Cindy Hendrickson Pitches Cape Ann Foodies Tour

Hey Joey,
It was so much fun seeing you at the Stage Fort Park Visitor’s Center Opening.  Thank you for posing with the new Cape Ann Foodies Signature Fork.
Here are a few pictures of some of the Usual Tourism Suspects mugging with the Fork. 
Cape Ann Foodies is the creation of Gloucester local Patrick Halloran.  What a great idea – a walking tour that combines History, Food, and Local Beer.  It is fun and filling!
Check out the website: or give him a call at 617-902-8291.
I am excited to be one of his tour guides this year; just need to lose the crutch and I’m good to go.
Cindy Hendrickson 

Bobby Ryan Goes International!

The above is a link to the trailer for the Canadian Evasion TV cooking show “Bouffe en Cavale” or “Gourmet on the Go”. Note the harbor in the image. In past seasons Chef Vincent Chatigay and good humored co-host Norman Helms travelled throughout Quebec and the Maritime Provinces. This season they have “Grilled” their way around New England. They were in Gloucester last fall to visit the local Rum Distillery, Ryan & Wood, home of Folly Cove Rum. In the show Distiller Bob Ryan explains the process of making his Folly Cove Rum. They stayed and ate in Gloucester for several days. In return Vincent and Norman showed some of the various ways they utilize the Folly Cove as a culinary ingredient. GIGOT D’AGNEAU GRILLÉ AU RHUM ET AUX ABRICOTS, SAUTÉ DE LÉGUMES AU CARI ET AUX FRUITS MACÉRÉS, PUNCH AU RHUM, are dishes on the show which were assembled one beautiful morning on the docks of East Gloucester.

If you have friends or customers in Canada have them watch the show and give them another reason to come back to Gloucester!


Bob Ryan-Ryan & Wood, Inc.

Labeling The First Bottles Of Rye Whiskey Produced At Ryan and Wood Distillers

Bob Hastings Tries His Hand At Labeling The Very First Bottles Of Rye Whiskey Produced At Ryan and Wood Distilleries In Gloucester MA

The Very First Batch Of Ryan and Wood’s Rye Whiskey Gets Their Labels Today and I Got Bottle #2

Three part video series coming this week with Bob Hastings, Bobby Ryan, Jay Albert whose photo of the Man at The Wheel was used for the label and Kate Glass, Gloucester Times photographer who for the record did not take a sip while on assignment.

There is only 4 barrels of this batch of whiskey so it is very special.  Only 1200 bottles will be produced from this first run and they are the only ones that will come from the larger 50 gallon barrels as opposed to the others that have been put away for a future date in 35 gallon barrels.  So go get yourself three bottles- one to drink now, one to put away for a special occasion like when a child turns 21 and the third for Fiesta (Bob’s idea).DSC04264



                                                  PROFILE SHEET            April, 19, 2000
Ryan & Wood Straight Rye Whiskey

Barrel # 11

43% ABV (86 proof) , packed 6 x 750 ml  / case
Federal Standard of Identity:  Straight Rye Whiskey

Whisky produced at not exceeding 80% alcohol by volume (160 proof), from a fermented mash of not less than 51 percent rye and stored at not more than
62.5% alcohol by volume (125 proof) in charred new oak containers, for not less than 2
years in new barrels

Rye Whiskey was what we first distilled knowing that it would years before we would learn what the aging process here in Gloucester would deliver. We processed only 4 barrels at that time, last July, 2008. Barrel # 11 exemplifies what we want to be for our Rye whiskey. We will follow with #’s 1, 2 & 10 as they are ready. We have since barreled, on average, one smaller 30 gallon barrel a month.
Rye Whiskey: Whiskey of Colonial America.
Barrels: Purchased from Bluegrass Cooperage, Kentucky, 53 gallon Whiskey Barrels, Medium toast, #3 Char
Grains:             Rye, Wheat, Malted Barley
Barrel date:      Barrel # 11  , July 12, 2008
Bottle date:      April 19, 2011 ,  true “Patriots Day”
Bottles:            336 bottles  or  56 x 6 bottle cases
Label credit :    MGT design, Maureen Terrill.
Labe Image:     courtesy of Jay Albert
Label thought:  Gloucester’s Fisherman’s Memorial Cenotaph, aka “The Man at the Wheel” statue, is the icon of Gloucester.  While stopped in traffic waiting for the “cut” bridge to be lowered, we all have studied the statue from this view. Our thoughts will drift out towards the Breakwater and beyond to the horizon. The romance of chasing dreams and what could be takes shape. We honor that vista with our label.

Ryan & Wood Distillery, “The Spirit of Cape Ann” is a family run craft distillery located in Gloucester, Mass.  Other Spirits produced include “Beauport Vodka”, “Knockabout Gin” and “Folly Cove Rum”.
Visit for more info.

GMG Question and Answers- Bobby Ryan

How long have you lived in Gloucester? The first half of my 57 years on the planet. I married “over the bridge” and moved 7 miles away to Manchester… Still Cape Ann… well, I thought that comment was worth a try. But I considered nowhere else to open our business.  
What is your favorite season In Gloucester? Summer. You don’t need to shovel sunshine.

Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”? No secret now since the security cameras are there.. Head of the State Fish Pier, looking out off o’ Five Pound Island. You’ll see me there with a small Tuna & Egg Sub and a Dr. Pepper.  I will be thinking, not mid-day napping.  
What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester? Virgilio’s, but not for the pizza. I don’t really do Pizza. I hear they have a nice homemade Beauport Vodka pasta sauce in various sized jars and affordable prices, available daily. Should not every local restaurant feature local Virgilio’s Beauport Vodka Sauce. Call today. It is a “local “ call.

What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester? The closest one at the time of need. Destino’s, Yellow Sub,……

What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester? It does not matter what I think is “Romantic”. It matters what Kathy Ryan thinks is Romantic. I got engaged in the building where Duckworth’s Bistrot is. So Duckworth’s Bistrot  is my answer !!!

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester? So, you want me to pick one? That would be poison to my business, Ryan & Wood Distillery, Gloucester’s maker of Beauport Vodka, Folly Cove Rum and Knockabout Gin. Very soon to launch: Ryan & Wood Straight Rye Whiskey! As the Craft distillers say “Think Globally, Drink Locally”

Bar style drinkin’ is pretty well behind me these days, but in an effort to answer each question here, having worked for 25 years on the State Fish Pier, I have been seen at a location known by many names. Pier Café, Earls CAV, Sherms CAV, Parker St. Palace, … Pratty’s CAV….3 part Trivia question, the first, most correct answer is worth a T shirt from us: What & Why is “C.A.V.” & Why the Key Slot at the entrance? I will confer with Jimmy Pratt as judge. I hope a true “Vet”  wins.

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester? I’m a simple breakfast guy. Joe Georges or Two Sisters…Two Sisters Bread, Fish Cakes & Beans and Patty let’s me bring my own Piccalilli.

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester? Dory races, St Peter’s Fiesta, 4th of July..    Thank you City of Gloucester, JimmyT and the International Dory Committee, Joe Novello with the Fiesta committee, Pete Williamson, Mr. Tucker, and all the committee for the Horribles Parade.. We have problems, but seriously, across the globe people are giving their lives daily to have just a thought of what we are able to be and do. For well over 200 years the cost has been high, but for me it’s the 4th of July.
In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat? Boat! I have not enjoyed the beach since a teen in high school. It was one particular day at Good Harbor when I and a friend went to the concession to get “tonics” for our group. When we returned “Fly” Amero had sat down, started with that guitar, in his odd way, and all the girls, I mean all the girls on the beach went to sit by him. It was like a darn Frankie Avalon movie. We were left holding the Fanta’s. Not Fly’s fault, of course, just nature. I decided that would not happen to me at a beach again, so no more beach. 40 years ago. Maybe I should let go of that.
Who is your favorite local artist? For paintings, it may seem odd, but I really do get lost in the murals around town by Jeff Weaver.  Given my failing eyesight and his artistic license  I enjoy the colors and feelings of his pre “Urban Renewal” working waterfront. I’m appreciating the photographic work of that era more and more.
Which is your favorite local beach? Good Harbor. If it were nearer to the equator it would be one of those top ten celebrity millionaire “must be seen at” beaches.
Who has the best chowder in town? Tough one. I’m rarely disappointed. I have not tried them all, but, Charlie’s Place and Lobsta Land are up there. Not so common but traditional, have you had the Finnin Haddie Chowder at the Patio? Tell Mixologist Rezza I sent you and you may get an extra bag of crackers.

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog? Are you telling me there are other Blogs?

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder? Haddock, Cusk, Cat are all over clam. Unless it is Billy Novak’s clam chowder. I like my clams in Fritters. Laurie Lufkin, can you make clam fritters with Folly Cove Rum in the fixings?

What is your favorite Gloucester neighborhood? Downtown. We all default to childhood. Are you asking me to trade that? My Gloucester may not be today’s Gloucester in that regard. Cedar & Sargent & Shepard was where I grew up. Cedar was not even paved at the time. Lots of kids, always a ballgame to join at Burnham’s Field, a thriving neighborhood back then. Zion’s, Nelson’s Bakery, Salah’s, Corey’s Barbershop, Sarofeen Subs, etc, all just on that street. As with all the neighborhoods everything needed was a quick walk away. The Fort, East Glou. West Glou, Magnolia (yes, there is a diff.), Green St, Lanesville, ‘Squam, on and on. They are all defined and it’s all good.

What is your favorite local band? One Man Band Jimmy Moses. Also, “Fly” Amero  and family. Because of the above “Beach or Boat” answer.. Truthfully, I hear and read the bands names but, cuz, other than “Sunny D and Folly Cove Rum” I’m not really hip to the righteous G-town groovy music scene these days, diggit?  I am so embarrassed I wrote that. But I do know it is the music and the restaurants that will carry Gloucester’s  new economic future along with the already established daytime ventures. I hope not just umbrella rentals on the Beaches. To Fly, David Brown, Allen Estes, Gordon Baird, Peter Van Ness and all the facilitators, thanks for opening the doors and creating jobs through the newer Cape Ann music scene. (Soooooo..can I get some cloth or product placement on stages?)

As A Reward For Filling Out The Form For Use On GMG Feel free To Provide a Link Here to Any Business, Band or Website You Would Like Promoted

Celebrate Gloucester Video Documentary

This is the documentary we made to Celebrate Gloucester at Latitude 43.  It features interviews with Mark McDonough , Fisherman Peter Libro , Nicole Duckworth- from Duckworth Bistrot, Debbie Clarke- artist, Dave Anderson from The Black Swan, Ashley From Lat 43, Lobsterman Joe Mondello, Joe and Mary Ellen Borge from The Lone Gull, Lobsterman Mark Ring, Chef Zach Sears, Cape Ann Community Cinema’s Rob Newton, Stephanie From Lat 43, Lobsterwoman Renee, Real Estate Tycoon Ruth Pino, Ryan and Wood Distiller Bobby Ryan.

I hope you enjoy it.  there are some pretty touching moments in here.

Click the Picture For The Video Page


Gloucester Day With The Bean- Ryan and Wood Distillery

Although I knew I wouldn’t be able to cover the Ryan and Wood official launch of Folly Cove Rum I wanted to pop in and see how GMG photographer and videographers Thom Falzorano and Manuel Simoes were doing with the coverage.

We managed to squeeze in a short interview with Bobby Ryan while the Bean made fart noises on my neck.  Adds to the character of the interview I say!

Thanks to Manuel Simoes for these pics-

Ryan and Wood Release Premium Folly Cove Rum Video

Manuel Simoes Captures my interview with Bobby Ryan at The Ryan and Wood Distillery in Historic Gloucester Massachusetts.

Oh and BTW- that is not a fart about 3/4 of the way through the video. It’s the Bean giving me a zerbert on my neck while I’m conducting this very professional interview.

I wonder where she gets her sense of humor?


R and W Distillery

As Bobby Ryan said to me in our tour “We like to name our vessels after significant Gloucester vessels“.  Here you see what Bobby was talking about with the two fermentation tanks named Adventure and Thomas E Lannon.

Look for part two of our video tour at 1PM

R and W Distillery, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Knockabout Gin, Folly Cove Rum and Beauport Vodka
Knockabout Gin, Folly Cove Rum and Beauport Vodka