Beautiful Fish: Striped Bass -By Al Bezanson

Striped Bass, Striper, Rockfish, Rock, Linesides

The bass grows to a great size, the heaviest of which we have found definite record being several of about 125 pounds that were taken at Edenton, N. C., in April 1891.  Stripers are powerful fish; so strong in fact, that they appear to have no difficulty in handling themselves in the surf, where one is sometimes seen actually in the translucent crest of a comber just before the latter breaks.  The bass is very voracious, feeding on smaller fishes of whatever kind may be available, and on a wide variety of invertebrates. Lists of its stomach contents for one locality or another include alewife, anchovy, croakers, channel bass, eels, flounders, herring, menhaden, mummichogs, mullet, rock eels (Pholis gunnellus), launce, sculpins, shad, silver hake, silversides, smelt, tomcod, weakfish, white perch, lobsters, crabs of various kinds, shrimps, isopods, gammarid crustaceans, various worms, squid, soft clams (Myra) and small mussels. In our Gulf the larger bass prey chiefly on herring, smelt, sand launce, eels, and silver hake, on squid (on which they gorge when they have the opportunity), on crabs large and small, on lobsters, and on sea worms.  When bass are gorging on any one particular prey it is common knowledge among fishermen that they are likely to ignore food of other sorts for the time being. It seems also that when prey is plentiful, bass are likely to gorge, then cease feeding to digest, then to gorge again; also that all the members of a given school are likely to do this in unison, with consequent annoyance to the angler.


From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI


Al Bezanson


Tyler From Yankee Fleet’s Gloucester MA Fishing Report Filed 6/28/12


Tyler writes-

Good morning fisherman!!!
So here’s the latest scoop, the bluefish are in, the toothy blue assassins are flushing out the mackerel making them harder to find, which only makes the live mackerel more valuable for people trying to live line for stripers. 

There are plenty of squid around as we had a mate fill a bucket while sittin on one of our docked vessels two nights ago. Calamari for dinner!!  Live lining squid like stated last week can be a very effective striper method if done at the proper time ( which is later at night with a moving tide). 

It is absolutely the time to be slinging eels at night for stripers as the water temperature continues to rise, use a small live line hook, hooking the eel through the lower jaw and out an eye ball, it is important to get the eel in the water as quickly as possible as they will entangle themselves very quickly, it is also very important to hook through an eyeball that way the eel stays alive and presents a much better meal ( will present diagram below).


Flounder fishing continues to be good, with good fishing off of Niles beach. If you are new to the saltwater fishing scene come down and sign up for a harbor adventure tour! they run Friday and Saturday’s from 4:30 – 8:00 pm. These trips focus on stripers, mackerel, flounder and other inshore species. Let us do the driving and fish finding! 

tyler striper

New Feature: Tyler From Yankee Fleet’s Gloucester MA Fishing Report


Tyler writes-

Based on what I’ve heard and seen, there are COPIOUS amounts of squid around and many people are catching them for dinner while others are fishing them for big stripers at night. Use a yo-zuri squid jig and look for pilings with bright light once it gets dark as the light brings them in.

I have had many customers coming in buying seaworms saying that the flounder bite is still very hot. sandy bottoms per usual are the best places to find them. The dogbar was "loaded" with flounder I heard from two customers who quickly bought a dozen worms to head back out there. If you’re looking for stripers with this warm weather, the water temperature will be rising and as the summer progresses you will have to change your fishing times to early in the morning and later at night as they will be heading to deeper, cooler water during the day as the summer heats up, but for now there are still mackerel around the groaner.  Using sabiki’s is still catching striper candy.   If surf fishing from the rocks, fish the white water for the big linesider of the season.

No word on bluefish, but with the water temps heating up its only a matter of time. Come down to the tackle shop at 121 east main street to get all the tackle and information you need, and if we don’t have what you are looking for we are more than happy to order it for you!

Feel free to leave a question for my in the comment section directly under this post and I will do my best to answer it for you.

tyler striper and our telephone number is 1 855 546 3474 ( 1 855 5GO FISH )

121 east main street gloucester ma
hours of operation weekends 5 am.
weekdays 530
thursday 4 am
open till 6

Adam Bolonsky Is Looking For A Striper Photo For an Article

Hi Joey;
If things go to plan, I’ll have published in the September issued of On The Water magazine a 2,500-word story on striper fishing inner and outer Gloucester Harbor during the fall run.
Can you put a call out to compadres you know, and via GMG, that I need high res. (at least 1megabyte) photos of large stripers bass taken from any type of boat?
Photos that include recognizable Gloucester landmarks would be great, but are not a necessity. Fish can’t look obviously dead: i.e. covered in blood, with their guts hanging out or anything graphic like that.
Photographer gets byline credit but no cash.

All I have is Pablo here-

So get to it photo snappers!

Micah Dean, Brianmoc- Striper Assassins and Micah Demonstartes How He Makes His Lures

Brianmoc writes about Micah Dean’s Lures-

Once more a very nice fish on this lure. Not the biggest hit but this was one of 3 (32,36 and this) Run Micah down and buy one of his lures! I only own this one as its a test lure but will pick off one or two now. Odds he gets this lure back Zero! All lures are hand-turned and made on Cape Ann. First light has them or you can got his web site. This was test lures but now i think i will get two.

click this text for Micah’s website

Micah Dean Woodturning Lures, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Micah Dean Hand Turned Mackerel Plugs
Micah Dean Hand Turned Mackerel Plugs
Micah Dean Woodturned lures
Micah Dean Woodturned lures

Click below to see a video with Micah making one of his lures in his workshop-

click pic to view video
click pic to view video

Brianmoc Video of Porter B Fighting a 42 inch Striper

Brian Moc Writes-

Porter B with yet one more big striped bass in 2010! this little fish was 42 inches & its was his 8th ish in two weeks! Also this guy Catch & Releases! Caught on a raindow Gibbs 1oz pencil popper . Word on the street is his last year fishing because he is getting married to his super hot high school sweetie in 2011!

Brian Moc has a great series of saltwater fishing videos from Cape Ann

You can check out his Youtube channel here

Nice Fish!

Small World

The calm before all the reporting of the Block Party etc. I got a photo by email from a friend in Woods Hole of the Striper he caught before he went back to work. 32 lbs, 4 oz. A monster. When I got the email I went over to Maritime Traffic to see where his ship currently was. Since I have the New York Tug boat “Lincoln Sea” in “my ships” I could quickly see that he was coming out of Portland heading south. His northward trip turned at Thacher Island only two miles out so I emailed back to take a photo of the twin lights as he went by heading south. He’s now anchored off the Statue of Liberty but he sent me this:

Not the usual shot of the lights this time with the north light on the right. We were kayaking this morning off Straitsmouth for another view of Thacher but I couldn’t chance pulling the camera out.

Menage Gallery Striper Video

Y’all know how I feel about Fish Art hung on locals walls-  It should be indigenous to these waters.

Well the Mrs saw this striper in the window at Menage Gallery and asked me if I thought they would let me take it home to see if it would work in the spot she had in mind for it.

So yesterday I rolled on in to the Menage Gallery and asked “Goody” if it was possible.

Pablo- Striper Assasin!

It’s been much slower on the striper front this year compared to last but every once in a while Pablo manages to land one.

God only knows how. He doesn’t hide the hook inside the chunk of herring, he just hooks it right through the side of the herring with the rest of the hook exposed. Most stripers are too smart to fall for that. They are generally very suspicious of anything that does not look natural floating through the water and to land a big fish more times than not you have to carefully plant that hook inside the bait so none of that hook is visible outside of the chunk of bait.

But every once in a while you get that suicidal striper that tosses inhibition to the side and dive bombs at Pablo’s hook.


Pablocito- Striper Assasin!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Things To Do- The Rhumbline Striper Tournament

A fun annual event is being held once again tomorrow-

The Rhumb Line Striper Tournament

It’s Saturday August 2, 2008 6:00AM-3:00PM

The entrance fees are $10 for 16y/o and under and $20 for 17y/o and older. The fee includes a free T-shirt & cook-out.

Registration locations are at The Rhumb Line and The Sandy Bay Yacht Club with weigh-in and an awards banquet at The Rhumb Line.

There will be cash prizes and other giveaways

For $10 or $20 thats a great take!

For more info call 978-283-9732