Erik Ronnberg Jr Master Ship Model Builder Works on The Kingfisher Model

The F/V Kingfisher was built in 1946 and launched in 1947 at the Dana A Story Shipyard.

This picture was taken September 6, 2012 and Erik estimates there is 6 months more of work to be completed.


Here she is in here trial trip June 1947-


Monarch On The HarborWalk

Hi Joey

I know the HarborWalk is known more for its views of the beautiful sights and sounds of Gloucester’s historic seaport but there’s also some nice nature shots available.  I got a photo of this monarch butterfly enjoying the flowers outside of the Gloucester House restaurant a couple of weeks ago when I was taking a friend from New York on a tour.

Maybe you can use it.  Thanks.  Love GMG.  Keep up the great stories and photos.  It’s my daily ocean fix when I’m not in Gloucester.

Sandy Chadwick

Butterfly in Gloucester

“Oh dear, what can I do?” ~ so much happening this weekend …

Remember the Cowsills?  This is the tremendously talented family whose quick rise to stardom in the 1960s became the inspiration for the Partridge Family TV Show.  But there was a dark side — and they fell quickly into obscurity.

On Sunday you can hear Aurelia Nelson of North Shore 104.9 interview Bob Cowsill on her show Curtain Up at 9AM on 104.9FM.  Bob speaks candidly about their life in the early days of rock n’ roll.

Then on Thursday, you can experience it all at Cape Ann Community Cinema with a screening of the new film Family Band: The Cowsills Story, plus a LIVE SET by surviving members of the band and a Q&A.  Seating is very limited so get your tickets now.

Who’s the new face of Jazz, Pop, Folk & World concerts at Shalin Liu?  It used to be Livingston Taylor.  Now it’s “our girl” (as Joey would say) Chelsea Berry!  Check out the link and see what I mean.  CONGRATULATIONS CHELSEA!

Tough Coffeehouse Choice Tomorrow.  Do you go to see Allen Estes at One World Coffeehouse or Chelsea Berry at Old Sloop Coffeehouse.  Both will be great shows!

It gets worse:  Chelsea and Allen are competing with Judy Collins at Shalin Liu and the Noise 31st Anniversary Fete at the Dog Bar.  Judy Collins is playing on Sunday too, but you have to call for ticket availability for both shows.

Plus there are lots of other excellent shows tomorrow.  See Saturday’s full music lineup here.  What do you do?  Go out tonight to one of the 10 excellent live shows and try to figure it out over a couple of drinks.  See tonight’s music lineup here.

Shopping by Paddleboard

Cape Ann SUP comes through when your car is on the fritz and you need to get some lobsters from Capt. Joe & Sons for a big party.  Wendie Demuth and I paddled over to pick up the lobsters for the lobster dip that people will enjoy Sunday at the book party at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., G3.  Everyone’s invited.

E.J. Lefavour

Are you a sculptor? Here’s a great opportunity!

This just in from Mark McDonough (you saw it FIRST on GMG, baby!)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Serenitee Restaurant Group Commissions Three Sculptural Light Fixtures for Next Restaurant

Gloucester, MA  Sept 10, 2012  Calling all North Shore “found art” sculptors. Serenitee Restaurant Group is commissioning a large scale, sculptural light fixture over the bar at its next restaurant in Salem. The new restaurant is on the site of the former Greenland Café on Washington St. in Salem.

sculptural octopus at Latitude 43

This sculptural art piece will serve as a principal focal point much the way the sculptural octopus functions over the sushi area at Latitude 43 in Gloucester.  In addition, unlike the octopus sculpture, it will serve a critical functional and marketing role in the bar area. The primary functions of the piece include the following:

  • Creates stem glass and wine or liquor storage accessible to bartenders
  • General lighting (LED) and visual interest which creates richness and sparkle but no glare
  • Incorporates found objects related to the bar trade and liquor manufacture, past and present
  • Captures the visual variety and richness of the craft of mixology
  • Creates a memorable impression both from within the restaurant as well as from the street
  • Contributes to the brand and overall aesthetic experience in the restaurant

The approximate size of the piece will be roughly 4 to 5 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide. It will be hung approximately 6’-6” above the floor.

Depending upon cost, two related chandeliers may also be commissioned for the front windows.

Please contact the owner Mark McDonough immediately to discuss the design if you are interested in submitting a proposal. Collaboration between artists with complimentary talents is encouraged but not essential. Proposals are due by Sept 28 and the winner will be announced Oct 1.  The restaurant opens the first week in November. All artists will be given each other’s contact information.

Mark McDonough
Serenitee Restaurant
185 Main St.
Gloucester, MA 01930

Foul-weather Gear

Sweet couple with their adorable pug wearing an adorable yellow slicker hat

I shot mostly video (coming soon) on our Seven Seas Whale Watch adventure yesterday . Anticipating sea spray I didn’t want to bring my favorite camera on the boat and instead tried out the Pentax WG-1 underwater camera. I’ve had this camera since last Christmas but this was the first time out. I am looking forward to trying the Pentax in water and will bring you the results in a future post.

GHS Football vs. Tewksbury Scrimmage( Photos by David B. Cox)

Opening game for the GHS 2012-2013 Season will be at  Manchester Essex Regional High School Hyland Field.

Click here for more information.




For more see slide show below:

Ambie celebrates his retirement on Main Street

After twenty-seven years Ambie retired from UPS.

He thanks his customers with cake and a smile on Main Street.

Ambie has been a familiar face delivering packages always with a smile.

Mayor Kirk took time out from her busy schedule along with many others to Congratulate Ambie.













Groundfish Landings Today In Gloucester Are Not Even A Fraction Of What They Were In 1947

Boats were tied up next to each other at Fisherman’s Wharf 6 deep at the State Fish Pier as well.  Now they are commissioning a study to ask if there’s enough dockage space for the commercial fleet for which yet another round of 100million dollars has been appropriated for further buyouts of the Gloucester Fleet.


August 30, 2012

Fishing aid plan: $100M in buyouts
Draft federal aid package adds $80M in subsidies

By Richard GainesStaff Writer

A draft letter that outlines a proposed disaster relief program for the Northeast groundfishery — featuring a $100 million permit and boat buyback program, and $87.5 million in various subsidies for those who stay in business — is circulating among members of the New England congressional delegation.

What kind of idiot really tries to make the argument that there isn’t enough commercial dockage in this harbor after round after round of buyouts and the landings in this port have dwindled to a mere shadow of what it once was?

You need a study to tell you that the amount of commercial fishing boats and captains and crew have been consolidated and further consolidated many times over? Really?

It must be that these people weren’t around when the Ida and Joseph came in day after day filled past the scuppers with checkerboards stuck around the rails to contain more fish, the boat nearly sunk with pogies.  They weren’t around at 6AM when the fish cutters and packers from Portagee Hill and East Gloucester funneled down from their homes to go to the dozens and dozens of wharves which offloaded processed packed and shipped fish.

That level of fishing wasn’t sustainable we found out starting in the 70s and through the 90s and it will never be sustainable to allow our fleet to put up those kinds of landings.  It is and was necessary to reduce the fishing effort for the future of this port.  A port which if it is to keep on MUST operate at lower levels of landings than what was happening in the heyday when 6million pounds of groundfish were landed weekly.

There are many stuck in fantasy land that this port or the worlds oceans could sustain that type of overfishing.  Back then the fishermen didn’t know any better.  What they knew was WORK and to kill and land as many fish as possible.  They didn’t know the ramifications of overfishing because those landings were unprecedented.  They thought it would go on forever.  Today we know better.


August 21, 2012

City study aims for full picture of waterfront

By Nancy Gaines Correspondent

A new study of current harbor docking facilities and future needs just commissioned by the city aims to aid the commercial fishing fleet that now calls Gloucester home, as well as marine science and technology vessels the city hopes to attract.

Under a contract of about $11,000, researchers from the Urban Harbors Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston last week began studying existing conditions of the state-designated port area to determine how many vessels are home-ported here — a number already in dispute — and create, by November, a database of vessels, dockside property owners and available facilities.


Week of October 13th 1947 6,737,100 lbs of groundfish landed in Gloucester Ma. 

Today it’s a big day if 100,000 lbs of fish gets landed and some days they don’t even hold an auction because there’s no fish, LOL



Community Photos 9/7/12

Sunset From Len Burgess

Sunset on Wednesday evening


Lewis H Story approaches the back shore turning mark while Spirit of Massachusetts, Liberty Clipper, Sugar Babe, Bald Eagle and Estrela reach back to the starting buoy.  Photo by Amy Beaudet from Green Dragon.

Hot Pursuit

Bounty passing Braces Cove after leaving Gloucester from Al Bolcome Jr


Dawn Alves forwards-

Candy Marshall of Gloucester demonstrates her recipe for Portuguese Sangria as the Holy Family Guild hosts a 5:00 PM SOMEWHERE COCKTAIL PARTY on September 5th. Members were encouraged to dress in vintage, designer or knockoff cocktail couture. New members are encouraged to join the Guild and enjoy the 2012-13 season with an upcoming agenda of exciting theme meetings.