Just In- 16×24 Canvas Wrap Update:Sold!!!

Joey_canvas giclee - Copy

Just in.  If you would like it for a present for you or the Gloucester lover in your life let me know.

All mounted with hardware to hang and no need for expensive framing this 16×24 canvas wrap is $120 or $135 shipped within the continental US.

The last three sold within a day, let me know if you would like it at goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

Waldo Howland Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

From Greensboro, North Carolina

September 27, 2012

“If you can’t make what you are doing fun, something is wrong with what you are doing.”

Waldo Howland (1909-1998)

As owners of the Concordia Company of Padanarum, Massachusetts, Howland and designer Ray Hunt created many of the great yachts of the twentieth century including the 39 and 41 foot Concordia yawls, of which more than one hundred were built, and which was considered by many to be the best cruiser ever made. Howland’s autobiographical trilogy, A Life in Boats, gives essential insight into the practice and recent history of American boatbuilding, and also covers his later years as a board member of Mystic Seaport, one of the best collections of historic boats anywhere. Full disclosure: my wife’s niece is married to Waldo Howland’s grandson.

Greg Bover

Ardelle Report

Friday report from Mike Dyer aboard the Ardelle… They are lazily making their way down the Chesapeake and are eating like kings! It turns out Harold has some moves in the kitchen and likes to cook. He’s been whipping up pies in his woodstove. Bob Brophy brought all sorts of goose meat and they’ve had goose stew, goose sausage and even goose benedict this morning! For lunch today Harold came up with a goose shepherd’s pie. Mike says this is the calm part of the trip and their making up caloric intake from when they were in rough seas and nobody had time or desire to eat. It was pretty hairy but the Ardelle was solid and he wouldn’t have missed that part of the trip for the world. –Sarah Willwerth-Dyer Photos by Pierre Erhard

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Friday night, Ardelle is safely tied up at Schooner Heron Charters dock, Solomon, MD. after making great progress down the Chesapeake Bay all day. -Len Burgess

Friday night, Ardelle is safely tied up at Schooner Heron Charters dock, Solomon, MD. after making great progress down the Chesapeake Bay all day. -LB

Important Information

9/28/2012 2:49:45 PM EST – Good afternoon. This is Mayor Carolyn Kirk with an important message from the City of Gloucester’s code red emergency messaging system. Please listen carefully to the following message.

The City Administration, School Department, and Board of Health are monitoring the growing number of animal and human cases of West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Triple E. Effective immediately, we are instituting two precautionary measures:

1) ) All outside youth sports programs, the use of city playing fields, and city sponsored activities between the hours of 5pm and 8am will be restricted or rescheduled. The School Department and individual youth programs will be contacting families directly.

2) The second precautionary measure we are taking is to request that restaurants with outdoor eating areas post information about the threat of mosquito-borne illness during dusk and evening hours.

You are also urged to take precautionary measures such as:

• Repair screens to keep mosquitos out of the house.
• Eliminate areas of standing water.
• Wear mosquito repellant when outdoors.
• Wear long sleeves and long pants during peak mosquito hours from dusk until dawn.
• Use mosquito netting on baby carriages.

For more detailed information, please call 978-282-8025 and listen to a recorded message, or visit the Gloucester Public Health Department’s website at http://www.gloucester-ma.gov.

To repeat, the city of Gloucester is taking precautionary measures to prevent mosquito borne illnesses and we are encouraging all residents to do the same.
Thank you for listening, and this concludes this message.

From Germany to Logan to Gloucester, for Butterflies!

I sent the following to the Boss this morning: Thought you would like to know–Last night at sunset I was filming B roll at the EP Lighthouse. A German couple was there, with binoculars, and they had just arrived from Germany. I asked what they were looking for and they said, “Monarchs,” because they had seen all the butterfly postings on GMG, not only mine, Donna’s, too, and all the comments. Sometimes I think I am posting TMI about butterflies, but I thought you would think this pretty funny, and amazing; straight away from Germany to Logan to Gloucester, for butterflies!

To the lovely couple from Germany that was at the Lighthouse yesterday: Come on down to the dock to get your GMG sticker and meet Joey C, the creator of Good Morning Gloucester. He’d love to meet you!  Captain Joe and Sons is located at 95 East Main Street.

Dogbar Breakwater Eastern Point, Gloucester

Over 3000 people from all over the world coming to Gloucester this weekend

This is their 14th year.  Can you believe it?  The Gran Prix of Gloucester is a major, international sporting event — and this year Paul Boudreau and his gang are bringing over 3000 people from all over the world to Gloucester (950 riders each day plus a couple thousand spectators), including international superstars of this 150-year-old sport.

“If you talk to anyone who knows Cyclocross all over the world, they know Gloucester,” says Paul Boudreau.  Now it’s time for Gloucester to get to know him — and the sport of Cyclocross.  What is Cyclocross?  Think of it as crazy bike racing.  I call it psycho-cross.  As Paul says  in the video, racers prefer “crappy” weather.  They race through crazy difficult terrain, have to get off their bikes and carry them over obstacles and often get covered with mud, sand, snow — almost always ending up wet and filthy.  AND THEY LOVE IT!  You gotta come out and experience this spectacle for yourself.  These racers are the strongest, fastest, best fit, toughest sporting contestants you will ever see.  You’ve gotta be to compete.

Plus there’s plenty of food and beer.  Kid biking (5 and up) and much more.  It’s a two-day, family, international, world-class sporting extravaganza right here in our own backyard.  AND IT’S FREE!  Don’t miss it.

Oh, and these people LOVE Gloucester nearly as much as we do.  Look at what they say on their website Home Page:
Known nationally as “the New England Nationals” – unfolds at one of the most beautiful race venues in the country: wind-swept ocean side park. Winners are a veritable who’s who of cyclocross: Johnson, Vervecken, Trebon, Anthony, Powers, Bessette, Dunlap, Knapp and more. Gloucester is one of the oldest UCI races in North America and attracts hundreds of racers and thousands of spectators.  … The Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester is two days of international races where competitors from all over the US, Canada & Europe converge to race in the most beautiful race course in North America.

FOR ALL YOU RACERS AND FANS:  From Paul’s description of you in the video, I get the feeling you like to party — well folks you’ve come to the right town.  You’ve got over 28 live music choices at 15 warm, dry venues.  And lots of them are on the water, so if you really want to sit out on the deck in the rain, just ask.  The owners will probably accommodate you.  We’re nearly as psycho as you are!

See the complete schedule for all Live music in Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

Yellow Lobster Landed By The F/V Orin C 9/28/12 At Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company

I added these photos to our largest documented photo set of mutant lobsters ever documented at one dock in the entire universe– you can view the slideshow of all the crazy lobster landed here by clicking the set at the bottom of this post.

2012-09-28 12.56.26

Tom Ring holds a normally colored lobster next to the yellow one landed today.

2012-09-28 12.56.502012-09-28 12.57.272012-09-28 12.57.382012-09-28 12.57.452012-09-28 12.58.55


Thanks to a few Gloucester Gentlemen…

We live in a wonderful community with wonderful people but, you probably already know this! I would like to say Thanks to a few Gloucester Gentlemen

I had some car problems last night and had my car towed home by New Beverly Auto Clinic . The tow driver was a real gentleman and made a bad situation not so bad.

This morning, I used Lighthouse Taxi  to get to Enterprise to pick up a rental. Lighthouse Taxi was very fast at picking me up and my cab driver was very friendly. I could tell he loved his job and helping others.  He told me about helping the elderly community get to Dr. Appointments and such and its nice to know they’re in good hands.

When I was dropped off at Enterprise this morning, I received another friendly welcome by the two gentlemen working there. They helped me by working with my dealership and another Enterprise and made sure I got the best rate for a rental.

It’s really nice to know we live in a community with great people that are willing to help others.  I’m very frustrated with my car situation, as I just picked it up from the shop on Wednesday after spending $1500 and it died again last night. These gentlemen really made my day a lot better. They made it so easy to do business with them and seemed genuinely happy to help.







On Leaving Gloucester Soon From Ann Kennedy

Good morning, Joey.  I dislike sounding like a cheesy tourist pamphlet, but Gloucester truly does have everything, and something for everyone.  We’re getting ready to leave with a feeling of having not had enough time for all there is to experience.  We will continue to rely joyfully on GMG and all of the marvelous images and information the community provides in order to stay connected.
We haven’t met the mayor, but we have met you–so as you commend the mayor, we commend you for your steadfast passion for all of Cape Ann.  It is palpable and contagious in the best of ways.   Hats off to all of your town, thank you Gloucester and we’ll see you again soon!
Ann and Bob Kennedy
P.S.  I’ve tried to sum up my view of the city here:

Community Photo 9/28/12

Ann Kennedy Submits-

Looked so serene I couldn’t resist sharing.  You are all so fortunate to have such a gorgeous back-drop for your work and play!


Sea, Gulls. From Janet Rice


Hi Joey

I took these pictures before sunrise this morning  from Rust Island north of the 128 bridge. Awesome

Mary Page

9-23 to 9-27, 2012 0329-23 to 9-27, 2012 033

Smith Cove and My Little Friend From Rick Isaacs

Tonight, while taking this picture of Smith Cove (in the mist which was too-rapidly clearing), I felt something furry brush against my leg. I bent down to pet it, cooing "Nice Kitty!" – only to see a big, fluffy, beautiful skunk scamper away into the darkness!