Your Motif No.1 Day Festival Guide HERE on GMG!

Okay, so here goes…Rockport is packed this weekend with activities for residents, visitors, and people in every other category. Not sure what is going on when? Keep this post handy, because it will guide you through the festivities in the expert way you’ve come to expect from Good Morning Gloucester, your guide to all things local.

Thursday, May 16th at the Blue Lobster Grille in Dock Square

  • The Inns of Rockport is sponsoring a DineAround at the Blue Lobster Grille on Thursday. 20% of the proceeds from your meal will go to support festival programming. The activities at Motif No.1 Day are free, so community fundraisers are an important part of keeping the festival alive in Rockport. Come out and enjoy a great meal while supporting a good cause!

Friday, May 17th at the Rockport Community House

  • Brown bag community supper, 5K race packet pickup & Motif 1 Short Film Festival Screening. Bring your supper (optional) to enjoy with friends and neighbors while checking out our 45-minute screening of short films. And if you’re registered for the Motif 1 Day 5K, you can pick up your race packet and number too! Filmmaker Emile Doucette will be on hand to talk about his work and his short film “Homemade Parade” which captures the unique spirit of Cape Ann.

Saturday, May 18th throughout downtown Rockport

The big day! Here is a downloadable schedule of events, or go to Read on for the list of the day’s events, and whether you check out art, dance, film, poetry, the race, live music, theater or ALL of it, you are sure to have a good time! See you downtown for Motif No.1 Day!

Motif No. 1 Day Schedule of Events: May 18th, 2013

9 am – 10:30am

  • The Motif No. 1 Day 5K & Fun Run to benefit Rockport Public Schools Health & Wellness programs! Sponsored by Rockport Public Schools.

10 am – 5 pm

  • Art & Flowers at the Rockport Art Association. Floral arrangements inspired by works of art at this RAA-sponsored event.

  • Shopping Scavenger Hunt. Over 60 shops participating in a fun scavenger hunt for special Motif No. 1 Day weekend promotions. Organized by La Provence, 4 Main Street.

10:30 am – 12 noon

  • Instrument Petting Zoo at the Old Firehouse Trust. Sponsored by Rockport Music.

11 am – 5 pm

  • Kids’ Art Zone in Harvey Park. Motif-y graffiti, coloring pages, lobster toss & more.

  • Rockport Elementary School Art Show in the Old Firehouse Trust.

  • Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest throughout downtown. Registration located at the corner of School & Main Streets. Sponsored by Rockport National Bank.

  • Dock Square Chowder Stand serving chowder from Nate’s at Front Beach A percentage of proceeds support 2013 festival programming.

  • New Year’s Rockport Eve Food Booth in Harvey Park. Proceeds support 2013 New Year’s Rockport Eve programming.

11 am

  • Vision, Light & Motif No.1: a free presentation by the photographer and historian Les Bartlett at the Rockport Art Association, Hibbard Gallery.

  • Rockport Dance Academy performs in Dock Square.

  • Singer Michael O’Leary & harper Carol McIntyre in Harvey Park.

12 pm

  • The Sturdy Oaks in Dock Square. A lively mix of bluegrass & Americana.

  • Singer-songwriter Courtney Reid on Bearskin Neck.

  • Rockport School Band Concert in Harvey Park.

12 pm – 2 pm

  • Dora Tevan, Puppeteer & Storyteller in Barletta Park (next to Harvey Park) sharing Cape Ann’s heritage and folklore.

12 pm – 4 pm

  • The Evolving Mural in Harvey Park with several artists passing the paintbrush to create a piece together.

1 pm

  • The Sturdy Oaks on Bearskin Neck. A lively mix of bluegrass & Americana.

1:30 pm

  • Fight or Flight Aerial Theatre Co. in Dock Square. Sponsored by Brothers’ Brew Coffee Shop.

2 pm

  • Alek Razdan & the A-Train Orchestra on Bearskin Neck.

  • The Rockport Legion Band in Harvey Park.

2:15 pm

  • Fight or Flight Aerial Theatre Co. in Dock Square. Sponsored by Brothers’ Brew Coffee Shop.

3 pm

  • Motif 1 Short Film Festival Screening in the Old Firehouse Trust.

  • Fight or Flight Aerial Theatre Co. in Dock Square. Sponsored by Brothers’ Brew Coffee Shop.

3:30 pm

  • Rockport School Bands & Ensemble in Harvey Park.

4 pm

  • Singer-songwriter Brad Byrd in Dock Square.

  • Words Before Dinner literary event at the Old Firehouse Trust. Original poems inspired by life on Cape Ann. Twin Lights Soda, a Cape Ann original, will be on hand.

4:30 pm

  • Photographer Thi Linh Wernau shares excerpt from her “You Are Beautiful” photography project. Books available, with all net profits benefiting at-risk children and veterans’ programs.

5 – 5:30 pm: A Community Festival Finale

  • Vintage Rockport on Film. From the collection of Pierce Sears of the Thomas Wilson Beverage Co. Located at the Old Firehouse Trust. Sponsored by the Twin Lights Beverage Co. with complimentary Twin Lights soda available at the screening.


Power Nap From Al Bezanson

Stubby sez___

When you’ve been patrolling the wharf all night, standing daytime gate duty and greeting ARDELLE’S passengers you gotta catch forty winks when you can. Even in the blazing sunshine.   Especially when you’re 72 in human years.  Such is the life of a Maritime Gloucester Volunteer.  Not complaining, mind you.

As told to Al Bezanson

Power nap

Yummy Post Workout Salad At the Manchester Athletic Club

Get this salad at The Manchester Athletic Club-

Order the Greek Salad and then top it off wit a scoop of chicken salad and use balsamic vinegar instead of the Greek dressing.

Killer!  Trust me on this one, you feel like a bajillion bucks afterwards, (and a bajillion’s a lot)

2013-04-22 13.23.35

The News from Madfish Wharf

Well the time is here, in spite of recent frosty days and nights.  A new season is upon us and lots of great things are planned this year on Madfish Wharf, starting this Thursday.  Have you been salivating for some of Jordan’s amazing sushi or other tasty fare from Madfish Grille?  Well you’re in for a big surprise.  The Madfish has been majorly spruced up and redecorated with some amazing work by Ben McAdam, in addition to an expanded sushi bar.  They are opening this Thursday, May 16th, so come on by and satisfy your tastebuds.

madfish opening

Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester will be opening for the season on Thursday as well, so come by and check out all the great new work by Joey C. and GMG contributors Donna Ardizonni, Fr. Green, Craig Kimberly, Kim Smith and Paul Morrison, as well as Deb Schradieck, Judith Monteferrante, Roger Salisbury and your’s truly.  We will be having a Grand Opening Mug Up on Sunday, May 26th.  Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss it.

khan studio 2013

Aquatro Gallery sneak preview.  Gigi Mederos and Stevie Black are back and they are taking no prisoners.  This year, look for Aquatro at Gallery 4 (next door, where Wendie Demuth Photography was the past two years).  In addition to Gigi’s and Stevie’s work, they will also be carrying Ben McAdam, Mary Bowles, Bella & Me, to name just a few.  Do not miss.


Carol McKenna has taken the plunge and opened her own gallery in the red barn which was previously Sigrid Olsen’s Isla.  Carol is having her opening on Saturday, May 25th from 5:00-8:00pm, so mark your calendar now for her champagne and chocolate opening.

carol mckenna opening

Since Carol has decided to open her own space, she is looking for someone to take her guest artist space at Khan Studio July 27-August 9 (super prime time).  If you are interested in taking this exhibit time, email me at

guest artist space 2013

Caroline Kwas is back with her Intimate Landscapes Gallery at G4 and is now open.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Rocky Neck this year.  And on your way to Madfish Wharf, don’t miss all the other galleries that are now open on Rocky Neck, and get yourself some yummy ice cream at Kiss on the Neck.

E.J. Lefavour

GMG Monarch-Milkweed Mug Up This Saturday!

Update: Milkweed Plants Arrived Thursday and are  ready to go! See you Saturday morning!!!

Hooray–our milkweed plants shipped from Missouri Monday and should arrive to Gloucester by Thursday!!!

Plants will be available for pick up at Captain Joe and Sons, 95 East Main Street, Saturday morning at 9:00am and we will be there all morning until noon. Felicia is helping and we will have coffee for everyone. Written instructions will be provided on how to take care of your plants.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the first ever Monarch~Milkweed Mug Up!

I did not collect the funds ahead of time. Please everybody,  if you ordered plants, be sure to pick-up Saturday morning. I am counting on you!! If the project is successful, we will do this again later in the season, with Seaside Goldenrod and New England Asters, but we can only have another plant sale if everyone honors their commitment. Thank you!! 

For more detailed information, see previous posts:

GloucesterCast Podcast 4/25/13 With Guest Kim Smith

Cape Ann Milkweed Project

Cape Ann Milkweed Project ~ Last day to order plants

WOW and WONDEFUL—150 milkweed plants ordered!!! (Actually, 190 plants were ordered!!)

How Exactly is Monsanto’s Roundup Ravaging the Monarch Butterfly Population?


Monarch Butterfly Marsh Milkweed ©Kim Smith 2011

Monarch Butterfly and Marsh Milkweed

The Big, BIG STRUM Saturday, May 18

Saturday, May 18
The Gloucester House
63 Rogers Street
Gloucester, MA
Doors @7pm

Purchase tickets ($20-advance, $22-at the door)
The Gloucester House – 978-283-1812
Gloucester Music – 978-281-4874
Fly at the Rhumb Line Tonight!


Special Guest on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes

Dave Foley & Rich Holerook came to the North Shore for a special taping of Local Music Seen with Allen Estes.  The show airs on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 Wednesday (tonight), at 6:30pm and it airs again Friday at 1:30pm and Sunday at 6pm.

Rich Holerook, Allen Estes, Dave Foley
Rich Holerook, Allen Estes, Dave Foley

Music for Hump Day & KBMG At Jalapeños on Thursday

I know it’s Hump Day and it looks like it’s going to rain, but get out tonight.  Fly as Ron Schrank as his special guest, Dennis Monagle has the amazing Dejas and you never know who is going to join John Rockwell.  See the full list here

KBMG will be at Jalapeños on Thursday to make up for the Water Main break.  Call now to make your reservation so you can welcome Dan King back to Gloucester.  Make your reservation now – 978-283-8228!


Thursday night blues party at The Rhumb Line to host Evan Goodrow 5.16.2013 ~ 8-11

Thursday – Dave Sag’s Blues Party with Evan Goodrow ~ 8-11

dave sag

 Dave says,

Let’s welcome back Mr. Evan Goodreau! One of the best crowd pleasers  I know, Big E has just returned from the Bronx where he came in first place in the Annual Homie car-stripping contest, making mincemeat out of a brand new BMW in seconds flat. Be careful: he can do it to your brain, too. Evan never fails to get the pot boiling quickly, so come early.
Also, on the skins will be our very own redcoat, Mr. David Mattacks, who needs no introduction, unless you’ve been in a coma.
Thank all of you for your pained inquiries into missing emails: I had some kind of gastro-informational problem which has since cleared up with the regular  applications  of Damnitol®, the speedy world wide cobweb fixer upper. Should all be good, now.
Still on winter hours 8 to 11. Thank you for your continuing support! We would be nothing without you! And watch out for that miserable summer cold/flu thing going around. I got it and couldn’t even drink for a couple of days!

evan g

Photo from >

Art Blab by Deb Clarke

Art Blab by Deb Clarke

Last February we had an engagement party for my daughter Elizabeth and her Joshua.  Towards the end of the evening Elizabeth secretly recorded one of our conversations.  here’s a short snippet.  we had a good laugh.

Did my Sensei say that?


Public School Children’s Art at the Cape Ann Museum

As a part of the Gloucester Public Schools Arts Festival, the Cape Ann Museum has embraced an avalanche of visual arts produced by the school children.  The work is displayed all over the museum’s galleries, making an interesting juxtaposition with the work of professional artists.

Here’s a slideshow with more photos:

Fr. Matthew Green

BSL Awareness Walk This Sunday at 11am

Walk with BSL Awareness Walks in Gloucester on Sunday, May 19th at 11am. They will start at Stage Fort Park, walking down the promenade and up Main Street and back down via Rogers. The walk will take up to two hours and they will congregate at the end to talk and say hello to one another and our pups! All responsible owners of any and all breeds are welcome to join the walk.

Gloucester Bully walk

Nancy Julian,  the coordinator of BSL Awareness Walks, reached out to me to let me know about the event in Gloucester this weekend.

pumpkin fairy frankie

(Nancy’s Dog, Frankie)

“BSL is made up of responsible bully breed owners and our well-behaved dogs challenging stereotypes one step at a time; changing minds one walk at a time.”

They walk in towns and cities of Massachusetts and surrounding states that ban or banned ‘pit bulls’ or have or had BSL.  So far they have walked in 7 towns in Massachusetts and one town in Rhode Island. BSL is breed specific legislation – laws which are targeted towards all dangerous dogs (supposedly), but ‘pit bulls’ primarily. Nancy started the walks in January in response to Mayor Menino and Councilman Consalvo wanting to repeal the new Animal Control law that came into effect on October 31, 2013. This law prohibits BSL in Massachusetts.

Here are two links for the BSL and the Facebook Event Page:

I love pit bulls and they definitely get an unfair rap. The pit bulls I have know have been the most loving dogs and great with kids. I don’t know why we are still dealing with these stereotypes. 100 years ago they were known as “Nanny dogs” because they were so loyal, kind and great with children.

A good example of their demeanor is something I witnessed a month ago in Boston. I was walking down Newbury Street and I noticed two pit bulls, well behaved on leash, get snipped at by two little toy dogs. The pit bulls did nothing, they ignored the tiny dogs as they continued to snap at them. We have to remember that it’s not just the dog breed that factors into a dog’s behavior, but also how they are raised and trained.

I hope you can come out to the walk and meet these amazing dogs.


Chickity Check It! “New England: a perfect break on the ‘other’ cape”


New England: a perfect break on the ‘other’ cape

Cape Ann, home to the most oft-painted building in the US – celebrated in a festival on May 18 – deserves to be better known in Britain, says Paul Wade.


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Discover Gloucester MugUp Meeting & Visitor Guide Debut May 21st

Discover Gloucester Banner
Seaport Gloucester Destination Marketing Organization


TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2013, 5:30 PM

We can’t wait for you to see the fantastic 5th edition of the
Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide!
You’ll be able to take some with you at the Mug Up Meeting to distribute from your venue.
We’ll enjoy yummy samplings supplied by Olivia’s Chef Ron Urnetta while networking with your local tourism friends
before the season ramps up.

Please RSVP asap so we can let Chef Ron know how many to expect.

Looking forward to seeing you, and to a successful season!

Linn Parisi
linn Do you get it?