Peter Vincent, The Man and the Sea

Peter Vincent, The Man and the Sea

Atlantic Moon by Peter Vincent

On Tuesday, at the family plot in Marblehead, we buried the ashes of my uncle Peter Vincent. It seemed fitting that it started down pouring rain before the small ceremony of family members. All we needed was some wind to recreate some of the raw feeling of the fisherman on the decks of many of Peters etchings and paintings.

Eoin By Peter Vincent

As I try to clear my mind to reflect on the passing of my uncle, artist, teacher and friend, I think of the complexities that made this man a man that strived to be simple. He was an artist that changed the concept of what marine painting could and should be. He studied everything around him and brought the emotion and strength of the Gloucester and Nova Scotia fishermen in their sloops to life. With the creation of the face of the strong men of the sea and the pain and trials that came with the work.

Peter’s paintings are in many private and museum collections, and over the years he has received many awards recognizing his outstanding work. The Rockport Art Association, Mystic Seaport, Copley Society and the Cape Ann Historical Association are a few of the arts organizations that have honored him and his work

For the rest of this entry about Peter Vincent written by nephew Eoin Vincent click here

Last Hurrah is Tonight on Rocky Neck

The final Night on the Neck is tonight on Rocky Neck.  Great lineup of performers.  Always a great time.  Don’t miss it.

Although I think we’ll be having one or two more hurrahs down here on Rocky Neck before its over.  We still have all of September to go.

E.J. Lefavour

We see a trend and we like it: competition & collaboration bolster performance

Talented local artists, who started out solo, are beginning to record with bands.  Here are two recent examples:

Marina Evans just released a new EP with her Glosta band featuring one of her best songs (buy it here).  Listen here:

You can see Marina tonight at the Dog Bar with the great Dave Brown.

And Chelsea Berry, who ROCKED North Shore Music Theatre on June 28  (see video below) is about to record with her new band.  She’s doing what all smart, talented independent artists do — raising money herself on KickStarter, where people donate to the project and get something when it’s done.  We donated because we can’t wait to hear her new album.  You can donate too by going here.  See Chelsea with Anna Dagmar at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse in Rockport on Saturday.

Why do we like this trend?  Because sparks of genius ignite fires of creative collaboration and competition.  Don’t you think the Beatles were better as a group than any one of them individually?  You can probably name several other examples like this.  These two elements — competition and collaboration —  inspire most performers to be, at the same time, more disciplined and more dramatic, thereby enhancing the quality and entertainment value of their performances.

Finally, there’s the fact that we love the SOUND of ensemble music, whether it’s a string quartet, rock band, big horn section or full symphony.

As Brad Byrd explains in the video below (after his solo performance), “most every song can use a little something .. to give the listener a little ear candy … to make the song fully realized …”  Hear the fully realized version Zero to the 101 here.

Remember, it’s still summer and Rocky Neck Art Colony presents their final Nights on the Neck tonight with live music at seven locations from 5-9:30pm.  Plus there are six indoor venues with live music tonight as well.  See the full live music lineup here.

Our Gloucester Staycation

My sister-in-law and her boyfriend are visiting from Cincinnati, Ohio. Liv is here too, taking a few days off from the hubbub of NYC. I am having so much fun giving the grand tour of our island that I feel as though I am on staycation while they are here vacationing. Our guests arrived late Tuesday night and we had a classic New England dinner waiting for them, with fresh off-the-boat Captain Joe and Sons steamed lobsters (two for each as they are so affordable), red cabbage and carrot coleslaw, potato salad, Alexandra’s olive bread, and blueberry cake with whip cream.

Yesterday after touring the Gloucester Harbor Walk, we stopped at Virgilios for take-out sandwiches to bring to the Dog Bar Breakwater for lunch. Then off to Good Harbor Beach for a swim before dinner.

We had a wonderfully fun dinner at The Pub at Cape Ann Brewing Company. Fried calamari for me, beer-marinated steak tips for Liv, delicious fish cakes for Tom, and Amy and Arnold both had the yummy haddock tortillas. Everyone enjoyed their beer selection from the unique and varied beer menu. Liv’s choice was especially interesting; a refreshing summer ale, their Saison, brewed with strawberries and rhubarb.

Haddock Tortillas

Calamari with a very light breading and fried to perfection

Liv’s friend Jess is a waitress at the Pub

Today we’re off to visit Willowdale Estate, whale watch, and then a late night birthday dinner for my husband Tom at the fabulous Duckworth’s!

The people, the sights, the natural beauty that surrounds–wouldn’t you agree that we live in just the most beautiful and the most interesting Staycation Destination anywhere?

The Pub at Cape Ann Brew Company

Evan Goodrow joins The Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line

Where did the week go? Sorry I’m so late with my missive but I’ve had trouble removing the hose clamp off my back.  So I’m suffering’: big deal….Just makes that halo over my head seem brighter. Anyhow, please remember to change your underwear and come on down to the Rummie this week as we present that galvanic superstar of mishegas: Mr. Evan Goodreau. I love playing with this guy; he’s so fearless and accommodating, too. We’ll share the vocal duties and rev up our Irish Ace of Pace, Mr. “Molto” Benny Benson, make him work up a big appetite.
And Monday, don’t forget, I’ll be down at the Rose Baker Senior Center from 1 to 3 , hooting’ it up with the Good Old Salty Jazz Band. Once again: it’s free! Gotta go! My spine is squaking!

I may lose my shit if I get another 3-4 Press releases per week from the same organizations over and over and over and over again

I like helping get the word out about all the cool stuff happening all over town really I do.

You know what I’m not a fan of?

Community organizations that send you thirty press releases from every member of their organization asking you to pimp the same event.

You gotta get your shit together people.  I can’t even imagine how the community editors of local newspapers handle these organizations after they’ve been doing it for 20 years.  I’d likely go postal, LOL

You have to talk to each other and have one point person who gets out your press releases and if you have two or three different events going on at your joint over the course of the week, combine the press releases into one email so we can put it all up there for you all at once and be done with it.

Think about the editor who isn’t just handling your press release, they are handling every other press release from every other organization in the city.

There are far more organizations that get it right but there are a select few that manage to hammer the crap out of news organizations multiple times a week and inevitably those same people are the ones who rarely send out a correct first release.  Inevitably there will be a follow up email asking you to make changes or changes to the revised copy they sent you the second go around.

ARGHHHHHH!!!!  Seriously You’re better than that!

Poll- Is The Perfume That Abercrombie Pumps Out In Front Of Their Stores Obnoxious or Am I Just An Old crank Who Doesnt Get It?

I literally gag when I walk by Abercrombie at The North Shore Shopping center and inhale that perfume they pump out into the mall.  Does it bother you or do you like it?

I’m trying to gauge if it’s just me or if other people feel the same way.  I literally hold my breath after that first gulp of air.

Here’s a good reason to buy the GD Times today

Here’s a good reason to buy the Gloucester Daily Times today

September 6, 2012

Back to the ‘Bong-tree’

From the Gloucester Daily Times

Gail McCarthy Staff Writer

The 1871 nonsense poem “The Owl and The Pussycat” blossomed into another creation in the mind of a local writer and artist who has now written a book about the later generations of this interspecies couple, delivering with it a humorous and colorful message on tolerance.

In the poem by England’s Edward Lear (1812-1888), one line states that the owl and the pussycat “sailed away, for a year and a day, to the land where the Bong-tree grows.”


Dog Day this Sunday!

Dog Day, Cape Ann Animal Aid, Sept 9th

Join dog lovers of all ages at Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Dog Day on September 9th, 2012 at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA from 11am to  3pm. (Rain Date 9/16).

This popular celebration of all things canine features a expo with vendors and community groups, doggy games and contests,  demonstrations, activities for kids, bouncy house, raffles and prizes,  food and drinks, ask a vet, low cost micro-chipping clinic, doggy nail
trimming, agility course, K9 Police Demonstration, other critters and  more!

The event is free to attend! $10 participation fee for dog activities; the first 100 participants receive a free Dog Day t-shirt! All proceeds benefit Cape Ann Animal Aid. For more information, please  visit  or call   978-283-6055 ex. 13.

I can’t wait to see all the pups having fun!