Friends Of Seacoast From Tommy Lattof

I am excited to share with you a new list of Friends of Seacoast members and the outpouring support from leadership at Northeast Health Systems (NHS) as well as my visit to Seacoast today. Please click on the attachment and print our membership for your files.

I visited Seacoast to thank Millie Gentile a long time family friend for having memorial gifts sent to us in memory of her husband Rosario who passed away last week.  She indicated she was going down to the dining room and wanted me to join her for coffee, which I did. I learned from Alison Cox earlier that they were taking 12 residents for lunch to the Gloucester House Restaurant in a van with a nurse assigned for their safety and that others will be offered on, a rotating basis, this opportunity each month.  The Friends of Seacoast would donations would be used to fund this event.

As it turned out Millie Gentile and another resident who was sitting at our table having coffee were part of the 12 chosen for the month. I mentioned to her that the gifts received in memory of her husband, Rosario, would help defray that cost which pleased her very much.

She said the staff at Seacoast was very good to the resident and she felt safe and was in a wonderful place.

Our next meeting is October 9, 2012  at 6 PM which falls on an event Alison Cox, our Activities Director, is having at 5 PM.  It is a dinner and show (entertainment or movie) for the residents. Specialty food from area restaurants is brought in that evening. Anyone interested in checking it out before our 6 PM  meeting is welcome to do so.

We will finalize our Holiday Fair scheduled for December 1, 2012. I am happy to report that Sam Santuccio has informed me that he will plan to provide the music for this event. Thanks Sam for all you do for us.

Karen Mc Cann will be the General Chairperson and handle the Wine Cellar ticket raffle.of this event and Angela and Pat Ciaramitaro will Co-Chair the cookie table so line up your friends to bake for this event. Vincent Pallazola and I will work the food table.  Alison Cox will contact the Vendors who will be displaying their goods for sale throughout the dining room

You should be proud that your contributions of time and money are being used to make Seacoast  the best facility on the North Shore.  No other facility that I know of has a group like the Friends of Seacoast assisting the Activity Director in funding events to help the residents stay connected to the community.

I am happy be part of this dedicated group and thank you for your help.


Thomas M. Lattof

Lowest Gas Prices In Gloucester

Big disparity between Hamilton and Gloucester gas prices.  10 to 15 Cents

I’ll feature these price comparisons more often.  It’s always available to you by clicking the Gloucester Gas Prices link in the blogroll in the right hand column of GMGimage

Guest Poet, Brian Luster


If I Were Walt Whitman


If I were Walt Whitman, I would sing, but not of myself

I would sound my barbaric yawp to sing of Brooklyn; it contains multitudes

I would sing of the orthodox Jews in Borough Park

Of the fishermen on the boats in Sheepshead Bay

Of the Danes and the Swedes and the Finns who meet at their athletic clubs in Dyker Heights

Of the Russians and Ukrainians and Turks and Georgians who have their businesses on Kings Highway

Of the old-time families in Canarsie who say “berl” for “boil”

Of the Chinese and Vietnamese with their noodle shops and the Mexicans with their taquerias in Sunset Park

Of the Poles in Greenpoint, neighbors to Williamsburg with more Jews, but also Puerto Ricans and hipsters (Do they talk to one another? I wonder)


If I were Walt Whitman, I would carry a camera, not a pen

My boot-soles would tramp every corner of the borough

From beneath Brooklyn’s bridge where the ferries land (I would not cross on the ferry; I would eat ice cream)

To the promenade in Brooklyn Heights

And from there down to the fair ways of Red Hook, where the longshoremen lived

And then to Gowanus with its reeking canal

And on through Park Slope, up the hill to Prospect Park and the botanic garden

Turning south I would pass the Victorians of Ditmas Park and wander through Midwood and Gravesend

And so come to Coney Island to walk on Mermaid Avenue where Woody Guthrie once lived

At one end of Coney Island is Sea Gate—private and closed to outsiders

At the other end is Manhattan Beach—free and open to all


But I would not stop; my restless feet would urge me on

To the narrow streets of Gerritsen Beach, where the houses are cheek-by-jowl and have water in their backyards

And past the outrageous mansions of Mill Basin

And farther still to Paerdegat, whose waters flow into Jamaica Bay and mingle with the marshes and islands

I would go even farther, to landlocked East New York and Brownsville and Bushwick


Turning south again I would traverse the borough on Rockaway Avenue and Rockaway Parkway, not to the Rockaways (which are in Queens), but to Canarsie Pier

Here, at the end of the road, I would make my way past the apartment-dwellers who come for a taste of salt air

Past the families who bring their barbecue grills

Past the fisherman hoping to catch a striped bass or a fluke or a porgy or a blue

Past the crabbers with their wire traps and their pieces of chicken to use as bait

I would pass them all and find an empty spot on a bench overlooking the water

And as the sun sets, the shadows of Brooklyn would be cast onto the surface of Jamaica Bay

The shadows of the mansions and the apartment buildings and the brownstones

The shadows of the butchers and the fishmongers and the produce vendors

The shadows of the brewers and the distillers and the vintners

The shadows of the restaurateurs and the entrepreneurs

The foodies, the hipsters, the locavores, the community gardeners, the activists, the artists, the musicians, the poets

The newcomers and the old-timers

All the multitudes of Brooklyn


© Brian Luster 2012

Take Your Taste Buds on a Crazy Adventure

I went to the End of Summer Tasting at the Madfish on Friday.  Due to a Cape Ann NightSUP scheduling conflict, I didn’t get to experience the whole tasting, but did get to experience 4 of the 10 courses.  If you have the chance before they close for the season, you owe it to your taste buds to take them on the adventure of a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night dinner starting at 5:00pm at Madfish Grille under the new management and extraordinary culinary magic of Chefs Jordan Rubin and Johnny Sheehan.  I’ll tell you, don’t miss the oyster steam bun (OMG your mouth will go crazy with the amazing tastes and textures!), corn soup and prawn cracker.  Based on what I did sample, I have to believe that everything on the menu is equally incredibly fresh, delicious and unique.  These guys will rock your mouth’s world. 

E.J. Lefavour

Breaking My No Politics Policy Here On GMG To Announce My Political Party Preference

Fed up with psychotic hard core republicans and psychotic hard core democrats who won’t listen to any idea on the other side of their respective aisles I’m here to endorse may party preference.

I’m down with the Party Party.

F these crazy politics 24/7

Embrace The Party Party.

Bootylishisnous at Pirate’s Lane

You never know what kind of bootylishisnous you will encounter when at Pirate’s Lane!

These guys tried every which way to engage me while I was (trying) to film a pretty boat for background footage for my Monarch film. After ignoring their shenanigans, when I finally did look up, this is what they wanted me to photograph!

(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty by KC and the Sunshine Band.

Filmed at Pirate’s Lane, Smith’s Cove, Gloucester.

What / where is it?

Where (and/or what) is the subject of these photos (beyond, “bricks!”)? I think there’s an interesting shape/patterns/positive-negative space dynamic going on in them.  They look kind of “Photoshopped”, but I only slightly adjusted the brightness and contrast.

Fr. Matthew Green


Community Stuff 9/23/12

Educator Open House at the Cape Ann Museum


Folly Cove Design Schooners by Aino Clarke

Open House

As you sail into the new school year, come see what’s happening at the

Cape Ann Museum!

Wednesday, September 26 from 4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.

Enjoy complimentary admission, wine & cheese, and explore the galleries with your colleagues.

Education staff will be on hand to discuss the collections and share ways of enriching your classroom.

Check out our special exhibitions:

Water, water: a multimedia installation by Sarah Hollis Perry and Rachel Perry Welty on display until September 30, 2012

Marsden Hartley: Soliloquy in Dogtown on display until October 14, 2012

Cape Ann Museum 27 Pleasant Street Gloucester, MA 01930

For more information call 978-283-0455 x16 or email



Medication Disposal Day in Gloucester

Saturday, September 29th

The Gloucester Medication Disposal program sponsored by

Healthy Gloucester Collaborative

(HGC) is once again hosting a community medication disposal event in conjunction with the

US Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Annual Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. 

The Medication Disposal Day will take place on Saturday, September 29th from

10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the parking lot of Rose Baker Senior Center , Six Manuel F. Lewis Street , Gloucester .

Items Accepted:

Prescription and over-the-counter medications

Medication Samples



Liquid Medications

Items NOT Accepted

Sharps (sharps can be disposed of 24-7 in the Fisher Lobby entrance of Addison G ilbert Hospital  at the Sharps Kiosk).

Thermometers (mercury thermometers can be disposed of at Gloucester Health Dept.)

IV Bags

Bloody or Infectious Waste


Hydrogen Peroxide

Personal Care Products

Please keep in mind that if you are unable to attend the September 29th program, there is 24/7 disposal available at kiosk located in the lobby of the Gloucester Police Department.

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. 

More than seven million Americans currently abuse prescription drugs, according to the 2009 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health.  Each day, approximately, 2,500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time according to the Partnership for a Drug Free America.  Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including the home medicine cabinet. 

Please do your part to help keep youth safe and protect the environment.

Dear seARTS Members and Friends,
We have received a few inquiries and feedback about the Emerging Artists nomination form which have been taken under advisement. As a result, we are pleased to share an amended form that is clearer and more attractive to everyone. Thanks to the artists who provided the comments that helped us make this a fair program. Also note the deadline is October 5th for submissions.
Please click here to download the form.
Thank you.
The seARTS Board

About seARTS

The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts is a coalition of individual artists, art organizations, cultural and civic groups, and businesses working to improve the economic base for the arts on Cape Ann, and to promote Cape Ann’s thriving arts community and rich arts heritage. Financial support for seARTS programing has been made possible by the Massachusetts Cultural Council John and Abigail Adams Art Program, the Boston Foundation Bruce J. Anderson Fund and the Selma and Bayness Andrews Fund of the Boston Foundation. and also with past financial support in capacity building from the Essex County Community Foundation Discretionary Fund.