Chickity Check It! The Spitfire Also Known as Jen Amero Has A Brandy New Blog- 90 Seconds and Velvet


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Jen is one of those 1%ers.  The one percent of the local population that make 90% of the cool stuff happen.  So I highl;y recommend checking out her blog because, well, she knows things.  she’s dep rooted in our community, a good egg and a positive force for fun!

Check her out, subscribe and all that stuff.

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Fourth Annual Gloucester Harbor Race Coverage and Results

Rick Isaacs writes-

On Sunday, Sept. 15 the Gloucester Gig Rowers hosted our Fourth Annual Gloucester Harbor Race , starting at Niles Beach.  Despite threatening weather at the start, it turned out to be a glorious, exciting day for all!

Cliff McCarthy forwards the results-

Non-traditional Gigs Mixed:

"Selkie" Belfast, Maine 1st place

"Real McCoy" New Bedford 2cnd place

Traditional Gigs Mixed:

"Gannet" Gloucester 1st place

"Annie B" Gloucester 2cnd place

"Siren Song" Gloucester 3rd place

"Saquish" Plymouth disqualified
Women’s Gigs:

"Real McCoy" New Bedford, 1st place

"Annie B" Gloucester 2cnd place.

Banks Dory, single

Mick Cote New Jersey 1st place
Banks Dory, double

Geoff Thomas and John Lucido 1st place Gloucester

Cliff McCarthy submits-

Hi Joey,

Attached are some photos I took at the 4th annual Gloucester Harbor Race, last Sat. September 15, 2012 Hosted by the Gloucester Gig Rowers.

The results-

Non-traditional Gigs Mixed:

"Selkie" Belfast, Maine 1st place

"Real McCoy" New Bedford 2cnd place

Traditional Gigs Mixed:

"Gannet" Gloucester 1st place

"Annie B" Gloucester 2cnd place

"Siren Song" Gloucester 3rd place

"Saquish" Plymouth disqualified

Women’s Gigs:

"Real McCoy" New Bedford, 1st place

"Annie B" Gloucester 2cnd place.

Banks Dory, single

Mick Cote New Jersey 1st place
Banks Dory, double

Geoff Thomas and John Lucido 1st place Gloucester

Cape Ann Artisans Columbus Day Weekend Invitation

Fall Open Studios
Cape Ann Artisans
Columbus Day Weekend
Visit their studios for the 29th Open Studio Tour over the Columbus Day Weekend
Saturday, October 6th through Monday, October 8th
from 10am to 5 pm each day


Bring friends and family to visit the studios and meet the 21 Cape Ann Artisans. Make a day of it! Enjoy the extraordinary beauty of our coastline and sample our local seafood.

21 Professional Cynthia Curtis at work Artists

Pottery, painting, sculpture, photography, mosaics, jewelry, hand made glass beads, and weaving. Demonstrations of working processes during the tours.

untitled4 has information, a map, a copy of the brochure, a list of the artists and examples of their work.

Results Of The Christmas Tree Poll For Our Jewish Readers

A couple of days ago we posted this poll-

I’m curious amongst our Jew buddies here on GMG, Do you freak out when you see Christmas Trees lit up on town squares or are those just the extremists Jews in the community raising a stink?

Personally I’m more pissed off that we’re gonna have to listen to Christmas muzak starting any day now all the way through January and at “those neighbors who leave their Christmas lights up past Easter”, but then again I’m not Jewish.

I just read the first of the obligatory annual “Jewish townfolk are pissed off because someone put lights on a Christmas tree” story in the newspaper and it struck me as being a bit early for that.

I’d like to know where the middle of the road Jews stand on this issue. Thanks in advance for your comments below.

Here are the results through two days-


and the comments-

  • lise breen – 15 hours ago

    I feel strongly that we should keep any overt religious symbol such as the ten commandments, creches and menorahs out of government buildings and public spaces. But, in contradiction, we do like to watch the Rockport pageant on Main St. with its donkey and girls wrapped in sheets and boys with fake beards and squawky loudspeaker recitation of the nativity event.

    I so enjoy the trees and the colored lights. Despite their name, they don’t signify Christianity to me. The lobster trap tree is fun especially since children decorate the buoys.

    I would prefer not to be bombarded with recorded religious music in commercial establishments. I enjoy religious music of many denominations in their appropriate sacred spaces or in my own home. Silent Night is gorgeous and best heard sung by local carolers on the street corners during a chilly, snowy Ladies Night.

    We are lapsed members of the Give Me More denomination with worship of its Santa Claus deity and elve disciples in store sanctuaries. It seems to be a rite of passage for those with children that is not easily avoided. We have had great times reading the Night Before Christmas and leaving carrots for the reindeer before a piney tree with colored lights with hokey music and giving holiday hugs and eating Christmas cookies.
    It’s complicated.

  • Natalie Simon – 17 hours ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Weinstein. Amen!

  • Ellen Bevins – yesterday

    I find the Christmas/holiday season with all the lights on the trees very uplifting. It does not offend me. I love that the lights are left on throughout the year.

  • Mark Godfried – yesterday

    A jew for 77 years, who has always seen Xmas as a wonderful expression of faith for Christians and acknowledges that historical Jesus existed and bettered mankind. For any of us to do otherwise is disengenuous! Would you not heed Martin Luther Kings words because you are not afro-american! Creches, menorahs, trees, and what-have-you are all welcome! And Joey, you’re right! Let the music start after Thanksgiving!

  • EPK – yesterday

    It doesn’t bother me as long as you don’t bother me about my religion. Live and let live.

  • Jenny Bernstein Rangan – yesterday

    I love Christmas trees, I love Christmas lights, I love giving and receiving Christmas presents. I have a tree and a menorah. Any opportunity to celebrate. The tradition is older than the religion it is associated with and I see it as part of an impulse in the dark of winter to create warmth and joy, connection and sacredness with light.

  • Miriam Weinstein – yesterday

    The Supreme Court has been inconsistent about the constitutionality of this, but as a member of a minority, it always feels hurtful and offensive. Saying that a tree is not a religious symbol is disingenuous. And no, I don’t want a menorah displayed next to the creche.
    The best protection is a separation of church and state.

  • What You See When You NightSUP

    This is a daytime video Tyler from Cape Ann SUP took by the Boulevard yesterday.  In the NightSUP photos below of Evelyn Howe and your’s truly, although you can’t see it in these photos taken by Violet Gray, we were encompassed by thousands of little fish which actually leaped up onto our boards and feet trying to escape the gang of stripers that were hunting them.  Pretty amazing to experience the drama of ocean life up close and personal like that, especially in the dark.  The fish seemed to be telling each other to “go into the Light”.   It was particularly bizarre paddling through a thick stew of live fish, hearing and feeling them beating against your board and paddle, and having to keep pushing them off the board so they could either swim free and live or end up dinner for a striper.  It is getting late this season for people to try this for the first time, but if you have done SUP and haven’t done a NightSUP, you owe it to yourself to experience it.  It is a trip.  The air is getting chilly, but the water is still warm.

    E.J. Lefavour

    Captains Courageous and Trails and Sails this Weekend on Rocky Neck





    2012 schedule captains courageous

    Make sure you come by Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery for poetry readings by Gwendolyn Carr at 10:00 and Author Talk by Anita Sanchez on “The Invasion of Sandy Bay” at noon.  Also come for Mug Ups during Trails and Sails this weekend and next.

    E.J. Lefavour

    It’s music, food & festivals in Gloucester this weekend

    Continuing with my interest in starting the weekend on Thursday, I’ll be at the Y Taste of Cape Ann to benefit the Y’s teen, camp and childcare initiatives.  Get tickets here or just go to the Cruiseport at 6pm for food & drink from some of Cape Ann’s best restaurants, along with live music, cooking demonstrations, raffles, door prizes and more.

    John wants to see the Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live in Budapest (he loves We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions) at Cape Ann Community Cinema that starts at 7:30pm followed by a live set by the all-female Queen Tribute band Gunpowder Gelatine.  We’ll try to get to both.

    Nine great choices for tomorrow (Friday).  See Friday’s live music lineup here.

    Saturday is family festival day with the Captains Courageous Festival featuring live music at Gloucester’s UU Church and the Lanesville Music Festival starting at 1:30pm with two of my favorites, Pete Lindberg at 5:30 and Bill Gleason at 7:30, then becoming a HUGE dance party at 8:30 featuring the great KBMG with special guest J.B. Amero.  WOW!  See the full festival music lineup here.  And look at their cool poster below:
    Click for Lanesville Music Festival lineup

    On Sunday, Celtic music fans can catch our friend Michael O’Leary TWICE in one day, on the Lannon & at the Dog Bar.  See Sunday’s live music schedule here.

    All in all over 50 artists performing this weekend — and it’s not even summer any more!  Get the complete schedule for all the live music in Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

    Community Photos 9/20/12

    Thacher Island From Andrew “Cowboy” McCloy

    Took it from the deck of my vessell the Ripple II.
    Hope you are well, Joe. Ricky lives on!
    Andy "Cowboy" McCloy

    Twin Lights2

    Jerry Amante asks-

    Saw this fishing boat off the coast of maine (Rockland),
    Looked like it was vacuuming up something, know what?
    Crabs? Mussels? Seaweed?


    Can’t get enough of Cape Ann From Ann Kennedy

    I’m going to have a camera-free day…sometime before we leave.  Until then, here is Rockport Harbor and the view from the Headlands in the very early a.m.  So much to see and do, so little time!


    Slug or What??? From Sally Plows

    Encountered on my morning walk in Manchester. About 7" long…

    A slug in a leopard cape??


    Joey,Here are two more Ten Pound Island and the hatchery taken in the 1950’s.  Pass on to Bill Hubbard’s comments.

    Regarding this post from Bill Hubbard-

    Ten Pound Island From Bill Hubbard

    Paul St Germain

    009 cg aerial 1950 2010 cg aerial 1950