Gloucester MA Fish Landings August 20, 1917- Over 5 Million Pounds. Aug 21, 2012 Gloucester MA 97,300 Pounds. Less Than 2% of the landings in 1917 were landed in 2012

Less Than 2% of groundfish landings in 1917 were landed in 2012 on the same day yet we have a call for more subsidized on the taxpayers back commercial dockage while there’s another $100 Million Dollar buyout of Gloucester Commercial Fishing Boats and a DPA that strangles any reasonable investment in our waterfront unless you are so deep pocketed that you can fight the obstructionists who still think it’s 1917 every step of their way through the permitting process. 


August 21, 2012 97,300 lbs of groundfish

Fish landings

Gloucester Daily Times

Cape Ann Seafood Exchange

The Cape Ann Seafood Exchange handled 38,200 pounds of fish Monday. No report was received Tuesday.

Top species landed and average prices Monday were: Small dabs: 7,200 pounds ($1.37) Large hake: 5,900 pounds ($1.92) Large pollock: 4,100 pounds (96 cents)

Small and medium pollock: 3,800 pounds (95 cents) Medium dabs: 2,600 pounds ($1.52)

Other landings

The Buyers And Sellers Exchange (BASE), an electronic auctioning company that sells landings at owner Whaling City Seafood Display Auction in New Bedford, Boston’s Whaling City Auction, and Gloucester’s Whaling City Auction,handled 59,100 pounds of fish and 108,700 pounds of scallops Monday.

August 20, 1917 –Over 5,000,000 lbs of groundfish landed in Gloucester


"The Board", August 20, 1917

Check out it’s an excellent site with historical photos and stories about Gloucester Fishermen.

97,300 vs over 5,000,000

Are You Backing Up Your Digital Life? I Just Bought This 2TB External Drive For a Steal.

Here’s the link to this crazy good deal

My last 500GB external drive filled up about a year ago and I was searching for a larger external hard drive to save all those photos, videos and music that you see on the blog but the prices were insane.  The reason was because of the Earthquakes in Japan had knocked all these manufacturing plants offline.  now that they are back operational the costs for safeguarding your data against failure has never been cheaper.

And when you think about those precious photos of your children or grandchildren or those vacations to special places that you took and have saved on your computer how can you not get on it and back up your digital life.  I was naked for the past year without having the past year’s data backed up.  Not any more.

I highly suggest you get one of these external hard drives and set up your computer to automatically back up your essential files.  Think about your baby or grandbaby’s first steps in video.  Can you honestly say that $120.33 is too much to pay to insure that?

Anyway, prices have come down.  Your computer WILL fail eventually. They all do.  Back it up or lose life most precious moments, the choice is up to you.


Formatted NTFS
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Celebrate summer’s end at another entertainment packed Block Party in downtown Gloucester. Main Street transforms into a strolling mall featuring al fresco dining; stores open for shopping; Kids’ Town games and multi-performances at five outdoor stages. Diverse bands, dance troupes and you, the audience, perform! It starts at 6 pm and it’s free!

Enjoy big band jazz and rock with the Docksiders and the Cape Ann Big Band; virtuoso Ken Bonfield plays a dazzling handcrafted guitar; folk, blues, Doo Wop and rock from groups celebrated for distinctive harmonies and styles – Livin’ on Luck. Lauriellen and the Boys, Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester and Not That Blonde; emerging star guitarist/vocalist Marina Evans, London busker XN Trick and dance from OmBelly, Rockport Academy of Dance and Greg Coles Dance and Drum. Hit the street dancing with The Teal Street Band, Will Hunt and Friends, The Fraternal Combustion Engine and the Good Harbor Band. Acoustic Noir? Neo-Steampunk Cabaret? Check out the eclectic What Time Is It Mr. Fox? at the Dog Bar.

Center stage is you – sing Karaoke with Daddy O’Kee and his Incredible Invisible Band. Be the star of the show! Join us at the Info Plaza next to Mark Adrian Shoes and let’s hear what you’ve got!

Be on Main Street at six pm this Saturday evening for the opening acts. Enjoy a drink or a meal at any of the al fresco restaurants. Run in for a drink, run out for a dance! The stores are open until 11 pm – and every one of them is exceptional!
See for details and restaurant reservation information

Instructions For Beach Meditation

Instructions for Beach Meditation

Sit comfortably with good posture on a quiet section of the beach.

Take a few cleansing breaths and then partially close your eyes.

Notice your breathing and hear it accompany the surf

and the breeze and the smell of the sea and the soft gong of

the buoy and the touch of the sand and the warmth of the sun.

*    *    *    *

Draw breath into the center of your body, in and out,

in and out, and let the sounds and smells and sights and

feelings slowly and gently lift from your mind.

*    *    *    *

Allow your eyes to stare about six feet in front of you

and perhaps soon your vision will focus

on one bright spot; all else falling into the darkened background.

*    *    *    *

Feel the breath enter and leave in a steady rhythm.

Count them as they come and go and know

that all sound, all sight, all thought,

all feeling is fleeting

and what remains

is simply


© Marty Luster 2012

For more picture poems visit matched

What the Rubber Duck? #002

This a variation on Where is the Rubber Duck. First one was too easy. See that sign attached to the Rubber Duck door? Where did it come from?No hints except that the sign was fully visible some years ago In Gloucester. If no one gets it I will start giving hints. If you know the answer come on down to EJ’s party this afternoon to get your Rubber Duck autographed GMG stickah.

Home Cooking Classes with Sista Felicia Begin This Wednesday!!!

Peter Van Ness and Sista Felicia

Due to a cancellation there are a few choice openings available in Sista Felicia’s genuine Sicilian American home cooking class, September 12th at 6:30. 

I can hardly wait to learn how to recreate Felicia’s mouth-watering Traditional Sunday Dinner dishes and am simply thrilled to be taking her class this coming Wednesday. I hope to see you there!

Felicia will guide us step-by-step through the process of creating an elegant Traditional Sunday Dinner ~ the dinner that evokes a time and place where family and friends gathered every Sunday to celebrate one another and partake in the bounty of sea and garden.

Come join Felicia and her family in what promises to be a beautiful evening of splendid flavors, taught with unbridled passion from the generous heart of an authentic Italian American home cook, and held in the hearth of her elegant home.

For more information on Wednesday’s availability, as well as the schedule and remaining availability of all of September’s classes, contact Felicia at

To see more photos and a previous post about Sista Felicia’s Kitchen.

Come cook with Felicia–an experience not to be missed! 

Community Stuff 9/9/12

The Cape Ann Center for Dance is Expanding!!

During the summer, the Cape Ann Center for Dance has been very busy in between performing at the Block Parties and offering  classes.  Due to the growing numbers of students enrolling at the studio, the owner/director Kimberly Blisard, has built an addition to the original space.  The new studio is gorgeous with high ceilings and a floating floor.  Dancers can enjoy some "down time" in the Dancers Lounge, complete with refrigerator, microwave and other amenities.  For parents, there is an observation window in the hallway (one way mirror), and a comfortable lobby .  Two beautiful studios with a lot of wonderful class offerings!  Come join us as we enter our 10th year in business!  Classes ages 3-adult.


The Annisquam Exchange, 32 Leonard Street, will hold its annual furniture sale on Saturday, September 15, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., in the schoolyard. The Annisquam Exchange, a nonprofit organization, offers antiques, collectibles, linens, cards, and gifts. Call 978-281-0358.

Schooner Adventure’s History Sharing Program – September 14, 2012 (10am)

Come see images of old Gloucester and share your own memories during these free monthly presentations at the Rose Baker Senior Center. This month – “Mr. Schooner”, aka Gordon Thomas presented by his son, Jeff Thomas II, who will share images and stories about Gordon Thomas, former fish store operator and local historian of Gloucester fishing schooners. (Program supported by New England Biolabs Foundation, Bruce J. Anderson and Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation). For more information – call Schooner Adventure @978-281-8079.