Musician Bitten by Alligator on Madfish Wharf

Photo by E.J.

You never know what you’ll see on Rocky Neck.  This photo was taken during June Night on the Neck on Madfish Wharf of a small alligator leaping and attacking one of the musicians in rockin zydeco blues band, Squeezebox Stompers – no one was injured. 

This Thursday, September 6th, is the final Night on the Neck for the season on Rocky Neck.  Don’t miss it.  Always a great time, great music, fun, awesome galleries to check out as well as the new Center at Rocky Neck.  Make sure to do the scavenger hunt, and watch out for alligators!












E.J. Lefavour


More Super Deliciousness from Passports Restaurant

Passports is one of our favorite restaurants and judging from the always full-house and the fact they have been in business for 17 years, Passports is clearly a favorite community-wide. The atmosphere is utterly relaxing, the food is consistently fresh, delicious, and prepared to the highest standards, and I just adore the always welcoming, friendly, fun, polite, and professional waitstaff.

Liv’s beer brewing German ancestors would be proud of her selection from Passport’s top-notch beer and wine menu. After sampling hers I ordered a Wiesen Edel-Weisse as well and it paired perfectly with Eric’s beautifully seasoned and seafood-rich Adriatic Stew.

Although not Joey C approved, Passports lobster roll is delicious and with the accompanying medley of fresh vegetables, is a meal in and of itself. The lobster roll can also be ordered without vegetables, if preferred.

Liv, Nicole, and Lyla earnestly discussing mascara.

For all GMG readers who are in the restaurnt business, or who were formerly, Liv recommends following the very funny fellow BU alum @MeanWaiter  on twitter.

Gloucester Schooner Festival

Our son took this photo of the Lannon and the Ardelle.

What a great weekend and there is still great music around town tonight, get out and enjoy the music.  See the full schedule here:

Happy Birthday Bobby Viau!!!

Hey Joey,

I called Frank the other day to say many THANKS.  We had our annual Labor Day family party at my mom’s in Scituate with the old fashion parade (awesome) and the whole deal.  I summered there as a kid.  Bob borrowed two turkey fryers from his brother and set up the whole deal to cook them up.  We had corn, chowder and your fantastic Lobsters.  Everyone was raving and begging for seconds.  Only the select few, HA got seconds.  Bob of course got seconds being he did the heavy work and is 60 TODAY!!!  The others had to settle for a hotdog. There were several folks there including Bob that can get every inch of everything a lobster has to the bare shell!   My family is big on Lobster and my brother came up to me and said it was the best lobster he’s had in 20 years.  It was a great day.  Frankie and you took good care of the family!

Best, Deej Viau

Bob Viau Represents!

Posted on October 31, 2008 by Joey C

Bob Viau Represents!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Check out Studio VO by clicking this text

Way Back When Old School FOB Right There Baby!!!

I Loved the Zip Trip Show But……………….

Zip Trip Nightmare

Last fridays Fox 25’s “Zip Trip” was a fun event. It was very interesting to see this professional Tv crew put together this event. But there was one thing there that’s been giving me nightmares the last couple of days. First clowns then walking and talking dolls and now Human Lobstas.

Track The Great Provincetown Schooner Regatta From Gloucester To Provincetown Right Now Live!

Al Bezanson forwarded the link to me this morning.

Click on the interactive map below to follow them throughout the day!


View: Fleet Course The Great Provincetown Schooner Regatta

Boat Name






Thomas E Lannon

Click on each boat to see it’s information like this-


Notice To Kayakers From Crescent52

Hi Joey

do you think you could post this?

Kayaking is a great sport, and a wonderfully graceful way to enjoy the outdoors. I notice many paddlers I see on Cape Ann hold the paddle upside down. To get the most power, and best aerodynamic response the straighter side of the blade should be on top (better approach for wind) and the curved part of the blade should be on the bottom- allowing more power to sweep through the water.

The attached photo is a good straight on view of the way to hold a paddle.

Enjoy the water!


Community Photos 9/4/12

crescent52 submits-

found on Center St

looks like someone did too much partying last night

schooner festival 105

Lisa Freed submits-

GREAT  night Saturday..  Hung out at Pavillion beach as the sun set, saw the Lannon come out and set sail and then fireworks. Gotta love a  Glousta party!


Mary Page submits-

I took this picture of the moon rising the evening of the Parade of Lights from the Cape Ann Whale Watch judge’s boat.

Mary Page

September 1, 2012 Parade of lights 027

Parade of sail from Gloucester Gig Rowers From Rick Isaacs

The Gloucester Gig Rowers were out in force for the Parade of Sail!  Visit us at


Hi Joey,

What a lot of fun today at the Mayor’s Race!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid