Voting Ends For The North Shore Magazine BONS Awards Tomorrow- Support Local Businesses By Voting Today

These are establishments that are already on the ballot locally in the Play Category that I’m sure would appreciate your vote, to enter your own votes, click the graphic-


I’ll highlight the other local businesses in the other sub categories throughout next week

Again I’m just going of of what was on the ballot.  You can click on any of the links to see GMG coverage of them and find out what they are all about-

Art Gallery (Viewing) –Local Colors Gloucester, Mosher Gallery Rockport and Pop Gallery Gloucester

Beach- Good Harbor, Natch Last year Cranes and Good Harbor Duked it out and it was close so if you have any local pride at all you will vote Good Harbor

Best Blog Smile

Brewery- Cape Ann Brewing

Dance Studio- Michelle Shaw Elite Dance

Fair/Festival- St Peter’s Fiesta and if it doesn’t win there should be an investigation.

Golf Course Private- Bass Rocks

Irish Pub- Stones Pub (you just gotta love the people at Stones)

Live Music Venue- Shalin Liu

Live Theatre Venue- Gloucester Stage Co

Lounge (no Gloucester joint represented time for your personal write in)

Marine- Cape Ann Marina is on ballot

Movie Theatre- Cape Ann Community Cinema

Museum- Cape Ann Museum

Trivia Night (no local joint represented write in your personal fav)

I’m taking category by category and highlighting some locals who you may want to consider worthy of your vote (BTW St Peter’s Fiesta is currently trailing Topsfield Fair and Good Harbor is close to Crane’s) so if you haven’t voted in the Play Category get on it!- Voting in the Play Category here

Here are some local joints that have been nominated in the Eat category (you can click on the highlighted establishments to see pictures or posts we’ve done about them)-

Vote Here  For The Eat Category In The North Shore Magazine 2013 BONS Awards


Al Fresco Dining- Franklin Cape Ann, Lobster Pool

Bake Shop (Pastry)- Jim’s Bake Shop, Plum Cove Grind

Bakery (Bread) Virgilio’s

BBQ- Smokin Jim’s, The Farm Bar and Grille

Beer menu- Franklin Cape Ann, Cape Ann Brewing

Breakfast- George’s, Sugar Mag’s, Willow Rest (as you know my love of Gloucester Breakfast joints is unmatched- way too many to list so we will stick with the nominated but Mamie’s Kitchen, and Fort Square should be at least nominated as well)

Burger- Passports

Cocktail Bar- Franklin Cape Ann

Coffee Shop- Lone Gull, Cape Ann Coffee Café Sicilia and Pleasant St -None are nominated all deserve to be!

Confectionery- Nichols Candies and Turtle Alley

Farmer’s Market- Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

General Excellence- The Market, Duckworth’s is not nominated but I’d say needs to be a write in.

Gourmet Market- Savour Wine and Cheese

Lobster- Causeway, Lobsta Land and Roy Moore are Nominated, For Lobster Pool and Seaport Grille not to be nominated is silly IMO

Italian- a write in for La Trattoria Gloucester only makes sense

Lobster Roll- Seaport Grille

Mexican- Jalepenos– for Tacos Lupita Gloucester needs to be a write in as well.

Pizza- Giuseppes and The Willow Rest.  There are so many great pizza joints in Gloucester and everyone has their favorites you could write in any number- Sebastians, Sclafanis, ect, ect ect

Pub Food- Franklin and Topside Grille

Raw Bar- Lat 43 nominated, Rudder could be a write in

Sandwiches- There is no Gloucester nomination and you could easily write in Virgilios, Sclafanis, or Willow Rest here

Seafood Prepared- the Causeway and The Rudder

Sushi- Latitude 43

Tapas- Alchemy or The Azorean

Thai- Thai Choice could be a write in

and when you’re done you can vote in the Play Categories-


Ok I’ve guided you on who is nominated locally in the Play Category and Eat Category, see those posts by clicking those links.  If you notice, the influence from our local readership has many many Gloucester establishments in the lead.  Two that could use help are votes for Good Harbor as Beach and St Peter’s fiesta for Fair/Festival vote for those here

Now we focus on local establishments nominated in the Kids category. you can click on any of the hyperlinks to view past Good Morning Gloucester Coverage on each of these fine local establishments.


Click here to submit your votes in the BONS Kids category

Baby Clothing-  There is nothing locally nominated but I think we could change that with a write in under other for Kids Unlimited, downtown Gloucester children’s clothing store extraordinaire.  As of this writing 0 votes, not nominated

Family Hangout Indoor- Monkey Joe’s should win this by a mile even though it isn’t nominated (yet) As of this writing 0 votes, not nominated

Family Hangout Outdoor- No Local Nomination.  You could write in Ravenswood or Halibut Point State Park  My Vote- Halibut Point As of this writing 0 votes, not nominated

Kid Friendly Dining-  No Local Nomination But I would write in Giuseppe’s or Lobster Pool’s Outdoor Eat In The Rough with the Smore Firepit and Sunsets As of this writing 0 votes, not nominated

Kid’s bookstore- The Bookstore of Gloucester As of this writing 0 votes

Kid’s Clothing- Kid’s Unlimited is not as of this writing nominated but I’m suggesting a write in campaign for them As of this writing 0 votes, not nominated

Toy Store- Toodeloos Gloucester As of this writing 25 votes and is not in the lead

When You are done voting in the Kids Category, feel free to vote in the Play and Eat Category and support local businesses



I will highlight local picks in the other BONS category in an upcoming post.  Who  supports local businesses like this here blog?  NOBODY!  Get out the vote peeps!

GHS DECA students raise money for the One Fund

Ann Grassetti  submits-

Lemonade blvd Marisa, Lauren, sara

The 8th annual Lemonade Challenge for charity was a great success despite overcast skies and rain showers last Friday before Memorial Day weekend.  Students from Ann Grassettis’ DECA, Economics, and Lucky Lobster Marketing class hit the streets of Gloucester to sell Lemonade for charity.  Students use their marketing skills and competitive drive to sell the most Lemonade with the reward being the most money going to a charity of their choice.  The 3 team success consisted of:
Marketing DECA 1st place under the leadership of sophomore Lauren Horne raised $1,484.00 for the Boston One Fund.  Lauren said of the team success, “The key was the location we selected at the boulevard and Market basket and picking the One Fund as a donation.” It seemed that people really were looking for a way to help the Boston Marathon runners”. 
Lucky Lobster Marketing 2nd place under the leadership of Zach Smith and Lenny Taormina with $543 for Autism Speaks.  Zach Smith who competed last year and selected the same charity worked hard for his charity as he said, “It hits close to home for him and his family” “I looked forward to this day the whole year”
Economics 3rd place under the leadership of Peter Mondello with $51 for the Make a Wish foundation
The students earned a record total of $2,144.00 in approximately 4 hours at their locations receiving donations from many citizens of Gloucester including Cape Ann Savings, Schlichte and Johnstone, Palazzola Insurance Agency, Carroll K. Steele Insurance Agency, Inc., Sugar Magnolia and as usual Bank Gloucester allowed them to meet in their boardroom to discuss the event.  Grassetti said, “It is always a great day for students to show me what they learned in Marketing and at the same time help others in need.”

Lemonade Sara and RosalieMarket basket crew

Lemonade Marisa, Julia and Sara

Mug Up – Let’s Do It Again!

grand opening mugup 2013_EJ and Charlie photos

These are some photos from last Sunday’s Grand Opening Mug Up at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery – some great ones by Charlie Carroll and some by me.  The Grand Opening Mug Up was an amazing event, made even better by the fact that Joey was able to come and stay most of the morning.  Kudos, shout outs and thanks for Ann McKay for her delicious cheesecake with strawberries, Deb Schradieck for her awesome peanut butter and jelly muffins and egg and sausage casserole; Ann & Bob Kennedy for the infamous carmelized bacon and chocolate dipping sauce; Donna Ardizzoni for being the health conscious one to bring a bowl of fresh fruit salad (with whipped cream on the side); Greg Bover brought one of his famous GMG logo cakes (chocolate this time); Sister Felicia’s scicilian pizza and baba rum cakes made with Ryan & Woods Folly Cove Rum were a big hit; Pat Ciaramitaro came bearing coconut madelines and candy; James & Anna Eves brought pastries from Cafe Cecelia’s; Kim Smith adorned the place with fresh picked flowers from her garden; Alicia Cox sent over a batch of Maime’s Kitchens famous muffins and sweet rolls.  There were many other contributions to an amazing Mug Up, but as always, I lost track in the confusion.  We had a nice toast of champagne and pomegranate juice for Evelyn, and a good time was had by all.

Don’t miss the ongoing tradition when Mug Up happens again this Sunday, June 2 at 9:15am.  Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3.

E.J. Lefavour

Newly Emerged Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Male Black Swallowtail Butterfly Wedgewood Blue Lilac ©Kim Smith 2013Male Black Swallowtail and Lilac ‘Wedgwood Blue’

This past autumn I wrote about a Black Swallowtail caterpillar that was discovered munching on the parley plants at Wolf Hill Garden Center in Gloucester. The caterpillar had left the parsley plant and wandered around the office at Wolf Hill, where it had pupated, or in other words, turned into a chrysalis, on the razor-thin edge of an envelope. By chance, I met Kate, who works at Wolf Hill, one afternoon at Eastern Point while I was filming Monarchs, where she and her friend were looking at the butterflies through binoculars. She asked if I would be interested in taking care of the chrysalis over the winter. I of course said I would be delighted to do so!

The butterfly chrysalis lived in a terrarium all winter. The terrarium was placed in an unheated entryway. I thought it best for the chrysalis to experience normal winter temperatures rather than live in a heated home where it might be fooled into thinking it was spring. In the early spring we brought the terrarium onto our unheated front porch where it would be exposed to daylight .

A stunning male Black Swallowtail emerged last week. Earlier that very day I had seen a female Black Swallowtail nectaring at azaleas at a farm in a neighboring town. See the original post on Good Morning Gloucester about Kate and the Wolf Hill caterpillar.

Thank you Kate for the Black Swallowtail Chrysalis!

Black Swallowtail Chrysalis Brown form-1Black Swallowtail Chrysalis ~ Brown Form

Award-winning contemporary Celtic band, RUNA, comes to Old Sloop next Fri 6/7


Check out the video featuring RUNA’s dynamic fusion of traditional & modern Celtic sounds — with dancing!  Remember, it’s the high-season.  Shows like this will sell-out, so you’d better get your tickets early — get them here.

Murder On Rocky Neck~ A slide show of the event on May 19, 2013

Murder on Rocky Neck

View slide show >

I have enjoyed every show that has been put on by Henry Allen as with the cast and crew. I was told the costumes were made by hand by Costume Designers: Amy-Beth Healey and Brenda Leahy. A work well done. I was totally delighted with it all.


A few words from Henry Allen,

Murder On Rocky Neck, The Opera was an idea that came out of my Summer Stock Theatre Club that I do in July & August. The children wanted to write a murder mystery about Old Gloucester. We decided that the idea was so great that we should develop it further in the Young Playwrights Workshop, which we did. The libretto was written collaboratively by 5 kids, ages 9-13, and the music was written by 15 year old Derek Dupuis (Renee Dupuis’ cousin).

Every year I work with local kids to create a show that is inspired by where we live. The show will then become a main stage intergenerational production the following Season. We are already working on next year’s script.

Ensemble cast: Alex Becket, Scott Brown, Emma Cavaliere, Caroline Connolly, Shannon Connolly, Sadie Cook, Timothy Edwards, Olivia Francis, Genna Healey, Jay Healey, Henry Jacques, Shannon Kelly, Belle Muller, Rodney Perry, Matt Service, Peter Souza, Elizabeth Wagner, Brandon Waterman and David Wesson.

Crew: Director: Henry Allen; Music Director: John Eldridge; Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Timothy Edwards; Set Design: Fionn McWilliam and Mike Ryan; Costume Design: Amy-Beth Healey and Brenda Leahy; Lights & Sound Design: InterMediaUnlimited.
A work well done. I was totally delighted with it all.

Greasy Pole, The Musical is coming up next!

greasy pole the musical northshorefolk

Music Around Town ♪♫♪ Thursday evening 5.30.2013



This Thursday May 30th SingerSongwriters are, John Jerome, Kirsten Manville, Amy Lohman, TMax, Charlee Bianchini, Guy Zaccardi and Dan McGinn!



Thursday night blues party@ The Rhumb Line with Dave Sag. Special guest: Steve Sadler  8-11pm


Dave says,

Just back from a successful engagement at the Copracabana, let’s welcome back Mr.Steve Sadler. Everybody’s favorite sideman, the commodious Mr. S is sure to curl your toenails with his rousing renditions of your favorite bunion bruisers. Joining him will be a new guitarist: Mr. Kevin Belz, Berklee teacher and all around GP. I haven’t played with him yet, but by all accounts, he’s the bees knees. Can’t wait to find out! On drummmms will be that Madhouse® skin pounder, Mr. Roger Brocklebank. Should be quite a nite. Gonna be a hot week so take care of that sunburn. We start at 8 pm for the last time. In June, we’re going 8:30 to 11:30.


Steve Sadler


Brad Byrd and  Special guests: Jokers To The Right  and Leo  Ciaramitaro on drums – 8-12

Dog Bar Cape Ann 


Brad Byrd



Seaport Grille


North Shore Acappella 



Shake it Thursdays with DJ Vito @ MinglwoodAtLat43 9-12


Cape Ann Museum Annual Meeting Tonight!

CAM logo

May 30, 2013

Reaching Out – Strengthening Within

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to announce a $5 million Capital Campaign. Hear more at the Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 30. Reception, 6:30. Business meeting and program, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. To RSVP, call (978) 283-0455 x35 or email

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Music and food at Midori

Last night, after a great singing session at the Inn at Babson Court,  a group of us headed over to the Midori restaurant (32 Washington Street). On Wednesday nights, they host the “Artists’ Cocktail” (8-11PM), an opportunity for musicians and other performance artists to get together, eat, talk, and share their talents.  Henry Allen and the New Swingset are the “anchor” group:


but last night we heard from several other people as well.  And the food is amazing!

This Japanese dumpling soup is out of this world! I haven’t tried many of their dishes yet, but I have sampled their Peking duck, their spring rolls, some sushi, etc., and they have all been well worth it.

Fr. Matthew Green


Pet of the Week-Diva!


Oh my goodness….this might be my new owner coming to find me!

My name is Diva, I am a five-month-old Retriever mix female pup.  I have a lovely white coat and a great personality to match.  I am residing at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.

I don’t know how to use a computer, but if you do, check out: and you can see photos of me and other members of my family. When you come to visit me, remember, my name is Diva – and I will be the one with the diamonds on!

Backstage at the Banana’s fashion show To Benefit City Hall From Henry Ferrini

Head Banana, Richard Leonard brings his extravaganza to help raise money for the Gloucester City Hall Restoration Campaign. Richard, a one time Junior High School teacher, started Bananas a vintage clothing store in Gloucester back in the 70’s. The clothes all come from his store.
Featuring: Uvi Ajavon, Jean Anscombe, Elizabeth Bollenberg, Cynthia Capone, Leigh Calabrese Deborah Clarke, Barbara Drake, Susan Erony, Susan Fehrmann, Jenn Foss, Susan Frey, Margi Green, Carol Hager,Shayla Kaufman,Sarah Lafferty,Ann Mckay,Mary Mathews,Kerry NormandSabine Ocker, Jane Poirier, Oriana Reardon, Laura Ritchie, Tina Salah, Patti Salvucci, Ann-Marie Shimanoski, Sarah Slifer. Dale Theberge, Katherine Thompson, Heidi Wakeman, Kathatine Worth, David Adams, Colin Campbell, Jesus Camelo, Kevin Flynn, Daniel Larson. Tom Nihan, Joe Poirier, Phil Storey & Tony Tran.

Community Stuff 5/30/13

Savour Wine and Cheese Would Like Your Vote-

BONS Dear Joey,

These are the final days to vote for us in the 2013 Best of North Shore competition! The voting closes at the end of the day on Friday, May 31st. We are in the Gourmet Market section of the "Eats" category. If you have voted, Thank You! If you haven’t yet, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions on the page. You must register to vote. We appreciate all the support! Thank you!

2013 Best of North Shore

Hi Joey,
Can you please get the word out about our upcoming car wash? The last one was cancelled due to rain. Here are the particulars:
FREE CARWASH – donations welcome
Saturday June 1st, 9am to 1pm
DPW yard, Upper Main Street, Rockport
Support Rockport Cub Scouts Pack 55


“Taste the Promise:” Taste Great Food and Drink While Fighting Homelessness on June 19th
May 29, 2013 – All are invited to sample delicious food, beer, and wine from local restaurants and
establishments at a “Taste the Promise” benefit for Family Promise North Shore Boston, an interfaith nonprofit
coalition providing services to help local homeless families get back on their feet:
“Taste the Promise”
Sample Food and Drink from Local Establishments
A Benefit for Family Promise North Shore Boston
Wednesday, June 19
6:30-9:30 p.m.
Coolidge Hall
Topsfield Fairgrounds
Topsfield, MA 01983
Tickets: $35 advance/$40 at door
Visit for advance tickets