Pet of the Week- Friday


My name is Friday, I am a sweet fellow with an affectionate side. I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA), located at the Christopher Cuter Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.

 I had a rough start, I lived on the streets and a really nice family took me in along with a lots of other feline friends and took good care of us, but when they fell on hard times; they had to find another home for us.  A nice rescue lady came and retrieved me and a couple of my friends and brought us to the Cape Ann Animal Aid. As a result of some of those rough and cats, I need to be kept indoors and be feed well and I will be fine! I am a “Special” adoption. Stop by the CAAA for details or go online at: CapeAnnAnimalAid.Com

I say special is right, anyone who adopts me is one lucky human!

Morning Sun

It must be warm being in the sun and between the window and the shade. As is said sometimes, these shots were “offense by accident”, I saw this guy out of the corner of my eye driving through Magnolia. Turned around and he waited for me…

A Moment in the Sun
A Moment in the Sun
A Profile in the Sun
A Profile in the Sun


Pet of the Week- Woof


Pleased to meet you!   I am a playful and full of energy cat.  I am outgoing and happy to meet new human friends.

I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.   It is a wonderful shelter here and we have many cats and dogs in need of loving homes.  If you are looking for a male kitten, I hope you might consider me.

Check our website at: I am only five-months-old and I have a handsome shorthaired white and tiger coat.  I will be medium size when I am fully grown.   Oh!  my name is Woof, but I am a cat – really!

Found Cat Info From Virginia McKinnon

This beautiful male orange cat was found on Friend Street on October 24, 2013.

All agencies were contacted. Found cat advertisement  was in the Times. 

Cat has a white bib, long tail with brown rings. He is very affectionate and playful.

Someone must be looking for him, as he is a very good cat. He has been checked out by a Vet and had all his shots. Any information to find his home, will be greatly appreciated. 

Carol's Cat

Pet of the Week-Pumpkin Spice

pumpkin spice

Hi, my name is Pumpkin Spice and I am a playful, sweet and cute two-month-old kitten with a handsome orange coat.   I am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.   The staff and volunteers are so nice and the shelter is beautiful with lots of room to stroll around, toys, windows and bird feeders to look at!   I am looking forward to being adopted, especially in time for the holidays.

Please check our website at: to learn more about our upcoming events and adoptable cats and dogs.   It is ok to stop by with toys for our shelter animals here.   Everyone says that I am just like my name – sweet and spunky!

Pet of the Week-Big Kitty

Big Kitty

Hello!  My name is Big Kitty, I am part Norwegian Forest.  I am a happy and mellow guy.  I like napping and playing with toys.  I am not so sure about the other cats yet, but my friends here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid said that I am learning to make new friends and those little things; I think they are called kittens.   I love attention and can’t wait to be adopted so I can curl up in a lap.   When the veterinarian did my check-up, they found I have a heart murmur.  My doctor didn’t recommend any treatment right now, but I may need more vet care and monitoring in the future.

If you think we would be a good match, why don’t you stop down to the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester and we talk about how I can fit into your life and make you happier.  Also, I love the Red Sox and will you please wear some Red Sox gear when you come to adopt me so I may recognize you right away!

Origami Cats

A while ago I came up for a design for an origami cat:


Recently, a cat friend of mine named Neo (who lived with the family upstairs) died.  I wanted to give the bereaved family a cat in memory of the deceased, so I made this one, changing the pose from standing to sitting and making a few other tweaks to the design:

Then another friend (Alexander Thompson of Ma’s Brand fame) offered a bigger challenge: to make a black and white “cow cat” in memory of one of his beloved felines who now rests in peace, in exchange for a a jar of his (delicious) pickles. This is what I have come up with so far, based on a photo of the cat in question:


It needs a little bit of work still, but it was a happy coincidence that my original design for the cat easily allowed me to add a color change to get the black and white (one side of the paper is black, the other white, and I folded it such that the colors come out where I want them). I also need to fold it with better paper.  But it’s exciting to be dedicating time to this kind of origami creativity!

Matthew Green


Pet of the Week-Checkers!

Hello!  My name is Checkers, I am an active and sweet, two-month-old boy kitten.  I am brown-and-black and quite handsome. I love to play and wrestle with my brothers and sisters.  I was in a foster home that had a cat friendly dog and we got along well.

If you would like to meet me and my siblings, we are at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane in Gloucester.  Please check our website at: for upcoming events.  We always enjoy receiving cat and dog toys for animals here at the shelter.   We are continuing to accept returnable bottle and cans on Sundays from 12 Noon – 3 p.m. for our Transportation fund.

Don’t forget my name – it’s Checkers and of course I know how to play checkers and I always win!


Lost Cat

“Hi Joey, Not sure you have a lost and found section for pets… our cat has been missing for 2.5 weeks and I have exhausted all avenues. Someone mentioned posting on GMG… I love your blog, but have never posted. If you have a lost and found section, could you please post this picture and information about our very missed small cat… Thank you.”

Darlene Story
phone: (978)283-0383

LOST since Tuesday June 25: 10 month old BROWNISH/GRAY Indoor cat. Answers to Gandy. Not spayed. Door was left ajar and wandered out. Haskell Street, Gloucester MA. Usually very friendly, may be skittish. Hoping someone is taking good care of her.


Don’t touch my catnip!


Taking a break from my second-hand store series, here’s a cute photo of Neo:

Neo is the cat-in-residence at my new apartment in Gloucester.  He is officially attached to the family upstairs, but he’s claimed me as an auxiliary affection provider (which is fine with me).  If I so much as squat down to pick something up when he’s around, he tries to crawl into my lap.  Of course, I allow him as often as I can!
Here he is enjoying a Dr. Pussum’s catnip toy from the Pop Gallery, a gift from my friend Vignette-Noelle.  He loves it!   It looks like he’s saying, “If try to take this from me, I’ll rip your face off.” Very sweet of him!  I bought some of these catnip toys before, for my parents’ two cats, and they were also very pleased.

Matthew Green

Pet of the Week-Duke

pet of the week, cat, kitty

My name is Duke!    I actually came to the shelter by mistake.  I was an outdoor barn cat and was mistaken for a stray.   It was decided because of my ear that I should become an indoor cat.   I have a unique ear that they call a cauliflower ear.  The condition was caused by an ear infection that has now cleared up.   I am a friendly guy who likes people better than horses, and now I am looking for a nice warm home and family to love me.   I will need to have my ear checked to keep me in top notch shape.   If you would like to meet me, please stop by the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the

Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.

I hear everyone talking about the Winter Ball on February 9 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Cruiseport Gloucester, Six Row Square, Gloucester.   Check our website at for details!

I won’t be at the Winter Ball, I am looking forward to becoming a couch potato!

Origami from my archives

Going through some origami I have in storage I came across these inventions of mine I haven’t folded in a while.

First, this golden cat, that looks like it belongs in an Egyptian tomb.

Origami cat

Then this car. I came up with it a few years ago when a little boy asked me to make an origami car, and I didn’t have any instructions with me.  The basic idea of the design is inspired in other models, but the way I worked it out is mine:

My car

I have to remember how I did it, and get it diagrammed for future use…

Fr. Matthew Green

Catnip toys from Pop Gallery make our cat happy

During the “Men’s Night” event, at the Pop Gallery I bought a pack of catnip-based toys for my family’s two cats, Frey and Freya.  This photo shows Frey after flipping out with the catnip… now in a happy catnip-induced stupor.  The small green packet and the realistic mouse were both part of the set.  Freya also enjoyed the toys, but she likes to hide under the covers on my parents’ bed, so I couldn’t get photos…

Fr. Matthew Green


A Gloucester Polydactyl Cat

I came across this handsome polydactyl cat the other day near the rectory here at St. Ann’s Church.  According to various internet sources (including, of course, Wikipedia), “double-pawed” cats are particularly common on the east coast.  Reputedly, sailors prized them as skilled mousers and bringers of good luck.  Historically, they are particularly linked to Boston, from whence they spread to other ports. Hence, their higher distribution in cities like Gloucester.

This particular cat has polydactyly on both front and back feet, which is apparently (according to Wikipedia) fairly rare.  He was also extremely friendly with me, despite my being a total stranger.

According to a member of our parish staff, this cat (he, or maybe she? I’m not sure…) hangs around the church a lot.  Does anybody know to whom he belongs? If he’s a stray, I’m adopting him… (or her, or it, or whatever…)

– Fr. Matthew Green

Pet of the Week- Shilo

Shio, Kitten at Cape Ann Animal Aid








My name is Shilo and I am a two-month-old boy
kitten who has a beautiful black coat and blue eyes.

I am playful and curious. I will be a small kitten even
when I am fully grown. If you would like to meet
me, I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, presently located
at 260 Main Street in Gloucester.  We are closed on
Wednesdays preparing to move to our new shelter at
Four Paws Lane in Gloucester that will be known as
the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter to open soon!

Remember that on June 2  the Rescue Reunion will take
place a Stage Fort Park from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. rain or shine.
I have to take a nap now – you can’t be this cute and
playful without taking plenty of naps!