GloucesterCast With Guest James Eves and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 5/6/2013

GloucesterCast With Guest James Eves and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 5/6/2013

click to listen-With Host Joey C and Guest James Eves From Cape Ann Giclee

Topics Include:

James Eves, Charlie Carroll, Cape Ann Giclee, Community Artist Lighting Studio at Cape Ann Giclee, Marketing Through Community Service, Joining The Rocky Neck Art Colony, Rocky Neck Cultural Center, Death Row Sub, Death Row Meal, Mamie’s Kitchen, Alicia DeWolfe Starts Another Streak, Deno Opening, Art Show Opening Web Cams, Changes Through The Years In Photo Editing, Job Opportunities In Photo Editing,What Old School Media Needs To Do To Survive, Ditching Your Home Phone, Ditching Cable, Kids Media Consumption Today, Carol McKenna,

Here’s James Eating Lunch From Virgilios After Ana Reamed Him A New One


Evelyn Howe- FOB Will Be Missed

FOB Evelyn was at every GMG event, Mug Ups, Our Show at Cape Ann Giclee, All the Gallery openings.  Always with a huge infectious smile.  The kind of smile that people from out of town get when they move to Gloucester and throw themselves into the community and “Get What Gloucester Is All About”

So sad to see such a positive spirit leave the GMG family.  She will be missed.

EJ writes September 4th, 2012-

EJ and Friends Getting Their Cape Ann SUP On!

Posted on September 4, 2012 by Joey C

It is a total blast, but also a really great low impact workout and a beautiful, peaceful way to explore the harbor and environs. I got to do my first exploration of Ten Pound Island and Evelyn and I accompanied The Bounty out of the inner harbor yesterday morning.

My friends are Evelyn Howe and Becky Bernie of Magnolia and East Gloucester. Today was Becky’s first time and yesterday was Evelyn’s, and we paddled from Oak’s Cove over to Joey’s dock and back to Madfish Wharf in under an hour.


EJ Writes –

Final Mug Up of 2012

Posted on October 2, 2012 by E.J.

It was a great final Mug Up on Rocky Neck Sunday.  Although we didn’t do food competitions this year like last, only the blueberry bake one, I have to say that Evelyn Howe won the best contribution to a Mug Up this season with her pumpkin cheesecake with praline topping – which topped Ann Kennedy’s candied bacon with chocolate sauce, which came in really close to Gigi Mederos’ pickled zucchini which doesn’t sound like much, but was tastebud tantalizing.  Many people brought wonderful additions to the Mug Up fare this season, but these three homemade contributions were spectacular.  Thanks Evelyn, Ann and Gigi.

Heroic Music for Mother’s Day ~ Beethoven “Eroica” & Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings

Check out this spectacular Cape Ann Symphony program for this Saturday 5/11 at Manchester High sent from Heidi Dallin of Cape Ann Symphony.   Don’t forget Kids under 19 are FREE!

Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky
Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky

Beethoven’s Symphony № 3 (“Eroica” or “heroic” in Italian) was the first of his three great so-called heroic symphonies. Beethoven initially dedicated it to Napoleon but then rescinded the dedication when Napoleon crowned himself Emperor.

Tchaikosvsky’s orchestral Serenade is infinitely romantic: he conceived it as an homage to Mozart, whom he idolized, and declared it to be written “from the heart”. It was an instant success at its premiere in 1880 and has been an important part of the symphonic repertoire ever since.

The Program:

TCHAIKOVSKY Serenade for Strings

BEETHOVEN Symphony № 3 “Eroica”

Ticket Information for This Fabulous Mother’s Day Concert 

BeethovenRESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW for the May 11th Concert at 8pm, Manchester Essex Regional High School.
Adults $35 per person
Seniors $30 per person
Young Adults 19-24 $20 per person
Children under 19 Free

The Manchester Essex Regional High School is at 36 Lincoln Street, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. DIRECTIONS  

Bananas Show at city hall

The fabulous Bananas show once again entertains us at the city hall fund raiser.

Stay tuned for more photos from the show throughout the week, please enjoy.

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Backstage With The Bananarettes From Debbie Clarke

In Memory of Evelyn Howe

first mug up 2013

This was my scheduled post for today, sharing the wonderful time we all had at Mug Up yesterday.  Early this morning, we learned of the death of Evelyn Howe, a dear personal friend and paddleboard buddy, devoted single mom, avid volunteer and supporter of the Center and Rocky Neck Art Colony (where she had moved this past fall), volunteer on the painting/cleanup crew at the paint factory, a dedicated friend of Good Morning Gloucester, and an avid lover of everything Gloucester, a place she so dearly loved.  Evelyn is pictured above with her amazing lemon/lime cheesecake and champagne and pomegranate juice that she so generously slaved over and brought to share for Mug Up.  Evelyn was an incredibly generous, funloving, sharing young woman, quick to smile and make a room light up.  She apparently drowned while trying to save her good friend who had come up to visit from Rhode Island with his wife and had gotten into trouble after being swept into the water at Brace Cove beyond the Retreat House.  They both were lost.

To those of you who knew Evelyn and her beautiful spirit and bubbly energy, we will all be getting together this evening at The Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street at 6:00pm, to be with each other, share our feelings and thoughts, and grieve the loss of this beautiful woman.  Please come, and feel free to bring along something to share, if you like.

evelyn at plunge

2013 rocky neck plunge 132

Here’s Evelyn, the trooper, during and after her plunge this New Year’s Day with Amanda Nash at the Rocky Neck Plunge.  Evelyn was always up for an adventure and into trying anything.  She lived her life and enjoyed it immensely, and made everyone around her enjoy it too.

evelyn on nightsup

On the Night SUP on Smiths Cove – the night little fish swarmed our boards and jumped all over our feet – creepy but very cool.  SUP on a morning paddle with Becky Bernie over to Capt. Joe & Sons to visit Joey.


And Evelyn at Mug Up at the gallery.

evelyn at mugup

This was sent in by a co-worker of David Machado, Evelyn’s friend who she died trying to save.

I worked with David Machado who passed away with Evelyn Howe this weekend. He worked at Materion Technical Materials in Lincoln, RI. I have attached a picture below for your blog. He was a great guy. He was really looking forward to spending time with his wife Kristen this weekend. That was the last thing he said to me when he left work on Friday. Everyone here at Materion is extremely upset and in disbelief. We will pray for Evelyn Howe and her family and also David Machado and his family.

evelyns friend dave

We had a great pre-season Mug Up on Cinco de Mayo, reconnecting with old and new friends after a long winter, and enjoying some amazing treats that were brought for everyone to enjoy.  A bunch of people arrived at the same time, so I lost track of who brought what, but I do know Evelyn Howe made the most incredible lemon/lime cheesecake with homemade whipped cream and brought pomegranate juice and champagne for yummy and healthy mimosas.  Peter Quarato made the most wonderful Mexican wedding cookies.  Ann and Bob Kennedy are back in Gloucester again from Missouri for the month of May and she brought her notorious thick cut bacon dipped in chocolate sauce – decadent.  Greg Bover made his delicious ginger molasses cake.  Gigi Mederos and Stevie Black brought Gigi’s famous drunken bread pudding drenched in rum.  Mona Faherty brought Margaritas (I had suggested it, and was hopeful, but didn’t really think someone would bring them – yea Mona).  Fred and Janet came late, but came heavy with shrimp roasted with mango sauce and were dressed for the occasion and bearing maracas.  Donna and Rick had them too.  Of course, Paul Morrison was in the hizzy with a new, bigger, better Rubber Duck – the original one having been misplaced.  Also Amy Bell and Richard Mils came by, as did Richard Rosenfeld, Len Burgess and Mary Bowles bearing bunches of tulips.

The new digs got filled up with a bunch of great energy and everyone had a good time.

E.J. Lefavour

Dinner Dealer Card of The Week-Alchemy We used our first one today at Lat 43

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FYI, Dinner Dealer has teamed up with 5—women-owned—North Shore businesses to create an amazing Mother’s Day Gift Set ( including *bonus coupon* to Mamie’s Kitchen )! Order yours by Thursday, May 9 to receive in time for Mum’s Day. 

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Brace Cove At Eastern Point Update From Gloucester Ma Chief of Police Len Campanello

Hi Joe,
Just to update your readers. We had a tragic event take place last evening just after 5pm. 2 individuals, a male and female (now identified as Evelyn Howe, 46, of Gloucester and David Machado, 49, of Rhode Island) were near the water at Brace Cove at Eastern Point when the sea apparently swept the male into the water, followed by the female. The weekend had brought us strong winds that had churned the sea up with heavy swells and apparently the two were caught off guard (we are still investigating this accident). The Coast Guard and Gloucester Police Boat were launched within moments of the 911 call and the two were found in the water, face down at approx.5:53pm. The Police Boat was recently refitted with new, more powerful engines, had it’s bottom hull resurfaced, and we had installed a FLEER heat signature identification system. This allowed us to reach the area of the accident, find the individuals and speed them back to land much quicker than our abilities had been in the past. The individuals were spotted in the water by GPD Officer Chris Frates and Officer Anthony Giacalone. While lifting the two out of the water, the Coast Guard simultaneously manuevered along side the GPD boat and boarded with two of their officers who performed CPR and lifesaving measures while we sped back to the Coast Guard Station and awaiting medical personnel. Despite the lifesaving efforts of the Coast Guard, Gloucester Police and Fire Departments and personnel at Addison Gilbert Hospital, they were unable to be resusitated.

This is a tragic event for the families of the two victims as well as the community. A very hard lesson from the sea that, while enormously beautiful and majestic, should always be approached and enjoyed with respect and extreme caution, as the ocean follows no rules or schedule and its unpredictability can cause this type of tragedy. Thanks and please keep the families of these two victims in your thoughts and prayers.

Leonard Campanello
Chief of Police

Murder on Rocky Neck, the Opera

Coming soon the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck: “Murder on Rocky Neck, the Musical” (tickets available here)!

“Travel back in time to 1870′s Gloucester, and lose yourself in this witty opera, a courtroom drama with a surprise ending – an original story entirely conceived and written by Henry Allen’s Young Playwrights, ages 9-13. The show features a beautiful original score by Derek Dupuis, age 16, who also composed the music for ‘Song of The Sea’. Murder On Rocky Neck, The Opera is appropriate for all ages!”

Here are some photos from a recent rehearsal:

It looks like it is going to be a really fun show!

“On a frosty Thursday morning on old Rocky Neck,
The artist Richard Bluewall was found drowned, by heck!
Whilst the children of the town pondered how he had died,
Court was in session with those being tried:
Was it Old Scurvy Crabwater killed poor Richard Bluewall?
Or was it Miss Sylvia DeSylvia who’s love conquered all?
Or perhaps Jesse Pomeroy, a boy of sixteen,
With suspicious demeanor and caught at the scene!
Star witness and actress, Alicia Linguiça,
Insists to the end,
That the murder was committed
By her former best friend!
With Judge Thaddeus Pudge
Presiding the case,
And the audience as jury putting justice in place,
Attorneys Paperwell, Rockwell, Scissorwell and Schute
Do their level best to condemn the brute.”

Fr. Matthew Green

Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s "Intense Digital Photography Workshop"

Len Burgess submits-

Barry O’Brien and his volunteer teachers, Len Burgess, Kathy Chapman, Dave Delorey, Tony Schettino, and Mike Dyer, lead an intense photo workshop at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum Saturday to help raise money for the Museum. We had perfect weather and enthusiastic attendees. Here’s the class picture taken by Dave Delorey (who magically always manages to get into the photo too).


Community Stuff 5/6/13

Glosta Strong Supporting Boston Strong!

On May 7th, The Cape Ann Brewing Company (CABC) will be hosting Glosta Strong Supporting Boston Strong, a fundraising event for victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Featuring entertainment by local artist and rising star Chelsea Berry and friends, CABC will be donating 50% of the proceeds as well as holding several raffles and a silent auction with all money raised going to The One Fund. “When tragedy hits anywhere it’s important for people and businesses alike to do their part to make a difference. With this attack hitting so close to home, it’s even more important that Gloucester stands up and supports our Boston brothers and sisters. This event is our small way of doing what we can”, CABC owner Jeremy Goldberg said. The event will be held at The Pub at Cape Ann Brewing, located at 11 Rogers St Gloucester, MA. Tthere will be a suggested donation at the door of $5.00.