chrysalides that I had on film were all greenish gold. Oftentimes the Black Swallowtail chyrsalis will turn a woody brown, but no matter how hard I looked, I could not find a woody brown chrysalis. Not showing the brown form, I knew, would confuse viewers, especially families who are interested in raising swallowtails.

Kate’s caterpillar pupated while she was away from work for a few days. When she returned she found the chrysalis had wandered from the parsley plant and it had pupated on the razor thin edge of an envelope-as office caterpillars are want to do. Well, you guessed it–the Wolf Hill pupa was the brown form!

Black Swallowtail Chrysalis ~ Brown Form

I know it is said often on the pages of this blog, but Kate’s thoughfullness goes to show once again what a beautiful community is Gloucester–stunning visually, and most special of all, are the beautiful, kind-hearted people who call Gloucester home.  Thank you Kate!

Not finding a brown chrysalis is a relatively escoteric problem, to say the least, but I think you will agree that the two forms of the pupal case are remarkably different in appearance. In this photo you can see where I have taped the envelope behind a tree trunk in order to film. This is how you would find the chrysalis in a more natural setting.


There are several openings  remaining in my Close-up Photography Workshop at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, which will be held this coming Sunday morning at 9:00 am. I would love to see you there! Follow this link to register.

Capturing a sharply in focus close-up of a butterfly, especially one in mid-flight, is one of the greatest challenges of photography and I will be revealing techniques such as these, and more; techniques that have taken many, many hours over many years to perfect. All the photos I have shot in the past year and a half were taken not with a zoom lens, but were shot with a 23mm prime lens. I am typically photographing within a foot’s distance of the butterflies!

Fujifilm X series cameras pose their own set of challenges, especially when shooting close-up. Fujifilm X series owner’s especially may find this class helpful.

‘Paws on the Beach’ Celebration

gloucester dog park, beach party
Event Designed to Honor the End of the Summer Ban on Dogs on Gloucester’s Beaches and Help Raise Money for the Gloucester Dog Park

The Friends of Gloucester Dog Park announced that it will host a ‘Paws on the Beach’ celebration in honor of the end of the summer ban on dogs on the city’s beaches. The event, which is being held at Good Harbor Beach on Saturday, September 29, will feature coffee and treats donated by Mamie’s Kitchen. Members of the Cape Ann community are encouraged to bring their dogs to play on the beach and support the Gloucester Dog Park.

“Summer may have come to an end, but for dogs, beach days are just beginning,” said John Dugger of The Friends of Gloucester Dog Park. “Many dogs really enjoy the beach – whether it be running in the sand or splashing in waves. We are excited to bring the community together to exercise and socialize their dogs on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Northeast.”

Dog guardians should bring and use waste removal bags (barrels are located at the end of the foot bridge).

Friends of Gloucester Dog Park t-shirts and signature red dog park bandanas for dogs will be available for sale, and gift baskets will be raffled to benefit the Gloucester Dog Park.

Additional donations can be made online at or by sending a check to The Gloucester Fund at 45 Middle Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 with the memo line: “Dog Park.”

Community Stuff 9/27/12

Bank Gloucester is donating $15,000 to 15 community organizations on Cape Ann/Gloucester. Go to the Bank Gloucester homepage: and click the “Vote Now" button on the left under the online banking login area or click here to go directly to the page >>

CONTEST ENDS SEPTEMBER 28. Winners will be announced Oct 8th.

Your vote helps the community – THANKS!!!