Ina Shop In Magnolia Follow Up From Elinor Ina Bowes and Alfred Ina

I am writing in response to a message from a gal who shopped at the Ina’s in Magnolia.  I am one of the daughters, Elinor, and happy to say that my mother, Mrs. Ina is still alive and living in Florida and we will celebrate her 100th birthday in January, God willing. She lives with my brother Al and she is amazing, she still loves to cook and enjoys having family visit.

Thanks, happy to know someone is still remembering the beautiful shops my mom owned.

Elinor Ina Bowes  (Ellie)


Elinor forwards this, the only photo she has from the Ina’s

Alfred Ina comments-

My mom, Mahiba Ina came to this country in 1933 from Lebanon as a new bride.My mom & dad had stores in Palm Beach in the winter & Magnolia in the summer. When my father died in 1943, the family spent the winters in Jacksonville and when we started high school we moved to Magnolia year round. Being the only store in Magnolia during the winter was a challenge but she had her mind made up to work hard and succeed in which she did. She loved her shop and her dear customers who she still talks about and she always say that she misses them so. We love West Palm Beach but Magnolia will always be in our blood. Magnolia in those days was like a piece of Heaven on Earth. It breaks my heart to see whats left of Magnolia and how it is neglected. My mom sends all her love to all of you and thanks you for remember her. You all made her day so special and I thank you all.

To Whomever Spray-Painted Graffiti On My Fence At 25 Addison St Between 9PM and 3AM Friday Night From Kathleen at Big Mike’s Bikes

To Whomever Spray-Painted Graffiti On My Fence At 25 Addison St Between 9PM and 3AM Friday Night:

We need to fund arts in education more. Clearly. Because neither I, nor the officer who so nicely came out to look at it, nor my neighbors can figure out what the hell you drew here. Sclop? Solop? Is that an E? A hat? A mushroom? Any one of those are the worst fake gang names ever. Sclop Hat. Yeah, that guy’s hardcore. We don’t mess with Sclop Hat ’round these parts.
I feel bad for you because on a Friday night, you didn’t have anything better to do than spray paint my fence. You couldn’t even get invited to a house party? On Labor day weekend? This is probably because no one likes you maybe because you smell or have a visible rash. Now I have to spend my day off trying to figure out how to get your shoddy, crapass drawing off my fence. I’d have at least been less pissed about it if it was well-done, but you’re no Banksy. I can point you towards Art Haven if you want to improve your artistic talent in the future.
This is why we can’t have nice things. At least you didn’t steal my bike, I guess.
You suck,

Specializing in used bicycle sales and service.
New and used parts and accessories.

2012 Freshwater Cove Annual Labor Day Cookout From Jerry Ackerman

Not to be outdone, the Fresh Water Cove Yacht Club rallied for a summer’s end celebration – the 12th annual, this year honoring Jimmy Lane , a Covie cut from the best of cloth – finest kind!

Bring Back The Old School Beach Chair

It’s been a crazy summer down the dock. Most days we are on our feet for 95% of the time from 4:45AM to 6PM. Whenever I can get off my feet I grab this old chair I found that someone tossed out at the Good Harbor Footbridge and plunk down for 5 minutes or so.

These old school beach chairs are super light and sturdy unlike many of the newer styles they make today. I’m a fan. Thank you to whoever tossed this one. It has "somewhat" saved my legs this summer.

Community Blogging 2012 Schooner Festival

Well from the numbers I’m seeing around town and on the water I’d say that Al Bezanson and my monthlong push to make people aware of the Schooner Festival had a bit of an impact on those regular folks outside of the regular Schooner circles showing up.

Nice work Al!

Here are some photos from our FOB’s from the past couple of days-

The Bounty leaving Gloucester From Christopher Lewis


You may like these two photos of HMS Bounty leaving Gloucester on Monday morning. They show how large this schooner is. In the first photo you can compare the Bounty to the "Tuscan House" on Rocky Neck. The second photo compares Bounty with a foreground of small boats and a background of the Boulevard – a truly remarkable sight. 
Take care — Christopher


Gloucester Schooner Festival 2012 From Elinor Teele

Gloucester Schooner Festival 2012

Gloucester Schooner Festival 2012 Photos By Anthony Marks

Hi Joey
Had a great time on the Schooner American Eagle. We won the race for
the 8th time in the 23 years  American Eagle as entered the race!
Heres some photos from the race for the blog.
            Enjoy  Anthony Marks

Yesterday’s race from Gail Guittarr


Parade of Pups?

Janet Rice submits-

DSCN9637 - Copy

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

This is the sunset last Friday night, while I waited for the blue moon to show itself… These colors are what came from the camera with no significant editing. It’s oversaturated somewhat, but pretty close to what I was seeing.  I set my camera’s white balance to “incandescent bulb” to get these colors; on automatic or “sunlight”, it was making everything golden – pretty, but nowhere near the real colors.

I got up to the roof of the rectory early to wait for the sunset/moonrise, and the seagulls, which usually occupy our small roof, were NOT amused that I was usurping their prized vantage point for observing the world.

Homie is giving me the evil eye.

– Fr. Matthew Green



Community Photos 9/3/12

Angie Searcy/Duchane enjoying the LaborDay fireworks!!
2012-09-01 21.24.50

Kai Rich representing aboard the Schooner Pinky Ardelle with the crew!


Gloucester’s beautiful schooner ‘Adventure’ is back in the water…
–Len Burgess



       I was snapping around Harbor Loop last night, and got this shot of the Ardelle, I’m not sure about how submissions work but thought it was worth sharing.  I’m Harrison’s son in law, and a daily reader of the blog, keep up the great work!


Blair A. Robinson


Mary Ellen and Steve from Connecticut Represent! At Mamie’s Kitchen

Chris writes-

This is Mary Ellen and Steve from Connecticut and they follow your blog every day….they were determined to find us!