Red sox playoff games sunday and monday

It was great on Sunday…not an easily digestible loss on Monday…Not over it yet! It was great that David caught two balls and gave them to the kids. Also great that I got to be there with two of my kids and my grandson. Just a few snaps…difficult seats from which to shoot.

David Ortiz

Last night’s loss to the Indians was very disappointing ! But being at the last game to be played by David Ortiz and what he did was very emotional to say the least. his career will be long remembered.

Well, Hello Tessie

As it turns out, Wally the Green Monster, our beloved Red Sox Mascot, and son of Wanda and Walter, also has a younger sister….Tessie.

It seems that Tessie has been too young to live away from her parents up north in Boston for the past several years, but she is now older and has decided to make the move to join big brother, Wally.

Meet Tessie HERE!

And Watch Her Welcome Video HERE!



Red Sox vs Tampa Bay

Red Sox beat Tampa 2-0 with Rick Porcello pitching shutout ball for seven innings and Mookie Betts hitting two solo home runs over the monster seats. It was fun seeing the guys from that epic 1975 World Series. Boy did they get old! Just for fun I will post a few photos from that series next.

Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay

Last Thursday it was great fun to see the game at Fenway. Red Sox beating Tampa Bay 11-1…Sox getting 16 hits and scoring all those runs with a lineup of mostly young players that may well be part of the future for the Sox. It was a surprise to see the park nearly full with fans having a great time after the season we have had. Two of the youngsters got their first major league home runs, with Castillo just missing his second by about a foot high off the monster, and Vazquez adding three other hits to go 4 for 4 at the plate. We even saw Koji looking like last year closing out the game. In all there were seven rookies in the game. It was just a fun night!


I’m feeling a little down and out as the 2014 Red Sox season comes to an all-too-early-end this coming weekend.  I find myself reminiscing back to Opening Day and the giddiness that comes with new possibilities, green grass, crisp white uniforms, cold beer, Sweet Caroline, the boys of summer, and magical nights inside the hallowed grounds of the one and only Fenway Park.

Opening Days, especially those that involve a ring ceremony, always give me the chills.  I can’t get enough of the sound of the crowd, the vivid colors that blend together to paint a portrait like none other, and the goosebumps. I’ve been fortunate to breathe in the awesomeness of Opening Days from the field.  To look up and around….to pan the crowd…and see it in almost slow motion.   It may come as no surprise that I may possibly be the world’s biggest sap, but Opening Day gets to me in a way that I have trouble putting into words.  So, it isn’t supposed to end this way. The years with no post season play feel like a year without Christmas, July 4th, beach days, and grapefruit beer.  The horror.

For me, it isn’t just the baseball.  The post season is about the camaraderie that is palpable while ordering your morning coffee after a late night win, while coexisting with strangers during mundane errands prior to rushing home for the first pitch, or while cheering on the Sox at a local bar.  Never mind the 9 inning marriage of 37,400 fans cheering on the team inside the park!  It is impossible to not feel like all of Red Sox Nation are immediate best friends come late September and October….if, that is, we’ve made it.  Which, of course, we haven’t.

With no wild card run, American League Divisional Series, American League Championship Series….and, sigh, no World Series….I’m feeling like I’ve just arrived to a luxurious beach vacation and the weather forecast is calling for 7 straight days of torrential rain.  And that, my friends, may be an understatement.

Sure, we’ll fill these fall days with plenty of fun…but, something will be missing for sure.

















For Donna Ardizonni ~ Green Monster Green

For Donna and all the GMG Super Sox Fans ~ you can bring your Green Monster home!


BtoolpDCYAANkrq.jpg-medium Green Monster is part of Benjamin Moore’s newly introduced Fenway Collection. See also Boston Red, Boston Blue, Foul Pole Yellow, and Baseline White.

Benjamin Moore paints are available at Ben’s Paint, 6 Railroad Avenue.

EJ’s double crested cormorant has a friend.


That Rubber Duck is too small. To get a gigantic Rubber Duck to our shores please “like” the Facebook Page, “Bring the Rubber Duck to Gloucester Harbor“. We need that page liked at least one hundred more times before we can submit a gigantic rubber duck request.