Al Copp Has Some Nice Things To Say

To Capt. Joe and Sons,

The ten lobsters we brought back to Baltimore on Saturday were steamed that evening for Laurie and me, our son and daughter and their families.  Just as sweet as the ones you supplied us most every day for the last two weeks.  The diners were amazed by the intensity of the flavors.  Laurie and I just smiled — and relished the fact that they were as good as what we enjoyed while we were in Rockport.

Thanks for being such caring purveyors.  See you next summer.

Al Copp

Mamie’s Kitchen pairs with The Cave

Hey Joey,
Mamie’s Kitchen will be pairing with The Cave!
The Cave will be sampling Italian Wines and Cheeses
at Mamie’s Kitchen Italian Dinner, 65 Pleasant St on Wednesday, September 26 at 6pm.
Purchase tickets at Mamie’s Kitchen and receive a 10% off coupon to The Cave!
ONLY 3 tables left! $30 per person.
We accommodate Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free peeps!


Hope to you see you there!
Alicia DeWolfe
Mamie’s Kitchen

Laura Cramer
The Cave
44 Main St

Chickity Check It! Greg Cook Writes about John Bassett and seARTS Partner with An Artist Program

Bassett turns glass from dump into art


John Bassett of Rockport, Massachusetts, will transform glass he finds at the town dump, via kiln heating, into “colorful, textured sculptural panels” as part a $1,500 grant from the “Partner with an Artist” program of the Cape Ann arts promotion group SeArts.

Click here for the entire story at The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research

Marion Hall, Adventure and Mug Up

Marion Hall of Manchester-by-the-Sea will be having her opening reception today from 1:00-5:00pm.  A portion of the proceeds of all sales goes to the Schooner Adventure, which her husband, Steve is on the board of.  Marion’s watercolor paintings are really beautiful and very affordable.

Sunday of course is Mug Up, so if you can’t make it over to Rocky Neck today, come by Sunday morning for Mug Up and check out Marion’s work then.  77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3.

E.J. Lefavour

Zip Zip Hooray to Gloucester!

TheFox 25 Zip Trip to Gloucester flowed beautifully and was so well-organized by the Zip Trip Team. The challenges of producing live television are many and, I imagine, ten times more demanding when broadcasting from a different Massachusetts town each week. All went perfectly; seemingly without a hitch. The newscasters were inundated with fans and gifts, the producers countless hurdles, and all the while the cameramen were trying to film in an open setting dodging everyone who was running in and out. Despite these many challenges, the newscasters and production team were gracious, considerate, professional, and patient. Thank you Sarah Unis and the Fox 25 Zip Team for visiting Gloucester!

Click the last photo to see slideshow.

Good Morning Gloucester Team, from left to right: Felicia, Donna, Melissa, Ed, Joey, Amanda, BJ, Pat, with Ron center front.

Making Sista Felicia’s to-die-for-amazingly-delicious-homemade-ricotta doughnuts

VB, Gloucester’s Own Fox 25 Producer Sarah Unis, and her Dad Joe Unis

Gene Lavanchy and fan

Mayor Kirk and Producer Sarah Unis

Donna, Sista Felicia, Joey, and BV ~ where Joey explains to VB the perfect lobster roll.

VB looks skeptical!

Joe was asked to represent Gloucester in the live trivia segment. He did beautifully, or as he would say, “Boom, we nailed it!”

Sista Felicia, Joey, VB, Gene Lavanchy

Shannon Mulaire and Gene Lavanchy

John McElhenny from Matter Communications and Donna

Cindy Fitzgibbon and fans

Mayor Kirk and VB

Gloucester’s CFO Jeffrey Towne and Cindy Fitzgibbon

Future newscasters

BJ Mohan taking a break after the early morning (4am) set-up.

Sarah Unis

Click the last photo to see the slideshow

G33K Grand Opening Week sales on until Sunday

If you have ever wanted to make a customized tee-shirt, now is the time!  During the G33K store (130 Main St.) grand opening week, printing a custom design only costs $10 (plus the cost of the shirt), with no cost for setting up the design. You can bring in your own graphic or work with Allen to have him come up with the design you need using stock images. He prints them onto the shirts right there in the store, as I illustrated in an earlier post.

Also, if you want to play some video games but can’t afford an X-Box, you can go to the gaming room and play with their machines, for just $3 an hour discount price during the Grand opening.

If you want a funny tee-shirt but don’t feel like making up your own, the store has quite a stock of shirts with funny images and slogans:

There are also graphic novels, including a series of adaptations of Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” novels (which I am just starting to read – the novels, that is; the graphic novels will probably come later…).


There are also skateboards and related paraphernalia:

(Note the awesome pickle-riding-fire-breathing-rainbow-jumping liger shirt on the left in the photo above! I now have one of those without the text advertisement – thanks, Allen!) They also sell gaming supplies and other related items.  Quite a variety, really!

Lastly, if he’s not busy, you can chat with the owner, Allen, who is a really nice guy!  We were discussing scifi and fantasy novels as I took these photos.

Fr. Matthew Green






Kenny MacCarthy Runs Down This Weeks Open Houses In Gloucester With You

Call Kenny to look at any that interest you-  978-758-0983

Kenny is my podcasting partner.  we will be doing more podcasts this winter when things at the dock slow down.

You can check out kenny’s website Cape Ann Info Here

You Can Listen to Older Episodes Of The GloucesterCast Here


Community Stuff 09/01/12


Schooner Adventure is back in the water, masts are stepped, engine is installed, and we are ready to participate in the Joe Garland Parade of Schooners on Sunday before the Mayor’s Race.  On Friday Schooner Adventure will be at the USCG Station for the Mayor’s reception. 

Schooner Adventure has an open house at her Gloucester Marine Railway (Rocky Neck) dock during the festival on Saturday and a sensational free show featuring Mr. and Mrs. Fish, world-renowned marine educators, to help Gloucester celebrate the re-birth of Schooner Adventure, Gloucester’s own flagship.

Please post the enclosed  on the GMG about Mr. and Mrs. Fish at Schooner Adventure on Saturday. 

Also please post the information about Marion Hall’s art exhibit at the Khan Studio on Rocky Neck.  Her reception on Sept 1 is the same time as the Schooner Adventure Open House and a portion of her sales will go to Schooner Adventure.

Khan Studio, Rocky Neck, Featuring Marion Hall’s Watercolors

Summer Marsh by Marion Hall at Khan Studio
Marion Hall, Watercolorist from Manchester, will be the featured guest artist at the Khan Studio, Madfish Pier, Rocky Neck in Gloucester.  Her works will be exhibited from August 31 to September 13, 2012.  She will have an Artist’s Opening Reception from 1 to 5 PM on Saturday September 1.  Marion does naturalistic watercolors of Cape Ann scenes in Manchester, Essex, Gloucester, and Rockport.  She is represented by the Eventide Gallery in Essex.   During this special exhibit at Khan Studio, a portion of Marion’s sales will be donated to the Gloucester Schooner Adventure which is docked at the Gloucester Marine Railway a short walk from the Khan Studio on Rocky Neck.  On Saturday September 1 when Marion is having her reception, Schooner Adventure will be having a Schooner Festival Open House and a free edu-tainment program featuring Mr. and Mrs. Fish, at Noon and 2 PM.  Mr. and Mrs. Fish (Marion’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law) have appeared in the past as guest educators in the local elementary schools and at grand-opening events at marine venues around the world.

Gloucester Schooner Adventure has reached an important milestone in its restoration and marine education programs and will celebrate with an open house Saturday September 1 at the Gloucester Marine Railway, Rocky Neck, Gloucester.   Mr. and Mrs. Fish will perform one of their marine edu-tainment programs for the public for free at Noon and at 2 PM on Saturday.   Mr. and Mrs. Fish, who are Jeff and Deb Sandler, the brother-in-law and sister of Adventure Board Member Stephen Hall, have performed as guest educators in the past at the Manchester Essex Schools.   Mr. and Mrs. Fish are known around the world for their innovative marine education programs, entertaining for both children and adults alike.   They live in South Portland Maine, travel to schools and organizations on Cape Ann, throughout New England, and to international marine-oriented venues.  They are featured at marine grand-opening and educational programs around the world.  We are fortunate to have them help in the re-introduction of the Gloucester Schooner Adventure.   If you come, bring the whole family and grandchildren to the Gloucester Marine Railway on Rocky Neck.   For more information on Mr. and Mrs. Fish she their web site,
The Schooner Adventure is completing an important milestone in its restoration and re-commissioning.  She will have a new engine, masts and standing rigging installed, and new anchor windlass by Labor Day.  She plans to participate in the Schooner Festival boat parade on Sunday.  The public is invited to see her extraordinary restoration progress during the Saturday Open House.   During the coming winter the captain’s cabin, foc’sle (forecastle), and the fish-hold will be re-installed and restored.   Next Spring, Summer, and Fall the Schooner Adventure Organization is planning on-deck and sailing programs for elementary school students, sailing days for community playgrounds and community sailing programs, and sailing events for corporations and organizations. 
For more information on Schooner Adventure, and the 2012 Schooner Festival,