7 thoughts on “Joe Brancaleone Jr….Friday 2010 Greasy Pole Winner!!

  1. Excellent shots if the thrills. Can we have some shots of the spills? What? Like you go to a NASCAR race and hope there aren’t any spinouts?

    I want to see all the slips, the pole grabs, the agony of defeat. But really not defeat. Anyone who does that gets a star for just walking out there. Especially at dead low.

    Me, I took a nap and overslept. Didn’t get my Italian Sausage and fried dough until 8PM.


  2. Gee Guys, Thanks for posting all these shots. I missed Fiesta this year. I got a shot in my knee Friday & doctor said no going up & down stairs, no heaving lifting & ice it untill Saturday night. It is 4:31 Sunday morning & finally I’m able to walk aroud without feeling like I have a ball in my knee…lol…All great pictures. I almost feel like I was there looking at all the fantastic pictures.


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