Back On March 30th I posted the Over Under Poll For Completion Of The Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Poll-Here Were The Results


On March 30th I pegged the over under in the podcast we taped that day with Paul Morrison and Paulie Walnuts as the Third Saturday In May and I took the under based on the City wanting to have it open in time for Memorial Day Weekend-

GMG Discussion With Host Joey C, Paul Frontiero and Paul Morrison

Posted on March 30, 2013 by Joey C


Most took the over.  Coming Down To The Wire.

See Manny, David Cox and Kim Smith’s Posts-

Foot Bridge Repair – Day Five

Posted on May 10, 2013 by Manuel F. Simoes

Good harbor footbridge

Posted on May 10, 2013 by David B. Cox

Foot Bridge Repairs – Day Four

Posted on May 9, 2013 by Manuel F. Simoes

Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Almost Ready for Fun!

Posted on May 9, 2013 by Kim Smith

and Charlie Carroll’s Photo-


photoshop city baby

Joey, how much would you want to rent our vacation property this summer?

GMG FOB  Bex writes-

Joey, how much would you want to rent our vacation property this summer?

Prime Gloucester Summer VRBO Rental (2BR/2BA) is Running 20% Discount

If I wanted to vacation in Gloucester over the summer I would *kill* to stay at this place. Seriously. But I like to take my vacations elsewhere, as I am sure you know. I really can’t believe they still have several weeks available in June and one in late July – this far into May!?! Really? Their views are killer and Gloucester Quilter is a total FOB. Don’t believe me? Check out their GMG webcam. Yup, that streams live from their window overlooking the harbor. Did I mention they have a private pool and are located less than a mile from GHB? This vacation rental comes with beach towels, chairs, umbrella, boogie boards, and coolers. Who else does dat? Dot and Bex are great people and hosts. Guaranteed. Just read all of their 17, 5-star reviews from past guests. Their VRBO 20% discount ends May 23. SAT-SAT only. Pets OK (dogs and cats only). Direct inquiries through VRBO portal. 

A Week Ago Today – For a Most Incredible Mother

Out of suffering

I feel incredibly sad today for Tim, Evelyn’s son who doesn’t have his mother on this Mother’s Day.  Tim was the center of Evelyn’s universe and vice versa, and I know he was the last thing on her mind as she died.

We never talked about it, but for the massive spirit that Evelyn was and is, she had to have endured great pain and suffering in her life.  I am grateful to her for the pain I now feel over her loss, and for the strengthening of my own spirit that I know will result, and I am sure for many others, including Tim.  Dearest Evelyn, in life you were such a loving, generous and caring person, and even in death you just keep on giving.  Thank you.

This quote by Kahlil Gibran to me describes Evelyn so profoundly:

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

E.J. Lefavour

Rock On Moms!

To all the beautiful, hard-working and hard-loving Moms, daughters, best friends, sisters, grandmas, and aunts ~ 

Happy Mother’s Day! and 


Mom Central Park

My Mom in Central Park (I think it is Central Park) with her four babies

Liv and Kim SmithLiv and I wearing hats from the hat collection I designed

Alex and Lim SmithAlex the way he used to hug me when he was little, until he almost broke my ribs

LivLiv on the Schooner Lannon from last year’s GMG Rum and Cigar event.

Love’s Labour’s Lost – don’t lose out on it!

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe’s production of Love’s Labour’s Lost is playing May 11, 17, 18 @ 8 PM and May 12 & 19 @ 3 PM, Rockport Community House 58 Broadway.  It’s a fun show!

Here’s a more complete slideshow:

Fr. Matthew Green

Promoting The Most Amazing Plant Sale To Benefit Gloucester Education Foundation

Susan Kelly submits-

Hi Joey,

Could you promote the plant sale this week?  It is Saturday May 18th from 9-3 at Stage Fort Park. 

It is amazing because

1. Plants are donated by Gloucester Gardeners, so they will do well in Gloucester

2. All proceeds go to Gloucester Education Foundation

3. Gardeners who donate plants will get a tax deduction letter for the dollar value from the sale of their plants

4. Beautiful gardens make people happy!


The Writer’s Book Club at Duckworth’s Bistrot

Christopher Anderson writes-

Hi Joey,

I hope this finds you well. Can you help spread the word on a very special book club series happening this summer at Duckworth’s Bistrot? 

Duckworth’s Bistrot and Eastern Point Lit House & Press are hosting a series of book club events featuring an exciting lineup of great writers coming by to hang out and lead a discussion about the books they love over fine wine (or beer) and fresh, seasonal appetizers. I’ll be kicking things off with my partner at Eastern Point Lit House, poet Jenn Monroe, on Sunday, May 26 (5:00 PM) with a discussion of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Tickets for our first meeting are $35 (includes wine/beer, food, and lively discussion), and are available now at Seating is limited, so you don’t want to wait. It’s sure to be a great time. 

Future authors include JoeAnn Hart (June 23), Tim Horvath (July 14), Anna Solomon (August 18), and Steve Almond (September 15). Tickets for these events go on sale soon. 

Expect magic. Ken and I are aiming for nothing less. And to answer the question that is sure to be asked, the reason we’re not serving a full dinner is so Ken can participate in the discussion. You can bet the appetizers are sure to be nothing short of amazing, and the discussion even better. 

Much gratitude for all you and your team do!




Community Stuff 5/12/13


EVENT: Motif No. 1 Day Retailers’ Scavenger Hunt

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19, 2013

CONTACT: Dawn Noble (La Provence) 978-546-5868


Who doesn’t love a good Scavenger Hunt? You’ll love searching for, and especially finding the hidden treasures during the 2-day, town-wide event, all weekend long, Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19, as part of Motif No. 1 Day festivities.

Shopping is one of Rockport’s most alluring attractions, with all its unique galleries, shops and boutiques! On these 2 days, look for the special red MOTIF SCAVENGER HUNT sign in more then 60 participating shop windows. Proceed inside to search for and find your treasure…the MOTIF SCAVENGER HUNT tag hanging on select items offering exceptional savings and values!

Downtown Rockport’s Motif No. 1 Day, on Saturday, May 18th, emphasizes the local arts, food, music and of course, shopping. Come celebrate the upcoming summer season with us along with thousands of Rockport residents and visitors to enjoy downtown Rockport, the quintessential New England coastal village.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Rockport’s Park n’ Ride fun TROLLY located at Blue Gate Meadow, 1 mile before you get to the village. Parking is FREE and the shuttle is $1 per person. Children under 5 are free!


Gloucester – The public is invited to attend an open house at Coast Guard Station Gloucester, Mass., to kick off National Safe Boating Week from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Saturday.

The event is part of ongoing efforts to educate boaters and improve safety on the water. The Coast Guard will provide information throughout the event on topics ranging from communications to life jackets, emergency kits to float plans, as well as boating safety courses and vessel safety checks.
WHAT: Safe Boating Day event
WHO: Representatives include 1st District commander Rear Adm. Dan A. Abel, Coast Guard Station Gloucester, Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron, State of Massachusetts Marine Environmental Protection, commercial fishing safety representatives, Massachusetts Maritime Heritage and many others.
WHERE: 17 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA 01930.
WHEN: Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
The station will showcase an assortment of search-and-rescue demonstrations, boating under the influence information, flare demonstrations, commercial fishing vessel safety, tours of Station Gloucester and its vessels, structured boating and paddling safety and various informational booths.
In the 1st Coast Guard District there were approximately 45 recreational boating deaths. The Coast Guard’s Office of Boating Safety Division has released that out of those 45 deaths 34 were not wearing a life jacket.
*Always wear your life jacket. Seventy percent of all fatal boating accident victims drowned, and of those, 84 percent were not wearing a life jacket.
*File a float plan with a family member or friend and ensure they know how to contact the Coast Guard. Include information about where you are headed, when you will return and how many people are on board your vessel. Including a detailed vessel description helps improve chances of a swift rescue.
*Perform routine weather checks. Conditions on the water can change rapidly and being aware and alert is critical to survival.
*Know your equipment. Ensure lights, anchors and ropes are in good working order. Always carry plenty of fresh drinking water to avoid dehydration. Having updated nautical charts and a global positioning device in good working order will also improve your safety.
Ensuring your communications equipment is in good working order is critical to your safety at sea. Cell phones, satellite phones, emergency position indicator radio beacons and VHF marine-band radios can improve your survival in an emergency. The Coast Guard discourages cell phones as a primary method of communications on the water.
EPIRBs can be triggered automatically or manually, but it is vitally important to ensure they are properly registered with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The device signals your location to a satellite that relays information to the nearest rescue coordination center. A satellite phone is a type of mobile phone that connects to orbiting satellites.
Alcohol and water don’t mix: It is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
*Maintain a safe boating speed at all times, especially in “no wake” zones and when the waterway has heavy traffic.
*Don’t overload your boat: Resist the urge to invite more people aboard than your boat is designed to carry.

Amy Shapiro writes-

I’m pleased to announce, my long term study is complete and available …  Forces At Work: Astrology And Career
85 cases are of people from Cape Ann and all over the USA, plus charts of 7 unique “provocateurs” whose natal Eris is prominent — Arnold Schoenberg, Joan Baez, Sigmund Freud, Jon Stewart, Steve Jobs, Al Gore, and Princess Diana.
Dr. Oskar Adler also features prominently in the delineations.