Arjuna Quote of The Week In Memory of Evelyn Howe (1967-2013)

May 9, 2013 In memory of Evelyn Howe (1967-2013)

“Every day Death strikes all around us, yet we live as if we were immortal.”

Arjuna, from the Mahabharata, circa 400 BC

Sometimes described as the Sanskrit equivalent of the Iliad, the Mahabharata is an epic poem that tells the story of the Kurukshetra War, which may have occurred as early as 2400 BC. Seven-hundred of the nearly 200,000 verses form the Bhagavad Gita, sacred to Hindus. The hero of the epic, the warrior prince Arjuna, is befriended by the god Krishna who aids him in his battle for the succession to the throne of Hastinapura.  Among his many trials, Arjuna is asked a series of riddles in order to gain access to water for himself and his brothers who are dying of thirst. When asked what is the greatest wonder in the world he answers with the quote above and is allowed to drink.

Evelyn Howe’s friends describe her as a woman who lived life fully, as if she knew what Arjuna realized so many centuries ago. Her passing reminds us that we all hang by a thread, but also that we have the choice and the power to make the most of our limited days.

Greg Bover

Community Photos 5/10/13

Exploring Old Granite Pier From Ann Kennedy

Assembling the dock


Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s “Annual Digital Photography Workshop” held last Saturday May 4th.

Here’s a slide show link of photos taken by the photography student’s on their two assignments… Composition and Portraiture. 

Also other candid photos taken by the instructors showing the class in action.

–Len Burgess

Here’s a portrait class scene in the boatyard with instructor Barry O’Brien using a white board to reflect sunlight into the dark shadow side of the figure.


Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

Things were busy at Harbor Cove this week as local lobstermen cleaned and repaired gear, loaded traps and enjoyed the onset of warmer weather.

Mark Ring, skipper of the Stanley Thomas, found a few minutes to chat with us about the industry.



DSCF2222 copy_edited-1

Videos © Kathy Chapman 2013 

Photos © Marty Luster 2013

Evelyn’s Gloucester

evelyns gloucester

I went to Evelyn’s wake yesterday, accompanied by Jim Casey.  We arrived at Ross Funeral home early, before the family.  When I entered the first parlor, I immediately saw this beautiful arrangement of flowers and walked over to look at them, then at the card.  I was so proud and overwhelmed when I read the card, which said: “Deepest Sympathy on the loss of Evelyn who the City of Gloucester was blessed to know” from Mayor Carolyn Kirk, Police Chief Leonard Campanello, Fire Chief Eric Smith and USCG Station Gloucester.  The family was so moved by this gesture from the City of Gloucester, as was I, knowing that very special lady, Carolyn, was behind it.  This is such an amazing place in so many ways, the reason Evelyn so loved living here.

I put together a couple of photo collages to display at the wake and wanted to share them.  The first one was made so that her family and friends who had never been to Gloucester (many lived in the Wrentham/Norfolk area and RI) could see and understand Evelyn’s great love and passion for the place.  The second one is of some of the abundant life Evelyn experienced and shared here.  Special thanks to Kim Smith for the beautiful photo of Evelyn that I used for the central image on both collages.

In my 58 years, I have been very fortunate to have not lost any close friends or family members (except grandparents when I was young), until now.  This morning I went to put out recycling and trash.  When I pulled out the recycling bin, I saw the two empty champagne bottles Evelyn had brought to Sunday’s Mug Up along with pomegranate juice to make mimosas to go with her amazing lemon/lime cheesecake topped with homemade whipped cream.  I looked at the name of the champagne and totally lost it.  Its name was  “Barefoot Bubbly”.  That was Evelyn.  Barefoot as could be whenever she could be, and as bubbly as champagne.  Evelyn, you will be so sorely missed by many, but I know your beautiful spirit of light and love will shine on forever, and I am so happy to have known you.

During the past week I have spoken with many people who had only met Evelyn once or on a couple of occasions, but all were feeling the same sense of loss of a very special person.  That is because when you met Evelyn, her spirit went out before her, and that was what you encountered first – the “person” came next.  So whether you’d known her all your life, or for just a brief time, everyone had the same pure and beautiful experience of encountering her perfect self.  We should all live as Evelyn did.

I know Evelyn’s death will have a profound effect on many people, so great that no one will ever know the full extent of it.  For me, her passing has already given me a great gift.  My dear friend Wendie Demuth and I had a falling out at the end of last season and hadn’t spoken since.  Last week Evelyn and I were talking about Wendie, and Evelyn told me that one day we would reconnect, make up, hug and again be best friends.  That very thing happened last evening at Evelyn’s wake – and I know she was there, her big beautiful spirit cheering over what she had accomplished.

At the family’s request, Donations in Evelyn’s name can be made to The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA, a place Evelyn loved and was very involved as a volunteer.

E.J. Lefavour

Cape Ann Rowing Club Essex River Race this Saturday!

Saturday, May 11, the Essex River Race sponsored by the Cape Ann Rowing Club will be held rain or shine. Over 230 craft of every kind that is human powered will be setting off around 10 AM from the starting line in the Essex River right there on the new causeway where the Essex River hugs Route 133. If you park in the way back behind Woodsman’s it is just a short walk to prime viewing. The serious racers will take less than an hour to do the six miles down and back and Rubber Duck will show up about a half hour later.

Many boats will be washing the winter cobwebs off as they are placed in the water. Wash off your winter cobwebs and come on down. And it’s never too late to enter. Get your craft and your butt to registration 8 AM to 9:15 and get a good start to the season. Registration and pre-race meeting at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum.

Even if it’s raining, come on down because the over 230 boats already registered will be there. And there is so much to do on that stretch between the Shipbuilding Museum and Woodman’s that the hour during the race will fly by.

Last year:

Can you find Rubber Duck?

Secundaria ~ A Beautiful Film About Cuban Ballet and Ballerinas

Secundaria the film

Several weekends ago I had the great joy to attend my friend Lyda’s premier of her most recently completed project, Secundari, a film she co-produced with the film’s creator, director, camerawoman, and editor, Mary Jane Doherty. You may recall the GMG post about Lyda’s documentary Love and Other Anxieties, which played at the Cape Ann Community Cinema this past summer, for which Mary Jane was the cinematographer.

The film’s website provides a convenient synopsis, without revealing the extraordinarily dramatic turn of events captured by Mary Jane ~

“Secundaria quietly follows one high school class on its journey through Cuba’s world famous National Ballet School.  Our teenage dancers love to dance but many of them must dance as their sole way out of poverty and the constraints – visible, and not so visible – that is life in Cuba.

At least, that’s how the movie begins. In their third year, shy and inscrutable Mayara, the class star, takes charge of her destiny by committing an unprecedented act of willfulness.

Cinematic storytelling without a script, staging, or interviews, our gentle stream of a story turns out to have a waterfall hidden around that last bend…”

I, as well as the unknown-to-me women sitting to the left and to the right of me, were all sobbing as the story unfolded–crying tears of  joy and of sorrow. I am hoping Rob will bring this beautifully filmed and heart-felt story to the Cape Ann Community Cinema.

Mary Jane Doherty Secundaria Somerville theatre

Mary Jane and her son Dillon at the Somerville Theatre

Rosebud Diner Somerville ©Kim Smith 2013

Secundaria premiered to a packed house at the Somerville Theatre as part of the Independent Film Festival Boston. We then headed over to the Rosebud Dinner in Davis Square for a super fun after-party.  I loved meeting Mary Jane and was able to speak with her briefly about Secundaria. She didn’t have any part in the dramatic turn of events that took place during the making of the film, and was as shocked by the events as is the first-time viewer. The music for the film, scored by Berklee student Luis Delias, is gorgeous and captures the essence of the Cuban dancer’s lives and loves.

Luis Delias Mary Jane Doherty SecundariaLuis Delias and Mary Jane Doherty

Mary Jane Doherty is the Associate Professor of Film at Boston University. She developed B.U’s Narrative Documentary Program, an approach to non-fiction storytelling that utilizes the building blocks of fiction film.
Mary Jane Doherty Filmmaker location1

Mary Jane on location in Cuba

Wow! What a weekend of great music starting tonight!

For all those guitar enthusiast Jason Vieaux is at Shalin Liu tonight.  His playing has been described as “spun magic,” creating cinematic vistas with a single instrument. Gramophone hails Vieaux is “…among the elite of today’s classical guitarists.”

Here are some of the weekend highlights: See the full schedule Here

The Runaround at the Rhumbline – Friday Night
Rabbit Foot at Minglewood – Friday Night
Cape Ann Symphony at Manchester High School – Saturday Night
Hoodoo Revelator at Captain Carlo’s – Saturday Night
Soul Rebel Project – Reggae at Minglewood – Saturday Night
Dub Apocalypse – At Madfish (opening weekend) – Saturday Night

Foot Bridge Repair – Day Five

Amazing how much was accomplished in just Five days.  There is still more work to be done, such as replace the iron railings in the center structure, and secure some more of the under carriage. 

My thanks to the DPW work crew that put up with me for the past week, taking photos and just getting in their way.


Have you been to Conley’s Drug Store?

StorefrontIf you haven’t been to Conley’s Drug Store yet for your medicinal needs, you should give them a shot.  I have been there several times, and they have really earned a shout-out!  The service has always been friendly and helpful.  The staff have helped me find what I needed, made helpful suggestions, and ordered things I needed that they didn’t have in stock.  They have been willing to go the extra mile.  For instance, recently I was trying to get a prescription filled, and there were some complications due to requirements of the insurance company, my doctor being on vacation, etc.  They took care of figuring the situation out, making God knows how many phone calls to the insurance company, the doctor’s office, the doctor filling in for my doctor during his vacation, and to me, finally getting the prescription filled.  They were courteous and helpful every step of the way.

Conley’s is an independent, family-owned pharmacy that started in Ipswich in 1880, and opened their store in Gloucester (next to the Shaws on Railroad Avenue) in 2010. Initially, their Gloucester store was strictly a drug store without the other products offered at places like CVS. Earlier this year, they expanded their store (apparently more than doubling it’s size) and now the have a wider range of offerings beyond strictly healthcare products.

Interior panorama


I had a nice conversation with pharmacist Alex Doyle, whose family owns both the Ipswich and Gloucester stores.  He also emphasized their desire to really get to know their clients and contribute to the community.  He mentioned that the Gloucester location now offers a program to give a free bottle of vitamins each month for children (parents can sign their kids up in the store).  They have other community service projects in the works too.

Store hours etc.Another interesting service they offer is for people with multiple monthly prescriptions. Instead of giving you a bunch of bottles, they can sort them out for you, pre-packaged for your daily doses (i.e. a container with your morning pills for Monday, another for your pills on Tuesday, etc.).  That sounds like a real time-saver for the client, and especially helpful for senior citizens who might have more difficulty getting all that organized.  According to their pamphlet, they do “compounding”, so they can tailor some products to your specific needs – special medicine for pets, alternate dosage forms for people who can’t swallow pills, make allergen-free formulations (dye, gluten, etc.), and more. I just found out from their website that they also offer homeopathic medicine.

To conclude, I’m glad to have them right around the corner from the rectory!

Fr. Matthew Green

P.S. Is it just my sci-fi obsessed mind, or does one of their pharmacy technicians (Daniel) look like a young Obi-Wan Kenobi, as portrayed by Ewan McGregor? His hair isn’t quite long enough, but besides that…