Lots Of Suspects In The Great Shrimp Caper Of 2013

2013-05-25 08.30.01

If you recognize any of these seedy individuals please contact local authorities immediately.  We’re counting on you, our grassroots community investigative team to figure out who the scumbag is that’s been clipping bags of shrimp out of the freezer.

From our in-house surveillance cameras.

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Who is old school Gloucester enough to remember clear plastic furniture covers?


Dating myself, I remember back in the early 70s when making the rounds with my mom and sister Felicia we would visit all her Sicilian relatives on Prospect and up on Commonwealth, and they always had their living room furniture sets covered with that hard transparent plastic to protect it.

Never see those plastic furniture covers any more.  While talking to Miles Schlicte we were trying to figure out when, if ever they took the covers off the furniture.  Was it only for special occasions, or was it when there weren’t children around?

Did you know anyone or have any relatives that had the transparent furniture covers?

Not my mom-


Glostafarians Celebrating Ten Years @ Mile Marker 1 ~ Monday May27th @ 5:00pm

mile marker 1-1
Monday May 27th 5pm
THE GLOSTAFARIANS Celebrating Ten Years!!

Sunset on the River!


DJ VITO Spins in the Aqua Room
Sunday at 9pm!
Sunday is the famous White Party summer kick-off celebration. Not to be missed.

Come down to Mile Marker One for double the fun!


Cindy Hendrickson Pitches Cape Ann Foodies Tour

Hey Joey,
It was so much fun seeing you at the Stage Fort Park Visitor’s Center Opening.  Thank you for posing with the new Cape Ann Foodies Signature Fork.
Here are a few pictures of some of the Usual Tourism Suspects mugging with the Fork. 
Cape Ann Foodies is the creation of Gloucester local Patrick Halloran.  What a great idea – a walking tour that combines History, Food, and Local Beer.  It is fun and filling!
Check out the website:  http://www.capeannfoodietours.com or give him a call at 617-902-8291.
I am excited to be one of his tour guides this year; just need to lose the crutch and I’m good to go.
Cindy Hendrickson 


imagine gallery

Brenda Malloy’s Imagine Gallery on Rocky Neck has a fresh, new look this season.  While you’ll still find the cool, funky jewelry, bags and clothing she carries, she is focusing her gallery more on the great new work she created this winter.  Don’t miss a chance to experience the ever positive, bubbly Brenda and her innovative work.

E.J. Lefavour

To The Wonder at the Cape Ann Community Cinema

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC ©Kim Smith 2013Sarah Green at the Cape Ann Community Cinema

Last night I caught the screening event of To The Wonder, hosted by the film’s producer, Gloucester’s Sarah Green, and showing at Cape Ann Community Cinema. My favorite aspect of the film is the cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki–simply stunning, really-and the characters are equally as gorgeous to look at as are the landscapes that surround. The theatre was packed for this very special event and the procedes are going towards launching Cape Ann Community Cinema’s indigogo fund-raising campaign to upgrade their projection equipment. READ MORE ABOUT THE CACC indiegogo fundraiser here.

The full schedule can be found at the Cinema’s website at Cape Ann Community Cinema.

Sarah Green Duncan Nelson to the Wonder CACC ©Kim Smith 2013Duncan Nelson’s Impromptu Ode to Sarah 

Sarah Green to the Wonder Cape Ann Community Cinema ©Kim Smith 2013JPGSarah’s Q & A after the film’s screening

Read Gail McCarthy’s Gloucester Daily Times story about Sarah Green here.

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC ©Kim Smith 2013 Michael UllmanBoston Filmmaker Michael Ullman

All the photos are grainy. They were shot without flash in the cinema’s darkened theatre with the Fujifilm X-E1,  ISO 12,000, which isn’t too shabby that my camera even has an ISO 12,000!

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC  Michael Ullman Rachel©Kim Smith 2013

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC  Michael Ullman Rachel -2. ©Kim Smith 2013Michael meeting the always gracious and beautiful Cape Ann Community Cinema’s Rachel

Is It Astounding In 2013 That Someone Would Ask This Question Rather Than Google “Hard Merchandise T-Shirt”?

I got this email last night (name removed as to not embarrass the nice person)-

where can i find t-shirts for the hard merchandise?  cant find it on this place, or im looking in the wrong place.  help me out ok?  thanx


In no way shape or form am I trying to be a prick here.  It’s just interesting to me and I thought I’d share the fact that there are HUGE numbers of the population that haven’t figured out how to do an online search using a search engine.

I mean it had to take more energy for this kind person to type out the email asking where they can find Hard Merchandise T-Shirts than the energy it would have taken to type “Hard Merchandise T-shirt” into a search engine.

So you know they truly don’t understand how.  They’re not being lazy, they just don’t understand that they could Google it.

Here’s a Public Service Announcement for those folks that haven’t figured out how to search for stuff online (an everyday life tool I think you should know about)-

There are other Search engines such as www.bing.com and www.lmgtfy.com you can use to perform searches for things you would like information about or products to buy.

I understand that many of you already understand this but if you saw how many questions a day I get with simple questions that can be answered with far fewer keystrokes you would understand that there are huge chunks of the population for which this tutorial will help immensely.

If we can help just one person understand how to perform an internet search that previously didn’t know how I’ll consider this post a smashing success.

thank you for your time and understanding

Joey C