Parish picnic fun and games 1

From the Holy Family Parish Picnic last weekend.

Game organizer “Uncle Tony” asks: can you keep a hula hoop going while patting your head and rubbing your tummy?


The answer: yes!

The littlest hula hooper wanna-be:

– Father Matthew Green




Holy Family Parish Picnic

Last weekend, Holy Family parish had it’s annual outdoor Mass and picnic at Stage Fort Park.  I didn’t get any photos of the outdoor Mass, because I consider it inappropriate (at best) to pull out a camera and take photos while wearing liturgical vestments and concelebrating the service. However, I got some nice photos of the fun that came afterwards.  As I am going away on vacation for a week, I will post shots of the different activities in a series of posts.

Today: the men of our local Knights of Columbus cooking and serving a tasty meal!



– Father Matthew Green