Ken Duckworth and Lara Lepionka- Locavore City Up In Duckworth’s Bistrot Baby!


2012-09-25 12.04.05

You know those glossy food magazines with all the stuffy pretentious locavores all tripping over themselves to promote the latest trend like last year rabbit- you know the ones I’m talking about.  The foodie bananaheads you just wanna punch in the throat because they’re so obnoxious? See-

Obnoxious Foodies and Rabbit

There are people around GTown quietly walkin the walk, talkin the talk and bein’ all locavorish without all the pomp and circumstance and having to announce it to the world and get all up in your grill with it like it’s a badge of honor. 

They just buy locally grown produce and locally caught fish and lobsters because they know it’s the freshest and the best stuff they can provide their customers with for the tastiest dish- plain and simple.

And that’s where the picture of Lara Lepionka and Ken Duckworth which I snapped yesterday comes in.   I’m over there because Ken was without a vehicle to come pick up his lobsters yesterday and who pulls up next to me is Lara with her containers of fresh picked produce from her Beacon Street Farm


Each container looked like a masterpiece of natural beauty and the smell from the fresh herbs was (forgive me if I sound like an obnoxious foodie here)- intoxicating.

So there Ken and Lara, you don’t have to beat your drum of how you’re using and providing the best and freshest locally grown ingredients, your boy Joey C just did it for you.


Contact Lara about getting some of her home grown goodness here

And if you want the best damn meal you’re gonna eat anywhere anytime- it’s Duckworth’s Bistrot- Duh, obvi!

Fun day at Fenway

Even though my beloved Red Sox have not had an all-star season,to say the least, it is still a blast to go to Fenway and experience the ambience of the park.  Here a couple of pictures I took on Saturday.  We had amazing seats that were a gift.

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Did You Know? (Good Used Cars)

If you find yourself in need of a good used vehicle, call or stop in and see Peter Anderson at Meineke, 168 Eastern Ave., Gloucester.  My old Annie girl reached the point this summer where taking her to my mechanic to repair the things that had started going would have cost more than I though it was worth for a 1997 van, although she still had alot of life left in her.  When the battery and windshield wiper motor went so I could no longer drive her or pass inspection, and I didn’t want to keep borrowing Brenda Malloy’s cool art car, I knew it was time.  Peter had a nice 2000 Plymouth Voyager in my price range, so I now have wheels and am mobile again, thanks to Smokin’ Jim Yancy who brought me to see Peter and Elynn Kroger who brought me over to pick her up.  It is so great living in a community where you can get the things you need and have good people all around you to offer help when you need it.  There really is no place on earth like Gloucester.

On another happy note, Eric and Sheila from Rockport ended up buying my old Annie van  and Eric is going to make the repairs and fix her up for Sheila to drive.  I had put her on Craig’s List, and Sheila who is a FOB saw the Good Morning Gloucester sticker on her bumper and told Eric to go check her out.  I look forward to seeing her moving on the roads of Cape Ann again.

E.J. Lefavour

Farewell Monarchs

Inquiring minds want to know, “Where do the Monarchs go?” I am often asked this question, not by children, but by adults. Most children have studied, or are studying, the butterfly life cycle and the have some degree of knowledge about the Monarch migration. The reason the majority of adults never learned about the Monarch butterfly migration is because the great mystery of their winter destination was only discovered as recently as 1975! The Monarchs that are journeying through Gloucester at this time of year travel approximately 2,000 miles to the transvolcanic mountaintops of  south central Mexico, near the town of Angangueo. I have the National Geographic issue from 1975 that tells the tale of one man’s determination, including all the scientific intrigue that goes with great discoveries, and I will try to post more about this fascinating story in the coming weeks.

As everyone who reads GMG probably knows by now, I am in the midst of shooting my Monarch film. What you may not know is that I have written and illustrated a book that tells the story of this most exquisite of creatures and its extraordinary journey. I am hoping to find a publisher. If anyone knows a friend of a friend of a friend, or has a suggestion for a very high quality publisher or top-notch agent, please let me know. Thank you.

Children’s Drop and Shop $50 Savings Off Manchester Athletic Club Membership Coupon

Can’t even begin to tell you how much money the money the Mrs has saved on the girls’ toys that she scored at the Drop and Shop.  Stuff like Thomas The Train setups for like $10 that cost $200 at the stores and stuff like that.  Only stuff that looks like brand new.  better to recycle these things and get them for next to zip.  Get to it and score your $50 savings coupon at The Manchester Athletic Club


Every Children’s Drop & Shop consumer will receive a $50 savings coupon when they join the MAC.

It is for adult memberships only and the voucher must be presented upon joining. Good through October 15, 2012. 

These Coupons are only available at The Children’s Drop and Shop and are not printable online.  So take advantage of the incredible bargains at the Drop and Shop and get yourself a $50 savings coupon while you’re there!

Drop and shop

Think About How Great It Must Be To Be Mayor of GTown

After looking over the blog today I’m saying to myself, “Wow look at all the incredible stuff happening in this town and all the great stuff that HAS HAPPENED in this town over the years”

Like the ridiculous art scene, food scene, music scene, natural beauty, funky urban-ness, beaches, schooners, industry, boating, cultural activities, museums,ect, ect ect….

So no matter how tiring it must be to have to listen to all the bullshit rhetoric from the pro-development and anti development obstructionists at the end of the day you’re the Queen or King of one of the coolest places on earth and people voted for you to be that person.  What an honor.

Congrats CK.

Pet of the Week-Cochise

pet of the week, cape ann animal aid

Hi I am Cochise and I  am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at Four Paws Lane, Gloucester with my siblings.  We are all playful pups.  Our mom is a Beagle mix who weighs about 38 pounds.  We think we will be medium in size, except for me, I think I will be the largest pup and the cutest.  Whey don’t you stop by the shelter and see for yourself?!

Don’t forget the 2nd Annual Christopher Cutler Rich Golf Tournament Monday, October 15 with a 12 Noon shotgun start registration begins at 10:30 a.m. at Bass Rocks Country Club.  Check our website at: or call us at 978-564-3486.


Mass Views: Fishing schooner and fish market, Gloucester Harbor 1940 aprox Boston Public Library

You see the building that says Fish Market?  That is the building where the fire was last week that the Gloucester Fire department quickly snuffed out.  Look at Jay Albert’s pictures here from the scene  His pictures are from the back of the building which is now a wood furniture maker.

Look at the stern of the the big schooner in the middle of the photo.  off the stern is The Phyllis A.  The oldest gillnetter in Gloucester and undergoing a major restoration project.

Read about and look at pictures of the restoration here in these Phyllis A posts

Thank you to Adam Gaffin at for the link to the picture.


File name: 08_06_023528
Title: Mass Views: Fishing schooner and fish market, Gloucester Harbor
Creator/Contributor: Jones, Leslie, 1886-1967 (photographer)
Date created: 1940 (approximate)
Physical description: 1 negative : film, black & white ; 4 x 5 in.
Genre: Film negatives
Subject: Fishing industry; Fishing boats; Piers & wharves
Notes: Title and date from information provided by Leslie Jones or the Boston Public Library on the negative or negative sleeve.
Collection: Leslie Jones Collection
Location: Boston Public Library, Print Department
Rights: Copyright Leslie Jones.
Preferred credit: Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.


On a Mission from Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

While we were at the Eastern Point breakwater on Saturday, this guy walked by us like he was on a mission.  He was going to have fish for dinner for sure.

The breakwater is a great excursion because you get some exercise and see a Gloucester from a unique perspective.  B likes to go and check out what the fishermen are catching, and loves looking through the tackle boxes.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Tracking the Ardelle

Len Burgess writes-

As of Tuesday night the Ardelle was at the southern tip of New Jersey near Cape May and at the entrance to Delaware Bay and are planning to take the Intercoastal. The new site to track the Ardelle that seems to work is Once there enter Ardelle in the ship search box and hit enter.

-Len Burgess


This is the probable route for the Ardelle and crew to get to Washington.
-Len Burgess


Update from Al-

0530 9/26 wind SSW 18-21 kt and Ardelle is still making slow progress beating toward Cape May. Been a long night out there with the wind right on their nose If they go up the Delaware they’ll be having a nice ride once they get around Cape May and the tide starts flooding. Delaware Bay entrance will be rockn’ and rollin’ at the ebb with this breeze. The flood begins just before 2 PM.

If they reach Cape May entrance at the start of the flood they will be in tall clover for they will have fair current for over 50 miles to the C&D and thence fair current just starting and all the way through the canal and well down into the Chesapeake. Then fair wind down the bay to the Potomac.

Al Bezanson


As of Wednesday morning the Ardelle is still at the southern tip of New Jersey near Cape May and at the entrance to Delaware Bay. It is reported that the engine is down and needs a new part.

“Save a Star” – 2nd Annual 5K Walk

Alicia DeWolfe wrote:

Here are some photos of the event.
We had some great support from our City Councilors.
Melissa Cox and her husband raised money and walked.
Sefatia is behind us every year supporting us and cheering Talia on!

Cancer Walk0011Cancer Walk0012










Sandra my thoughts are always with you. Love Manny


The eight quilts that you see here were created by Senior Citizens in the art program at The Rose Baker Senior Center. It is our goal to create a celebration quilt for each of Gloucester’s sixteen neighborhoods. This is a huge challenge; but it is also very rewarding, and a great deal of collaborative fun. We invite—indeed we are hoping for…additional public participation. All ages, come and work with us! You will have the happy satisfaction of seeing your creative ideas come to life. Can’t draw a straight line? No problem! Have an idea but not sure how to share it? We will help. You shall succeed, and that’s a promise! We welcome your participation!

Almost without exception, the Senior Citizens involved in this project have had little, if any, formal art training or experience. Their remarkable work bears testimony to the truth that the gift of creativity resides within us all.

Juni Van Dyke

Art Program Director at The Rose Baker Senior Center

*Our thanks to the library for affording us this exhibition space, and to the Gloucester Cultural Council for their generous grant which made it possible for us to purchase the linen used in backing each quilt.

Community Stuff 9/26/12

UU church auction/FV Holy Family ship’s clock


Not to belabor you, but there’s interesting stuff here, almost 225 items in all. Look under “Home” for a piece of Glosta nostalgia – the ship’s clock from the FV Holy Family, a highliner in her prime. An explosion and fire blew out her stern while she was on the rails at Harbor Loop in 1982 and she was scuttled after 38 years of service. There’s also Celtics tix for 11/7 (v the Wizards), a Big Papi autographed jersey, a GMG tee shirt and LOTS of eating.


cheers — Jerry

Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Businesswomen’s Fall Lunch featuring Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, author of "Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run!"

During the Insider Secrets to Work-Life Balance Businesswomen’s Fall Luncheon, Dr. Patty Ann Tublin will show you the relationship skills and tools you need to create a life you love. Utilizing the relevant business and career building concepts from her Amazon bestselling book "Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run!" Dr. Patty Ann will show you how to create a successful career or thriving business without sacrificing happiness in your marriage and family life!

Reservations may be made by contacting Sharon Bragg at or call 978-283-1601

The author of "Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run!", Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, is an internationally recognized relationship and communication expert. She is a speaker, an author and a therapist. She delivers passionate and inspirational workshops and seminars all over the world for entrepreneurial groups and corporations in addition to her exclusive private practice. Dr. Patty Ann has been featured on hundreds of national and local television stations, radio broadcasts, including satellite and internet radio, and major publications.

Thursday, September 27

Bass Rocks Golf Club 34 Beach Road, Gloucester

11:30 am Check In and Networking

12:00 pm Program

$40 for Members-$45 for Future Members

Sponsored by Den-Mar, Rockport National Bank and Cape Ann Savings Trust and Financial Services.


Addison Gilbert Hospital Reunion

All current, former and retired employees, medical staff members and volunteers of Addison Gilbert Hospital are invited to a Addison Gilbert Hospital
reunion on Saturday, November 10 at The Gloucester House Restaurant, 63 Rogers Street, Gloucester, from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. Buffet dinner $25. per person.  Cash bar.

Please RSVP by November 1.  Checks should be made payable to: AGH Reunion Committee and mailed to:
AGH Reunion Committee,  Cape Ann Savings Bank, 109 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930.

Please bring your memorabilia, there will be a display table for photos, etc.

Plans are being made for transportation options for those who do not drive.  For further information, please

contact Judi Gross 978-283-2406 , Shirlee Farina 978-283-4782 or Judy Brosnan at 978-546-6204.

Two Day Exhibition & Sale

Nadine Boughton, Susan Erony, Paul Cary Goldberg

Saturday October 6, 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Sunday, October 7, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

105 Maplewood Avenue, 2nd Floor

Gloucester, MA 01930

We hope to see you there.


Paul Cary Goldberg, Flammable, Chromogenic Print, 36 x 36 inches, 2005


Nadine Boughton, Peril, archival ink jet print, 2010


Susan Erony, Ocean Eyes, mixed media on canvas, 9 x 12 inches. 2009


In order to help people more clearly understand why such a debatable system is growing, returned Peace Corps Volunteer Richard Ross will examine the past and present traditions, the deeply-seeded religious and cultural factors, and the consequential impact on both urban and rural societies in Senegal. The presentation will furthermore address the grave challenges so many Talibe face: reintegrating and supporting themselves once the Koranic education comes to an end. Drawing on his three years of service in northern Senegal, Ross will provide first-hand observations on this particular issue while also shedding light on today’s Peace Corps, 50 years on.

Richard Ross, 27, known up and down Rocky Neck as the "ice-cream man," first became curious about foreign lands in an international relations elective at Gloucester High School. Graduating in 2004, he attended the American University in Washington, DC and pursued his fascination with global politics in the school of International Service. Spending a semester in Paris and the Balkans, he discovered the unparalleled learning experience that comes with living abroad. Immediately after graduating university, he moved to New Delhi, India in September of 2008. Splitting his time as a volunteer at a local NGO and as a research assistant for the International Center for Research on Women, Ross traveled extensively in India and throughout South East Asia. Completing his Peace Corps Application that spring, Ross was nominated as an Urban Agriculture Extension agent in Senegal, West Africa. Once arriving, he was soon posted to Senegal’s northern regional capital, St. Louis. He would remain there until May 2012.

WED, September 26, 7-9pm at The Cultural Center on Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street