2015 Rhumbline Striper Tournament results

The Legend Fred Shrigley Forwards The 2015 Rhumbline Striper Tournament Results-

70 participants

1st Place David Levielle   picture attached

2nd Place tie : Thomas Ciamarmitoro & David Foote

Jr Winner: John Reardon

$600 in cash prizes and $700 in raffle prizes


2013 Rhumbline Striper Tournament Results from Matt Ayer

Matt Ayer submits-


The Rhumbline Striper tournament was a hit as usual. There were 76 individuals that entered and attached are a few photos of the first and second place finishers and their fish. I have also attached photos of the third place and junior winner for the tournament receiving their prizes.


1st place was Domenic Sanfilippo with a 46.01 pound striper.

Domenic Sanfilippo 1st place

2nd place was Al Williams with a 31.90 pound striper

Al Williams 2nd place

3rd place was Tony Verga with a 30.86 pound striper

Tony Verga 3rd place

Junior winner was Brianna Ward with a 24.20 pound striper

Brianna Ward junior winner

The Results Of The Good Morning Gloucester Italian Sub Challenge

I decided to end the nomination period early so we could perhaps catch the nominated sub shop/bakeries off guard.  There was 4 nominees clearly in the lead at the time of the tally.

Our judges Craig Kimberley, Ed Collard, Toby Pett and Erik Lorden each individually placed their orders for a large Italian sub with oil and seasoning at the respective sub shop/bakeries.  Again, wanting to perhaps throw off the nominated sub shops/bakeries that may have been on the lookout for a sub order for a “Large Italian Sub with everything on it”.

I assigned a point system that heavily favored taste (totally subjective) and value cost per pound (totally non-subjective) with 40 possible points awarded in each of those two categories.

Remaining was 20 possible points for equal distribution of meat and condiments.  5 points for the least equally distributed meat and condiments 20 points for the sub with the most equally distributed meat and condiments.





The scoring went as follows-

Cost per pound

Sclafanis $6.09 per lb- 40 points

Virgilios $7.14 per lb 34 points

Destinos $7.16 per lb 34 points

Jeff’s Variety $7.44 per lb 32 points

Taste 1-40 possible points

average of all 4 judges-

Sclafanis 33 points

Virgilios 21.25 points

Destinos 26.25 points

Jeff’s Variety 25.75 points

Equal Distribution of Meat

5-10-15-20 least Equally distributes to most equally distributed

Sclafanis- 10

Virgilios- 15

Destinos- 5

Jeff’s Variety-20

Total of Scores Combined for Your Winner





Again I’d like to thank the four judges- Ed Collard, Toby Pett, Craig Kimberley and Erik Lorden. Thanks to Kim Smith and Craig Kimberley for taking photos.

 I’d also like to reinforce that there’s no shame in coming in 4th.

It’s true what they say, just like the Oscars, just to tally the number of votes to be nominated makes you a formidable joint to get a sub in the first place.  No losers all winners in my book.  I wouldn’t hesitate to order a sub from any of these places as well as many other sub shops in GTown that didn’t get nominated.

We’re crazy lucky that way, spoiled with great eateries in Gloucester.


2012 Gran Prix of Gloucester Day 1 Results- Gloucester, MA

Click here for- Gran Prix of Gloucester Day 1 Results

Some Photos From Janet Rice-

If you haven’t gone to watch the spectacle you’re really missing out.


2012 Gloucester Schooner Race Results From Al Bezanson

Joey…..Terrific coverage here on the Parade of Sail, but for those interested in the race itself the information has been sparse and late coming.  In the past the Times has had good reporting on the race but none this year.  The Race Committee had a real challenge from a fizzling breeze that backed away from the SSE where it started and half the entries were unable to finish within the four hour time limit.  Or they just fired up their engines so as not to be late for the 6:00 PM post-race festivities at Maritime Gloucester.  (Good judgment.)

The hospitality extended to visiting schooners this year was extra special.  Here is a little story on the American Schooner Association website.   


Al Bezanson

A Few Pics from the Art Exchange in Rockport, Where Art Was Exchanged. And Not Exchanged.

Here are just a few photos from the first Art Exchange on 8/18 on White Wharf in Rockport, with more to come in the future. We had a lot of fun listening to bluegrass and eating non art event fare such as hot dogs and popcorn before and after the Exchange itself. We had 18 participants and many more spectators, and the results of the evening were really interesting in terms of which pieces were considered most desirable in this flash art marketplace. For a little post-exchange analysis, check out the event’s website www.artnowrockport.com and sign up for the Art Now newsletter (which maybe comes out 4 times a year, so don’t panic) to learn what else is being cooked up over at Art Now Rockport.  A HUGE thank you to Peter & Thi Linh Wernau of Wernau Asset Management and Ross Brackett of Brothers’ Brew — all of whom are big supporters of art (and other) events in Rockport. And another HUGE thank you to those of you who supported this project on Kickstarter. It was a great experience to crowdsource the funding for the Art Exchange and we reached our goal, thanks to you.

June 2012 International Dory Race Eliminations Results and Mixed Doubles Photos From Len Burgess


Elimination Races Niles Beach, Saturday June 9th, last race of the day. Mixed doubles battling a stiff wind.

–Len Burgess

Rhumb Line Striper Tourney Pics and Results From Fred

3rd place Sal Parisi   33 lbs 8oz

striperparty2010 002
Women’s Winner  Donna Settler

striperparty2010 004
Overall winner  Rich Delong   42 lbs    $700

striperparty2010 005
2nd place   Al Williams   33lbs 9oz

striperparty2010 006
Junior winner Kevin Redmond

striperparty2010 013 Weigh-In Pics

striperparty2010 023

striperparty2010 029

International Dory Race Eliminations Results

The over 40 crew of Joe Sanfilippo and Mark Duvall defeated the dory crews of Mike Harmon/John Scola and Jack Sultan/Mike Cody.

The Junior crew of Randy Parisi and LJ Robertson defeated the dory crews of Kyle Edmonds/Joey Ciolino, Ryan Sears/Scott Anderson and Brian Murphy/Ron Boidi.

In the mixed doubles race the team of self proclaimed greatest dory rower of all time Jimmy T and Katherine Richmond lost to Len Robertson and Christina Carpenter.

In the seniors heats the crew of Jimmy Tarantino(the self proclaimed worlds greatest dory rower)and Tom Jarvis beat out Nick Novello/Jeremiah Nicastro and Glen Harrington/Erik Dombrowski

In the second senior heat the crew of Joe Cominelli and Jerry Ciaramitaro beat out Jeff Muise/Ray D’amico.

Monday night there will be a final elimination race between the winners of the two senior races to determine who represents the USA vs Canada on June 20th.  The race will be held Monday at 6PM at Niles Beach.

More International Dory Race Eliminations pictures and video to follow as the information comes in to the GMG news desk 🙂

Today is GMG contributor and all around great Egg Sharon Lowe’s 60th!  Big Huge Congratulations are in order!

LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi, Winners International Dory Race Eliminations
LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi, Winners International Dory Race Eliminations
Joe Sanfilippo/Mark Duvall Winners Over 40 International Dory Race Eliminations
Joe Sanfilippo/Mark Duvall Winners Over 40 International Dory Race Eliminations