When one Snowy Owl boy left his perch and flew within several feet of a second Snowy stationed further down the beach I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially after witnessing several territorial battles between Hedwig and Bubo last winter, as well as a Snowy dispute between a male and female at Crane Beach.

These two behaved as if they were expecting a visit from their best bud. After landing next to the stationary one, the active one immediately began to eat seaweed. This went on for several minutes.

Then he washed his big feet and fluffed his feathers. Both nodded and dozed off, like it was the most normal thing to hang with a Snowy bestie on the beach. They were spotted a few days later again, not too far apart 🙂

When is the ban on dog poop plastic bag litter?

It’s that time of year dog poop litter altars… 


all year (below= June 2018) 

dog poop plastic bag litter_June_summer_20180601_©c ryan

Top photo grid: first photo was one day in November when I saw 10 bags along the route. The rest are just a few snaps from one day 12/16/18. You can click the photos twice to enlarge them to full size from the wordpress mosaic format.