Good Morning Gloucester 2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage


Could not be prouder of our team who once again just absolutely crushed it with this year’s Fiesta coverage.

You can forward this comprehensive Fiesta Coverage list to your friends and relatives who might have missed out on the fun.

Thanks for watching and thanks to our awesome team!

Massachusetts Municipal Association HarborWalk Award Mentions Part 5- St. Peter’s Fiesta HarborWalk Story Moment #1

Good Morning!

If this picture doesn’t give you wood you’re a despicable human being and I don’t want to know you.

It’s Coming! Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Just In From Gina Lampassi- Womens Seine Boat Race Eliminations To Be Held This Sunday at 1PM

Junior Women’s Seine Boat Vine From John McElhenny

Putting the finishng touches on the altar

Getting Ready For The Big Day!

Junior Girls Seine Boats

St. Peter’s Novena 2013 photos by Anthony Marks

St Peter’s Fiesta – The Set Up

This Is What Happens When You Row Seine Boats- From AmandaCakes

St Peter’s – Special People Start Fiesta

St Peter’s Fiesta Eve Comments From Gloucester Chief Of Police Leonard Campanello


Seine Boat Practice 2013

The workers are getting it done

St Peter’s Fiesta–Dedication 2013

Let The Fiesta Begin

Fiesta 2013

Wednesday the start of Fiesta 2013

2013 Fiesta..Wednesday From David Cox

2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Wednesday! From Thom Falzarano

2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule Of Events

2013 St Peter’s Fiesta–5 K Race Start

Early Boats Get The Best Spots Photo by Anthony Marks

Fiesta on Thursday From Fred Bodin

2013 Greasy Pole Webcam Up And Running #Fiesta Baby!


2013 Fiesta Thursday Photos From David Cox

Joe Balbo and Joanne Frontiero’ Junior Girls Seine Boat Crew Xtra-Ordinary Eagerly Awaits Their Race

Live Fiesta Update From Kim Smith: Women’s Seine Boat Upset Rogue Wins!!!!

Fox 25 Live Chopper Video Streaming Of The 2013 Greasy Pole

Live Blogging- Junior Womens Seine Boat Race Underway- Vine From Kim Smith

Live Blogging Friday 2013 St Peters Fiesta From Peter and Vickie Van Ness

Video- Kyle Barry 2013 Greasy Pole Friday Winning Walk!

Junior Girls Seine Boat Crew Photos From Sista Felicia and Donna Ardizzoni

St Peter’s Fiesta – Marilyn Munroe enjoys Opening Ceremonies

Photos and video interview with Kyle Barry – Your Friday 2013 Greasy Pole Champion!!

Fiesta Faces in the Crowd

Friday’s Fiesta Fun

Live Blogging: Greasy Pole @ The Godfather’s Shangri-La Sat. 2013 Begins!

Live At Pavilion Beach From Kim Smith

Live Blogging: Zack Allen – Your 2013 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion!

Now that is a Fiesta Hat

2013 Greasy Pole Champ Zach Allen Grabbing The Flag Photos From Lowell Peabody

Girls Jr Seine Boat Races

Saturday 2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta- Seine Boats Photos From Lowell Peabody

What a day on Saturday

2013 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion Walker – ZACK ALLEN!

2013 Saturday Greasy Pole Champ Zach Allen’s Winning Greasy Pole Walk Filmed By Kim Smith

Mass and the Procession

St Peter’s Fiesta – Fire. Police Dept. and Coast Guard Race

Greasy Pole Saturday Winner Zach Allen in Action

Live from the Greasy pole: Your Sunday Champ-Nicky Avelis!!!

Live Party’n from The Greasy Pole

Fiesta Wrap Up From Gloucester Ma Chief Of Police Leonard Campanello

Fiesta Hat Ladies In The Hizzouse!

Live from the Greasy pole: Your Sunday Champ-Nicky Avelis!!!

Good Morning Gloucester 2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage

Sunday Greasy Pole Winner – Nicky Avelis

St Peter’s Fiesta – The Parade – Homage to St Peter

St Peter’s Fiesta – Saturday Evening on Main Street

St Peter’s Fiesta – Award Winners

St Peter’s Fiesta – Seine Boat Race – Final Strokes

Fiesta…Friday Evening

Beautiful Sunday Mass and St. Peter’s Procession

Fiesta..,Friday Sports at beach.

Fiesta Photos From Michael Miller

Standers vs Sitters On Pavilion Beach. Is There really any debate on this one?

Some of the Thrills & Spills of Sunday

St Peter’s Fiesta–5K Racers (Pre & Post Race) Faces

Prospect St. Rooftop

What a Fiesta

St. Peter’s Fiesta on Cape Ann TV TONIGHT Starting at 5


Greg Cook Fiesta Photos At THEARTERY ON WBUR

Video – 2013 Sunday Greasy Pole Walking for Loved Ones and Former Champs

What’s The Right Amount To Tip When You Get Takeout At A Sit Down Restaurant?

I’m always confounded at what I should leave for the person that takes my order when I place it over the phone at a sit down dinner place.

It’s not like they are waiting on you and serving you drinks.  they’re basically taking the order over the phone, bagging it up from the kitchen and giving you change.

You gotta leave something, right? But not 20%, right?  It’s always awkward. 

How do you handle it?

Fiesta Wrap Up From Gloucester Ma Chief Of Police Leonard Campanello

Hi Joey,

Buona Fiesta!! I am so happy to have celebrated St. Peters Fiesta with the citizens of Gloucester and met so many of your readers and thank them for their wonderful comments and support of the Police Department.

Over all, I think we had wonderful cooperation from the vast majority of people at the Fiesta and the establishments in the City. We had a low number of arrests for the very specific reasons that I outlined before the Fiesta. We were not going to tolerate any one who decides to become a disruptive influence on an otherwise enjoyable and fun family event. And as I said, the overwhelming majority of people respected this. In fact, as of today, we had only 17 Fiesta related arrests and they were misdemeanors. My office has thus far received no reports of injuries as a result of the arrests and disruptive behavior and I credit the City’s police officers, as well as the great support we received from the Essex Sheriff’s Department and the Massachusetts State Police. I cannot thank the majority of Gloucester residents enough for their cooperation and respectfulness throughout Fiesta. I think it also important to thank the City Administration, especially Mayor Carolyn Kirk, who was present throughout the Fiesta and often checked in with me to ensure my first Fiesta had the support of the City. The support of Mayor Kirk had a lot to do with the safe and enjoyable atmosphere of this years’ Fiesta celebration.

Some of your readers may have a concern about the deployment of K9 ‘s and their handlers at closing times. I can tell you that I am evaluating that response with the input I have heard from my officers, establishment owners, and citizens I have heard of. I would also like to ask your reader to call me directly if they have a concern. There is perspective in every police matter, especially when managing a crowd of thousands across several establishments who may have been consuming alcohol, and sometimes those perspectives can differ. I’m happy to discuss any issues the community has in working toward making next year’s Fiesta even safer and more enjoyable for all.

Again, let me say how much I was honored to have been a part of this event. As the Police Chief, I believe it was very successful and a safe event. As a person, I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to next year. It’s one of the reasons that Gloucester is such a special community.


Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

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Ocean Alliance on Operation Toxic Gulf

ocean alliance
Hey E.J.,
 I wondered if I could pass along the latest from Ocean Alliance’s current campaign, “Operation Toxic Gulf” for Good Morning Gloucester readers. The R/V Odyssey is currently in the Gulf of Mexico following up on the BP Oil Spill with a combined crew from Ocean Alliance and Sea Shepherd Society (Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars”) with Iain on board. He wrote the attached blog post explaining why they’re there, and I included some photos from the campaign so far. They’re taking biopsies from sperm whales since they’re at the top of the food chain. It would be great to let people know what’s happening out of the Paint Factory. 
Thank you!!
Amy Kerr

Posting from very rough seas today in the Gulf of Mexico, we bring you the third crew blog by Ocean Alliance campaign leader Iain Kerr: on-board The R/V Odyssey for Operation Toxic Gulf.

 I spend a lot of time captaining a desk nowadays so it is good to be back at sea with old and new friends and one of my favorite species sperm whales.

 I do feel very frustrated by the lack of interest in whales in the Gulf of Mexico after the 2010 oil disaster.  I have pounded the streets contacting pretty much every funding body I know to keep the RV Odyssey at sea each summer collecting data and yet as we move farther from the event funding is getting harder to come by.  What scares me here is the fact that we have a unique toxicological experiment going on in the Gulf and we need to grab every bit of data we can – from my perspective our team is running through a burning library grabbing whatever books we can before the fire (or the chemicals used to put it out) irreparably damage or destroy the books.  This then leads to what drives me as an individual.

I am impressed again and again by the depth of human compassion how people rise to the challenge when a crisis occurs. When the Tsunami devastated the Indian Ocean over $14 billion was raised internationally.  In 2010 $3.4 billion was raised for Haiti relief in a matter of months.

During the 86 days of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico millions of people were riveted to the video feed of oil escaping into the Gulf. They seemed to
become addicted to the live feed of an unfolding catastrophe. I thought that the
Gulf spill would be a pivotal moment in humanity’s relationship with the oceans. You can imagine, then, how stunned I was when the leak was capped and people simply changed channels and tuned out. For Gulf species and residents, the potential long-term consequences of one of the largest oil spill’s and greatest release of dispersants ever to occur on this planet are unimaginable. But with the images gone, public concern seems to vanish.

It seems that unless people have a strong, tangible image on which to focus their compassion, we are not very good at staying involved. I fail to understand how our species can be so compassionate and yet, in the case of the Gulf — the ultimate case of ocean pollution — so naive. Because the oceans are down hill from everything and gravity never sleeps, everything ends up in the seas; yet it appears that without imagery of an unfolding catastrophe everyone assumes that the oceans can take all that we throw at them.

When our President Roger Payne founded Ocean Alliance in 1971 he did so with the goal in mind of setting up a ‘pathfinder’ organization that would tackle the difficult jobs and blaze a trail. Over the last 39 years (working with our partners around the world) we have succeeded on this front at many levels, but I remain deeply concerned by the way that ‘The tragedy of the Commons’ is being played out in the oceans. Roger said in a 1979 National Geographic article, “Pollution has replaced the harpoon as a mortal threat to whales, and in its way
can be far more deadly.

Since that time, Ocean Alliance has been focusing its efforts on documenting
the levels and effects of ocean pollution on marine mammals, even though, given
our limited resources, it would be hard to tackle a more difficult job. The news on ocean pollution turns out to be deeply disturbing. Despite evidence that ocean pollution is affecting our lives and those of our children, people don’t seem to get engaged, let alone enraged about its potential consequences for whales and humanity.

Please, be enraged and get engaged!

Thanks to the support of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Global Ocean Alliance will continue to collect data in the Gulf of Mexico this year and, write scientific papers and inform educators, policy makers, and the general public on wiser stewardship of our irreplaceable oceans and their marine mammal populations, and on the links between healthy oceans and our own health.

We hope that you will join us on this journey and thank you for your support — Oceans Matter

Message to Greasy Polers and Organizers: We Cannot See Your Hilarious Costumes in the Enclosed Boat

From the audience’s point of view, the boat that is being used to transport the Greasy Polers is not as good as last year’s boat because it is enclosed.  We Cannot See Your Awesome Costumes. Last year an open floating barge was used and it was so so much fun to be able to see what you were wearing.

Clips from last year’s Sunday Greasy Pole have been borrowed, with my permission, by many other media outlets, including Chronicle and the HarborWalk story videos, in particular, the opening sequence.

We want to see your hilarious costumes. Please bring back the open barge!!!

GMG Local Twitterati Report 6/30/13

Bradley Royds~Riverside Bistro’s Music on the River~This afternoon

bradly riverside

Join Bradley Royds for an afternoon on live music on the Essex River at the Riverside Bistro from 3 to 6pm. The performance will take place outside on Cape Ann’s best waterside deck.

Enjoy one of the Riverside Bistro’s specialty drink list and their all-new sushi bar while listening to the tune of Bradley Royds.

br-g river


single tree music

St Peter’s Fiesta – Fire. Police Dept. and Coast Guard Race

IMG_8882Mayor Carolyn Kirk, cheers on the her departments in the Seine Boat Race.




Gloucester Fire Department  – 2013 Champions