Carol McKenna Encounters Moolongz at Gloucester Harbor

carol and freelang

Was lucky enough to catch this shot of Carol McKenna and her dog Zoe communicating with a Moolongz at Gloucester Harbor. They’re here. Can you see them?

E.J. Lefavour

Artist Spotlight Series

Spotlight on Carol McKenna

spotlight_carol mckenna

Carol is a Gloucester native who lived away for 22 years and has happily been back on Cape Ann for 14. She has been a member of the Rocky Neck Art Colony for two years.  A renegade from the traditional work worlds of Education and Psychology, Carol is now being true to that little girl who was given her first camera at the age of six, primarily spending her time photographing nature around Cape Ann with her little yorkie, Zoe.  Carol also writes Japanese haiku, tan rengas and posts her photography, poetry and a bit of art on her blog

You can see more of Carol’s work at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, East Gloucester during the Rocky Neck Holiday Art & Fine Crafts Festival

Saturdays and Sundays, Noon-4 PM November 30 – December 29

and look for her during one of the fun parties:

Friday, November 29, 5-7 PM Gala First Choice Preview Party

Saturday, December 7, 2-4 PM High Tea

Sunday, December 15, 3-5 PM Happy Hour

Saturday, December 21, 2-4 PM Winter Solstice Party

Sunday, December 29, 2-4 PM Pre New Year’s Party

E.J. Lefavour


Beaux Arts Ball 2013

beaux arts ball 2013

Some photos from last night’s Beaux Arts Ball by Carol McKenna.

And some photos taken by me of Audi Souza’s extremely successful opening reception at Khan Studio.  That girl’s paintings just flew off the walls.  Congratulations Audi.

audi opening

E.J. Lefavour

GloucesterCast Podcast With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 5/19/13

GloucesterCast Podcast With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped May 19th, 2013

click to listen-GloucesterCast With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro taped May 19th, 2013

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A Beautiful “Angel Fish” Watercolor

A Beautiful “Angel Fish” in Watercolor

From Carol McKenna
“Asian Brush style painting of an Angel Fish complimented with watercolor from Sakura Field Sketchbox which Paul Frontiero has posted about using on post card stock ~ I have used this sketchbox for several years now and really like it. I prefer the pan watercolor versus the tubes; fits more with my fluid style of painting.

Below are photos of my work which of are ‘She Spirits’ done in sennelier oil pastels, Asian style brush paintings , Haiku on digitally manipulated photos (also called Haigas) and Photography. They can all be viewed in Kahn Studio and Good Morning Gloucester Gallery. More of my work and information about me, Carol L McKenna may be seen at my blog ~ Hope you will stop by. ”

A Gloucester Sketchbook Project Update from Carol McKenna’s Yorkie

A Gloucester Sketchbook Project Update from Carol McKenna’s Yorkie!

Little Buddha "ZOE" photo by Gisela Turner



This photo is part of the Sketchbook Project that my owner decided to enter. The project is keeping her busy and she says it is quite interesting. What is the Sketchbook Project? It is a traveling event whereby you enter the sketchbook that you purchased from the event after you have filled it up with art.  Then in January you send it in all finished. Then it begins to travel around the United States to various libraries and then comes home and is housed in the Brooklyn library. (wonder if they have dogs in the library?) In her Sketch Book, she is including pencil sketches, watercolor paintings, favorite quotes with watercolor background and recycled watercolor paintings that really didn’t work for her. Personally, I would have welcome the dropped pieces and chased them around. Nope, now she is going “green” and trying recycle everything. I will still hope for the “crumbs” that I can eat or use as a toy.
This particular collage piece above is one of those “recycled babies” ~ I looked real closely and laughed because in the center it looks like one of those “Where’s Waldo” types or even one of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Look closely and let me know if you see it also? My owner can get real weird sometimes; yet you know I love her and sit and watch faithfully what she creates. She thinks I am sleeping and that is okay I will keep watching. She is soooooooo much fun to watch.
Now, my owner has decided that I can be the writer of this blog because I am always snuggling up to her laptop and she says I interrupt her when she is typing so now I get to do the typing. Boy, what I get for being so faithful and loving. Yep, I get treats, walks, hugs and to be near her most of the time. She sometimes goes out and leaves me home to take care of the house. I don’t mind, I love her and I know she loves me. So, I try to give her good “mojo” so that she will be happy creating and creating wonderful creations from her soul. You are probably laughing that a “dog” is writing this but I am. I am a real smart Yorkie; not just a cutie, you know.
Hugs and namaste,
PS. Do you know what namaste means?

Carol McKenna Sketchbook Project Update

Sketchbook Project 2011

from Carol McKenna

In creatively thinking about how I would protect my Sketch Book for this project, it took several weeks of reflection and experimenting before I decided what I would do. My main purpose was to protect the book. My second concern was to “keep it simple”. My life can be rather complex so I didn’t need to add to the chaos that can so randomly occur. Therefore, I now have a very simple, yet “artsy” cover for my Sketchbook.

Cover for Sketchbook Project 2011

Hopefully, you will be able to see the picture as I try to figure the wordpress technique of uploading photos and what happens to them after you have uploaded them And you thought us Artists just sit around and play all day ~ HUH! ~ Enjoy.

Hugs and namaste,

Carol McKenna


Gloucester Sketchbook Project Update


Gloucester Sketchbook Project

 “Something Sketchy” Update

Something Sketchy Welcomes New Member: Carol McKenna 

Carol McKenna

Hello, World ~

So glad you could stop by for my new artistic adventure. I am so glad to be part of this wonderful team, SomethingSketchy. Everyone is working hard and sharing their creativity. When asked to join this adventure, I was so excited and naturally rather anxious. Me? They want me to join them! Well, here I am  and will be sharing my artistic journey.

The latest event is the Sketchbook Project Tour 2011 which is a traveling art event. When you join, you receive a blank journal and are to fill it with your sketches by mid January and then send it in to join the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn NY. From there your sketchbook travels around the country and then returns home to the Brooklyn Library where the journals will be housed for viewing. Yep, you have to let go of your “art baby” and send her into the world. Mama Mia! “Here I go again.” Another brave adventure or as Helen Keller is quoted as saying “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”


When I enrolled in the Sketchbook Project, I didn’t particulary like any of the themes they offered so I went with a random selection and the theme I now have is “Make mine a double” ~ As I post different page projects you will see sketches on this theme. It is a theme that can be portrayed in many ways and is, in fact, providing me with the opportunity to expand my imagination and creativity. Just another one those “life hurdles”.

Hugs and namaste,

Carol McKenna

For more Info on the Gloucester Sketchbook Project Click the Link Below

Check out Carols other blogs\