GloucesterCast With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Craig Kimberley Taped 5/1/13

GloucesterCast With Guest Craig Kimberley and  Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped May 1, 2013

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Host Joey Ciaramitaro


Alicia DeWolfe Sex Line

Keys To Being A Good Video Editor

Shooting Trev Gowdy’s Monster Fish and Sasquatch- Mountain Man

Bikini Speedo Dodgeball The Movie Premiere At The Farm Bar and Grille

Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

Selling Photography and Love For Cape Ann Giclee

Alicia DeWolfe Once Again Mentioned On The Podcast

Video Shooting Tips

Cape Ann TV

Death Row Sub

Virgilios Nor’Easter

Death Row Meal

Cape Ann Brewing

Death Row Sub

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So yesterday I had Chamber CEO Robert Heidt in for a podcast and I posed a simple question that I think I’ll make a regular feature with all my upcoming guests-

If you were on Death Row in Gloucester MA.  Going to be executed that night and the executioner gives you an option for one Submarine Sandwich from any Sub Shop In town which sub would it be and from which joint?

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Mine would be a Nor’Easter From Virgilios with prosciutto added.


Virgilios, in the heart of Gloucester’s Beautiful West End.

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Digital Dogtown Update From Roger and Alan Davis

Hello Joey,

Funds and messages of support have been pouring in for repairing and replacing the posts of Digital Dogtown, the vandalized Eagle Scout project that links hikers with smart phones to information about the history, geology, ecology and culture of Dogtown.  Anyone with ideas for the best way to replace these (or thoughts on how it should be done differently, or why it should not be done at all) should send us a note at

The good folks at Espresso’s Restaurant at 116 East Main St in Gloucester are hosting a fundraising event next Monday evening, May 6, from 5:00-9:00.  Come and eat their good food and a percentage of your bill will help support this Scout’s project.  Thanks to Tammy Cominelli for setting this up!

Can’t come for dinner, but would like to help out?  Send a check made out to “The Gloucester Fund” and note on the memo line that the check is “for Digital Dogtown” and mail it to Alan Davis, 2 Goodwin Road, Gloucester MA 01930.

We hope to have the posts back in operation in time for the summer hiking season!

Thanks a lot,

Roger and Alan Davis

Piano for Sale!

Piano for Sale!

Yeah, Yeah I know GMG is not Craigslist but GMG has more sophisticated viewers. Plus I have to part with this Antique Piano.

Ivers and Pond approx. 56″ tall Upright Piano. All keys work and sound good. the body has scratches. I probably should have wipe all the dust off before I took Photos. This Piano would be a great Finishing project and a beautiful piece of musical history. Serial #31767 year built approx 1902. MAKE AN OFFER. Contact Paul at:



The Plasticene Era

Written by guest author JoeAnn Hart. Originally posted on her blog Float

It’s so hopeless,” a young friend said, tossing a plastic water bottle in the trash. “I don’t believe in recycling.”

“Don’t believe?” I said, reaching into the garbage. “I didn’t know it was a religion.”

“It’s a faith. A faith that you’re doing the right thing. A feel-good gesture that masks a larger problem.”


As I dropped the bottle into the recycling receptacle, I felt that familiar spike of serotonin from having done my bit for the environment, and I knew she was right. Self-satisfaction with our little actions can keep us from taking up the larger, more difficult, actions. Recycling is grossly inefficient. Every year, Americans throw away three-hundred pounds of plastic per person, only ten percent of which gets recycled, and poorly recycled at that. Not only is it down-cycled into something like decking material, it uses an inordinate amount of energy in the process, as we truck empty water bottles all over the country. All this so we can re-use a toxic material? When we die, our bodies will decompose into a bit of carbon and methane. Plastic never disappears. It breaks down into smaller bits of polymer, releasing pseudo-estrogens and other hazardous chemicals in the process, until it is the size of a single molecule. This is where the waste stream meets the food chain. The molecules enter the water table under the landfills where they make their way to the sea, to be devoured by fish fooled into thinking it’s plankton. Then we eat the fish.

Read more: See JoeAnn’s blog Float for the rest of the story. JoeAnn is the author of the recently published novel Float.


Cover Artist Karen Ristuben

Beeman Ballroom Experience Premieres on TV TONIGHT ~ Mad Hot Ball on Sunday

Here’s what’s happening – from Lisa Smith @ Cape Ann TV:

Cape Ann TV Waltzes in with the Premiere of The Beeman Ballroom Experience Documentary in Conjunction with the Gloucester Fifth Grade Mad Hot Ball

What happens when you take a whole fifth grade class, mix in some cha-cha and waltzes, and what do you get? Join Cape Ann TV as they premiere, The Beeman Ballroom Experience, a half-hour documentary showcasing the four month journey of the Beeman Memorial Elementary School’s 2012 fifth grade students as they begin learning the steps to classic dances in their music classes to the District-Wide Mad Hot Ball Competition, and through these experiences mature and grow into confident young adolescents.

Started in the early 2000s, the Gloucester fifth grade dance program has been funded in part by the Gloucester Education Foundation (GEF) for all of the five Gloucester Elementary schools. Maggie Rosa, President of the Gloucester Education Foundation, says that the “Social skills these children learn are impressive.” Tina and Ron LaFlam, from Miss Tina’s School of Dance, teach the children the art of ballroom dancing. All the student’s hard work and hours of practicing culminates into a final Ball where each pair gets to dance for their families and a panel of judges. Carrie, one of the students interviewed, says that she was “scared” at the beginning of the dance program because she thought some were going to be better then others, but through the process realized that everyone was equal in their ability to dance.

This documentary shows how ballroom dancing still has a place in modern society. It was filmed by Cape Ann TV with CATV staff and Beeman parent volunteer, David Lufkin, and edited by Gordon College Student/Cape Ann TV intern Greg Dry and Cape Ann TV’s Lisa Smith. Ms. Wentzal and Ms. Lafata, two Beeman teachers who were interviewed in the film, say that the children take pride in their accomplishments at the end of the program and at the competition Ball, and that their academics became stronger as a reflection of the things they have learned.

Tune into Cape Ann TV Channel 12 for The Beeman Ballroom Experience on: Thursday, May 2 at 8:30 p.m.; Saturday, May 4 at 6:30 p.m.; Sunday May 5 at 9:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.; Tuesday, May 7 at 6:30 p.m.; Thursday, May 9 at 8:30 p.m.; Friday, May 10 at 8:00 p.m.; and Saturday, May 11 at 7:30 p.m.  For more programming information go to:

This year’s Gloucester Fifth Grade District-Wide Mad Hot Ballroom Competition is Sunday, May 5 at 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Did you know we have a world-class composer in our midst? Check his new work out on Sunday

Composer Robert J. BradshawAward-winning, local, world-class composer Rob Bradshaw’s new work premieres this Sunday 5/5 at Gordon Chapel with 2 performances at 2:30 and 5pm.  You may know Rob from over 20 works commissioned and performed about Cape Ann, including the cantata commemorating the Middle Street Fire, Requiem for Rockport and music for the dedication of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives statue and Schooner Adventure.

Beyond Gloucester, Rob’s works have been performed all over the world from Bangkok, Thailand, to Sydney, Australia.  In America, his works have been heard in many prestigious venues including Lincoln Center and during The Kennedy Center’s 2010 International VSA Festival at the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Sidney Harman Hall.

Here’s what he says about Las Apariencias Engañan, which premieres on Saturday as part of The Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras Spring Afternoon Concert.  This concert is free and open to the public and appeals to all ages.  Each concert will last between an hour and two hours and both will be followed by a reception after the performance. The NMYO Silent Auction will take place during the concerts as well.

Las Apariencias Engañan, for orchestra, is inspired by Afro-Cuban Bembe rhythms.  These rhythms, widely performed throughout Latin America, have dramatically influenced American popular music but have been lost in their original form for most listeners.  This composition is intended to provide a fun and exciting way to help reintroduce this wonderful music to musicians and audiences.
As with all of my music, this work has a strong educational component and is intended to raise social awareness – in this case, of how Latin  American music has influenced (and continues to influence) American  music.Adam Hayes (Berry College) asked me to write a work inspired by  Afro-Cuban Bembe Rhythms.  If you are familiar with Latin American  music, you know that the “clave” rhythm (and many variations) is an integral part of the music and culture.  What you may or may not  know is that these rhythms are also found throughout American music.   We play them over different meters and this had led to Americans  losing both the knowledge of our rhythmic heritage and more  importantly, often the ability to even play or understand these  wonderful rhythms in their original form.Although not a Bembe per se, every rhythm in the work is directly inspired by the rhythm of this style and common variations.  For  many months, I have been working closely with percussion faculty and  other experts in the field, learning how to assimilate this style into my own work.
CiR:  As Composer in Residence with the Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras it is my responsibility to teach students about the craft of composition and to inspire them to explore creativity through music.  We work on a composition project each year where the students create elements of a larger work that I assemble and they perform at their May Concert.

Breakfast at Atlantis — our official season starter — this Saturday

BreakfastatAtlantisEverybody has their “start of the season” favorites.  RD’s is a clam roll at Top Dog in Rockport (see Paul’s post about that here).

For Vickie, John and me it’s breakfast at Atlantis Oceanfront Cafe, which opens on Saturday.

For those of us who live here, hotels are not always top of mind, but this is one of the best  breakfast places anywhere.

Fish Cakes Benedict at Atlantis Oceanfront Cafe
Fish Cakes Benedict

Gorgeous view of the atlantic and the Twin Lights.  Warm, clean, sunny dining room.  Relaxed environment with excellent sound.  I know most people don’t consider sound high on their list of restaurant priorities, but I do.

It’s breakfast.  That means morning.  And the last thing I want to deal with first thing in the morning is loud ambient noise making it hard to talk–or even think–over breakfast.

Quiche at Atlantis Oceanfront Cafe
Quiche with friut

Of course, the food is excellent–and fun.  Spectacular sticky buns.  Home-made corned beef hash, fish cakes, quiche, etc.  They even have a Monte Cristo.

John loves the pancakes.  Vickie usually has an omelet or quiche special.  My favorite is the Lobster Eggs Benedict they often offer as a special.  Whatever you choose, there’s no need for lunch.  They’re open 7:30-11.  You might want to call and see how busy they are 978-283-0014.

The Cripple Cove Quintet featuring The Goddesses at The Rhumb Line Friday May 3rd

cripple cove quintet

The Cripple Cove Quintet featuring The Goddesses will be performing three sets of pre-Beatles and Pub Rock at The Rhumb Line on Friday, May 3rd starting at9:30pm.   The CCQ consists of husband and wife harmonizing duo Tony and Samantha Goddess plus Pete Koeplin on drums, Ryan Alto on bass, and Geoff Small on guitar.  No Cover/21+.


The Cripple Cove Quintet featuring The Goddesses


The Rhumb Line (40 Railroad Avenue, Gloucester)


Friday, May 3rd starting at 9:30pm (3 sets)

Artist Work Spaces: Carol I. Mckenna


Hi Paul ~

You put a call for artist’s to send in a pic of their studio space. Well, here is mine.

Located in loft of 3rd floor of my home ~has spectacular view so I am surrounded by the sea ~ the ‘Glosta Harbor’ and Dog Bar Breakwater ~ A view that is always changing and always gorgeous. I am ever grateful. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Carol Mckenna

An odd origami menagerie; upcoming origami class

I folded these stegosaurus, bull, mice, penguin, and Chinese dragon last night during “the Sing” at the Inn at Babson court.  The diagrams for the dinosaur and the bull are from the “annual collection” from the origami convention in New York City in 1991; the rest are from an origami book by Akira Yoshizawa.

I will teach another origami class at The Hive on Thursday, May 23.

Fr. Matthew Green