Origami Cats

A while ago I came up for a design for an origami cat:


Recently, a cat friend of mine named Neo (who lived with the family upstairs) died.  I wanted to give the bereaved family a cat in memory of the deceased, so I made this one, changing the pose from standing to sitting and making a few other tweaks to the design:

Then another friend (Alexander Thompson of Ma’s Brand fame) offered a bigger challenge: to make a black and white “cow cat” in memory of one of his beloved felines who now rests in peace, in exchange for a a jar of his (delicious) pickles. This is what I have come up with so far, based on a photo of the cat in question:


It needs a little bit of work still, but it was a happy coincidence that my original design for the cat easily allowed me to add a color change to get the black and white (one side of the paper is black, the other white, and I folded it such that the colors come out where I want them). I also need to fold it with better paper.  But it’s exciting to be dedicating time to this kind of origami creativity!

Matthew Green


5 thoughts on “Origami Cats

  1. All three are beautiful, and I like the black and white best , but by a small margin ….maybe because it reminded me of Ramses, who is now in the Great Catnip Fields . your artistry is amazing, do you ever think of having a show ? please keep up the photos , and thank you !


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