THE PREACHER’S SON —- The Story From Tuffy

30 miles off the north coast of Honduras are the three Bay Islands of Utila ,Roatan and Guanaja . Roatan , in the middle,is the largest and most populated . Roatan has a International Airport and easy access from the States. On Roatan there is a small town called WEST END . West End has many restaurants , bars, dive shops, motels and some of the best fishermen on the island. There is a Huge Almond Tree on the beach across from Woody’s grocery and that is where the fishermen gather and stay out of the hot sun.They can be contacted here for fishing day trips.Their boats are also moored there.Under the Almond Tree is where you will find my friend ENRICK BUSH . Enrick is a fine fishermen with a beautiful boat that was carved out of a Great Mahogany Tree by hand. The boat was carved 100 years ago and came from the mosquito coast of Honduras ( east coast ).It is illegal to cut these trees down now , as they are Protected . The vessel is powered with a 3 cylinder yanmar diesel. Enrick is a talented and hard working fishermen and learnt his beginning skills from his father .His father retired from fishing and handed down his vessel to Enrick . Enricks Father is a preacher in West End Church and has been his whole life ,while fishing. Enrick comes from a large and wonderful family. A days catch for Enrick can vary from – Wahoo , Mahi-Mahi , Barracuda and many species of tuna. He leaves twice a day .Enrick doesn’t just go fishing – he goes catching. It’s a blast and a great way to see a beautiful island by boat and come home with dinner .   If ever on the island ,you can reach Enrick @      or under the almond tree

Manchester and Brooklyn Represent!

Fred Bodin submits-

Ellie Grose of Manchester (MA) and Amier Carmel of Brooklyn (NY) came into my gallery this afternoon. Ellie is an old friend of my potter, Kristen Brousseau of Costa Rica. I gave Ellie the green plate she’s holding in the photo. Amier, born in Manhattan and now living in Brooklyn, is a frequent visitor to Cape Ann. He watched the second plane hit the World Trade Tower and the collapse of the building. Being a licensed social worker, he went directly to the scene and offered all assistance he could. His story took my breath away, and I’ll video the story for you this summer. Great folks!


Breaking News – Water Service Interuption on Main Street 5pm – 9pm from Hancock St to Washington St.

From City of Gloucester Website:

As a result of the work being done at the intersection of Main/Wash/Rogers Streets a broken gate valve has been discovered and is being repaired. Water service on Main Street from Hancock Street to Washington will be interrupted from 5pm – 9pm this evening (May 14th)

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience as the crews work as quickly as possible to make the necessary repairs.

No KBMG at Jalapenos tonight ~ Check out the other great music tonight here

All Restaurants Closed from Hancock to Washington Street

Thank you!

Willowdale Estate Artist Spolight Garden Kim Smith ©Kim Smith 2013- Dogwood

Butterfly Courtyard with Native Dogwood (Cornus florida)

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Willowdale Estate Artist Spotlight Garden Tour Monday night. We had an absolutely wonderful turnout. I would especially like to thank Senator Bruce Tarr who, although he could not make it, sent his liaison, Gloucester’s Barry Pett. Mr. Pett is Senator Tarr’s Director of Community Outreach and Constituent Services, and also has a background in architecture. He lives in a historical Queen Anne on Middle Street and was especially appreciative of Willowdale, which is a stunning example of an exquisitely restored Arts and Crafts stone mansion.

Willowdale Estate Artist Spolight Garden Kim Smith window box anemone ©Kim Smith 2013.JPGCourtyard window box with anemones

Thank you Briar and Sarah for your gracious hospitality and for all that you did to make last night’s event such a singing success. There were gift bags for all who attended and the staff prepared a wonderful array of Briar’s signature cookies, as well as a delicious selection of fruit and cheese, topped with a favorite sparkling wine!

Willowdale Estate Artist Spolight Garden Kim Smith KATE ©Kim Smith 2013


Willowdale Estate Artist Spolight Garden Kim Smith ©Kim Smith 2013The tulips were in full, glorious bloom, as were many of our native flowering trees and spring ephemerals. Both the Eastern Redbud and Carolina Silverbell were abuzz with myriad species of bees and tiny winged-pollinators.

Willwodale Estate Artist Spolight Garden Kim Smith -carolina Silverbell ©Kim Smith 2013.JPGCarolina Silverbell

Willowdale Estate Artist Spolight Garden Kim Smith Redbud ©Kim Smith 2013 copyEastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

KBMG back at Japapenos ~ Time to Plan for Summer Concerts!

Think Ahead. Cape Ann top shows are selling out more often. You may not be able to wait till the last minute this summer! But you might get into Jalapenos to welcome Dan King back, if you call now 978-283-8228!   See complete live music listings here.

And don’t forget What time is it, Mr Fox? is playing Shalin Liu get your tickets now!

There is great music happening every night on Cape Ann -so get out and appreciate all the great music and musicians.

Pet of the Week- Beto!


Hello, my name is Beto, a four-month-old fawn-and-black Retriever curly coated Shepherd mix, but I am 100% adorable!

I weigh about 16 pounds, and will be medium size when I am fully grown.   I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Road, Gloucester.

Please save June 8 at 3 p.m. at Stage Fort Park for the Rescue Reunion!   This will be a free, family-friendly event to celebrate the adoption of your dog(s) and provide a space to reunite with the staff and volunteers at the CAAA. Whether your dog was rescued locally in MA, Puerto Rico, Georgia, Alabama or another southern state, you will be able to find out more about your pup’s background, rescue situation and/or meet litter-mates! Please visit:

If you are up to the challenge that an active pup like me can bring, I am up to challenge of showing you all the fun we can have together!


Check Out The Beautiful You Project From Denise Remington On Facebook

Denise writes-

Hi Joe,
My name is Denise and my husband is Tony Remington. He recently spoke to you about the community/charity event that I am putting together.   I wanted to recognize someone in our community that was already ‘paying it forward’ and have a special celebration in their honor. I am getting such positive feedback and support from the community and I am excited for  “Beautiful You Project” and to make a difference in someone’s life!

for more info click the flyer and check out the Facebook Page