Last few days to preview work by 54 artists in person before the Friends of the Sawyer Free Library Annual Art Auction 2021 moves on line #GloucesterMA

The Friends of the Sawyer Free Library Annual Art Auction 2021 is on!  54 artists donated original works of art to help the library.

To generate excitement and get the ball moving, a hallmark of the annual art auction is the group show featured in the lovely Matz Gallery, a remarkable main entrance venue. Temporary shows of work by living artists are rotated monthly. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, art at the threshold greets all library visitors. What a treat to walk though an art exhibit to enter a library! The library interior has boasted major bequests via philanthropists and local big wheels since the library’s namesake benefactor, Samuel Sawyer. Books, art, library and learning were essential and inseparable to the founders.

The contemporary Annual Art Auction group shows begin as silent auctions with starting bids set low (well below retail for some of the participating artists*) ahead of a LIVE event. The idea is the bidding will rise above opening reserves so that The Friends of the Sawyer Free Library Annual Art Auction fundraiser can be a success.

*scroll down for checklist and to view the lots

Preview | Silent Auction

DEADLINES APPROACHING – There’s still time to visit, enjoy, and leave a silent bid in person

During the month of September 2021, beautiful art works by 54 artists–which they’ve so generously donated to the Art Auction–were installed in the singular Matz Gallery. Casual, emerging and established creatives are united in their support of our local library. View the art in person. Take notes. You may recognize artists, neighborhoods, a favorite motif or medium. These auctions are a great opportunity for a first time original art buyer or for a collector that helps an artist with a first time sale.

Leave a bid and/or try again when the auction moves on line October 1-5. The highest September bid will be the beginning reserve for the online auction October 1 – 5, 2021.

Immediately followed by ONLINE AUCTION: October 1-5, 2021

Signs of the times – Covid 19 precautions and greater access have spurred the LIVE auction to move online. Visit October 1-5, 2021

Bonus- The art is framed and ready to take home and hang after the online auction concludes.

2021 participating ARTISTS | preview lots

Support our local artists and Friends of the Sawyer Free Library

Lot #, Artist Name, Title, Minimum opening bid

  1. Mary Rhinelander McCarl, Blue China Basket of Flowers, $100
  2. Katherine Coakley, Half Moon Beach, $200
  3. Ray Crane, Survivor (Paint Factory), $300
  4. Roy McCauley, Goin’ Fishing, $100
  5. Carole Loiacono, Gloucester Mooring, $150
  6. Fred Kepler, The Gardener, $100
  7. Nancy Alimansky, The Red Sail, $95
  8. Nancy Molvig, Wash Day in Farnesse, $250
  9. Mary Rhinelander, Eastern Point Lighthouse, $75
  10. Isabelle K. Brown, Schooner Thomas E. Lannon, $100
  11. Brenda Malloy, A Way Through, $50
  12. James G. Watson, Lynx and Adventure of Pavillion Beach, $100
  13. Jeff Weaver, Striper Fisherman, $400
  14. Karen Fitzgerald, Breezy Day, $75
  15. Marion Hall, Back Shore from Half Moon Beach, $100
  16. David P. Curtis, Summer Afternoon, $150
  17. Cynthia Asaro
  18. Charlotte Roberts, Morning – Little River, $100
  19. Ted Bidwell, Low Tide, $100
  20. Joy Halsted, America the Beautiful, $300
  21. Deanie Johnson, Autumn Marsh, $200
  22. Sandra Herdman, Hideaway Cove, $40
  23. Cynthia Dunaway, It’s Never Too Late, $200
  24. Patricia McCarthy, Our Lady of Good Voyage, $100
  25. Melissa Alibertie, Summer on the Annisquam River, $100
  26. Dina Gomery, The Red Barn, $200
  27. Pamela Burke, Good Harbor Sunrise, $40
  28. Sheila Farren Billings, Safe Harbor, $100
  29. Ann Mechen Ziergiebel, Dusk Ipswich Bay, $225
  30. Peter Tysver, Summer Sailing, $100
  31. Coco BeRkman, Dog Dog Dog, $80
  32. Susan W. Daly, Pink Sky, $100
  33. Jane Wolf, Wingaersheek Storm, $75
  34. Patricia Doran, Sunset in Magnolia, $1000
  35. Alyce Wherren, Sea and Shore, $95
  36. Michael Cangemi, The Shore, $95
  37. Susan M. Funk, Red Tractor, $150
  38. Michael DeCosimo, Autumn Leaves, $185
  39. Nancy Caplan, Morning Light, $195
  40. Jerry Ackerman, The Pantry Family, $120
  41. Linda Lea Bertrand, Pepperil Cove, $200
  42. Shirley Hamilton, Lanes Cove Shack, $300
  43. Anita Beloff, Becky’s Flowers, $90
  44. Lynda Goldberg, Sunflowers in Provence, $150
  45. Curtis Wilcox, After Life, $40
  46. Barbara Kremer, View from Plum Cove Beach, $175
  47. Phyllis Feld, Marsh Grasses, $100
  48. Jeffrey Marshall, Taking Inventory (Hiltz), $100
  49. Jessica “Jess” Semenaro, Rocks on Seaweed, $30
  50. Olga Hayes, Rudbeckia, $75
  51. James Formichella, Tokyo Racing, $70
  52. Daryl Jackson, Turbine, $30
  53. Ann Lafferty, Rip Tide, $125
  54. Roger Martin, Dig In, $100

NOTE NEW DAYS/HOURS at Sawyer Free Library: M-W 8-6; Th 10-7; F-S 10-5

Face masks required.

I See Moolongz Book Launch Party and Spontaneous Collaboration Art Exhibit

I see moolongz book launch

Whether you see Moolongz or not, whether you believe in Moolongz or not, whether you wish Moolongz had never appeared or are happy they did, they are here and you are all invited to the I See Moolongz book launch party on Saturday, September 27th from 4-6:00pm at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center, 6 Wonson Street.

During the book launch party, there will be an exhibit of an amazing collaboration series of five paintings by five artists in five weeks. The artists involved in the collaboration are Sue Handman (fabric artist), Brenda Malloy (abstract painter), Diana Pasquariello (watercolor painter), Regina Piantedosi (non-representational art) and E.J. Lefavour (photographer, painter, digital artist). In the true spirit of creativity, sharing and inspiration that the Rocky Neck Art Colony embodies, these five distinctly unique and different artists have come together to collaborate and share in the process of jointly creating five pieces of art. The experience has been one of learning, teaching, sharing, trust and letting go of the ego’s involvement in the creative process, and has resulted in five completely unique, never in a lifetime to come anywhere near being recreated again, pieces of art. If you are an artist or understand the creative process, you will appreciate how rare and unique an undertaking like this is. Please come by and check out our “Spontaneous Collaboration”.

After this brief exhibit at the Cultural Center, one of the pieces will be on exhibit in each of the five artists’ galleries for the remainder of the season.

E.J. Lefavour

WTF! Crocodile on Wingaersheek Beach!

brendas crocodile

Breaking News!  Brenda Malloy was walking on Wingaersheek Beach around noon today and discovered this partially eaten crocodile (or alligator) carcass.  She estimates its length to have been at least 8′ long, as more than 4-1/2′ of it still remains.  What do you folks out there see – crocodile, alligator, baby sea serpent, and where did it come from?  It was right above the high tide mark, so if you want to see it, get out there before dark.  It is located on the beach in front of the stucco mansion with the red roof.

E.J. Lefavour

Super Duper Good Egg Brenda Malloy Checks In From Chiang Mai

Love and Happy Day to my family and friends~


I hope this finds you healthy and well and enjoying life.
this photo is of me riding superman backwards on the merry go round. Haven’t taken many photo’s.
I have sat down a few times to write about Thailand and never get very far.  There is so much to say, so much to share, but I’m finding that rather than writing I spend my time on other creative endeavors like painting, making greeting cards and other artwork.  I find I do most of my updates on facebook where I am able to stay connected with the relationships I have created on previous trips as well as with many at home.
Here is a bit of my trip thus far….
the realization that family really can be created anywhere. Not at all to diminish my relationship with my relatives at home all of whom I like, love and enjoy very much. I would so enjoy spending time with my friends from USA, but you are there and I am here.
I am staying at the best guesthouse I have ever enjoyed anywhere in Asia…
small, lush tropical garden just outside my room, covered veranda with massage mat on floor where I sit and eat or do body work or receive massage, my outdoor painting studio set up on the covered table in the corner of the garden, adjacent wall my painting station, the lawn my drying rack for my frenetic, voluminous piles of paintings on paper, canvas and burlap bags that chili’s are packed in.
Lovely garden courtyard  50′ away with other bungalows lining it, adjacent to the open air kitchen where Dang and Moi serve us breakfast each morning in the dining area or garden.  The kitchen is available for us to use, cooking most of the time in community with other guests here, sometimes only two or three of us eating together, other times 6 or 8 having a ‘family dinner’ which we’ve all pitched in on, luscious offerings of what everyone makes best, lots of laughter, sometimes dancing, always positive energy and lots of love.
I am the elder here much of the time, given the gift of realizing that aging is an incredible gift full of wisdom, insights and experiences.  Also realizing that my vitality, energy level, outlook and way of being belie my nearly 50 years on the planet.  Being among so many younger people has made me realize I am indeed ‘older’, I hadn’t really realized it before.
People at the guesthouse I am at are from different parts of Europe, Australia, Russia, Asia, USA, most are travelling alone, some for several months, none for less than several weeks. Some have left partners and children at home,  choosing time with themselves as perhaps one of the greatest gifts one can given oneself.  We have in common the fact that time, time to travel, time to be, time to explore, is a priority for us. We have all created lives that have the gift of time. It is a precious gift to be among such folks, who have time to unplug, tune in, and simply BE.
I have not gotten much buying done. Been here for 11 weeks, have bought almost nothing, finding myself entirely unmotivated to do anything related to the business of making money, instead choosing to spend my time investing in my mental, physical, spiritual well being.  I have massage several times a week, several hours a week, my favorite is Mr. Sinchai a blind master healer who has done wonders for my shoulder injury (MRI proves that it is a completely torn rotator cuff, the doctor here told me my only option was surgery and just snickered when I told him I intended to grow my tendon back and would not consider surgery as an option. Tendons don’t grow. Well, neither do teeth, but that didn’t stop me from healing a tooth I was told desperatly needed a root canal).  I visit with Oskar, an American energy worker who is intuitive, psychic, and has given me the gift of removing longheld false beliefs that I was not even aware of. Incredible.
My days are spent painting, exploring, cooking, sharing experiences. Getting all of my mercury fillings romoved, lots of dental work. Perhaps other guests and I  will double up on our motorbikes and a group of us head up the mountain into the forest for a day of exploring hilltribe villages, coffee plantation, lake on the other side.  Or drive out to a friends home and walk the banana forest while overlooking the valley and mountains beyond, all the while plucking fresh fruit on the way.  Morning trips to the organic market down the street, abundant fresh luscious fruits and veggies abound.  Dinners and lunches with old friends from previous trips. Painting in the garden with Dang and Moi , who speak no english and I speak very little Thai, yet we spend hours painting together,  they are unaccustomed to interacting with guests this way, the guesthouse owner would not approve, so they were hesitant about doing so at first.
The weather is warm, tropical, maybe 5 days of rain in 11 weeks, high 70’s to high 80’s every day. It is winter so some nights are cool (50’s) but usually mid 60’s, sunny nearly every single day. Beautiful flowers, happy birds and butterflies. I love Chiang Mai and have mused that if I never left here it would be fine, this is home to me.  Would be so grateful if LB was here though, and I do think of people at home and miss them, but am mostly in the moment here.
It is difficult to explain how all these weeks, so little work has gotten done, there are many days when I never leave the guesthouse, find myself in profound, thoughtful, deep, humerous, interesting and enriching conversations with the people here. I have now been here longer than anyone else at this guesthouse, there have been two different little family groups of us so far that have bonded and enjoyed each other, while some people come and only stay a couple of weeks, others are here for longer.  Most are studying massage at one of the several top Thai massage schools close to here.   Those that are not holistic health practitioners at home have jobs that range from oceanographer, chef, yoga instructor, green architect, teacher, sky dive instructor, bicycle tour guide.  Many of them, despite their other jobs, are healers, learning a new skill. Nearly all are open to the changes happening all around us at this paradigm shift. I offer myself for them to practice their massage skills on, have received cranio sacral work, accupunctture, abdominal massage, tarrot card readings, group energy workshops, all here at my lovely little guesthouse from fellow travellers.  All are tuned into simplistic living to allow themselves the opportunity for this time abroad.
I am in a place where time abundance is the order of the day. Some days I do nothing but reflect, share thoughts, eat yummy healthy goods and paint. Many days, in fact. I am in heaven, paradise, I am doing exactly what I want to be doing right now. And I am grateful. There is nothing I want for, nothing I need.
One never knows what is to unfold on a journey. I am embracing the unknown, lessening my attachments, living simply and simply living.  Many months in a culture where people live simply yet abundantly is a profound gift. This is a culture of feminine energy, very little ego, where anger, aggression, hostility are simply not part of what they project.  It is called the land of smiles, and it is so.
Our world is changing and I am changing too. I feel profound love and gratitude for all that I have, realizing the truth that all of it could change or be gone in an instant, without warning. Impermanence. This life is but a fleeting moment in time, it is to be savored and not wasted.  Being with myself, exploring and growing, learning and sharing, are the best use of my time right now. It is a gift, this time, these months.
Love, light, goodness and abundant positivity to you. May we all align ourselves with mother earth, embracing the changing times, love one another, we are all one.

Click the picture for the google map of where Brenda’s at.


GMG Questions and Answers- Brenda Malloy

How long have you lived in Gloucester?

Summers since birth in ’62
Fulltime since ’96

What is your favorite season In Gloucester?


Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?

Brace Cove. Not a secret, but LOVE it!

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?

Delaneys, about once a year I eat pizza

What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?

Don’t eat subs

What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?

My house

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester?

Dont’ go to bars

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester?

Sugar Mag’s

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?

Beaux Arts Ball

In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?


Who is your favorite local artist?
Which is your favorite local beach?

Good Harbor

Who has the best chowder in town?


Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog?
Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder?


What is your favorite Gloucester neighborhood?

Rocky Neck!!!

What is your favorite local band?

A Train

As A Reward For Filling Out The Form For Use On GMG Feel free To Provide a Link Here to Any Business, Band or Website You Would Like Promoted

Festive Fun Fundraising At Imagine Rocky Neck


Festive, Fun, Fundraising

H o l i d a y  O f f e r i n g s  a t


43  Rocky  Neck  Ave,  E. Glou.

O p e n  W e e k e n d s I n D e c e m b e r

Sat & Sun 11am – 4pm

champagne drinks and yummies will be served

handpainted magnets $2 – $15 great stocking stuffers!

Purchase inexpensive handcrafted items while helping to support two wonderful local charities. 50% of all IMAGINE proceeds will be divided between TheGloucester Education Foundation (GEF), which funds Gloucester public school art and science programs and encourages excellence and

The Open Door Food Pantry, feeding Cape Ann’s neediest

Paintings and festive holiday crafts handmade by Brenda: Ornaments, greeting cards, magnets as well as fair trade goods purchased during Brenda’s Asia travels to Thailand, Bali, Nepal and India

hand painted ornaments, mini paintings by Brenda $$15 ea, 2 for $25, 3 for $30

Great stocking stuffers, inexpensive gifts

Jewelry, scarves, hats, bags, bobbles

Handmade, blank cards, holiday and all occasion $6 each, 5 for $25.

Holiday Special: Custom greeted box sets of 5 for $25 978-559-1709


Free Necklace or Bracelet For GMG Readers With Any Purchase At Imagine Sale

Big, HUGE SALE AT  IMAGINE/Brenda Malloy Gallery this weekend 11 – 9pm Sat, 11 – 4  Sunday and Monday
Anyone mentioning they saw this announcement on Good Morning Gloucester blog gets a free necklace or bracelet with any purchase of any amount!!!!!!!!!
Scarves, handbags, hats, clothing, jewelry, handmade greeting cards, paintings, heart magnets, everything is on sale!!!!!!!!
43 Rocky Neck Ave, Gloucester

ALSO, there will be FREE LIVE MUSIC across the street from IMAGINE on Saturday from 5-9pm with A-Train Orchestra…Funky, Jump, Boogie Blues!!!!!!!!


I must have a Leaky Roof!!!!

Brenda on her scooter. A LITTLE MORE TO THE LEFT AND YOU WOULD'VE GOT HIM! Next Time.

I came across this Local Shops website by clicking on the owners name in the GMG Comment section. The Shop on Rocky Neck is Called Imagine, The owners name is Brenda Malloy. I’ve walked and drove by this shop many times and never stopped in. I’ve seen Brenda driving a scooter with a colorful tail hanging from her Helmet. I’ve seen the videos Joey has taken for GMG of her coming very close to running him over. I was a little disapointed she did’nt have the heart to do it. NEXT TIME.

Anyways, I read her story of her Travels and how she sponsors Children in Nepal. YOU SHOULD TOO! “Wow, there are really people like that” I thought. After reading that story and thinking about it for awhile, I realized that I must have a Leaky Roof. There were these strange drops of water running down my cheeks. It Had to be a Leaky Roof ! 

Check out the Story and Brendas website, and Do what you can.

Here’s a little bit of that Story from Brendas website;

I currently sponsor 13 children in Kathmandu, Nepal. March 2000 was my first landing in Nepal, been there 10 times since.   Exerting oneself toward a meaningful life, developing confidence in basic goodness,and expressing it with wisdom and compassion, is the key to happiness.  If you’d like to check out the story, how it came to be, read on….  


Last updated11/15/09, much more to come, keep checking!


March 2000: 5 weeks trekking in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal in the Mt. Everest region, solo. Upon returning to Kathmandu, started meeting street children and took a liking to them immediately. Amazing spirit, sense of humor, resilience and love of life.  During this time I met a young boy named Til Bahadur Thapa Magar, who was around 8 years old, working at a coffee shop I used to frequent, sitting around talking with the Tibetan Buddhist Monks about life. Til struck me as an amazing boy, doing his job of serving tea and wiping tables and doing dishes very diligently with a huge smile on his face all the time. He piqued my curiosity, I took a liking to him. I’d visit daily to see him and smile at him and practice my Nepali language lessons with him. 

I spent 4 months in Nepal that trip, in between I spent a month in Tibet (thats a whole other story).  I returned to Nepal in October that year, after being in the states for 10 weeks. I found a room in a home in a neighborhood close to where Til worked. I inquired of the owner of the coffee shop, where Til worked and whose family Til lived with,  if I could send Til to school, meaning to pay his tuition, and the man said yes.  Despite the fact that the man would be loosing his laborer for 6 hours a day, he agreed to let Til attend school.  At the time Til was working from 4:30am until 9:30pm, then going home and doing the families dishes and cleaning before he went to bed. Til was from a small village a couple of days from Kathmandu by bus and on foot. His parents sent him to Kathmandu to get an education and to earn his keep. He left home at 7, had never seen a road or a bus or a city before leaving his village for this first time. Anyhow, I enrolled Til in the same school where the shop keepers 3 children went, so that he would feel like less of an outsider and to give him some sense of equal footing.

After 2 months in Nepal, during which time I was teaching english at a high end private school, I was called to go to Thailand to meet the American man who was producing and selling my greeting card line in the states. He wanted me to design paper product in Thialand,  I wasn’t interested.  I was very happy in Nepal, but he asked me to go for just a couple of weeks, so I went. Little did I know that I would end up spending 5 months in Thailand and falling in love with that country as well.  I never did return to my teaching job in Nepal, though when I next spoke with the principal of the school  he told me that the children in my classes were still keeping the daily journals I taught them to do and talking about my time with them.

On my subsequent trips to Nepal I began sponsoring more children and donating to organizations with leftover monies I had. When I enroll a child in school, I make a commitment to myself to educate that child through high school graduation, which is grade 10 in the Nepali system.  The money to fund the children comes from the revenue at my shop, donations from friends, as well as the donation jar from my  ‘have a heart’ program, on the front counter of IMAGINE. ‘Have a heart, make a donation’, the little sign says, and you can take a hand carved heart from Bali or a floating heart candle from Thailand.  Most years I have extra monies, more than I use for that particular school year. Some of the extra money I save for the following year, most of it I will spread among these favorite charities of mine in Kathmandu…Mother Theresa’s old folks home at Pashuputinath, an open air facility with dormitory style set up, all beds facing a common temple area in the center, for sick and debilitated elders with no family to care for them. Maiti Nepal, an organization which rescues Nepali girls and their children/babies from brothels in India that they have been tricked into going to under the pretext of being domestic help. Santhi Leprosy home where they house and treat leprosy patients. Hopeful Home for Orphans where they house and care for over 40 children without families.

There is more to say, I’ll get to it later

Bottom line is that each and every single one of us can make a difference. Nothing feels better than service, serving others in some small way.  I realize that in America I make a very meager living, in fact know few people who make what I do or less. But my trips to Asia make me realize that I am indeed a very wealthy woman. Compared to the families I sponsor, I am rich.  And there is nothing I want for. Nothing I need. And this is one of the things that compels me to help those in need. It takes so little to do so much.

If you are interested in donating, please email me.  All donations are greatly appreciated. I do this on my own, I am not a non profit, I do not have 501(c) 3 non profit tax status, therefore donations are not tax deductable. So if you donate to causes to help your bottom line, I am not the place for you. If you donate from the heart, for your heart, your donation goes 100% to the kids. I pay my airfare and expenses while in Nepal out of my own pocket, none of it comes from donations.


Click the Link Below (IMAGINE) for more Infomation and how you can help.


Brenda Malloy Art Exhibition- ART & SOUL


Featuring new paintings by Brenda Malloy
Champagne reception Friday, July 2, 5-9pm
Gallery hours Sat & Sun, July 3 & 4, 12 – 7 pm
Kismet Wharf (next to The Studio Restaurant)
51 Rocky Neck Ave, Gloucester, Ma.
info or questions call Brenda at 978-282-1346
Colorful, funky, chunky, abstract art incorporating everything from clothing, birch bark, found objects and anything else that happens to be laying around. 3" x3" on up to 4′ x 5′, all price ranges. Come one, Come all, check it out!!!!!!!!


Biker Brenda Brings Us The Latest Happenings On Rocky Neck Video

Watch For The Big Finish!!!

Here’s to a great season down on Rocky Neck.  Brenda just got back from a six month stint in Thailand.  Check out more on Brenda here

From Good Egg Brenda Malloy

From Brenda Malloy-

Happy Day!!
Thanks so much to so many of you for your amazing support and good energy and making my art exhibition a success!!!

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be the show closing from 12 – 6 at Kismet Wharf, just next to The Studio Restaurant. Mamossa’s will be flowing, and for those of you who have not yet received one, a free gift for every person who attends this celebration.

Spread the word, EVERYONE is welcome and invited!!!


Brenda Malloy Art Opening
Brenda Malloy Art Opening

Good Egg Brenda Malloy At Her Imagine Studio On Rocky Neck

Here’s Brenda Malloy, a super sweet person who brings much joy and happiness to everyone around her.  Brenda runs her studio and creates art on Rocky Neck.  She is also very involved with the Rocky Neck Art Association.   You can click this text to see a ton of her cool stuff and learn more about her.

Look for a video with Brenda at 1PM