Rocky Neck – Jeanne Greenleaf Gallery

The Jeanne Greenleaf Gallery on Rocky Neck is open through the end of October. Greenleaf features figurative series that are as much about perception: large floating swimmer oil paintings and smaller pastels of fish or the human form. She renders the luminosity of the natural world in watercolor. Greenleaf resides in northern Florida, and is a former New England resident, with family still here. While in Gloucester she lives by Coffins Beach.

Jeanne Greenleaf, Jeanne Greenleaf gallery, Rocky Neck, October 2017 (monumental figurative oil paintings from swimmers series)
Jeanne Greenleaf, Jeanne Greenleaf Gallery, Rocky Neck, October 2017
Jeanne Greenleaf, Sandpipers, watercolor

Greenleaf’s gallery is in the same building as artist, Stephen Lapierre whose website url is Both galleries are around the corner from The Rudder. Other nearby galleries include Gallery 53, Sallie Schacht StrandRegina Piantedosi and Ian Everard, the 5th and final Goetemann Artist in Residency for 2017 (from October 1 to October 31st).


Manchester by the Shop – Central Street Gallery

Located at 11 Central Street in Manchester, the Central Street Gallery is an artists cooperative. Gallery Director Alison Rowell says that they have about 14 members who each rent wall space in the gallery which starts off at a width of approximately 73″. The artists can hang as many paintings as are practical.

The focus of the gallery is a traditional Plein Aire style with the paintings set in gold frames. There are some deviations on the theme providing  some different styles though the general style for paintings is still life and landscapes.

Each member of the Gallery agrees to rent space and also to paint 5-6 new paintings every two months which they deliver framed and ready for hanging. The Gallery presents six shows each year so the collection of paintings is changing every two months. To give each artist equal opportunity to the better display areas on the walls, every two months each artist rotates their space three wall spaces, guaranteeing each artist equal time in the front window.

Central Street Gallery is celebrating their fifth year at 11 Central Street and will be starting their next show with an opening night reception on December 7th. This show will focus on smaller works from the artists.

In addition to the Gallery there is a website (www.central street where more of each artist’s works are shown.

The artists are generally local with a number living in Manchester and Gloucester. Central Street Gallery is a great place to support local artists and is clearly a place to check out.

baZaar aRT

Artist Debbie Clarke works part time at Bananas Vintage Clothing, Assesories and just some great interesting Stuff Store. She will also Have some of her Artwork on display there during the Sidewalk Bazaar. While down there this weekend Check out Deb’s Art and the Bananas Store. Below is an example of Deb’s Art you will see.

"Beacon Marine" from Rocky Neck oil 24"x30"
Beacon Marine viewed from Rocky Neck.  This is an oil painting of the view from our old apartment on Rocky Neck.  The apartment was smaller than this one, but i sure got a lot of painting done in that space.  My struggle was to get the color, activate the picture plane and make the ‘box’ of the building.  The box is successful.  It was a real struggle to understand the activity below the doc and putting the boats on the plane of the water.  The painting is oil on canvas 24×30″.   copyright Clarke 2007 
(wow, seems like just yesterday)
inquiries about this painting and others always welcomed.

“AHHT” It’s what I Do! by deb Clarke

From deb Clarke;
Most of my work these past few weeks has been focused on the view in Cripple Cove.  Today and yesterday I stretched and triple primed this 38×42″ canvas.  I planned to draw on the gessoed surface with a sharpie marker, but I’m having a hard time making that first irreversible mark.  My plan was to base a painting on favorite drawings of looking down on Capt Joe’s docks .  pics of my recent drawings, the ‘white angst’, and source material follow.
Sharpie Sketch
Photo Reference, View from my House
Primed and Ready

Check out more on “Ahht” at:

Thinking of Cezanne, from Deb Clarke

From, deb Clarke;

Here’s a quick recap of my Memorial Day on East Main.  Here are 2 pics:  one is my reference material looking down on Joey’s docks across to the State Fish Pier with the city and western shore in the far distance, with a bit of green in the sky caused by the Canadian woodfires’ haze. I’ve been thinking alot about Cezanne and how he made plane changes in his paintings.  Cezanne wanted to create a painting with the solidity of a sculpture.  He didn’t rely on a directed light to illuminate objects; instead, he emphasized the form and organization of the picture plane through the direction of his stroke and color changes.  The light  seems to come from ‘within Cezanne’s paintings’.    In my work in progress I’ve paid particular attention to the way planes meet.  My space is getting a bit wonkie, and I am very interested in the spot that is in the very center of my painting.

ps:  I will put work up on the wall as often as my time and weather permits!
Looking Down on Joey's Dock
Photo from the spot where looking down on joey's dock is being painted from
Deb's Wall of Art on East Main St.

Deb’s “Wall of Art” can be seen if your driving on East Main St. towards Bass Ave, on the right side of the road between Capt. Joe’s Lobsters (Joey’s place) and Zeke’s Restaurant.

Check out more of Deb’s Work by clicking the Link below.

Sunday Morning Painting Class

There will be no class on Mother’s Day May 9th
Classes will resume May 16th at  St Peter’s Square Parking lot 6:30 a
20 Minute Painting Starts Sunday Morning Painting Class
20 Minute Painting Starts
and these are the paintings we did.  left 1,2,3:  Paul Frontiero.  center on clipboard:  Liz Bish.  next:  Debbie Clarke demo of a gesture painting reflecting my response to the color and feel of the morning. on right:  Tom Amend.  Last week painter Jeff Weaver stopped by and noted everyone was painting a different view.  This past Sunday we all faced the backlit hill with sun rising behind.  3/4 of the way through the class I introduced pthalo green into each of the students’ palette, showing them the cool/warm possibilities.  
“Cripple Cove gesture” Copyright Debbie Clarke oil on canvas 12″x16″5/2/10

Liz wanted to know what I would do next to my painting.  Nothing.  maybe I will sign it.  The gesture is a completely different ‘scene’ than the one I started with.  When I started to paint I did not know what was interesting about what I was observing.  I made one spot of color against another.  between conversations with students I painted and then ‘wham’ the dark shape pressing down on the center of the picture plane against the house caught my eye.

For more information On the
Sunday Morning Painting Class Contact Deb Clarke at:

“To Paint Is To Love Again” Henry Miller

From Deb Clarke;

I dedicate this Video to my

Sunday Morning Painting Class.

                                                                                 Deb Clarke

I never knew Henry Miller painted.  How did this escape me?

Beginning Painting 1 by Deb Clarke

 “Painters who are not colorists produce illumination and not painting….color gives the appearance of life.”

Monday, February 23, 1852 from the Journals of Eugene Delacroix,  French Painter

Beginning Painting

The Equipment

a portable easel

for beginners I recommend 3 colors:  cad yellow medium, grumbacher red, cobalt blue and white, a small jar of oil painting medium and some gessoed boards, a few brushes (boar bristle is fine)

if you try painting and want to continue, you will want to invest in more colors, brushes, medium and an easel for outdoor painting

Here is My Paint Box and supplies;

French Easel Draw with supplies

Here’s my french easel set-up for painting:

  a few big brushes, a few rounds, maybe a filbert, a small brayer.

My colors:
cad yellow light
lemon yellow
cad yellow medium
yellow ochre
raw sienna
burnt sienna
grumbacher red (napthol red)
alizarin crimson
pthalo green
winsor blue (pthalo blue)
cobalt blue
ultramarine blue
grumbacher pre-test white, original formula (titanium white)

medium:  1 part stand oil, 1 part damar, 1 part turp

thinner for cleaning brushes

If you need more info on Painting supplies and where you can purchase them, or how to join the Sunday Morning Painting Class (7am Cripple Cove Parking Lot, weather permitting) contact me at:

Sunday Morning Painting Class

It was a Beautiful day to be outside Painting at Cripple Cove Last Sunday.

Deb taught us how to block in large dark and light shapes and refine from there.

We Had a Great Time. Even Jeff Weaver stopped by for a few minutes.

Debbie Critiques my Painting
Tom Amend Busy Painting

For More Information on how you can join the Sunday Morning Painting Class

Contact Debbie Clarke at



A Call To Artists

A Call to Artists!

I’m looking for artists to share studio space in central Gloucester.  

contact me via email for details.

Deb Clarke:

Painting and Drawing  Lessons available
You too can learn how to do a 20 minute painting!  Take a class with Debbie,
and you will be doing them in ‘no time’…
20 minute color spot demo

Contact Debbie Clarke at;

Sunday Morning Painting Class

Outdoor Painting and Drawing Classes with a real Glosta’ artist

Deb painting at one of last years Block partys in front of Bananas

Outdoor painting and drawing classes (weather permitting) with Debbie Clarke begin Sunday April 18, 7-9am.  Classes meet at the Cripple Cove Parking Lot across from Zeke’s.  arrive by 6:30 to set-up.  fee $25. all levels encouraged from newbies to pros  to register contact me via email:  elli01930@yahoo.comall painting and drawing media welcome, sorry, no watercolor.

questions, etc, you know what to do.

Even if your not sure you’d like to try, come down and check it out. You never know you just might pick up a brush. Maybe Joey will show up and give it a try.

Painting of Banana's Window, 2009 Block Party

My Business Card

My Business Card

from Deb Clarke

I finally have a business card!  scan that code on the lower right with an iphone, blackberry, some droids.  it goes to my google business center listing, has some pics, some hours, contact info, and more…my location on the google map.
i posted about this a few days ago.
Deb Clarkes Business Card
Painting\Drawing Class
Starting next sunday 7am. should we meet at Capt Joes or the Cripple Cove parking. bring drawing/painting materials, easel, etc.  outdoor around the cove.  coffee and facilities at my house or zeke’s.  $25.  7-9. Contact me through my website:
No watercolors.

Jeff Weaver 2010 Spring Exhibits


Old Docks, East Gloucester

The Marblehead Arts Association
has invited Jeff, as guest artist,
to have an exhibit of his paintings
in the Parlor Gallery
at the King Hooper Mansion
8 Hooper Street, Marblehead, MA 01945

Jeff’s exhibit will run concurrent with the April Member Exhibit:
The Blue Show – All Things Water
from Saturday, April 3 through Sunday, April 25

Opening reception for both exhibits is Sunday, April 11, 2-4 pm.
For more information call: 978-590-2979, or 781-631-2608.

Jeff will be exhibiting at the Modern Marine Masters show
at The Maritime Gallery
at Mystic Seaport, 47 Greenmanville Avenue, Mystic, CT 06355.
The show runs from Saturday, April 24 through Friday, June 11.
For more information call: 978-590-2979, or 860-572-5388.