Alec & Rick of the A-Train Orchestra and more tonight! 8:30pm @ The Rhumb Line 1.17.2019

Check it out!
Dave Sag says,
Tonight Thursday – 8:30pm at the Rhummy: Get an eardrum massage with the entire Razdan Family! Yes fíls and pére (Accent gráve…gotta remember how to do this) get upon their hind legs and and push you back into the harbor! That’s PaPa Rick, longtime fusilier for the Megawatts and his son Alec, both on tons of saxaphones. featuring most of the A-Train including and up to Dan Wailin’, on catarrh,and their drummer J*H*V*H*. all contributing to my job as the minister of pain. We’ve got lots of surprises on tap, and the Police have promised me they will arrest us if we play more than one manic swingy Bb blues or rhythm changes per set! 830 to 1130

Davesag’s blues party
The Rhumb Line
40 Railroad Ave.
Gloucester, MA

Music at the Beach Concert Series

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.26.02 PM

The new and exciting Music at the Beach Concert Series  kicks off this week, on TUESDAY night, with Pier Ave performing at the bandstand at Rockport’s Back Beach at 6:00pm. Check out Pier Ave in their video here!  

The idea for Music at the Beach started taking shape thanks to a conversation between Bruce Reed and Don “Duffy” Greel, the Supervisor of Rockport’s DPW.  During the conversation Duffy spoke of the concert series at the bandstand in the New Hampshire town where he has a camp. Reed had already been thinking that the bandstand could prove to further build community and would be the perfect venue for family events.  

Bruce Reed explains…

I discussed some ideas with Rockport’s Town Administrator, Linda Sanders.  Funding was always the major issue.  I had a core group willing to help with ideas, but we still had no funding.  Selectwoman, Sarah Fiumara Wilkinson, learned about a group named “Awesome Rockport” who is committed to identifying and supporting local initiatives.  We filled out their form and were selected as one of three finalists.  My 9 year-old cochairman, Wyatt Wilkinson, and I developed a presentation and won the grant.  Wyatt and I then presented to the Board of Selectman and received their sponsorship.    

The buzz around town for Tuesday’s event is quickly spreading and many people, including yours truly, are really excited to attend!  We are very appreciative to Bruce Reed, Wyatt Wilkinson (9 years-old, bears repeating!), Awesome Rockport, and the Board of Selectmen….as well as anyone else who played a role.

These are community events for all ages and people are encouraged to bring blankets, chairs, and picnics.

TUESDAYS 6:00-8:00 pm


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.26.02 PM



A-Train Orchestra Tonight! Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line…come on and have a swingin good time! 8:30pm 5.19.2016


Nobody has to cross the bridge this week as I ask several Rockportoricans to carefully drive home drunk after an emancipating evening of heavenly swinging back door blues. I’m talking the genetically altered father and son duo of Rikki and Alec Razdan  and their severely dyspeptic  rhythm section including master cocktail drummer David “Doc” Vincent, who specializes in bopping on tables , chairs and beer bottles (and empties a few, too) and the redoubtable  Mr. Dan Whelan, on catarrh, who can wheeze his way through any style.



a train

I gotta keep up with these guys, so an emergency vehicle will be on standby for most of the night, before they, too, drive home with one eye closed, like I do. Please don’t listen to me,I may be kidding. Then again….



40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

A-Train Orchestra On iTunes!

If you’re a local to Gloucester and unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard the fantastic A Train Orchestra at one of the many local events.  Well now’s your chance to get their music on iTunes-


Here they were on Rocky Neck-

Alek Razdan & the A-Train Orchestra in Rockport tonight!

If you’ve ever heard this band, you’ll no doubt want to come tonight to hear them again, and if you’ve never heard this band, here’s your chance.  They’re playing in the Old Firehouse Trust, which is right in Dock Square in downtown Rockport, from 4 to 8pm, where they will be tearing it up with their brand of high-energy jazz.  The A-Train Orchestra will help you warm up between stops on your shopping trip throughout downtown.  The Rockport Festivals group is hosting a hot chocolate stand right next to the band, so you can have a hot drink in hand while listening to some great music.

See you there!

A Train Orchestra Jams At Amy’s Coffee and Cones On Rocky Neck Video

These Boys Can Jam

Amy tells me she plans to have events like this once a month. I’m sure we will bring you the info on when the next entertainment will come to her awesome deck.

A-Train Orchestra Saturday at Amy’s Coffee and Cones

Amy Writes-

A-Train Orchestra is going to be playing on the deck of Amy’s Coffee & Cones this Saturday, June 19th from 4pm-8pm.  They are a fun band and crowd pleaser…they perform jump blues, boogie and soul!!!  The drummer is Gloucester’s very own Dave “Doc” Vincent, it’s sure to be a fabulous time!    Also very exciting news about Amy’s, as of tomorrow I am serving hotdogs and what is so exciting about that is the special sauce from my family’s restaurant when i was growing up….customers can now get a “Max’s Dog”!!!  Please stop by tomorrow and try one out….I’ll even get on video again to share the history of this special sauce!

Thanks so much,
Amy Blake
Amy’s Coffee & Cones


A-Train Orchestra at the Madfish

From Deb Clarke,
Next Saturday is going to be a busy day for my buddy David ‘doc’ Vincent and the boys in the A Train Orchestra.  You will find them in downtown Rockport on Saturday, entertaining the folk during Motif No 1 Day, in Dock Square 3-5, then later that night at the Madfish.  Here’s the poster.