GloucesterCast 114 With Toby Pett, Jay Albert and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/21/15 #GloucesterMA

GloucesterCast 114 With Toby Pett, Jay Albert and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/21/15

Topics Include: Guests Toby Pett and Jay Albert From Cape Ann Images, The History Of Mooters Liquors, The BallGate Non-Issue Explained By a Twenty Year Football Coach, Thanks To Rick Ardizzoni Who Should Be Your Guy For Computer Repair His Contact Info-, Mass Lobstermen’s Association Weekend, More Random Facts I Didn’t Know That I Didn’t Know, Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction, Cruiseport Bridal Show, Lost Dog Opie, Building Local Chatter About A Seasonal Ice Rink At I4C2, Jay Would Like A Schooner Park, Why The City Was Smart To Buy I4C2, The Top Money Maker On YouTube Made Close To 5 Million Dollars in 2014, UnBoxing Videos, Which Had Greater Economic  Impact On Gloucester: Wicked Tuna or The Perfect Storm.


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Mass Views: Fishing schooner and fish market, Gloucester Harbor 1940 aprox Boston Public Library

You see the building that says Fish Market?  That is the building where the fire was last week that the Gloucester Fire department quickly snuffed out.  Look at Jay Albert’s pictures here from the scene  His pictures are from the back of the building which is now a wood furniture maker.

Look at the stern of the the big schooner in the middle of the photo.  off the stern is The Phyllis A.  The oldest gillnetter in Gloucester and undergoing a major restoration project.

Read about and look at pictures of the restoration here in these Phyllis A posts

Thank you to Adam Gaffin at for the link to the picture.


File name: 08_06_023528
Title: Mass Views: Fishing schooner and fish market, Gloucester Harbor
Creator/Contributor: Jones, Leslie, 1886-1967 (photographer)
Date created: 1940 (approximate)
Physical description: 1 negative : film, black & white ; 4 x 5 in.
Genre: Film negatives
Subject: Fishing industry; Fishing boats; Piers & wharves
Notes: Title and date from information provided by Leslie Jones or the Boston Public Library on the negative or negative sleeve.
Collection: Leslie Jones Collection
Location: Boston Public Library, Print Department
Rights: Copyright Leslie Jones.
Preferred credit: Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.


The Very First Batch Of Ryan and Wood’s Rye Whiskey Gets Their Labels Today and I Got Bottle #2

Three part video series coming this week with Bob Hastings, Bobby Ryan, Jay Albert whose photo of the Man at The Wheel was used for the label and Kate Glass, Gloucester Times photographer who for the record did not take a sip while on assignment.

There is only 4 barrels of this batch of whiskey so it is very special.  Only 1200 bottles will be produced from this first run and they are the only ones that will come from the larger 50 gallon barrels as opposed to the others that have been put away for a future date in 35 gallon barrels.  So go get yourself three bottles- one to drink now, one to put away for a special occasion like when a child turns 21 and the third for Fiesta (Bob’s idea).DSC04264



                                                  PROFILE SHEET            April, 19, 2000
Ryan & Wood Straight Rye Whiskey

Barrel # 11

43% ABV (86 proof) , packed 6 x 750 ml  / case
Federal Standard of Identity:  Straight Rye Whiskey

Whisky produced at not exceeding 80% alcohol by volume (160 proof), from a fermented mash of not less than 51 percent rye and stored at not more than
62.5% alcohol by volume (125 proof) in charred new oak containers, for not less than 2
years in new barrels

Rye Whiskey was what we first distilled knowing that it would years before we would learn what the aging process here in Gloucester would deliver. We processed only 4 barrels at that time, last July, 2008. Barrel # 11 exemplifies what we want to be for our Rye whiskey. We will follow with #’s 1, 2 & 10 as they are ready. We have since barreled, on average, one smaller 30 gallon barrel a month.
Rye Whiskey: Whiskey of Colonial America.
Barrels: Purchased from Bluegrass Cooperage, Kentucky, 53 gallon Whiskey Barrels, Medium toast, #3 Char
Grains:             Rye, Wheat, Malted Barley
Barrel date:      Barrel # 11  , July 12, 2008
Bottle date:      April 19, 2011 ,  true “Patriots Day”
Bottles:            336 bottles  or  56 x 6 bottle cases
Label credit :    MGT design, Maureen Terrill.
Labe Image:     courtesy of Jay Albert
Label thought:  Gloucester’s Fisherman’s Memorial Cenotaph, aka “The Man at the Wheel” statue, is the icon of Gloucester.  While stopped in traffic waiting for the “cut” bridge to be lowered, we all have studied the statue from this view. Our thoughts will drift out towards the Breakwater and beyond to the horizon. The romance of chasing dreams and what could be takes shape. We honor that vista with our label.

Ryan & Wood Distillery, “The Spirit of Cape Ann” is a family run craft distillery located in Gloucester, Mass.  Other Spirits produced include “Beauport Vodka”, “Knockabout Gin” and “Folly Cove Rum”.
Visit for more info.

G-GAP IV (Gloucester Guerilla Art Project)This Monday Night!

MONDAY, APRIL 26 @ 7:30PM Cape Ann Community Cinema

Join us for the fourth “G-GAP” (Gloucester Guerilla Art Project) as we present on our screen the work of the following wicked talented folks:

DAVID COX – back shore surf pictures set to Willie “Loco” Alexander’s song “Bass Rocks”

JAY ALBERT – A “St. Peter & Mother Nature” photo show, featuring the song “The Sunset” by Stephan Carroll, written especially for G-GAP

STEVE BORICHEVSKY – A breathtaking “Gloucester: Land, Sea & Air” photo show

EMILE DOUCETTE – Three short films: “Hold” (a 2009 48-Hour Film competition entry featuring the voice of comedian Jonathan Katz); “Pallino” (a 2010 24-Hour Film competition entry); “Homemade Parade” (about the Lanesville 4th Of July Parade and made for the 5-Day Doc Challenge in which “The Greasy Pole” also competed)

Cover’s just $7.00, and we give money from every ticket sold to the effort to repair Gloucester High School’s Newell Stadium. It’s a fun, all-local night out, and we hope you’ll join us and be a part of it!

Fiesta Sports Fundraiser next Saturday

Sharon Lowe photo

From Joe Novello-

St. Peter’s Club

The event will feature the work of several  photographers (David, Jay, me, and others —Sharon) displaying their collections of many Fiesta events, including Greasy Pole Walkers, Seine Boat Races,
Kid’s Games, Parade, Mass etc.
Individual photos and  CD’s will be available to purchase from the photographers.
A percentage of the sales or photos(as raffle prizes) will be donated by the photographers to the event.
There will also be a multitude of other prizes included in the raffle.

All proceeds will be used to support Fiesta Sports.
This year we plan to  purchase new oars for the Seine Boat events and
make the necessary repairs to the Greasy Pole Platform.

If you are interested in helping in any way, please let us know.

Tickets will be available soon.
$10ea. / 3 for $20

It is our goal to gather as many prizes as possible and make this a worthwhile and memorable event.
If you know of any individual or business that may be willing to donate a prize for the raffle, let us know.
PLEASE  send this e-mail to all Rowers and Pole Walkers.

List of prizes received to date.

Latitude 43-Gift Certificate
Charlies Place- Gift Certificate
Family Car Care–Oil and Lube
Family Car care- Tire Rotation and Balance
Railroad Ave. Liquors- 2 bottles of Wine
P&L Associates- Binoculars
P&L Associates-Car Vacuum
Sunbanque–32 Points for Tanning Sessions
Manchester Athletic Club- 6 week membership
Red Sox Game tickets
Salon One -Gift Certificate
Cape Ann Marina- 6 month pool membership

Thanks, Jay, for the great Block Party photos!

I love these photos that Jay Albert took Saturday night.
From Jay’s blog Cape Ann Images
Another succesful Gloucester Downtown Block Party,the last in this years series that has promoted the shopping,entertainment and places to dine the downtown has to offer. It’s also becoming the place to meet,something lost when the era of out of town mall shopping became popular.”

“Three Sheets to the Wind” belt out sea shanties!

Scary window!

Three hula hoopers!

Big dog….little dog!


To see more of Jay’s great Block Party photos, CLICK HERE!


From Kat Valentine-
I’ve expanded the Virtual Gloucester page:
There are now links to four videos by Jay, Gloucester Till The End, Emile’s documentary (he was so happy to have it on there!), Mark Teiwes’ Faces of the Working Waterfront,  and a very cool site called “Down The Fort”….

The Amazing Jay Albert

From Jay of Cape Ann Images

“With permission from Mayor Carolyn Kirk I was able to climb a series of stairs and ladders to the top of Gloucester’s historic City Hall tower. After a fire destroyed the original building, work was begun in 1870 for a then sum of $100,000! Recently the tower has received renovations to correct a lean in the tower and has been strengthened. The windows weren’t the cleanest but I managed to get these shots. My handheld GPS showed 153′ above sea level at the upper most reaches.
External view!”

Looking DownGreasy Pole JClick on the photos to see more.

And check out his other photos as well!


click to go to
click to go to

A gift from Kat Valentine with a little help from Jay Albert and I to The City and all those who love it here.

Read more from Kat Valentine-

Rebranding Gloucester

It’s been too long since I updated this blog but life has been busy. Much to my surprise (and delight) the knitting book launched in March has been a big success and I’m very, very happy to say I haven’t blogged because I’ve been busy with that. But it’s time to post about my latest project.

The City of Gloucester, which I love, is going though tough economic times, like many of us. One of the hardest decisions the mayor had to make was to eliminate the position of Director of Tourism. This left the tourism council with a tough problem, how to maintain their web site. They asked for volunteers and I raised my hand.

As I familiarized myself with the web site I saw a lot of problems with it. It is loaded with good information but is not particularly attractive (it suffered from too many cooks…), loads slowly and is not particularly enticing.

Because I love Gloucester and all it has to offer I contacted two of my fellow lovers of Gloucester, Jay Albert, the photographer who maintains Cape Ann Images, and Joe Ciaramitaro, of Good Morning Gloucester. “Let’s make an awesome web site that really promotes our city,” I said. “Count me in,” they said. Thus began the redesign to show the world the Gloucester we love in the hopes it will entice people to come here.

Once we had the site underway, Jay and Joe supplying the images for my design and organization, we approached the Tourism Council. The response was very positive. This is the new home page which features audio and a Flash video you have to visit the site to see.

Many of the pages have been completed but we still have work to do. But the main objectives are to 1.) show the many amenities Gloucester has to offer including activities, culture, dining, shopping, etc. and 2.) to provide as much information as possible that will allow those planning their vacations to consider Gloucester as a desirable destination.

As a further enhancement we are adding a new, sexier URL: Right now it points to the test server but eventually it will be attached to the actual site along with the exisiting URL.

So, we have work to do but progress has been exciting. We have a fantastic product in our beloved city, packaging and marketing it is the challenge. Take a look at the site and let us know how we’re doing:

It should be noted that Kathleen did a vast majority of the work on the site.  She is incredible and gives a ton of her time and energy into promoting the city we love.

You can check out her many sites here-

Chikity Check It!- Cape Ann Bloggers Cover The Sail Gloucester Events!

In addition to the coverage you see here, be sure to check out other local blogs from Paul Frontiero, Jay Albert and Steve Borichevski

click piture for pages  of GMG schooner posts on GMG
click picture for pages of GMG schooner posts on GMG

If anyone knows of other local bloggers covering SailGloucester let me know and I’ll add a link in for them here.

Jay Albert-Creator Of Cape Ann Images

Jay swung by the dock and took me for a quick ride through Smith Cove (Rocky Neck) past the North Shore Art Association, Beacon Marine, and all the way around past the restaurants, boats and Marine Railway. Jay has a bad ass 300mm zoom lens and it was fun fooling around with that for a bit.  I have major lens/camera envy.  I take pretty decent photographs but can only imagine how much better they could be with a good camera like Jays.

I made a three part video series which will debut tonight at 8PM

Check out Jay’s photo blog Cape Ann Images by clicking this text